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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2006
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      Tuesday January 31st 2006 Issue #2171
      Visit our website at http://www.wrestling-online.com

      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      Royal Rumble promotion winners will be selected - and notified -
      tomorrow via e-mail. We had over 200 entries for this contest, which is
      the second most popular after the RAW on USA Network promotion we did
      back in October!

      Seems like many people liked our message board as yesterday there was a
      lot of activity. That's always good to see our readers getting actually
      involved. You can be a part of the discussions at

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      competition, role-playing and writing. For free membership
      visit http://2kw.woogley.net or email CAIDOO2KW@...

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      Web version at -[http://www.wrestling-online.com/news%5d-

      - Rey Mysterio's shot at WrestleMania may very well be over after No Way
      Out as it was announced during the Smackdown! tapings that Mysterio will
      face Randy Orton with the winner moving on to the main event at
      WrestleMania. As reported yesterday in the newsletter, rumors were going
      around that the winner of the Royal Rumble would not be getting a title
      shot this year and the company may very well move towards that option,
      having Orton facing most likely Kurt Angle in one of the two main
      events. The angle shot yesterday to bring up this scenario caused some
      controversy due to the way they used the late Eddie Guerrero in the
      - [Discuss topic:
      http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=2100] -

      - The Smackdown! crew taped the show yesterday following RAW due to the
      International tour they have this week. SD! Superstars are on their way
      to Thailand and Japan for a three day tour in the area. On Thursday they
      will be in Bangkok for a live show followed by two dates in Japan on
      Saturday and Sunday both in Yokohama. WWE does very good business
      overseas, and they will be flying out again at the end of February with
      RAW and beginning of March with Smackdown! again.
      - [Discuss topic:
      http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=2099] -

      - Lita is holding her own on the Lycos Top 50 search this week, only
      dropping one place from last week's record number one. Searches for the
      former women's champion had a big spike after the nipple slip on RAW a
      couple of weeks back during the live sex angle with her real life
      partner Edge. Lita became the first person affiliated with WWE to grab
      the number one spot on the chart. Searches for WWE also held steady,
      keeping the fourth place. The WWE keyword has been on the list since it
      started 332 weeks ago. Other WWE Divas Trish Stratus and Stacy Keibler
      are also on the list in numbers 37 and 41 respectively.
      - [Discuss topic:
      http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=2098] -

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the day at 14.65, a 0.61% decrease over yesterday's
      closing. The day's range was 14.62 - 14.80.
      - [Discuss topic: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/%5d -


      //->> THE DAWG POUND
      By KDawg -[http://www.wrestling-online.com/news%5d-

      Boy, you NWA/TNA fans are a hypersensitive bunch, aren't you?

      In my last column, I wrote one paragraph - that's right, just one
      paragraph - about my thoughts on the current state of NWA/TNA. To
      remind those of you who have a short memory, here is what I wrote about

      "On the other hand, NWA/TNA is still about as stale and boring as it
      could possibly be. The only real buzz is the anticipated return of
      Sting (yes, you heard it correctly; Sting is leaving the nursing home,
      and coming out of retirement for one more run). Don't get me wrong, I
      like Sting - meaning, I like the Stinger that used to run around in the
      old WCW days, both in original face paint, and in the whole "The Crow"
      look. However, cheering for Sting today is like cheering for Roddy
      Piper (who is, by the way, my favorite of all time). You realize that
      they were great in their day, but now.it's just milking the past to cash
      a check. And that, my friends, is very sad."

      The deluge of emails from those of you who support NWA/TNA was both
      impressive, and depressing. I even got one email from a guy who
      essentially challenged my intelligence, told me that I needed to return
      to my "wheelchair," think about the good old days and retire from
      writing for the news letter. (I also found it funny when he said that I
      have been "washed up for years," even though I only started writing for
      the newsletter a month and a half ago.)

      Please, someone make sure he still has a pulse.

      So, for those of you who suddenly feel so threatened by the fact that
      someone wrote something bad about NWA/TNA, let me say this one last
      time. Save this column. Wallpaper your bedroom with it. Hang it in a
      nice frame on the wall in your study. Heck, use it as toilet paper for
      all I care. Just don't forget that I wrote this.

      I LIKE NWA/TNA, for the most part. I appreciate that they are trying to
      be original, and I appreciate the level of talent within the
      organization is rapidly approaching the level of the talent in the WWE.
      I like that they are challenging the WWE. I enjoy some of their
      wrestlers, others I think are a complete wastes of space, much the same
      way that I enjoy some of the WWE's wrestlers, but I think some of their
      talent is a - ready for this - total and complete waste of space. I
      want the NWA/TNA to be successful. I want them to survive. I expect
      them to continue to grow.

      It does not mean, however, that I will blindly support everything they
      do, nor will I sit idly by and not say what is on my mind. Guess what?
      NWA/TNA is NOT perfect.

      Here. Let me say this again.

      NWA/TNA is NOT perfect.

      Their storylines are stale and predictable. The show needs to be made
      into a 2-hour weekly show, so that those storylines and get more
      support, and the characters can get more opportunities to help build a
      better following. Mike Tenay and Don West need to find new careers, like
      maybe taking up painting, or masonry. Hell, maybe even garbage men, but
      ANYTHING that gets them away from the microphone. Guitar Boy is a
      horrible excuse for a world champion. Sting is well past his prime, and
      is a short term solution at best to the NWA/TNA's desire to compete with

      The fact is, guys, remember that anytime I, or someone else for this
      newsletter, or any body else anywhere, for that matter, writes something
      negative about your beloved NWA/TNA, remember that entire reason we are
      even mentioning them is because we give a crap. Trust me - a year ago,
      I wouldn't have written about NWA/TNA because their show was total and
      complete crap. Today, I write about it because I think it is growing,
      and can compete on many areas with the corporate monster that is the
      WWE. Just because I state something negative about it doesn't change
      the fact that I am a fan of it.

      And really, think about it: If you blindly support everything they do,
      what kind of fan are you (Well, besides being a Chicago Cubs fan)? Any
      idiot can follow the machine. It takes someone with half a brain to
      form their own opinions on things.

      A few more quick notes:

      My last column was written mostly about forming some ideas for the WWE's
      upcoming hall of fame inductees. Of all the names batted around, I was
      most amazed at the support from many of you to induct Ted DiBiase. It
      was a name that totally evaded me when I set out my list. Many of you
      also doubted that Bret Hart would be added this year. I respectfully
      disagree with you, since I would bet cash that Vince's deal with Bret
      covered more than just the DVD. Any ideas who Bret would have do his
      induction speech if he was put in? Maybe, Jim Neidhart has a free

      Backing off my "Sting is older than dirt" stance, he looked in pretty
      good shape during the latest NWA/TNA pay per view. Whether or not his
      body can keep up with the long term road and appearance schedules, as
      well as the in ring demands will remain to be seen, but his first
      appearance was definitely better than I expected. In related news, the
      name for the next NWA/TNA pay per view is being changed to "TNA:
      Geriatric Revolution." I can see the hate mail coming in now.

      I do admit, however, a Monty Brown/Guitar Boy main event does have some
      appeal to me.call me stupid.

      John Cena got his belt back, and you guys are acting surprised? Come
      on, now, let's be honest. The boost that we saw with the ratings during
      Edge's title reign was, I think, more about the live sex shows, and less
      about Edge being the champion. And honestly, what do you think is a
      better main event draw for Wrestlemania; Trips vs. Cena, Or Trips vs.
      Edge? Face it, Wrestlemania is the most mainstream of all the wrestling
      events. John Cena is the new poster boy. He was the only option for
      them to have in the main event against Triple H. And you know that
      Triple H is going to be in the main event, right.

      After watching NWA/TNA the last few months, I am secretly very impressed
      with Samoa Joe. This kid, while he looks like he was just released from
      a three month tour of duty at the Twinkie Factory, is the real deal.
      For a big guy, he moves quick, has some great moves, and just looks like
      he could kick the crap out of just about anyone. It is refreshing that
      NWA/TNA has put this kid over, choosing to go the substance route
      instead of putting style as it's hallmark. It's a lesson the fine folks
      over at WWE could learn.

      And so I am not considered biased, while we are talking about firing
      Mike Tenay and Don West, how 'bout we also fire Josh "When Do I Hit
      Puberty" Mathews and Coach. Good lord, if I have to listen to Josh
      butcher another interview or Coach totally make himself sound like the
      biggest idiot this side of the idiot who created "Skating With The
      Stars," I think I am going to pull my own Tim White storyline.However,
      no matter how stupid she is, please never, EEEVVVEEERR fire Maria.I
      mean, no matter how dumb she sounds, it isn't like we ever actually pay
      attention to what she is saying.

      Lastly, Kudos to the WWE and Rey Mysterio for his Royal Rumble win. No,
      kids, I don't think he has a shot at becoming the World Heavyweight
      Champion, but stranger things have happened. It will be interesting to
      see how things pan out, and it will be a great reward for a guy like Rey
      to receive some well deserved main event status. Now, if only they
      would quit milking the "This Match is a Tribute To Eddie" gimmick, all
      would be well.

      Alright, that does it. Enough from me for this week. In closing, this
      Sunday, my beloved Seattle Seahawks take on the Pittsburgh Steelers in
      Superbowl Extra Large (XL). If you have no loyalties here, give my
      Seahawks some love, will ya? Sports fans in the Pacific Northwest could
      use a champion to route for, and as we have all seen, even lovable
      losers deserve a chance to taste glory every once in a while.

      After all, if Rey Mysterio can win the Royal Rumble, anything can


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