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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #2197

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  • Colin Vassallo
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      Thursday February 29th 2006 Issue #2197
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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      Nothing to say today. Back tomorrow.

      Get John Cena's WWE US Spinner replica title
      special prize of only $149.99

      Web version at -[http://www.wrestling-online.com/news%5d-

      - WWE Inc., today announced financial results for its third fiscal
      quarter ended January 27, 2006. Revenues totaled $103.0 million as
      compared to $82.7 million in the prior year quarter and operating income
      was $20.7 million as compared to $12.4 million in the prior year
      quarter. The Company reported net income of $13.6 million, as compared
      to $10.9 million in the prior year quarter. The full press release can
      be read at http://www.wrestling-online.com/news/article_5053.shtml
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=2257]

      - W-O Newsletter reader Henry Dimech sent in word that WWE champion John
      Cena will be one of the special guests on the popular Italian music
      festival Sanremo tonight. Sanremo is one of the most watched television
      shows of the year in Italy. Cena apparently is replacing California
      Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger who was scheduled for the show but
      couldn't make it. RAI, the broadcasters of the show, has an interview
      with him up at
      http://www.sanremo.rai.it/news/articolonews/0,9217,121422,00.html . It
      is in Italian, so a translation from Babelfish.altavista.com might come
      in handy. Cena - according to the site - is being paid 200,000 Euros
      (Around $175,000) for his appearance.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=2261]

      - On Monday, Chris Benoit, Bobby Lashley and World champion Kurt Angle
      paid a visit to the headquarters of the United States Department of
      Defense, the Pentagon while in Washington, DC., for the combined RAW and
      Smackdown! tapings. WWE.COM has footage and photos from this visit up on
      the website.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=2259]

      - WWE Smackdown! Superstars and crew have a busy week as they are Down
      Under for a three day tour. Tomorrow, March 3rd they will be in Sydney.
      On Saturday they will travel further down to New Zealand for a show in
      Wellington and on Sunday, March 4th the tour wraps up with a show in
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=2260]

      > RAW RATING
      - RAW equaled last week's ratings for the second week in a row, getting
      a 4.0 with a 5.9 share. It had hours of 3.9 and 4.1. The Saturday AM RAW
      did a 0.5 with a 1.3 share. (Ratings compiled by Nielsen Media Research
      and put online by PWInsider.com)
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards%5d -

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks are currently trading at 16.04, a 3.68% increase over
      yesterday's closing. The day's range so far has been 15.55 - 16.34. The
      huge earnings announced by WWE today certainly spiked up the numbers of
      the stocks.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards%5d -


      By Oren Kurtz -[syxx_ok@...]-

      Rise to your feet, there might not be any breaking glasses, but
      wrestling's toughest SOB of a columnist is once again with you.

      Lately I've been getting a lot of emails concerning Edge. I'm not going
      to repeat them as you are here to read my views and not the views of
      those who write me, and I have an uncontrollable urge to say what is on
      my mind concerning the former champ. Edge has been talking about not
      being a "Transition champion". I am aware of the fact that it was said
      as a work and within his character, but one has to feel that Mr.
      Copeland actually did mean what he said within his character. Well,
      Edge, buddy (or Toots as u might like to be referred to), I'm here to
      comfort you. You were NOT a transitional champion. Wait, let me rephrase
      that – you weren’t EVEN a transitional champion.

      A transitional champion is someone being used to pass the title from
      heel to heel or face to face without having the two actually wrestle.
      Guys like the Iron Sheik and SGT. Slaughter were transitional champions.
      You, my friend, were a flash in the pan.

      You were used to get a baby face champ over again, as Cena was getting
      booed more and more each Monday night. The WWE had to put him against
      the heel that the fans dislike the most – and it was you. Please, don't
      confuse disliking and "loving to hate" – you are not the heel that
      Mankind was, or Carlito or Mr. Kennedy are now. Hell, Carlito was
      cheered when he wrestled Cena. You are just someone so disliked that the
      fans actually preferred seeing the new millennium's version of Vanilla
      Ice kick your ass.

      This week's Smackdown featured an announcement I really enjoyed – the
      addition of Rey Mysterio to the Smackdown Main Event at WM22. I know Rey
      isn't going to win the title and I don't think he should – but he will
      definitely give us a 5 star match, and that’s enough for me. We also saw
      the announcement of Kurt Angle VS Undertaker – The rematch. As I write
      this I don’t know what was taped for that show, but anyone who doesn't
      see Mark Henry interfering and causing the Undertaker to lose the match,
      which will start the rivalry between the world's strongest man and the
      world's deadest man is blind. Oh, and if u want to know how exciting
      that match will be, check out WM15 and watch the Undertaker take on the
      late Big Bossman. Yep, that's the amount of excitement you can expect.

      RAW wasn't too bad either. I would've liked to see Shelton Benjamin
      defend his IC Title at WM22, but the "Money in the bank" Ladder match
      seems to be an interesting addition to the card, with Rob Van Dam
      probably winning that match.

      As for the Cena VS Triple H storyline – you get what you bargained for.
      You decided to put the strap on a guy who the fans don't like and boy
      did they make that known this past Monday. Cena got booed out of the
      building, and no, Lawler – the fans weren't booing The Coach. Triple H
      seems to be the fan favorite in this match, no matter how much of a heel
      he's trying to be, and he actually made me laugh a few times during his
      segment with Cena.Surprisingly, the feud that is getting the most air
      time is HBK VS Vince McMahon. I still like the way they are building
      this feud but I've said it before and I'll say it again – this feud
      should have taken place with Michaels holding the world title.

      TNA are going through a transition of changing their top programs, and
      the Destination X PPV seems to be one with little repercussions – the
      only title that might change hands is the X title, but we can at least
      hope for some good matches, as we wait for new feuds. I do hope the new
      feuds assigned by TNA match makers are innovative and interesting as
      they lacked in that department in the past.

      Another subject that's been on my mind is the Hall of Fame inductees.
      Bret Hart and Eddie Guerrero were obvious candidates as is Dusty Rhodes.
      But who else should be added to the list? The problem with inductions in
      previous years is that they don't represent contribution to wrestling;
      they represent who is in good terms with WWE and McMahon especially. So
      here are the wrestlers who I think should be added, regardless of
      backstage politics: Ted Debiase, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Curt Hennig
      and The Honkey Tonk Man – All these guys are in one group because they
      represent the reason that I fell in love with wrestling in the early
      90's. Characters with depth, guys you could relate too, that you either
      loved with all your heart, or hated with a passion. They knew how to cut
      promos, and while none of them was an amazing physical specimen, nor
      could any of them do a huracanrana – every match they were in had great
      crowd response.

      Owen Hart and The British bulldog – I obviously think they should be
      inducted separately, but they too deserve recognition for their
      contribution to the wrestling world. Owen hart especially was a guy so
      ahead of his time and even the most average match he had blows off
      anything you see today, especially on WWE shows.

      As promised, this week I will give you my future five superstars in the
      WWE. Last week I had a hard time choosing five TNA future superstars as
      TNA is filled with young guys loaded with talent. Well, with WWE it
      wasn't so hard…Ken Kennedy – this guy just has presence. He makes the
      smart viewer at home laugh, he knows how to piss of the live crowds, and
      he has certain talents in the ring. He only needs a little polishing to
      his in ring ability and good story lines to show his charisma and u
      might just have another Rock in the making.

      Carlito – I didn't really know where they were going with this kid when
      he started out a year and a half ago, but Carlito proved right from the
      beginning that he knows how to get booed. And lately, he has also shown
      his improvement in the ring, working 10-15 minutes matches and holding
      the crowd's interest in them. All Carlito needs to do is continue

      Johnny Nitro – I took a liking to this guy the second he was hired to be
      Eric Bischoff's sidekick. As part of MNM we don’t get to hear him talk
      much – but Nitro has very good speaking ability, as well as being
      naturally talented in the ring and he can also thank his parents –
      because he was blessed with a superstar look.

      Kid Kash – the second I saw him I thought "Oh My God – I'm getting an
      Owen Hart flashback". Kid Kash is tenacious, always running full speed
      and just doesn't know how to have a bad match. He also proved in the few
      times he had the chance to, that he has a great ability to get booed,
      simply by being obnoxious and hated. And that's a rare commodity

      Candice Michelle – Laugh all u want, she's not here just because of her
      T&A. Candice Michelle was obviously hired for her looks, but her
      presence, along with hard work and a genuine desire to become a credible
      woman wrestler put her in the #2 spot in the WWE women's division after
      Trish and I genuinely think that those two can have a match that is
      close to the Trish VS Lita matches in terms of its level. I know I'm
      going to get blasted for this but I wish she hadn't posed for Playboy –
      it will take the focus from her wrestling ability to her ability to get
      naked (which is an ability that had a lot of focus anyhow).

      Well, that’s it for me, next week we will continue the countdown to WM22
      as well as preview the upcoming TNA PPV – Destination X. If anyone wants
      to write me – just click here – syxx_ok@...

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