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  • Colin Vassallo
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      Tuesday, January 19th, 1999

      I S S U E # 2 6 3

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      By: Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      AOLers didn't receive the newsletter again yesterday, due to being
      almost 30K in size. Sorry guys! Check
      http://www.egroups.com/list/wrestling-online/ and read the issue from

      Back tomorrow with the ratings!


      By Joe De Leon

      • A tribute to Martin Luther King kicked off the show.

      • Stone Cold Steve Austin Interview.
      - Stone Cold Steve Austin did the same exact interview in San Antonio,
      Texas on 1/11. Michael Cole attempted to interview Austin at first, but
      Austin kicked him out of the ring. Austin said he would give Mick Foley
      credit for winning the Heavyweight Title, but there was good news and
      bad news. The good news was that Mankind was a good and deserving
      Heavyweight Champion, but the bad news was when the bell would ring at
      WrestleMania XV, Austin would be in the corner to wrestle Mankind.
      Austin admitted he new it was his last chance to gain a shot at the
      Heavyweight Title, but there was no way anyone would eliminate him from
      the Rumble. Austin acknowleged that Vince McMahon was #2 in the Rumble
      and asked the crowd for some "hell yeah's," saying if they wanted him to
      beat McMahon's ass all night long and win the Rumble. The crowd gave a
      positive reaction. Austin said he would beat McMahon's ass all night
      long, win the Rumble, and McMahon would know "Austin 3:16 says I just
      whipped your ass" after it was all said and
      done. Austin raised his hands on the ropes and drunk some beers on the
      announcer's table.

      • Backstage, Jesse James was looking for ammunition for his upcoming
      Hardcore Title match with Gangrel.

      • Jesse James defeated Gangrel with a Chairshot, to retain the Hardcore
      - Jesse James said he would be vampire slayer and did The New Age Outlaw
      introduction with the mention of the Hardcore Title instead of the Tag
      Team Titles. James and Gangrel wrestled in and out of the ring. Both
      used tables to their advantage. At one point,
      James had to execute three different maneuvers to make the table break
      that Gangrel was laying on. After James hit two chairshots to Gangrel's
      head, he took the win.

      • Backstage, Stone Cold Steve Austin remained in the arena for some
      reason, and drunk some beers.

      • Backstage, Ken Shamrock was lacing his boots, preparing for something.

      • Billy Gunn defeated Test by Disqualification.
      - Billy Gunn said if the crowd didn't think he would beat Ken Shamrock
      for the Intercontinental Title at Royal Rumble, then he had two words
      for them - "Suck It." When Gunn was about to make the pin after nailing
      Test with the Rocker Dropper, Ken Shamrock
      interfered. Shamrock destroyed Gunn, slamming his head into the table
      and staircase, and putting him in the Ankle Lock. Officials tried to put
      Shamrock to a stop, but they were unsuccessful. Shamrock snapped, and
      destroyed the timekeeper's table, and wanted to hit
      someone with the bell hammer.

      • Backstage, the doctor was attending to Billy Gunn's severe ankle
      injury. The doctor had to twist the ankle to get it back where it was
      supposed to be. Gunn shouted out in pain.

      • Backstage, Kevin Kelly interviewed Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart, along
      with Debra McMichael. Both said they would beat The Big Bossman and Ken
      Shamrock for the Tag Team TItles the following Monday on Raw is War.
      Bossman and Shamrock attacked Hart and Jarrett. They brawled around the
      backstage area, and officials attempted to break it up.

      • Another training video of Vince McMahon was shown, along with Shane
      McMahon. Vince said he was ready Stone Cold Steve Austin, and practiced
      a match with other people in a ring. He did Austin's moves and gestures
      while practicing the match. Vince said
      even if he was eliminated from the Rumble, there would be no chance in
      hell Austin would win, because he had the $100,000 bounty on the line
      for the other superstars.

      • Backstage, The Big Bossman attacked Mankind. The two would go
      one-on-one later in the show for the Heavyweight Title in a Hardcore
      Rules match. Mankind fought back and slammed Bossman into the camera.

      • Steve Blackman defeated Dan Severn by Disqualification.
      - Michael Cole said that Mankind and The Big Bossman were still brawling
      backstage. Steve Blackman called for the Lethal Kick, but Dan Severn was
      disqualified after giving him a low blow. Cole noted that was an unusual
      move by Severn, and he was a totally
      different person. Severn put Blackman in the Dragon Sleeper, as
      officials attempted to put him to a stop.

      • Backstage, Stone Cold Steve Austin continued to remain in the arena,
      drinking beers. Mankind and The Big Bossman continued to brawl

      • Hardcore Rules: Mankind defeated The Big Bossman by Disqualficiation,
      to retain the Heavyweight TItle.
      - The match started with Mankind and The Big Bossman already brawling
      after coming out of the entranceway. The match was very violent. At one
      point, The Big Bossman slammed Mankind's head on a chair that was set-up
      and into a steel staircase several times.
      After hitting the Double-Arm DDT, Mankind put the Socko Mandible Claw
      down Bossman's throat. Bossman was about to submit, but The Rock
      interrupted with a chairshot on Mankind. The Rock did brief commentary,
      basically saying he would be Mankind in the "I
      Quit" Heavyweight Title match at Rumble. The Rock hit Mankind with the
      Rock Bottom on a chair, but Mankind's head was the actual body part that
      was impacted on to the chair. Jerry Lawler said Mankind's head was like
      a rock, because it was completely banged
      into everything in the match.

      • Backstage, Mark Henry begged Chyna not to do something, because his
      mother was there. Stone Cold Steve Austin was also shown sitting down.

      • Backstage, Vince McMahon, along with The Rock and Shane McMahon, told
      Kane he would wrestle the match with The Rock later in the show the
      exact way he tells him to. Kane seemed angry, when The Rock was
      insulting him and McMahon was ordering him around.

      • Chyna Interview.
      - Chyna said that Mark Henry's 24-hour time period to make a decision
      was up. She asked, "What's it going to be? Are you going to tell the
      truth or am I going to have to humilate you in front of all these people
      and your mother?" Henry begged Chyna not to do it, but Chyna insisted
      for Henry to tell the truth. Henry admitted he never had sex with Chyna,
      like he originally claimed. Henry's mom was shown in the crowd. Chyna
      ordered the footage to be rolled anyway. Footage was shown from the
      previous Monday on Raw is
      War, when Chyna left Sammy and Mark Henry alone in the locker room to
      go get some ice, since Henry was hit in the groin by PMS. Sammy locked
      the door, and said she would make Henry feel better in a very deep
      voice. Sammy kissed Henry, and performed oral sex. In the ring, Henry
      was crying and his mom looked in shame. Henry rubbed his hands on Sammy,
      and put his hands up her dress, and found out that he/she had a penis.
      Sammy took off her wig, and said, "That's why they call me Sammy, baby."
      Henry threw up in the restroom. Chyna yelled at Henry, saying she would
      never have sex with him if they were the last two people on Earth. Chyna
      apologized to Henry's mom that she had to do what she did, as she
      low-blowed Henry. Henry's mom spanked him on the rear and directed him
      to the back of the locker room.

      • Backstage, pre-recorded footage was shown of Mark Henry's mom spanking

      • Backstage, Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson were discussing strategies
      for their upcoming handicap match with Chyna. They argued on who should
      finish up the match, using their football and wrestling backgrounds as
      to why they should finish it.

      • Al Snow defeated Goldust via Pinfall.
      - Michael Cole announced that Billy Gunn's ankle was okay, and even
      though it was sore, he would be ready for his upcoming Intercontinental
      Title match with Ken Shamrock at Royal Rumble. Jerry Lawler was holding
      onto the new Head, and the winner of the match would get it back. Snow
      pinned Goldust after a unique pinning combination. Snow continued to
      attack Goldust, but the moment he got Head back, he stopped. Goldust got
      back up, and nailed Snow with Shattered Dreams. Goldust grabbed head,
      hit Snow with
      it, and stole it again.

      • Backstage, Stone Cold Steve Austin remained in the arena.
      • Backstage, Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco continued to argue over who
      would cover Chyna.

      • Median (Dennis Knight) asked Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole if they
      could feel it. He was talking really crazy. The Undertaker made his way
      out, with The Acolytes, Paul Bearer, and Median near him. The
      Undertaker, sitting in his chair, said Median was once
      a forgotten face, but now he sees and feels what we can't. The
      Undertaker talked about more evil stuff, and there would be another
      victim at the Royal Rumble. The Undertaker's symbol was lit on fire with
      lightning bolts.

      • Handicap Match: Chyna defeated Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson via
      - Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson made fun of each other once they were
      beaten down by Chyna. At one point, Patterson put Chyna in an airplane
      spin, but he got dizzy, and Brisco pushed him out of the ring. Patterson
      went for a low blow, but it didn't work,
      since Chyna is a female. Chyna grabbed both men's groins, and they
      argued once Chyna let go. Chyna was pushed by Patterson off the top
      rope, to the ground. Sable came out, to even the odds, but was
      immediately attacked by Luna. Brisco hit the Stooges Elbow, and had the
      pin, but Patterson pulled him out, and wanted to make the pin. Brisco
      pulled Patterson off Chyna when he tried to make the pin. Brisco and
      Patterson continued to punch each other, and Chyna took advantage of it.
      Brisco put powder in Chyna's
      eyes. She was blinded, as Brisco and Patterson patted her rear and
      breasts (censored). Chyna DDT'd Patterson and Brisco, placed them on top
      of each other, and made the pin.

      • Backstage, Stone Cold Steve Austin was shown walking around.

      • Backstage, Vince and Shane McMahon talked with The Rock on his
      upcoming match with Kane, which Commissioner Shawn Michaels ordered.

      • Kane and The Rock went to a No-Contest.
      - Michael Cole said Sable was fine after the attack from Luna, and she
      would be ready to defend the Women's Title against Luna at Royal Rumble.
      The entire Corporation was at the ringside area. Vince McMahon said to
      Kane he was to fall down once The Rock pushed him with a finger, and a
      pin was to be made. McMahon warned Kane not to do anything stupid, but
      he flicked off McMahon. Team Corporate members began to attack Kane. The
      Rock asked Team Corporate members to leave the inside of the ring,
      because he decided to wrestle the match. The Rock wrestled in a $500
      shirt, pants, and dress-up shoes. He did his commentary skit when
      wrestling Kane on the outside of the ring. Kane took the advantage
      inside the ring, but Team Corporate members entered and started to
      attack Kane. Mankind made his way down to the ring with a chair, and
      took out everyone with it. He went after The Rock through the aisle.
      Stone Cold Steve Austin popped out from behind. When The Rock turned
      around to see Austin, he was nailed behind with a chair by Mankind, as
      the show went off the air.


      By Joe De Leon

      • Pre-recorded footage was shown of The Four Horsemen going over Ric and
      David Flair's Souled Out match. Flair was going crazy, and throwing
      objects everywhere. The Wolfpac arrived in their limousine, and they
      were all bragging about the attack they layed out on the Flair's the
      previous night. As they made their ways out, they were attacked by The
      Four Horsemen. Flair shattered a window, and the limousine speeded off
      with The Wolfpac inside.

      • Ric Flair Interview - (Conducted by Gene Okerlund)
      - Ric Flair made his way to the ring, after attempting to attack The
      Wolfpac. Flair said that he would not let Hollywood Hogan wander off a
      free man. He announced Hogan would wrestle his ass for the Heavyweight
      Title at Super Brawl IX. Flair called Hogan a
      son-of-a-bitch and it wasn't bleeped out. Flair said after Hogan
      attacked his 9-year-old son, he would kill the Heavyweight Champion.
      Flair mentioned that Hogan had a life outside the wrestling business and
      a family. He said he knew Eric Bischoff was behind The Wolfpac-NWO, and
      wanted his ass out right then and there. Bischoff came out, with a
      Wolfpac T-Shirt on, and said he had nothing to do with the attack on
      Flair and his son at Souled Out. Flair announced Bischoff would wrestle
      him again later in the show. Bischoff said there was nothing in his new
      contract that said he had to wrestle. Flair said if Bischoff beat him,
      he could shave his head. Bischoff refused. But Flair then offered that
      Bischoff would also have the company back if he beat him. Bischoff
      backed his tracks. David Flair made his way down, and shoved Bischoff
      out of the way. David said with anger, he wanted to wrestle Bischoff.
      Bischoff accepted David's challenge, instead of Ric's. Ric at first said
      Bischoff would wrestle him, but Bischoff said it was too late. Ric
      eventually went along with it, but said if David beat Bischoff,
      Bischoff's head would be shaved.

      • Booker T. defeated Chris Jericho (w/Ralphus) with the Missle Dropkick.
      - We forgot to mention in our Souled Out report that this match was made
      after Booker T. challenged Chris Jericho to a match at WCW's Internet
      position, because Booker was disappointed in Jericho's victory over
      Saturn. There were also interviews with
      Konnan and David Flair. Anyway, Booker and Jericho wrestled a long,
      hard fight. After Booker hit a sidekick and the Missle Dropkick, he took
      the win.

      • J.J. Dillon Interview - (Conducted by Gene Okerlund)
      - J.J. Dillon announced he had suspended WCW referee, Scott Dickinson,
      for a month, because of his recent alignment with Chris Jericho and
      mistreatment toward Saturn. Dillon said he would do what he could to
      have a triangle match between Goldberg, Bam
      Bam Bigelow, and Scott Hall later in the show. He was excited to see the
      David Flair vs. Eric Bischoff later in the show, where if David won,
      Bischoff's hair would be shaved, but if Bischoff won, he would gain back
      the ownership of WCW.

      • Backstage, Gene Okerlund interviewed Rey Mysterio, Jr. Mysterio said
      he didn't take off his LWO T-Shirt a few weeks ago on Ric Flair's
      request, because red, white, and green were his color. Mysterio said his
      mask was still everything to him and it would never been taken off. He
      said he wouldn't be intimidated by Lex Luger or anyone else. He said he
      was ready for Luger and to bring it on.

      • David Flair defeated Eric Bischoff via Knockout.
      - Referee, Randy Anderson searched David Flair and Eric Bischoff for any
      illegal objects. Bischoff at first dominated David, but David came out
      with a one-punch knockout for the win. David revealed he had a roll of
      quarters when he executed the punch. The Four Horsmen made their ways
      down, and Ric Flair shaved Bischoff's hair. It was nothing but gray hair
      at the bottom, after the black hair was shaved off. He must of colored
      it or something. Larry Zbyszko said, "Eric Bischoff is aging before my
      eyes." Bischoff was totally embarrassed and covered his hair with his
      hands. It was revealed after the match, with a replay, that Anderson was
      the one that gave David the roll of quaters.

      • Backstage, Chris Jericho complained that J.J. Dillon was not wearing
      the dress for 90 days like he was supposed to. Jericho showed Dillon the
      dress and the contract. Saturn made his way down the hall, and Dillon
      explained to him he had to wear the dress, with Jericho complaining in
      the background. Saturn went with it, and went into the locker room to
      put the dress on.

      • Konnan Interview.
      - Konnan did his introduction, without mentioning The Wolfpac. He said
      Kevin Nash and Lex Luger were in cahoots with Hollywood Hogan the entire
      time. Konnan said he spent his entire life with Nash and Luger, and they
      would all pay back. He even went on to say that Nash and Luger would
      toss his salad and peal his potato.

      • Tag Team Title Tournament Rematch: The Faces of Fear (Meng and The
      Barbarian, w/Jimmy Hart) vs. Bobby Duncum, Jr. and Mike Enos resulted in
      a No-Contest.
      - The referee had a lot of trouble controlling the match. During the
      match, The Wolfpac arrived. Eric Bischoff and the original NWO told what
      Ric Flair did to the former WCW owner's hair. The Wolfpac-NWO made their
      ways immediately to the ring. They destroyed
      both tag teams. Scott Hall stunned all of them with his taser. Eric
      Bischoff made his way down, and was wearing a Wolfpac hat (to cover the
      hair and to show he was aligned with the group) and an original NWO

      • Wolfpac-NWO Interview.
      - Kevin Nash hyped up the crowd. Hollywood Hogan accepted Ric Flair's
      Super Brawl IX challenge, after what he did to Eric Bischoff. Hogan said
      for the next five weeks, The Wolfpac-NWO would make Flair's life a
      living hell.

      • Disco Inferno defeated Wrath with the Chartbuster.
      - Disco Inferno was sporting Wolfpac colors. For some reason, Tony
      Schiavone mentioned Alex Wright was scheduled to be at the arena, but
      no-showed. Mike Tenay also mentioned when The Wolfpac made their ways
      into the arena, Scott Steiner said, "Your knees look good" (referring to
      Saturn because of the dress). As Wrath was dominating, Scott Hall made
      his way down, with the taser. When Wrath was about to execute the
      Meltdown, Hall attempted to stun Wrath, but Wrath just knocked him out.
      Disco caught Wrath with the Chartbuster to take a surprising victory.

      • As The Nitro Girls were dancing, Scott Steiner came out, and harrassed
      them. Kimberly argued with Steiner, and told all the girls to leave.

      • Scott Steiner (w/Buff Bagwell) defeated Saturn by making him submit to
      the Steiner Recliner.
      - Scott Steiner insulted the crowd and Saturn. Steiner mentioned the
      words "queer" and "whore" to Saturn, which made him go crazy. Buff
      Bagwell got several cheapshots on Saturn. Steiner drew a lot of head
      with the crowd, and a fan even gave him a Michigan State hat - an arch
      rival of Ohio State. Saturn was about to execute the Death Valley
      Driver, but Bagwell was a distraction. Steiner then strapped on the
      Steiner Recliner to take the win. Not sure if it was a Television Title
      match, since there was no mention of

      • Kevin Nash and Lex Luger Interview, with Elizabeth.
      - Kevin Nash made fun of Konnan's ring introduction. Nash said he and
      Lex Luger thought Konnan had no heart, no endurance, and no soul. Nash
      and Luger complimented Elizabeth's looks. Luger went on to discuss
      matters on Rey Mysterio, Jr. He said that he would not only beat
      Mysterio but take his mask off. Luger gave Mysterio the choice to
      wrestle or not wrestle the match.

      • Backstage, Scott Steiner harrassed Kimberly. The Nitro Girls told him
      to leave Kimberly alone. Security came in to put Steiner to a stop.

      • Psychosis defeated Juventud Guerrera with the Guillotine Legdrop.
      - After Juventud Guerrera made a crucial mistake, Psychosis took the win
      with the Guillotine Legdrop. Psychosis would get a shot at the
      Cruiserweight Title in the near future.

      • Rey Mysterio, Jr. defeated Lex Luger by Disqualficiation.
      - Before the match, Lex Luger offered Rey Mysterio, Jr. not to wrestle
      the match. Mysteiro refused, and was brutally attacked by Luger in
      return. Mysterio tried to fight back, but couldn't out-power Luger.
      Kevin Nash made his way down to the ringside area
      during the match. Each time Luger attempted to remove Mysterio's mask,
      Mysterio would fight back. Nash finally got frustrated and entered the
      ring to attack Mysterio. Both Wolfpac members continued the attempt to
      remove the mask, but Mysterio fought back. Nash
      and Luger Jack-Knife Powerbombed and Torture Racked Mysterio. Finally,
      Konnan made the save, and scared off The Wolfpac with a chair.

      • Scott Steiner continued to harass Kimberly. Security got on to him
      once again.

      • Goldberg defeated Bam Bam Bigelow and Scott Hall (w/Disco Inferno) by
      - Bam Bam Bigelow started off the match by immediately attacking Scott
      Hall and Disco Inferno as he quickly made his way through the aisle.
      Bigelow and Goldberg teamed up for the first time ever, but eventually
      went at it. Goldberg at first was set to Jackhammer
      Bigelow, but Hall interfered. Goldberg then was set to Jackhammer Hall,
      but The Wolfpac-NWO interfered. All teamed up on the attack on Goldberg,
      until The Four Horsemen made the save. The Four Horsemen and Goldberg
      were the ones left standing in the ring,
      while Ric Flair ran after Hogan and his limousine outside of the arean,
      as the show went off the air.


      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Most of the fans know him as the Red Rooster, the person with a 'lame'
      rooster gimmick, always jobbing to other superstars. Then he changed the
      gimmick to "Terrific" Terry Taylor, but still, he continued to do the
      J-O-B for the others. Although he possessed alot of talent, he never was
      given the chance to shine in the World Wrestling Federation.

      He moved to WCW, where he got an office job, booker, with Hogan,
      Bischoff, Rhodes, Sullivan and others. He was moved to the production
      section by WCW lately, instead of letting him stay with the booking
      team. For the past few weeks, Taylor has been working with WCW without
      any contract, so he was able to get out anytime he wanted to.

      That time was yesterday, when he quit WCW right before the Nitro

      As of press time, we're not sure if he's going to the WWF or not, but
      you can never exclude that possibility, since he's one of wrestling's
      best bookers today. I'm sure that Vince McMahon and company will try to
      get him back to TitanLand.


      NewsStation - http://www.wrestling-online.com/newsstation/

      - Halftime HEAT

      Stevie Wonder? Gloria Estefan? Aren’t they the same musicians that have
      done it for the past 25 years or so? End it already! Nobody cares! Well,
      at least World Wrestling Federation fans don’t… If you want a REAL show
      on January 31, click your sweaty little digits over to the USA Network
      for "Halftime Heat" as soon as the Super Bowl goes into

      Here’s how it works:

      Beginning at 7 PM/6C on Sunday, January 31, Sunday Night HEAT will air
      normally on the USA Network. At the end of the second quarter HEAT will
      automatically switch over to "Halftime Heat." If the midway point of the
      game happens to occur AFTER Sunday Night HEAT goes off the air, USA
      Network will cut in to "Pacific Blue" for our brand
      of Federation Attitude. Either way, just turn the damn channel over to
      USA Network during halftime!!

      In a memorandum distributed Monday afternoon in Titan Tower in Stamford,
      Connecticut, the producers of the show promise a "never-before-seen
      match" to take place during the special. At this time, no other
      information has been released to WWF.COM. However, one high-ranking
      Federation official tells us a major announcement concerning the bout
      could occur within the next week.

      Also, we know that "Halftime Heat" will mirror the approximate 20-minute
      interval of the Super Bowl, and will contain NO COMMERCIALS! The show
      will even provide fans a special countdown clock on their screen to
      inform them of when the Super Bowl will continue.

      So what are you gonna choose—the Federation or Stevie Wonder? Stevie
      could be singing in front of a box of rocks for all he knows! He doesn’t
      realize the difference! What you need is some Attitude…


      On another note--we've learned from Federation marketing officials that
      fans attending the game will find the Federation represented in the
      official Super Bowl program! (WWF.com)

      - Five days before her title defense at the 1999 WWF Royal Rumble, the
      lovely and voluptuous champion SABLE makes a short visit to the ....And
      Justice For Brawl show to discuss who Sable is outside of the ring and
      off the camera!!! Learn everything that you have always wanted about pro
      wrestling's favorite fighting female and where her future may lead her.
      We have already seen her perform on the USA show Pacific Blue and we are
      all awaiting the long anticipated release of her cover Playboy Issue.
      Now get a chance
      to find out about the real woman who created the character of SABLE!
      Hear the women's champ answer questions about her relationship with MARC
      MERO, how much longer she plans to stay in wrestling, her future goal of
      becoming a serious actress, and much much
      more! Also, check out some clips from her brand new #1 hit WWF Video
      The ...And Justice For Brawl show can be seen regularly at
      http://www.pseudo.com, every
      Tuesday from 8pm - 9:30pm EST! For this SPECIAL occasion, ...And Justice
      For Brawl will
      the WWF Women's Champion! You'll also get a chance to WIN A FREE COPY of
      the WWF Video "Sable Unleashed" and Official Jakks WWF Stomp Series 3
      Sable Action Figures! There has been talk of Sable returning to the show
      in early March to launch the newsstand release of her Playboy Issue!
      Stay connected to get a confirmed date!!!!


      NewsStation - http://www.wrestling-online.com/newsstation/

      - Main event for SuperBrawl is now Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair for the

      - After the cameras went off the air yesterday during Nitro, the Four
      Horseman came down to help Goldberg, and they cleaned house. Hogan ran
      backstage with some of the members of the NWO. Flair followed Hogan and
      the NWO back, as the remaining Horseman fought with the NWO.

      - Sting is expected to work all the house shows he's been advertised
      for, but won't be on television for several more weeks, because of
      personal problems at home. Meltzer
      says it usually means drugs, but that is not the case with Sting. Many
      are saying Sting will return with a new look. Sting returned to WCW at
      the beginning of January at house shows in Augusta and Macon, Georgia.
      Crowds, as of late, have been chanting, "We want Sting," which is really
      surprising since he hasn't been around for months. The only show I have
      down for Sting is 2/7 in Cleveland, Ohio against Scott Hall, but there
      are probably more. (De Leon)

      - Tommy Boy Records is working on a WCW entrance music album. No word on
      when it will be released, but I would imagine in the spring of summer
      time. The NWO album will debut in the United States soon as well, which
      has already been released in Japan. (DeLeon)


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