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  • Colin Vassallo
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      Monday June 12th 2006 Issue #2258
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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      Hey hey. So ECW's PPV came and gone. I enjoyed the show....last year's
      was better and this one could've been better than it was, but overall
      it was alright. The fans made the show from start to finish. They were
      super. You gotta love the ECW fans and their chants. God bless them all!

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      - A 'new' WWE champion was crowned yesterday at the ECW One Night
      Stand pay-per-view as red-hot crowd favorite Rob Van Dam defeated John
      Cena in the main event. The finish is still yet to be decided on
      tonight's RAW as Edge speared Cena through the table first and RVD
      followed with the 5 star frog splash but referee Nick Patrick was out
      of it and Paul Heyman ran in to make the three count. Fans were all
      over Cena chanting 'You can't wrestle', 'Same old $hit' and more
      negative chants. Before the match started, Cena threw his shirt to the
      crowd and the fans were throwing it back at him all the time which
      made a funny TV moment.

      In other matches from the show, Tazz defeated Jerry Lawler in less
      than a minute by choking him out. Lawler slapped Joey Styles hard
      first and Styles ran in the ring but as he was about to get the
      piledriver Tazz got him from behind; Kurt Angle made Randy Orton tap
      out to the ankle lock in a slow mat-match. At one point fans chanted
      'boring' but were behind Angle 100% throughout the match. Orton was
      being called a 'pu**y' during the match by the fans; The FBI defeated
      Super Crazy and Tajiri in a fun match. Big Show made an appearance
      after the match and cleaned house; Rey Mysterio and Sabu went to a no
      contest as the duo ended up 'knocked out' after a crazy move by Sabu
      which consisted of running the ropes, jumping off a chair, off the top
      rope and hook Mysterio in a DDT on a table waiting holding between the
      security rail and the ring apron. Just crazy. Crowd chanted 'bull$hit'
      at the finish; Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk lost to Edge and Mick
      Foley. The match turned into a three on three with Lita and Beulah
      added into the mix. Lots of barbed wire shots, ladders, tables and
      flaming 2x4's. Edge pinned Beulah after a spear; Balls Mahoney
      defeated Masato Tanaka after a sick chair shot to the head. Damn that
      looked like it hurt for sure!; Also during the show, JBL made an
      appearance running down the ECW fans and Eugene also did a segment
      with fans booing the crap out of him leading to the Sandman coming out
      and caning him to hell and back.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=2850]

      - Industry insiders are reporting that WWE will keep the title on Van
      Dam for the moment and will drop it at a later date during a
      television taping or on PPV instead of just stripping him the title
      tonight on RAW. As things stand as of today, the main event for
      Vengeance is now RVD vs Edge for the WWE title and John Cena might be
      added to the mix for the usual three way bout.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=2851]

      - Tonight on RAW, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon will deliver his 'state
      of the WWE address'. As far as matches go, all five members of the
      Spirit Squad will be taking on Triple H tonight while John Cena will
      be facing Edge. The WWE title situation will also be addressed.
      Vengeance is just two weeks away and no matches have been made public
      yet except the WWE title match so tonight's show will start the short
      build-up for the PPV.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/%5d

      - The July 4th live ECW taping at the old ECW Arena - now the New
      Alhambra Arena - has been made official. There were rumors that the
      show on June 24th was being scrapped and replaced with the
      Independence Day TV tapings however the 24th show was kept on schedule
      and the July 4th show was added as a live taping. The first show sold
      out very quickly and the second one won't be different. This will be
      the brand's return to the old ECW Arena for the first time in over
      five years. Tickets are not out yet for the TV tapings but
      NewAlhambra.com will soon post new details.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=2853]

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the day at 17.00, a 3.19% decrease over yesterday's
      closing. The day's range was 16.79 - 17.79.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/%5d

      - Despite quitting Smackdown! a couple of weeks ago, John 'Bradshaw'
      Layfield has been appointed as the new color commentator for the
      brand, replacing Tazz who quit last week to join Joey Styles on ECW
      television. JBL appeared during yesterday's ECW 'One Night Stand'
      pay-per-view to run down the fans and also announce his new job.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=2852]


      //->> OVER THE TOP
      By Jon Beck -[jonathan.beck@...]-

      (Editor's Note: This column was written before ECW 'One Night Stand')

      Boy, has it been a while.

      To my two or three readers out there, I firstly would like to
      apologize for my lengthy absence. As it has been for the past three
      years, it is hard for me to write during the school year. I go to
      college, and unfortunately, one of the stupid things our college does
      is to choose not subscribe to USA or Spike TV.

      Thankfully, that is about to change. Next semester, not only will I
      get the USA Network, but our pre-existing new favorite channel on
      television, the Sci-Fi network, home of the new ECW. With that, there
      is a lot going on in the world of professional wrestling, namely, the
      formation (or reformation, as it were) of ECW.

      For the past five years, I have remained a Wrestling-Online loyalist.
      I am not going to deny the skepticism running wild across the
      Internet concerning the new ECW as it relates to the current state of
      WWE Creative. Many, including myself, have feared that this move is
      not going to work. Let's face it; when one looks at the other two WWE
      shows, one cannot help but fear for the future of ECW before it even
      gets off the ground. Questions abound: Would Vince McMahon allow ECW
      to be its own, unique brand, or would he simply make it, as many have
      speculated, "a glorified SmackDown!"?

      I write this column two days removed from the WWE/ECW Supershow on
      USA, and as I write this, the answer is "Yes, ECW is back."

      And it's a darn good thing.

      I guess, if there was a question in my mind, it would be, "What does
      WWE need to do in order for ECW to succeed?" I have two ideas, in

      1. Let ECW be its own brand: WWE must not feel the need to form ECW
      into a glorified Smackdown. In my opinion, while I have no problem
      with Vince McMahon being the head of creative, he should distance
      himself as much as possible from the brand. I don't think many will
      disagree with me in saying that Vince McMahon is still living in the
      80s. Truth be told, I don't believe that Vince McMahon understands
      his fan base. That, however, is another issue entirely. In any case,
      if WWE wants ECW to succeed, they need to let ECW be distinct... as
      distinct as possible. To do this, they need to let it have its own

      Of course, this idea seems like a given. However, there are
      particular wrestlers that would benefit the brand:

      1. Masato Tanaka: Some readers may not know who this man is. I first
      saw him wrestle, I believe, when WCW was doing its inter-promotional
      exchange with NJPW in the mid to late 90s. When ECW moved to SpikeTV
      (then TNN), he did some amazing matches with Mike Awesome. The old
      ECW fan base will remember him, surely, for this.

      2. Mike Awesome: In my opinion, when Awesome left ECW for WCW (which
      is quite a story in itself), this was the beginning of his decline.
      Awesome was never used properly; in his later run with WWE, he was
      used even worse. Awesome belongs in a ring stuffed to the gills with
      tables. While watching him in ECW, I remember being most impressed
      with his power. While Awesome may not be the greatest wrestler on the
      face of the planet, in the extreme environment that is ECW, he simply

      3. Tajiri: It's good to know that he is coming back. Like Awesome,
      this was a guy that was underused during his tenure with WWE. Yes, he
      got a cruiserweight title run. Yes, he was over with the fans. Yes,
      he ran some good angles and got one good push. However, he was still
      not used up to his full potential. Hopefully, Tajiri will be on as a
      full-time ECW talent, and here he will be able to return to close to
      the top of the ECW ladder.

      4. Lance Storm: I know he's retired, but I hope he comes back for one
      more run. Pair him with Justin Credible, bring back the Impact
      Players, and you've got not only slews of entertaining matches, but
      also some darn good television. He and Justin were one of the reasons
      why I watched ECW while on TNN. I hope they give him a shot.

      5. Super Crazy: Please, please get him away from Psychosis. We saw
      what may be the beginning of a Super Crazy ECW swing when Psychosis
      seemingly refused to help his partner during the last edition of
      SmackDown!. Super Crazy reminds me of 2 Cold Scorpio on crack. This
      guy can go toe to toe with Rey Mysterio or Sabu in the aerial
      department. Again, put him in ECW's environment, and he is simply
      amazing. He is also a prime example of another guy who has been
      under-utilized by WWE creative.

      Finally, there is one person whom, I believe along with the likes of
      Dreamer, Sandman and Sabu (who have already signed) is the essence of
      ECW. That person is

      6. Raven: I am not sure if Raven will be up to make a WWE return with
      ECW. I do not know of his status within TNA. From what I can gather
      just by watching the shows, however, it seems that TNA Creative has
      put a stop to his heat. They did so when they stripped him of the NWA
      title, a title he never really got the opportunity to run with before
      it was taken from him. Raven is an ECW cornerstone, a multi-time
      World Champion. To not have Raven in ECW would be a big blow to the
      brand. Unfortunately, I do not see this happening, but if Paul Heyman
      and Vince McMahon were smart, they'd offer him top dollar to return.

      And so, there you have it.

      I am not sure if I am going to order the Pay-Per-View this Sunday
      because of college student monetary issues. To those who can afford
      it, I would HIGHLY recommend you check this one out; in my opinion, it
      has the potential to be the PPV of the year, at least as far as
      wrestling is concerned. When ECW was on TNN, I did not miss an
      episode. Much like TNA, it delivered high-flying, intense wrestling
      mixed with the land of the hardcore. If WWE plays its cards right,
      they will keep this element of ECW before they continue to make it the
      "New" ECW. What fans want to see, I believe, is the "old" ECW--the
      ECW that worked.

      Hopefully, come Sunday, that is exactly what we will see.

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      © Copyright 1996-2006 Wrestling-Online.com
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