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  • Colin Vassallo
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      Sunday August 20th 2006 Issue #2300
      Visit our website at http://www.wrestling-online.com

      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      I have added a new category on the Wrestling-Online forums where users can
      advertise their eBay auctions for free. Seeing that the forum is the most
      accessed page on all Wrestling-Online.com, I'm sure you'll get some extra
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      Web version at -[http://www.wrestling-online.com/news%5d-

      - Tonight live from Boston, MA., RAW, Smackdown! and ECW present the biggest
      party of the Summer - SummerSlam! The card is as follows. John Cena takes on
      Edge for the WWE Heavyweight title; Booker T defends his World title against
      Batista; Legend Killer Randy Orton vs the legendary Hulk Hogan; An I Quit
      match between The Nature Boy Ric Flair and Mick Foley; Vince and his son
      Shane McMahon battle the team of DX with Shawn Michaels and Triple H; ECW
      champ the Big Show defends his title against Sabu; and Rey Mysterio takes on
      Chavo Guerrero.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=3363]

      - Some more seats have been released by Ticketmaster and WWE for tonight's
      SummerSlam, taking place at the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston, MA.
      SummerSlam sold out weeks ago however WWE production re-configured the arena
      according to the company and it made space for a few more extra seats. You
      can purchase them at Ticketmaster.com or at the arena box office.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=3363]

      - Chris Masters made his return to active competition by participating in
      the Ohio Valley Wrestling television tapings. Masters was one of the first
      'victims' of the WWE Wellness program, testing positive for muscle
      enhancement drugs and has been suspended from the company since May 22nd.
      Masters looks incredibly thinner than he was last seen on WWE television and
      will be interesting if he resumes his 'Masterpiece' gimmick since he looks
      so different now. A couple of readers sent in a picture of the 'new' Chris
      Masters which you can see at
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=3351]

      - The Los Angeles Times is running a story about Bonnie Hammer, the person
      in charge of USA Network and Sci Fi Channel, and what many in the television
      industry believe she's one of the most powerful and successful women in the
      business. The article explains how Hammer went to her new bosses after GE
      bought out Universal and persuaded them to write a big fat check to bring
      Vince McMahon's WWE back to USA. The McMahon's enjoy a nice relationship
      with Bonnie Hammer which goes back to ages ago. While NBC execs were not
      convinced of the idea, her theory proved to be correct as RAW has lifted USA
      to the top of the cable rating charts once again. It's an interesting story
      which you can read at
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=3366]

      - The Sci Fi channel sent a press release yesterday announcing that during
      its summer run, ECW has been averaging a 2.3 rating, which puts the show one
      of Sci Fi's highest rated weekly programs. It's also been one of the
      top-rated programs in primetime on Tuesday among male teens and one of the
      top-rated cable programs in households. The press release notes that 43% of
      ECW's premiere audience had not watched the Sci Fi channel during the prior
      4 weeks. In its original agreement, Sci Fi has a twelve week run with ECW
      but it's a safe bet to say that the contract with the company will be
      renewed after successful results. Although the new ECW is nothing like what
      it's used to be, a lot of viewers, sometimes more than Smackdown!, tune into
      Sci Fi to watch the show.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=3362]


      By Oren Kurtz -[syxx_ok@...]-

      It's been another fairly interesting week in the wrestling world, and I'm
      here to tell you all about it. Here is your Wrestling Authority.

      I'll actually start with TNA, or better yet, its internet fans that seem to
      think that they can dictate my interest. The fact that I didn't run down the
      "Hard Justice" card was because I found the event to be boring and I found
      it even more boring when I actually watched the show.

      Obviously, the fire during the event didn't help (And I'll restrain myself
      from using terms like "what a smoking event"), but there were only two
      matches worth MY time (so don't email me and tell me how you spent YOUR
      time, I don't care.) - the tag team championship match which saw Styles and
      Daniels put over LAX like a million bucks (and lets clear something -
      putting someone over is not necessarily losing to them, it's making your
      opponent look good, and that is what Daniels and Styles did), in a match
      which featured both brutal spots and amazing high flying maneuvers.

      The other one is of course the 3 way no holds barred affair which was the
      optimum of what a no holds barred brawling match should look like (and I
      hope all the "best pure strikers" over in the WWE can pay attention). That
      match had everything and it was the only one that really had the crowd into

      The PPV was such an anticlimactic event, with Sting & Jarrett once again
      proving they don't belong in that spot, and TNA outdoing themselves by
      copying an angle the WWE did just 3 weeks before. To make things worse, it
      seems like they will keep the current Sting-Jarrett storyline for the next
      two months, only to have Sting win the title and have absolutely no program
      waiting for him down the line.

      The same can be said about the WWE, though - lack of direction. It seems
      like people there are handed championship belts too easily, without the
      creative team having anything for them. That's the only possible conclusion
      I can come up with when I see that Edge & Cena are feuding a feud that has
      been dead for the past 6 months, and the pathetic attempt of making it the
      main event is just that - pathetic. It's the forth most important match on
      SummerSlam on the Raw side, and that's saying everything.

      Actually, the only thing which has had a good build up towards SumemrSlam is
      the Foley & Flair match, and that's not due to the creative team being too
      creative, it's because these guys didn't like each other from the beginning.

      The Smackdown side of things isn't too bright either; we only have 2 matches
      from Smackdown on SummerSlam. One is Booker T VS Batista which was just set
      up with no real story lines, and has the potential to totally bury Booker if
      he jobs to Batista, and the other one is Chavo VS Rey. A lot has been said
      about the use of Vicky Guerrero on this angle and I pride myself on writing
      things that are new, not repeating what has already been said. I assume that
      it's her decision to be put into the wrestling business, but the angle
      itself is just not interesting enough and Vicky is not an interesting
      wrestling character. Rey is, and Chavo can also be sometimes, but I can't
      shake the feeling of dejavus (or however the French write that word) - two
      years ago Eddie & Chavo feuded for months, in a feud which had quite a good
      build up, and it all culminated in. 8 minutes when Eddie squashed Chavo at
      the Royal Rumble. Don't be surprised if you see this again.

      And don't even get me started on the lame finish to the #1 contenders match
      for the ECW world title. The Big Show out did himself - that was even lamer
      than the end of the Prison match.

      Anyway here are my predictions to one of the saddest SummerSlam (on card)
      that I've seen since the mid 90's and Lex Luger VS Yokozuna:

      Rey Mysterio VS Chavo Guerrero - Chavo will never be anything in the WWE. If
      he really does believe that he is carrying the Guerrero name - then he
      should go somewhere else, because in the WWE he will always be a mid carder
      at best. Prediction: Rey Mysterio.

      Booker T VS Batista - I'm going to go out on a limb here - I like booker,
      and I always did, while I think Batista is one dimensional and the crowd
      will turn on him fairly quick. I hope the WWE writers realize it, and
      realize that Booker is the best guy they've got on their roster right now,
      and keep the belt on him. Prediction: Booker T.

      Randy Orton VS Hulk Hogan - Orton has enjoyed an enormous push throughout
      his career though he never deserved it, not as a heel, not as a face, and
      not as a heel again. This guy should pay his dues by getting his ass kicked
      on a regular basis yet he is being put over in ways that the fans aren't
      buying. But that doesn't mean that it will stop, I think this Sunday it will
      continue. Prediction: Randy Orton

      Degeneration X Vs The McMahons - The easiest prediction of the night -
      assuming this will end this feud, and since DX are the only real hot thing
      in the WWE, and since the McMahons never had a problem with taking a
      beating, prediction: DX.

      Edge VS John Cena - I've wasted too many words on these two the past 5
      months anyway. Prediction: Edge.

      Flair VS Foley- the most interesting and anticipated match of the evening by
      far. The history of the two and between the two makes it a match that people
      want to see, regardless of how over the hill both of them are. I think that
      since Foley doesn't look at wins and loses as career accomplishments, we'll
      see Flair go over, but the true winner of the match, the man who has his
      legacy cemented in this match, will be Foley - because he got Flair into his
      violent playground. Prediction: Ric Flair.

      Big Show VS Sabu - I doubt that even in his wildest dreams Sabu thought that
      in the twilight of his career he will be at the top of the Summerslam card.
      But he is, after another awkward Big Show finish. I don't know what McMahon
      sees in Sabu, I don't know why he makes the poor bastard speak, I just know
      that Sabu is way over the hill and even McMahon isn't too high on steroids
      to give him any belt. Prediction: Big Show.

      That's it for me, as you can guess - I'm not looking forward to Summerslam,
      and I hope I will be surprised by the quality of the matches in it. But even
      if lightening strikes and it happens - that doesn't change the lack of
      direction that the WWE is suffering from.

      For comments, questions, or just because you want to annoy the crap out of
      me - syxx_ok@...

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