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[wrestling-online] Wrestling-Online Newsletter #270

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  • Colin Vassallo
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      W R E S T L I N G - O N L I N E
      N E W S L E T T E R

      Monday, February 1st, 1999

      I S S U E # 2 7 0

      The Official daily newsletter of Wrestling-Online.com

      | Editor: |
      | Colin Vassallo |
      | Editor@... |

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      >> AJPW founder Giant Baba dies ...
      >> Sunday Night Heat report ...
      >> WWF "Get It" Commercial ...
      >> WWF News ...
      >> WCW News ...


      By: Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      WWF Online vs WWF lawyers update!

      On January 20th, when the WWF sent the e-mail to close "WWF Online" on
      wrestling-online.com, I replied with an e-mail of my own. Apperantly,
      that e-mail, which was printed in this newsletter, was ignored. Today, a
      new mail was sent to the lawyer, stating that if they don't reply within
      the week, my lawyer will call them. A few moments later, I receive an
      e-mail from the lawyer.

      What will happen now? He wants to talk to my lawyer to discuss the
      matter. Tomorrow or Wednesday I should have some new answers, and I will
      keep you posted!


      From: Kyodo News Service

      Pro wrestler Giant Baba dies of liver failure at 61

      TOKYO, Feb. 1 -- Japanese pioneer professional wrestler Giant Baba died
      of liver failure at a Tokyo hospital Sunday, his family said Monday. He
      was 61.

      Baba, who towered over the average Japanese with a 209-centimeter frame,
      became a professional wrestler in 1960 after a stint as a pitcher with
      popular Japanese pro baseball club, the Yomiuri Giants.

      Known to his fans for his trademark ''16-mon'' kick technique, Baba --
      whose real name is Shohei Baba -- had been a pillar in Japanese
      professional wrestling, competing well past his 60th birthday.

      ''I think he believed his health condition will get better. I respected
      him like I do my parents,'' said wrestler Mitsuharu Misawa, who is
      registered with the All Japan Pro
      Wrestling Co., which Baba founded in 1972 and served as president until
      he died.

      A native of Niigata Prefecture, Baba joined Yomiuri in 1955 after
      dropping out of high school when he was in his junior year and was
      released from the Tokyo-based club following the 1959 season due to
      injury and lackluster performances.

      His overall record in professional baseball included no wins and one
      loss in three game appearances. ''I remember practicing with him shortly
      after I signed with the Giants,'' said former Yomiuri slugger Sadaharu
      Oh, who currently manages the Fukuoka Daiei Hawks. ''He talked to me
      about the Giants and about pro baseball. He was very kind and always


      By Joe De Leon

      • Michael Cole introduced the arena where the Empty Arena Heavyweight
      Title match between The Rock and Mankind would take place on Halftime
      Heat. He said that Vince McMahon would do the commentating, while
      referee Earl Hebner would only count the pin. He went over the history
      between Mankind and The Rock and discussed their upcoming match, which
      was taped from the Convention Center in Tucson, Arizona.

      • Shane McMahon Interview, with Team Corporate.
      - Shane McMahon introduced the newest Corporation member, Chyna, who
      came along with Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson, and was booed heavily.
      Shane said to Chyna, "Welcome to the big-time." Chyna said her turn to
      Team Corporate was all about opportunity, and she finally got some mic
      time. She said she carried D-Generation X for almost two years, and got
      no gradification. She said DX didn't do a damn thing for her. Chyna
      noted that Vince McMahon came up to her at Royal Rumble to recruit her
      into the Corporation. She told DX to suck it, which brought them out.
      Triple H congratulated Shane for snatching Chyna way from them, but
      nothing of the sort would ever happen again. The crowd chanted, "Chyna
      sucks," as Triple H asked her if that's what she wanted to hear. Triple
      H said they treated Chyna like an equal, but DX was never an equal. He
      said the majority DX was made of men, and Chyna could never get a "set
      of them." Triple H said that Chyna was all in it for the money, and
      called her a two dollar whore. X-Pac said he would get his hands on
      Shane. He was about to cuss, but Jesse James stopped him in time
      (because it was Heat). Shane taunted X-Pac, and announced Triple H would
      take on Kane in a steel cage match the following night on Raw.

      • Mankind arrived in the Tucson Convention Center, and gave his driver a
      tip. He raised his arms, and the crowd on the outside cheered for him.

      • The Big Bossman defeated Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra) with a Sidewalk Slam.
      - Shane McMahon joined in for his usual commentary. At one point during
      the match, Jeff Jarrett started to walk about, but tried to trick The
      Big Bossman by hitting him with the belt. Bossman didn't fall for it,
      however, which let the match continue. Debra started to unbuttoned her
      shirt. The Bossman was distracted but still managed to finish off the
      match with his Sidewalk Slam. Bossman then hit Jarrett in the face with
      his nightstick.

      • The Rock arrived at the Tucson Convention Center, along with Vince
      McMahon, in their black stretched-limousine.

      • Ken Shamrock defeated Owen Hart with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex, to
      retain the Intercontinental Title.
      - As the match went on, The Blue Blazer came out. Blazer climbed to the
      top turnbuckle, but was knocked down once Owen Hart was swung into the
      ropes. Ken Shamrock then finished off Hart with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex
      for the win.

      • The NFL Superbowl hadn't gone to halftime yet, so WWF aired the Triple
      H vs. Rock "I Quit" Heavyweight Title match from the 1/25 Raw is War.
      The Vince McMahon interview from the 1/25 Raw, where Stone Cold Steve
      Austin challenged him to a Steel Cage Match for In Your House: St.
      Valentine's Massacre for a title shot at WrestleMania XV was also shown.
      The WWF Superbowl commercial was also shown.

      • Empty Arena Match: Mankind defeated The Rock via Pinfall, to become
      the new heavyweight Champion.
      - The match was under the rules of no holds barred and falls count
      anywhere. Vince McMahon went to the announcer's table and did his color
      commentary. He commentated the way McMahon always did commentary, except
      he was on The Rock's side half the time. McMahon noted that there were
      cameras all over the arena. Mankind put Mr. Socko down The Rock's
      throat, and they both took it to the outside of the ring. Mankind told
      McMahon he was next. The Rock threw Mankind through the barracade, and
      they continued to brawl in the empty seats on the floor. The Rock
      through Mankind into a ton of chairs, and then threw chairs on top of
      Mankind. After slamming Mankind with a chair, with other chairs on top
      of his head, The Rock did his commentary skit. McMahon gladly let him
      commentate. Mankind popped up from behind The Rock and shoved Mr. Socko
      down his throat. McMahon said he would go to Texas the following night
      on Raw is War to confront Stone Cold Steve Austin. Back in the stands,
      The Rock and Mankind went to the top near the merchandise. The Rock
      slammed a trash can into Mankind several times. The Rock kicked Mankind,
      made Mankind roll down the stairs. The Rock came back down with the
      trash can, and threw all the trash onto Mankind. The Rock continued to
      beat down Mankind. Kevin Kelly and Shane McMahon supposedly watched the
      match from the arena (Phoenix) where Sunday Night Heat was held and went
      over some replayed footage. Mankind and The Rock took it to the back of
      the arena's kitchen. The Rock broke a wooden pole on top of Mankind's
      back, and slammed a pole of cotton candy into him. The Rock threw Mr.
      Socko into the oven, followed by Mankind, who was burned. Mankind went
      through several kitchen tables. The Rock nailed Mankind with a piece of
      bread, and slammed him into some glass plates. The Rock grabbed a bottle
      of Jack Daniels. He was about to drink some, singing along, until
      Mankind punched him out. The Rock spat out the alcoholic beverage.
      Mankind nailed The Rock into the plates and with a huge bag of popcorn.
      They went into the dining area, where the WWF crew were eating their
      dinner. They used food items on each other, and at one point, Mankind
      got some hot sauce in his eyes. Mankind and The Rock were covered with
      food. Mankind hit a low-blow, and tried to cover The Rock, but The Rock
      jumped out. The Rock drank a Pepsi and poured it onto Mankind. They
      bralwled threw some doors, and took it into the arena's office. The
      phone rang, and The Rock answered, "Thank you for calling the Smack Down
      Hall. No, Mankind is a little busy right now. He's getting his ass
      kicked." Another phone call came through, and The Rock answered in the
      same way. The Rock scared a woman out of the office, which let Mankind
      take the advantage once he caught The Rock from behind. By this time,
      Mankind lost one of his boots. Mankind beat down The Rock through the
      hall, as Shane and Kelly joined in for a brief second. They took it out
      to the loading doc section. Mankind once again shoved (another) Mr.
      Socko down The Rock's throat. He put The Rock under a crate that was
      held up by a fork lift. Mankind brought down the crate, which had
      several kegs on it. The Rock was crushed, and Mankind used the advantage
      to make the pin, to become the new Heavyweight Champion.


      By Joe De Leon

      The WWF aired its "Get It" commercial twice during Halftime Heat on the
      USA Network and once during the third quarter of the NFL Superbowl on
      FOX. The show did an 8.5 rating during its Superbowl timeslot, according
      to Sports Ticker, which was one of the highest ratings for commercials
      of the night. Although commercials of companies like Budweiser, Doritos,
      and Federal Express did higher ratings, WWF was part of the top.

      The commercial took place at the WWF World Headquarters in Stamford,

      It started with Stone Cold Steve Austin walking out of an office and
      saying, "Most people have the wrong impression about the World Wrestling
      Federation. We're a non-violent form of entertainment." Austin then
      whacked an executive with a chair, as others passed by.

      Sable then appeared, with Val Venis reading a paper behind her, and
      said, "We never use sex to enhance our enemies." Two executives popped
      up on a table and were all over each other in a sexual way.

      The Rock appeared in a hallway, walked by Kane, and said "As athletes,
      we understand the importance of positive role models." A ton of
      executives were brawling in an office, and one was thrown through a
      glass window.

      The Undertaker walked out of an elevator and said, "We're good
      wholesome, family entertainment." People continued to fight, and hit
      each other with weapons. A blind referee walked in the background with a

      Mick Foley appeared, sitting down, and said, "We're trying to make a
      better place for mankind." But on the lower level, fires were going, and
      a basic riot was going on. Triple H was sitting down reading a magazine,
      along with Chyna.

      The WWF Attitude logo was shown. Someone was thrown out of window from
      Titan Towers, and fire flamed out. Vince McMahon popped out and said,
      "Get it?"


      NewsStation - http://www.wrestling-online.com/newsstation/

      - Ron Howard, star of the "Happy Days" hit TV series and director of
      Apollo 13 and Ransom, is working on a documentary on Mick Foley. This
      will be sort of the Bret Hart Documentary.

      - World Wrestling Federation commentator Michael Cole will be the live
      guest of Brian Fritz, B Randall, and Dickerman this Tuesday night at
      10:00pm ET on "Between The Ropes" wrestling radio on WQTM 540 The Team
      out of Orlando, Florida. (Murray)

      - Comic Images (the same company that brought you the recent WWF
      Superstarz Trading Cards) is currently working in conjunction with the
      World Wrestling Federation to produce a collector's series of
      WrestleMania cards! The fifty-two card set due out in stores by
      mid-March, features all the highlights and superstars that made the
      WrestleMania the gala event in sports-entertainment! To commemorate the
      upcoming WrestleMania XV, Comic Images is taking a new and creative
      approach to the cards, which will take on a "postcard" feel. The set is
      split into three different categories:
      1. Six of the greatest Federation Champions-including Stone Cold, the
      Shawn Michaels and others! 2. Twenty-nine WrestleMania historical cards
      3. Fifteen current Superstar cards 4. The official WrestleMania XV logo
      card, as well as a checklist!

      An added bonus to the series, superstars such as Shawn Michaels, the
      Godfather, Owen Hart, the Undertaker and others offer exclusive comments
      on their past WrestleMania bouts! How did HBK feel about his match with
      Tatanka at WrestleMania IX? Why did the Godfather-then known as Kama-try
      to steal the Undertaker's urn at WrestleMania XI? You'll find out
      straight from them! Plus, superstars such as Andre the Giant, Roddy
      Piper, the British Bulldogs, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Ricky "The
      Dragon" Steamboat, Bret Hart, Diesel, Razor Ramon, Ric Flair, Yokozuna
      and dozens of others are featured! (WWF.COM)

      - As Shane McMahon told the world last night on Sunday Night Heat, rumor
      has it that Mr. McMahon is goin' Rattlesnake hunting tonight on RAW IS
      WAR! No one is certain why the owner of the World Wrestling Federation
      is on his way to Texas to search out Stone Cold Steve Austin, but you
      have to believe it has something to do with Stone Cold's contract.

      Remember if Austin lays a finger on Mr. McMahon without being physically
      provoked, he will be fired immediately!!! Last week on RAW IS WAR, Shawn
      Michaels invited Stone Cold to stay at his home in San Antonio to
      protect him from himself. The commissioner knew that if Austin saw Mr.
      McMahon in person, he may not be able to hold back from attacking the

      So what if Mr. McMahon puts himself in front of Austin tonight in Texas?
      Will Stone Cold be able to control his emotions long enough to make it
      to St. Valentines Day? We may find out tonight on RAW IS WAR!

      Over the last few weeks, the Undertaker's Ministry Of Darkness has taken
      shape. Tonight on RAW, the Lord of Darkness will join Ministry members
      Viscera and Mideon. They will oppose the Brood in a six man tag team
      match. This is the first time the Undertaker has been in action since
      his brutal Buried Alive match with Stone Cold at Rock Bottom in
      December. Since then, he has grown darker and deadlier. Will the Brood
      become his latest victims? Watch RAW this Monday and see for yourself.

      Last night on HEAT, Shane McMahon ordered that Triple H must step into a
      steel cage to face Kane tonight on RAW! The rivalry between DX and the
      Corporation is intensifying with each night here in the WWF!

      Everyone saw the Big Valbowski’s latest production with himself and Ken
      Shamrock’s sister. They were in their birthday suits while taking a hot
      shower. What will Shamrock’s reaction be tonight? He’s scheduled to be
      on hand. As well, Venis is scheduled to face Badd Ass Billy Gunn.
      Shamrock also has a problem with him. Will the Corporation’s Most
      Dangerous Man settle his accounts tonight on RAW?

      In Hardcore Tag Team Action, the Road Dogg and Al Snow will face the
      Acolytes. They ambushed Dogg and Snow last Monday on RAW. Now, Road Dogg
      and Snow want to deal with them on their terms – a no-holds-barred

      All this and much, much more in the way of overall entertainment and
      excitement will ignite on the USA Network tonight when RAW gets wild.
      The adventure begins at 9/8 c.



      NewsStation - http://www.wrestling-online.com/newsstation/

      - Goldberg will be a guest on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno in
      February. Date is still to be announced.

      - Bob Ryder reported on WCW.COM that Rick Martel was backstage at Nitro
      from Dallas, Texas last Monday, and he'll continue his relationship with
      the company by being a broadcaster for French Canadian programming.
      Martel recently ritired from professional wrestling after going through
      a series of career threatening injuries. Also backstage at Nitro,
      according to Meltzer, were athletes from sports teams in the city of
      Dallas, Killer Karl Kox, Red Bastien, and Ray "Thunder" Stern. (RWIN)

      - WCW wrestlers will be appearing on "MTV's Snowed In" on February 6th
      and the 7th. Check local listings for times and other information.


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      in the newsletter before first contacting the editor.

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