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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #2309

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  • Colin Vassallo
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      Saturday September 2nd 2006 Issue #2309
      Visit our website at http://www.wrestling-online.com

      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      Not much going on today. Back tomorrow.

      W-O Newsletter 10th Year Anniversary Issue
      Vote for the Most Memorable Moment in the past decade

      Web version at -[http://www.wrestling-online.com/news%5d-

      - In an interesting twist of events, WWE sent a text message to their Mobile
      Alerts subscribers saying that the meeting between the company and Kurt
      Angle last Friday was 'heated and confrontational'. It also adds that Angle
      was 'an emotional wreck' when he left the WWE headquarters in Stamford, CT.
      As reported before here on the newsletter, Angle was indeed fired by the
      company and not just agreed to release him as it was being reported on the
      website. It was a whole cover not to make Angle look bad, but something is
      up, possibly with Angle, that has prompted WWE to start revealing the true
      story to the public. Angle was fired due to personal and health issues last
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=3411]

      - ECW television in the United Kingdom on Sky Sports 3 will be moving to a
      different timeslot starting from this coming week. The current time slot of
      Sunday will be replaced by moving to Thursdays on the same channel at 11PM.
      Smackdown! airs on Friday in the UK as well and this change was done to keep
      the schedule of first RAW, ECW and then Smackdown! like in the United
      States. Sky TV will also be airing the ECW pay-per-view in December.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=3467]

      - The Ironton Tribune newspaper has a story on RVD and Sabu appearing in
      court over the charges from July 2nd, when a police officer stopped them
      while on the road and found weed in their car. Both ECW wrestlers pled
      guilty. Sabu pled guilty to third degree possession of drugs while another
      charge for possession of drug paraphernalia was dropped while the two sides
      arranged a plea bargain. Sabu was sentenced to 10 days in jail but the
      sentence was later dropped and he was fined $500 plus all the court costs.
      RVD pled guilty for over speeding, going at 73mph in a 55mph zone and for
      third degree possession of marijuana. He showed a valid prescription for the
      Vicodin pills he had so the charge for possession of Vicodin was dropped. He
      was fined $140 in fines and court costs. A lot of fans were at the court to
      greet RVD and Sabu but the ECW stars didn't talk to the media, rather they
      did obscene hand gestures towards their direction. Their July 2nd bust
      resulted in Sabu being fined by the company and RVD suspended for thirty
      days without pay and dropping both the WWE and ECW titles in two days.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=3466]


      By Oren Kurtz -[syxx_ok@...]-

      Ladies and gents, it's your favorite time of the weekend! It's Wrestling
      Authority time!

      I'm glad to find out that just like the great writers of this newsletter
      inspired me to take a stab at writing a column; I also played a small part
      in bringing in a new writer to the newsletter. I really think that every
      column adds something to each edition. But you're not here to read my views
      on the structure of a newsletter, you're here to read my views on Rasslin'!

      And apparently, those views have caused quite a stir among some of you, as I
      have received a lot of mail earlier in the week regarding my last column. I
      have to state for the record - I'm not here to be the voice of negativity -
      I am the voice of reality, and the reality right now is grim.

      I read an article this week on WWE.COM about the training facilities of Afa,
      The Wild Samoan. It appears that both Batista and Snitski have been trainees
      of his, and one sentence caught my line. "Everyone here wish they will be
      the next Cena or Batista". Really, that's what it said. Dozens of guys
      wishing to be a muscle-bound freak who is a cheap Ultimate Warrior rip off
      with embarrassing mic skills, or on the other hand maybe they wish they'd
      become Marky Mark with a GI Joe mentality? Let's set it straight, if they
      want to be the next Batista or John Cena, it means that they're gushing out
      blood, sweat and tears not to become great wrestlers, but to become
      merchandise monsters. And that, my friends, is a really bad cause to
      dedicate yourself to.

      Speaking of John Cena, I was watching his match against the Masterpiece on
      Monday and two thoughts came to my head: 1. Cena actually did his five move
      set within a time range of 20 seconds. Other than those moves all he did was
      punch and clothesline. The guy is so limited that I actually prefer having
      Edge as a champion, even though Edge's entertainment value is right around
      0. 2. Poor Chris Masters, I never thought I'd feel pity for a 240 lbs guy,
      but the man who authorized him going out there with his old Masterpiece
      gimmick just sent him to be slaughtered. It was awful, having a gimmick of a
      magnificent physical specimen when in reality he looks less buff than your
      average wrestler.

      The next day I watched ECW and another thought jumped into my head - the
      writing for all shows is so predictable that I don't think that even if the
      writers concentrated on one show they could come up with decent material. I
      mean, really, everything is so predictable, I don't think that there is even
      one wrestling fan who actually expected to see Paul Heyman get in the ring
      with Sabu.

      On the C show, Smackdown, there's nothing new either, the whole show was
      basically put on hold for about six weeks with the announcement of Batista
      VS Booker T on the next Smackdown PPV. This means no title contenders for
      the next six weeks; no clean matches involving the King or The Animal for
      the next 6 weeks, basically, this means nothing happens for 6 weeks. My god,
      these writers are such impotents.

      Speaking of Batista, am I the only one who gets a kick out of seeing Sonjay
      Dutt imitating him with the rope shake/Spine buster combination?

      I got to watch two DVDs this past week, The McMahon DVD and The Road Warrior
      DVD. I'll start with the Legion Of Doom- they were one of the greatest tag
      team but I think that the sentence that echoed the most during that DVD is
      one that was never said out loud. Wrestling personalities said throughout
      the DVD that the Warriors were doing something that has never been done
      before, when what they really wanted to say was that the LOD just didn't
      sell, to anyone. That was their whole thing. Even of someone did attempt to
      hit them - they just didn't react. They were pioneers, and probably the
      first faces to do such a thing, but I think that ultimately that style of
      wrestling never worked, and that's why in the WWE the LOD was never the most
      dominating tag team, in any time they were in the company.

      The second DVD was far more interesting in my mind and I watched it without
      pausing the second I got my hands on it. It was far more candid than what I
      expected with much more McMahon criticism than I expected to see, and I
      think I've come to the understanding that Mr. McMahon, the business man,
      will just put his business before everything when he is the chairman. He
      will put the business before employees, even if they are friends or family.
      You can respect that or not, but for McMahon, when it's the best for an
      individual against the best of the business, he will do what he sees as best
      for the business. Even if that individual is himself.

      In stark contrast, the Extras were difficult to watch. While McMahon's
      personality and in ring character is interesting and amusing, watching his
      in ring work for 3 hours was REALLY hard, as he is so limited. It actually
      reminded me of watching The Ultimate Warrior compilation tape 14 years ago.
      I only watched the intros and the final part of the matches, the rest was
      being fast forwarded. Too bad I didn't do it with the McMahon matches too.
      Anyway, that's it for me, I rumbled enough, and that's without even
      mentioning Kurt Angle.

      So take care, and if you wish to leave me any comments -
      syxx_ok@.... Until next time, I'm Oren Kurtz, you're not.

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