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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #2179

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2006
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      Wednesday February 8th 2006 Issue #2179
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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      Aloha. I guess you people liked the Candice Michelle GoDaddy.com
      commercial since it was hit for several thousand of times! And imagine
      if that was the uncensored version! Come to think of it, if the site was
      still on the old server/host, it would've been dead after a few.

      Back later.

      2KW is a non-profit organization based on wrestling trivia
      competition, role-playing and writing. For free membership
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      > RAW RATING
      - RAW is currently enjoying good numbers as far as ratings are concerned
      as this week's show pulled in yet another 4.5 with a 6.5 share. That is
      the fourth 4.5 in a row. It had hours of 4.5 and 4.4. It will be
      interesting where it goes next week as RAW airs on Thursday instead of
      Monday due to other programming on USA Network. The Saturday AM RAW did
      a 0.6 with a 1.6 share. (Ratings compiled by Nielsen Media Research and
      put online by PWInsider.com)
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=2136]

      - Next week's RAW from Greensboro, NC., will not be shown on Monday in
      the United States, however tapings will still be held as usual and the
      show will air live in Canada on TSN and in the United Kingdom on Sky
      Sports 3. RAW on USA Network is being pre-empted by the Westminster
      Kennel Club Dog Show. RAW was never pre-empted during its five year run
      on Spike TV however while on USA Network there have always been
      pre-emptions for the dog show and tennis. USA will air RAW on Thursday
      February 16th at 9PM EST.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=2137]

      - W-O Newsletter reader Emanuel Melo of ontarioindywrestling.com sent in
      word that former WWE and WCW Superstar Kanyon revealed the real reason
      why he was fired from WWE a few years ago during a show in Ontario
      called 'Blood, Sweat and Ears'. Chris Kanyon said that he believes that
      the reason he was fired from WWE was not because of cutbacks, not
      because they didn't have a storyline for him, or any other reason you
      might have heard. Following some very nasty words for WWE and Vince
      McMahon, Kanyon revealed to the crowd that he believes that he was fired
      because the higher ups in WWE found out that he is actually gay. Kanyon
      then said he was tired of living in the closet and announced to the
      awestruck crowd that he was in fact a homosexual. He said he couldn't
      live another day living the lie. He then pronounced himself as the first
      openly gay professional wrestler in the industry.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=2135]

      - Three new WWE DVD's were released yesterday. These are 'New Year's
      Revolution 2006', 'Bloodsport: ECW's Most Violent Matches' and 'WWE 2005
      PPV Rewind'. The 'WWE 2005 PPV Rewind' features all the pay-per-views
      from last year in a collector's edition box. You an purchase any of
      these DVDs from WrestlingMegastore.com . Also, 'Doom' featuring The Rock
      was released yesterday.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=2138]

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks are currently trading at 15.00, a 1.21% increase over
      yesterday's closing. The day's range so far has been 14.68 - 15.03.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/%5d -


      //->> THE DAWG POUND
      By KDawg -[kdawg@...]-

      As I write this, I am wishing that I had taken more of an opportunity to
      drink during the Super Bowl. My beloved Seahawks essentially jobbed to
      the Stealers, and the NFL referees were...well...let's just say they
      looked a lot like the referees during the recent "juniors" division
      matches on Smackdown.

      I could rant for days about the abysmal officiating during this years
      big game, but after being a wrestling fan for over 25 years, you would
      think that I would be used to it by now.

      It's now less than 60 days until Wrestlemania 22, and honestly, it
      doesn't seem that long since Cena and Batista won their respective
      heavyweight titles. Hell, for that matter, it doesn't seem like that
      long ago that Benoit and Guerrero were standing side by side in the ring
      during Wrestlemania XX as the confetti rained down around them.

      There is a theory with most fans - and it's a theory that the WWE wants
      to build upon - that Wrestlemania is their most important Pay Per View,
      where "Legends Are Made." I was curious about this, especially
      considering the fact that our champions from two years ago, Benoit and
      Guerrero, are both soundly absent from any serious storyline or world
      championship picture; Eddie, because of his death, and Benoit, because
      WWE truly doesn't respect his talents anymore.

      So, I did a little research, because I wanted to see how valid the
      company line is. Does Wrestlemania really showcase the stars of the
      future in its main events? Are the new stars crowned at Wrestlemania, or
      are they already in place for the WWE's biggest showcase?

      I based my information on every Heavyweight Title match during
      Wrestlemanias of the past, including the WWE Title and the World
      Heavyweight Title after WWE bought out WCW. Now, on some Wrestlemanias,
      there was more than one match involving the same heavyweight title. For
      Example, at Wrestlemania's IX and X, Yokozuna won the title on both
      dates, only to lose it to someone else later that same event. I treated
      each of these matches as separate defenses for the sake of my research,
      just as the WWE counts him as a Champion, even though he held the title
      less than two hours on both accounts. Also, remember that none of these
      numbers include the Original Wrestlemania, as Hulk Hogan didn't defend
      his title that night, instead wrestling with Mr. T in a tag team match
      against Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff.

      With that all said, here are some interesting facts that I have dug up
      from past Wrestlemania's, and then we will see what ideas it gives me
      for this years Wrestlemania. It's always nice to try to get inside the
      minds of the creative geniuses that are behind the scenes at the WWE:

      There have been a total of 25 world heavyweight title matches in
      Wrestlemania history. In those 25 Matches, only 7 of them, or about 39
      percent of them, were won by the defending champion.

      Of those 18 challengers who were victorious at Wrestlemania for a
      heavyweight title, 8 of them, or 44 percent, were wrestlers that had
      held a WWE world heavyweight title before.

      In the 25 title matches, and astounding 20 of them, or 80 percent, were
      won by wrestlers who were widely considered as fan favorites, or
      "faces." Taking into effect the two Wrestlemania's where Yokozuna won
      the belt, and then lost it later, that means the percentage of
      Wrestlemania's where a "face" had the belt at the end of the day is an
      amazing 87 percent.

      So, what does this mean for Wrestlemania XXII?

      For the Smackdown brand, it would mean that things look good for Kurt
      Angle to retain, and it honestly doesn't look to matter if he wrestles
      Rey Mysterio, the Royal Rumble Winner who is guaranteed a title match at
      Wrestlemania XXII, or if Angle wrestles Randy Orton, who is challenging
      Mysterio at No Way Out for the title shot. Rey has never held the belt
      before, and while he is a "face," he is going up against a "face,"
      essentially canceling that consideration out. Orton is a "heel," and
      while hs is also a challenger, he has held the belt before.

      For the Raw brand, it is a little more wide open. With four superstars
      left in the Raw Tournament to face Cena at Wrestlemania XXII, it leaves
      a lot left to be decided. If we use past Wrestlemania's to determine
      the winners, it would show us that Chris Masters and Rob Van Dam have
      very little shot. Masters is a "heel," and has never won the belt
      before. While Van Dam is a "Face," he has also never had the belt

      That leaves Big Show and Triple H. Triple H. is a multiple time
      champion, as is Big Show. Big Show is a fan favorite, and Triple H is
      the ultimate heel. Again, using previous results, things would seem to
      favor Big Show, as the Face has won an amazing 80 percent of the time.
      But, assuming that Cena keeps the belt up until Wrestlemania, it is
      unlikely that the WWE would put two fan favorites in a ring against each
      other. Therefore, I continue to place my best on Triple H being the
      challenger, and all this, plus the fact that he has lost the belt at the
      last two Wrestlemanias, tells me it's going to be Triple H. regaining
      the belt and John Cena's second title reign being a short one.

      So, that's what i think, for what it's worth. If I am wrong, I am sure
      you guys will all write me emails reminding me of my need to retire, and
      I will gladly accept them, read them, print them out, light them on
      fire, and flush them down the toilet.

      If I am correct, and it is indeed Angle and Triple H walking away from
      Wrestlemania XXII with their respective belts, I am going to send Mike
      Tenay a certified letter proclaiming that he should quit calling himself
      the professor, because I should be called the professor.

      After all, the professor is the one that shared the hut with Marianne on
      Gilligan's Island, right?

      As always, your comments are welcome. Feel free to email them to me at
      kdawg@.... Until next time...


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