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  • Colin Vassallo
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      W R E S T L I N G - O N L I N E
      N E W S L E T T E R

      Tuesday, February 2nd, 1999

      I S S U E # 2 7 1

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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Only few news today, reports took most of the space. Back tomorrow with
      the ratings!


      By Joe De Leon

      • Backstage, Shane McMahon was talking with Ken Shamrock, Test, and The
      Big Bossman. They told Shane that they don't want to travel with Kane
      and he's on his own somewhere. They walked away and then bumped into
      PMS. Bossman said to them, "Excuse me, bitch."

      • Shane McMahon Interview.
      - Shane McMahon sent Team Corporate back to the backstage area. He said
      Vince McMahon was in Victoria, Texas taking care of business about Stone
      Cold Steve Austin. He told them to lower the cage for later in the show.
      While the cage was being lowered, Shane was bad mouthing X-Pac. X-Pac
      was on one of the corners of the cage. He jumped off and beat up Shane.
      Backstage, D-Generation X and Team Corporate were fighting. Shane was
      being pumbled, until Chyna came down and low-blowed X-Pac. Chyna held
      X-Pac to let Shane attack him.

      • They showed all the publicity the WWF got from there "Get It"

      • In Victoria, Texas, Vince McMahon was shown in a bar with Gerald
      Brisco and Pat Patterson. He asked the bartender if she had seen Stone
      Cold Steve Austin. She said, "I don't reckon." McMahon said he didn't
      speak like that where he came from. "We say 'yes'
      or 'no.' " The bartender took a bat out and told McMahon and his stooges
      to get out.

      • Val Venis defeated Billy Gunn by Disqualification.
      - Ken Shamrock was doing commentary. He told the Jerry Lawler he
      promised his sister wouldn't lay a hand on Val Venis. Lawler kept
      antagonizing Shamrock, though, which made Shamrock get up and hit Venis
      with a chair. Venis thought it was Gunn who hit him, so Venis hit Gunn.

      • Backstage, Mankind bought Max Mini from someone with The Rock's money.

      • The Rock called Vince McMahon on his celluar phone and told McMahon
      Mankind was using all his money. Vince told The Rock not to worry about
      it, but The Rock said he would take care of it.

      • Debra McMichael Interview - (Conducted by Kevin Kelly)
      - Mark Henry came down and gave Debra McMIchael a rose, as she bragged
      about her body. Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart then popped out and attack
      Henry, as Debra laughed away.

      • Backstage, Mankind was talking with Kurrgan and gave him some of The
      Rock's money.

      • The Big Bossman defeated D-Lo Brown (w/PMS) with the Sidewalk Slam.

      - Before the match, Terri Runnels ordered D-Lo Brown to do another
      thing. She made him fight The Big Bossman. After D-Lo nailed the
      Low-Down, PMS distracted the referee. D-Lo got up, and Bossman caught
      him with the Sidewalk Slam for the win. Bossman then beat D-Lo with his
      nightstick. Mark Henry came out to D-Lo's aid.

      • In Texas, Pat Patterson hit on a woman but got kicked in the crotch.
      Vince McMahon came to them and told them he found Austin.

      • The Raw Boy (Blue Meanie) came out only to be attacked by Goldust.

      • Backstage, the doctor was looking at D-Lo Brown's neck. Mark Henry
      said he had to stop helping PMS out, and that it wasn't D-Lo's fault.
      The doctor said he didn't know what they were talking about, and that
      she was never pregnant. D-Lo and Henry were shocked.

      • Droz defeated Kurrgan via Pinfall.
      - Before the match, Droz had the referee send The Oddities back to the
      locker room. Droz hit Kurrgan in the throat with a stick while the
      referee wasn't looking, and came off the top rope with a shoulder block
      and covered him. He continued to beat on him till The
      Oddities ran down.

      • In Texas, Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson were eating food. Vince
      McMahon tried some and he spit it out. He called the waitress over and
      told her the food was garbage. She threw it on Brisco's face. McMahon
      also mentioned that the place they were eating at
      was the same place Stone Cold Steve Austin eats his evening snack.

      • The Ministry of Darkness (The Undertaker, Viscera, Mideon, w/The
      Acolytes and Paul Bearer) vs. The Brood resulted in a No-Contest.
      - Viscera was the former Mabel. The Undertaker just sat in his chair on
      the stage, so it was more of a handicap match. The Ministry of Darkness
      dominated the majority of the match. When The Brood gained control ,The
      Acolytes ran in and and destroyed The Brood.
      They put a noose on Gangrel and threw him over the rope, choking him.

      • Backstage, Mankind walked by Debra McMichael and said "Here is
      something for your boobs." She asked if anything was wrong with them.
      Mankind said no and that he always got a tingly feeling when he saw
      them. He gave her The Rock's sweater so she wouldn't be cold because her
      chest was showing.

      • Mankind Interview.
      - The Rock came down and basically said he was better than the
      Heavyweight Champion, Mankind. He said he wanted his money back right
      then and there. Mankind said he changed his mind. The Rock then
      challenged Mankind to a "Last Man Standing" match for In Your House: St.
      Valentine's Day Masacre. Mankind accepted it.

      • They showed a different commercial of the WWF wrestlers saying the
      complete opposite.

      • In Texas, Gerald Brisco, Pat Patterson, and Vince McMahon were in a
      pawn shop. McMahon quietly said that he would provoke Stone Cold Austin
      and then Austin would hit him (Austin wasn't allowed to touch McMahon
      unless it was a match, according to his
      new contract). He then wanted the stooges to jump Austin. McMahon opened
      the door and thought the man sitting in a chair was Austin. He called
      the guy a "chicken shit." The guy got up with a gun and asked Vince what
      he called him. Vince apologized and asked were Austin was. The guy told
      him he was at Archy Blues Bar.

      • Hardcore Match: The Acolytes defeated Al Snow and Jesse James via
      - Both teams used everything. They took apart the time keeper table,
      ring steps. Chairs and brooms were used. They both went into the crowd
      and brawled. Faarooq and Al Snow went to the outside. There, Viscera
      attacked Snow and slammed him threw a table.
      They both went back to the ring, where Bradshaw and Jesse James were.
      The Acolytes powerbombed James on a table in the ring and pinned him.
      The rest of The Ministry of Darkness and Druids came down. They stood
      and faced The Undertaker. The Acolytes and Viscera took the hoods off
      the druids revealing them as The Brood.

      • Outside, Jesse James found Al Snow. They both asked each other where
      they each were when they were getting beat to the ground. They started
      arguing. When Snow turned his back, James hit him in the head with a

      • In Texas, Vince McMahon found Stone Cold Steve Austin. He kept
      provoking him, and telling him to hit him. Austin told McMahon he
      wouldn't lay a hand on him, until In Your House, where it would be
      legal. McMahon became frustrated. Austin left and told his
      friends to do something to Vince and the stooges. They started walking
      toward Vince and the stooges.

      • Steel Cage Match: Triple H defeated Kane via Pinfall.
      - During the match, Kane set the fireworks off and only red lights went
      on. They later went off and the regular lighting was back on. Both
      Triple H and Kane tried to escape threw the door to win. Triple H
      started climbing, Kane went after him, and grabbed him by the throat.
      Kane tried to chokeslam Triple H from the top rope, but Triple H kicked
      Kane. Kane fell. When they were both on the mat, Triple H got a
      chokeslammed. Kane went for the door, the referee opened it, but X-Pac
      ran down and slammed it into Kane's face.
      Kane started climbing but, X-Pac climbed from the outside and started
      punching Kane. Triple H started climbing from the other side. Chyna ran
      down and held his foot. But he kicked her off and climbed over and won.
      Chyna said it wasn't over and all she said was
      at St. Valentine's Day Masacre, as the show went off the air.


      By Joe De Leon

      • Pre-recorded footage was shown of Curt Hennig and Barry Windham
      arriving in the arena. Hennig offered Windham to be his tag team partner
      for the Tag Team Title Tournament. Windham agreed. Hennig's idea was for
      he and Windham to win the tournament, and they would have The Outsiders
      right where they wanted them.

      • Pre-recorded footage was shown of The Nitro Girls rehearsing. Scott
      Steiner interrupted and harassed Kimberly. He shoved Kimberly, and she
      fell over A.C. Jazz's back. She was obviously injured, as other Nitro
      Girls and production crew members tended
      to her. When The Nitro Girls danced throughout the show, Kimberly was
      not there.

      • Konnan and Rey Mysterio, Jr. Interview - (Conducted by Gene Okerlund)
      - Konnan first hyped up the crowd. Gene Okerlund asked about Rey
      Mysterio, Jr's feud with Lex Luger. Mysterio said he would never let
      anyone take his mask. He said that Kevin Nash and Luger were his best
      friends, until they turned on Konnan. Konnan and
      Mysterio challenged Luger and Nash to a match for SuperBrawl IX with
      mask, a steel cage, careers, valets, and hair to be on the line. It
      would be up to Luger and Nash on what they wanted to decide on.

      • The NWO black and white were stuck at the Minneapolis Airport. Vince
      came up to them, and explained there were no more cars left to rent.
      Stevie Ray said his talk with Hollywood Hogan was working, as a
      limousine awaited them on the outside of the airport.
      There was no room for Vince, as Ray said Vince dropped the ball. Vince
      had to find his own transportation, and he began to call Kevin Nash over
      a celluar phone. He told Nash he needed a ride. Nash said he would be
      there soon, and he got there in a matter of seconds. Vince got in The
      Wolfpac's limousine and they took off to the Target Center.

      • Backstage, Ric Flair explained to Eric Bischoff he had 57 more days as
      President of WCW. Flair had Bischoff sit on a board above a pool of
      freezing water (a dunking tank). Each employee that was mistreated by
      Bischoff would get the chance to throw the ball at a target to make
      Bischoff fall in the freezing water.

      • Tag Team Title Tournament: Curt Hennig and Barry Windham defeated
      Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko with Hennig's Hennig Plex.
      - Both teams showed excellent teamwork. Referee Scott Dickinson was
      shown seating in a ringside seat. At one point during the match, Chris
      Benoit had Curt Hennig in the Crippler Crossface, but Barry Windham
      broke it. After Benoit knocked himself out after a
      diving headbutt, Hennig finished him off with the Hennig Plex.

      • Backstage, WCW employees gathered up to knock Eric Bischoff in the
      water tank. J.J. Dillon took first shot and was successful in like the
      fifth throw.

      • Backstage, the NWO black and white and The Wolfpac arrived. Stevie Ray
      explained to Kevin Nash that Vince dropped the ball. Vince popped out of
      The Wolfpac limousine to surprise Ray. They eventually all got along.
      Kevin Nash mentioned Hollywood Hogan
      was not there.

      • Backstage, the NWO black and white were about to enter their locker
      room. They doubted there would be any food, television, or anything else
      in the locker room. When they walked in, there were four women waiting
      for them. Stevie Ray said, "Wow, things are
      starting to look up around here."

      • Ric Flair Interview - (Conducted by Gene Okerlund)
      - Ric Flair said Eric Bischoff would be wet all night long, because
      employees were lined up around the block to throw the baseballs at the
      dunking tank. Flair said that although they couldn't get Hollywood Hogan
      in the arena, The Wolfpac-NWO was falling apart. Flair
      talked about his upcoming Heavyweight Title match with Hogan at Super
      Brawl IX. Flair announced Bret Hart would defend the United States Title
      against Chris Benoit at Super Brawl. Scott Hall and Disco Inferno made
      their ways down. Hall said that Flair couldn't tell him what to do. He
      couldn't believe Benoit was the number one contender for the U.S. Title.
      Hall and Flair continued to exchange arguments, until Hall said Benoit
      didn't have the guts to face him. Benoit immediately made his way out.
      Benoit and Flair
      beat down Hall and Disco. Flair said that Hall had his match with Benoit
      later in the show, for the number one contender spot at the U.S. Title.

      • Van Hammer defeated Kenny Kaos with the Flashback.
      - Mike Tenay noted during the match that owner of All Japan Pro
      Wrestling, Giant Baba, passed away. Scott Dickinson was shown during the
      match, and just left his seat. After Van Hammer took the win with the
      Flashback, The Sandman entered the ring, wrapped
      in barbed wire, and destroyed Kenny Kaos and Hammer with a signapore
      cane. The Sandman said he was the best at being hardcore and extreme,
      and was sick of hearing people thinking that they are. The Sandman
      called out Bam Bam Bigelow (note: WCW "didn't know" the name of the man,
      but it was The Sandman. I'll label him as that for the time being).
      Bigelow made his way out, and a match was underway.

      • Bam Bam Bigelow defeated The Sandman with Greetings from Asbury Park.
      - The Sandman and Bam Bam Bigelow used a chair and the singapore cane to
      their advantage. The Sandman tied the barbed wire to one of the corners.
      Bigelow slammed The Sandman into the corner of the ropes where the
      barbed wire was tied up. Bigelow gave
      The Sandman a diving head butt, with Sandman's head laying on the chair.
      Bigelow then hit Greetings from Asbury Park to take the win.

      • A camera man kept trying to knock Eric Bischoff in the dunking tank.

      • A segment with Lex Luger and Elizabeth was shown. They simply bragged
      about themselves. Luger insulted Goldberg all the way through.

      • Backstage, Scott Dickinson was surprisingly there to knock Eric
      Bischoff in the tank.

      • Backstage, Kidman explained to Diamond Dallas Page what went down with
      Kimberly and Scott Steiner. DDP walked into The Wolfpac's locker room
      looking for Steiner. DDP said they better pray Kimberly was okay. When
      Page left, Steiner walked out another door. He supposedly had Kimberly's
      clothes with him. Someone stuck their arms out of the door and grabbed
      their clothes. Steiner said, "I'll be right back," and went back into
      the room. The Wolfpac asked Vince to go tell DDP that Scott Steiner
      accepted his match and to slap him. Vince then walked out of the locker
      room, and cleverly gave the job to Disco Inferno. Vince said once Disco
      slapped DDP, they would come out and help him.

      • Diamond Dallas Page Interview.
      - Diamond Dallas Page called out Scott Steiner. Disco Inferno came down
      instead, and told DDP that Scott Steiner wanted a match for Super Brawl
      IX. Disco then slapped DDP, waited for backup, but it never came. DDP
      then destroyed Disco, and nailed him with the
      Diamond Cutter. Backstage, The Wolfpac told Vince he didn't do what he
      was supposed to do, but they were happy he was getting smart. DDP got in
      his car and left the arena.

      • Kidman defeated Lash LeRoux with the Shooting Star Press, to retain
      the Cruiserweight Title.
      - Tony Schiavone noted that the camera kept going out in the backstage
      area where the dunking tank was because the cold water kept messing up
      the camera. Lash LeRoux was awesome and put up a tough fight for Kidman.
      After LeRoux wasted too much time
      on the top rope, Kidman powerbombed him down to the ring, and took the
      advantage. The match continued to go back and forth, with Kidman
      finishing it off with the Shooting Star Press.

      • Backstage, Bobby Heenan was at the dunking tank. He said he had
      nothing against Eric Bischoff, so he would be willing to give him all
      the baseballs. Heenan took the balls, and tricked Bischoff, as he pushed
      the button. Heenan almost slipped in the water, but went running off.
      Bischoff said he would get Heenan back.

      • Hollywood Hogan and a friend of his (?) were shown talking to each
      other in a limousine.

      • Backstage, Gene Okerlund interviewed Booker T. Booker talked about how
      he didn't have a good year in 1998, because of a torn ACL suffered from
      the hands of Bret Hart. Booker said he would change into a better
      superstar. He also announced he would take on Disco Inferno at Super
      Brawl IX.

      • Scott Steiner (w/Buff Bagwell) defeated Chris Jericho by making him
      submit to the Steiner Recliner, to retain the Television Title.
      - Scott Steiner said that when he beat Diamond Dallas Page a few weeks
      ago on Nitro, a stipulation was supposedly on the line where if Steiner
      won, he would get to spend some time with DDP's wife. Steiner continued
      to talk sexually about pleasuring Kimberly.
      Before the match, Chris Jericho got upset at Ralphus, and sent him back
      to the locker room. Buff Bagwell got several cheapshots on Jericho. At
      one point during the match, Jericho was about to leave, but Saturn came
      down, in a new long dress, and punched
      Jericho back into the ring. Steiner then finished off Jericho with the
      Steiner Recliner for the win.

      • Footage was shown from Bret Hart's MAD TV role, where he attacked one
      of the cast members. He locked him in the sharpshooter, all because the
      specific cast member tried to make Hart look like "a bitch" (bleeped)
      when he made his last appearance on the show.
      The MAD TV show, starring Hart, airs on 2/6.

      • Kevin Nash and Lex Luger Interview, with Elizabeth.
      - Kevin Nash and Lex Luger accepted Rey Mysterio, Jr. and Konnan's
      challenge for Super Brawl IX. Nash and Luger put Elizbeth's hair on the
      line if they lost the match, and Mysterio's mask on the line if he and
      Konnan lost. Elizabeth was worried, but Nash and
      Luger told her not to worry.

      • Scott Norton defeated Ernest Miller (w/Sonny Onoo) with the Jack-Knife
      - Before the match, Ernest Miller had Dave Penzer declare him the
      "greatest of all-time." Miller called out anyone to come out and face
      him, and eventually called out Goldberg. Backstage, The Wolfpac told
      Scott Norton that Miller called him out, which wasn't true. Norton made
      his way down to the ring, as Miller continued to brag and taunt the
      crowd. Miller told Norton that he did not call him out, but he would
      beat him anyway. The match was underway. Miller fought back as much as
      he could, but Norton totally out-powered him. Norton finished off the
      match with the Jack-Knife Powerbomb.

      • Goldberg Interview - (Conducted by Gene Okerlund)
      - Gene Okerlund said that he still felt that Goldberg was undefeated,
      but Goldberg told him to forget about it because the past was the past.
      Okerlund mentioned Bam Bam Bigelow. Goldberg said Bigelow would never
      find any fear in him. Goldberg said Bigelow was next.

      • Backstage, Ric Flair and Dean Malenko knocked Eric Bischoff in the
      dunking tank.

      • Scott Hall (w/Disco Inferno) defeated Chris Benoit with the Outsider
      - Whoever won the match would get to take on Bret Hart for the United
      States Title at Super Brawl IX. Bret Hart did color commentary during
      the match, taking Mike Tenay's place, and basically said he would defeat
      whoever at Super Brawl. The moment Disco Inferno interfered, which was
      when Chris Benoit had the Crippler Crossface going, Steve McMichael came
      down and took care of him. McMichael took Disco back to The Four Horsmen
      locker room, where Arn Anderson awaited with a tirejack. Benoit took the
      advantage, as Kevin Nash came down. Nash was knocked out by Benoit,
      which let Scott Hall take the advantage. Hall finished off Benoit with
      the Outsider Edge from the top rope.

      • Hollywood Hogan and his friend were apparently in Charlotte, North
      Carolina. They were there to grab Ric Flair's kid, and it explained why
      Eric Bischoff kept shouting out to Flair throughout the show, "Where's
      your son, Flair?" David Flair went in to a fitness
      center. The Four Horsemen watched from the arena. Hogan and his friend
      shut the camera off as the show went off the air.


      By Hawk, [thehawk24@...]

      WWF Champion Mankind appeared on a TSN show tonight at 8:30pmET called
      Gallagher. It is a one on one interview with sports related guests and
      tonight it was Mick Foley. Here are the details from the interview.

      - They did a skit when Eric Vonne (announcer on Gallagher) and Foley
      went through the TSN offices. Foley got beat up by an old lady, it was
      pretty funny. He threw some guy threw a table as well, not a bad skit.

      - Dok Hendrix was there and he hyped Foley and then introduced him, it
      was a sellout crowd. At the show were sexy fitness supermodel Trish
      Stratus, WWF impersonator Jason Sensation, Canadian rap star Maestro and
      WWF Canada President Carl DeMarco.

      - Foley was wearing a track suit without the Mankind mask of course. He
      has a beard and his front teeth are missing.

      - Gallagher praised Foley and then asked if he enjoyed wearing that
      mask. He says it's a pain putting in on every day and it makes it hard
      for him to breathe so he puts vapo rub under the mask right around his

      - He said he knew nothing about who he will be facing at Raw from
      Toronto on February 8th. He did say that he will try to top his Royal
      Rumble performance and take at least 15 chair shots.

      - He talked about Hell in a Cell with the Undertaker. He said the dive
      off the top of the cage was planned but when Taker chokeslammed him
      through the top of the cage it wasn't supposed to break.

      - When asked how much punishment he could take, Foley said that it's not
      a Mankind type of match if he doesn't take a lot of bumps.

      - He spoke about the King of Death Matches he had in Japan 5 years ago.
      He said how the videos are selling like hotcakes but he doesn't get any
      of the money. Some of the matches he wrestled were 1,000 thumbtack
      match, bed of nails match and in a barb wire and explosives match
      against Terry Funk. After 15 minutes the ring would explode, he got out
      in time but when Terry was in there it exploded and he was sent flying.
      He enjoyed that match but it took a lot out of him.

      - Gallagher asked what was the worst moment of all these matches and he
      said when he lost his ear. It was in a match in Germany against Vader
      and his ear came off. When he was at the German hospital he told the
      nurse he didn't want to lose the ear, he knows German. She said
      something he never understood and tossed the top part of his ear right
      in the trash can.

      - Gallagher asked him to hype his match at SkyDome. He said, "I don't
      know what the hell I'm going to be doing but come and see me take 15,
      16, 17 chair shots!!" The crowd was going nuts as he left.

      - Next Monday February 8th, Gallagher will have Chyna, Sable and Debra
      McMichael as guests.


      NewsStation - http://www.wrestling-online.com/newsstation/

      - Toymax Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Toymax International, Inc.
      (NASDAQ:TMAX), today announced the formation of a new division, "Candy
      Planet." This new division allows the company to enter into the
      expanding candy industry, which grew to nearly $9.7 billion in 1997
      (retail sales estimates of non-chocolate candy and gum according to the
      National Confectioners Association). As a first step into the category,
      Toymax has signed a licensing agreement with Titan Sports for World
      Wrestling Federation consumer products. The five-year partnership will
      enable the Candy Planet division to create a
      diversified line of candy products with the WWF license.

      "WWF's impact on popular culture is dramatic and we're delighted to
      launch our new division with this highly regarded license," said Steven
      Lebensfeld, president of Toymax. "Establishing the new `Candy Planet'
      division is part of our plan for 1999 to expand into additional
      year-round categories and channels of distribution."

      Candy Planet's product line, which features popular personalities from
      the WWF's well-known array of superstars, will include interactive candy
      products such as key chain gum dispensers and gumball machines. In
      addition, Candy Planet will create WWF themed candy products such as
      gummy fruit treats, lollipops, super sour candies and gum sticks. The
      WWF product line is scheduled to launch in the Spring of 1999 and will
      be available at mass market and specialty retailers nationwide. "We look
      for partner companies that exhibit the high quality and design standards
      that people come to expect from WWF," said Jim Bell, senior vice
      president of licensing and merchandising of WWF. "We are excited about
      these candy products and the agreement with Candy Planet and look
      forward to a long relationship with Toymax." (Mann)


      NewsStation - http://www.wrestling-online.com/newsstation/

      - Alex Wright is expected to return to WCW very soon with a new Aryan
      gimmick. Meltzer says the idea is for WCW to take note that Wright keeps
      "no-showing" events, but he'll eventually return with a new gimmick. He
      is currently spending sometime in his home country, Germany. (De Leon)

      - Meltzer says that David Flair (Fliehr) is actually 19, but he tells
      people he is older. He is now interested in becoming a professional
      wrestler, instead of a state
      trooper, and he may start training this summer. He was never an amateur
      wrestler like his father and Reid, as WCW claimed on television. David
      will be brought in for more storylines to add on to the build-up for the
      Hogan vs. Flair Heavyweight Title match at Superbrawl, and it started on
      the 2/1 Nitro. (De Leon)

      - There is talk in WCW of turning Bam Bam Bigelow and Scott Norton a
      face. Bigelow sort of got a face reaction on Nitro after defeating The
      Sandman, but will surely remain
      heel once he takes on Goldberg at Super Brawl. Also, Norton kind of got
      a face reaction on Nitro after destroying Ernest Miller. (De Leon)

      - Ralphus is actually one of the guys who drives the WCW ring from city
      to city. He makes $200 extra for making televison appearances with Chris
      Jericho. (De Leon)

      - Bob Ryer says that E! and CNN covered the house show in Los Angeles,
      California this past weekend on 1/30, which means we may see something
      from both news stations sometime soon. No word on this, but some
      celebrities were supposed to be there, such as Nicolas
      Cage, Dennis Miller, and Rita Rudner. (De Leon)


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