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  • Colin Vassallo
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      W R E S T L I N G - O N L I N E
      N E W S L E T T E R

      Friday, January 1st, 1999

      I S S U E # 2 5 3

      The Official daily newsletter of Wrestling-Online.com

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      >> 1998 Wrestling-Online Award Winners ...
      >> Fans screwed during the Bret Hart/Al Isaacs auotgraph signings ...
      >> Mark Madden on the WCW Hotline ...
      >> Diamond Dallas Page - State of the Union Address ...
      >> WWF News ...
      >> WCW News ...


      By: Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Heeeeeeeeeere we are! Starting 1999! How nice, one more year, and tons
      of computers go bananas because of the Y2K bug. Yippeee! Mine are safe!
      :) I hope you had a great time yesterday celebrating the last year of
      the millenium. I saw on CNN the people at Times Square in New York for
      the 'party', and boy, I never seen so many people in my life!

      Anyways, here are the access stat logs for the whole year of the
      Wrestling-Online.com website and the newsletter.



      Month Hits

      January 1,178,877
      February 598,141
      March 718,477
      April 1,083,337
      May 908,615
      June 1,292,827
      July 1,886,482
      August 1,907,845
      September Unavailable
      October 2,018,244
      November 1,403,392
      December 1,415,029


      Month Day Hits
      January 7th 64,243
      February 7th 27,167
      March 30th 68,462
      April 1st 50,688
      May 19th 47,746
      June 30th 67,853
      July 27th 124,621
      August 31st 121,104
      September Unavailable Unavailable
      October 18th 123,605
      November 3rd 67,567
      December 14th 85,658


      Month File Downloads
      January Unavailable Unavailable
      February Unavailable Unavailable
      March Unavailable Unavailable
      April Unavailable Unavailable
      May Unavailable Unavailable
      June Austin Theme 2,945
      July Austin Theme 9,927
      August Austin Theme 9,979
      September Austin Theme 12,665
      October Austin Theme 15,184
      November Austin Theme 5,049
      December Unavailable Unavailable



      Month Subscribers

      January Unavailable
      February Unavailable
      March Unavailable
      April Unavailable
      May Unavailable
      June 3,311
      July 3,912
      August 4,777
      September 5,787
      October 7,002
      November 7,884
      December 8,803


      By: Chris Ciolfitto, [Chris316@...]


      Best Wrestler: 1996 - Shawn Michaels
      1997 - Steve Austin

      Best Tag Team: 1996 - Owen Hart & British Bulldog
      1997 - The Headbangers

      Best Newcomer: 1996 - Rocky Maivia / Marc Mero *TIE*
      1997 - Ken Shamrock

      Best Manager: 1996 - Sunny
      1997 - The Commandant

      Best Match: 1996 - Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels (WrestleMania 12)
      1997 - The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels - Hell In The Cell
      (IYH: Badd Blood)

      Best Tag Team Match: 1996 - Smoking Gunns vs Owen Hart & British Bulldog
      (IYH: Mind Games)
      1997 - The Hart Foundation vs. Steve Austin,
      Goldust, Ken Shamrock & The LOD (IYH:
      Canadian Stampede)

      Best Face: 1996 - Shawn Michaels
      1997 - Steve Austin

      Best Heel: 1996 - Steve Austin
      1997 - Bret Hart

      Best PPV: 1996 - WrestleMania XII
      1997 - IYH: Canadian Stampede

      Best Angle: 1996 - Shawn Michaels/British Bulldog/Diana Smith affair
      1997 - Canada vs. USA angle

      Best Commentator: 1996 - Jerry Lawler
      1997 - Jerry Lawler

      Best Entrance: 1996 - Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania XII
      1997 - The Hart Foundation at Canadian Stampede

      Best Finishing Move: 1996 - Bret Hart's Sharpshooter
      1997 - Stone Cold Stunner

      Well everyone. Here it is, the 1998 Wrestling-Online.Com Award winners.
      Now, even though I told Colin to take out the WCW Best Tag Team and WCW
      Best Tag Team Match categories, they were still on the ballot every
      day. A day into the voting, I scrapped those two categories after
      realising that there aren't any tag teams in WCW. That's the reason
      they aren't on the winners list. Without any futher ado, here are YOUR
      Wrestling-Online.Com Award winners as voted by YOU!

      1998 Best Wrestler: (WWF) The Rock
      (WCW) Chris Jericho

      1998 Best Tag Team: (WWF) New Age Outlaws

      1998 Best Newcomer: (WWF) Val Venis / Edge *TIE*
      (WCW) Bret Hart / Bam Bam Bigelow *TIE*

      1998 Best Manager: (WWF) Paul Bearer
      (WCW) Sunny Onoo

      1998 Best Match: (WWF) The Undertaker vs. Mankind - Hell In The Cell
      (King Of The Ring)
      (WCW) Hollywood Hogan vs. Goldberg (Monday Nitro

      1998 Best Tag Team Match: (WWF) Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie vs. New
      Age Outlaws - Dumpster Match (WrestleMania 14)

      1998 Best Face: (WWF) Steve Austin
      (WCW) Kevin Nash

      1998 Best Heel: (WWF) The Rock
      (WCW) Chris Jericho

      1998 Best PPV: (WWF) WrestleMania 14
      (WCW) World War 3

      1998 Best Angle: (WWF) Steve Austin vs. Vince McMahon
      (WCW) Chris Jericho vs. Goldberg

      1998 Best Commentator: (WWF) Jerry Lawler
      (WCW) Bobby Heenan

      1998 Best Entrance: (WWF) The Brood
      (WCW) Goldberg

      1998 Best Finishing Move: (WWF) Stone Cold Stunner
      (WCW) Jackhammer

      Now, a few notes. First I want to thank EVERYONE for voting. I never
      in my wildest dreams expected a response like the one I got. Over 5000
      votes were recieved for the award, so thanks for the huge response.
      Second, if this newsletter is still around by this time next year,
      you'll notice one minor change, the Best Entrance category will have
      been removed as it's not specific enough and it's just really not that
      important to warrant it's own category. Third, ECW will be included in
      next year's ballot and WWF, WCW and ECW will not be counted seperatley
      (Eg: There will be one Best Wrestler of the year instead of one for each
      fed). Finally, the Newcomer Award will be renamed the Rookie of The
      Year Award just because it sounds cooler and it makes it more specific
      (Some person voted for Hulk Hogan as Best Newcomer). That's about it,
      so once again, thanks for voting and have a Happy New Year!


      By: Mike Shalik, [Shalboski@...]

      I woke up nice and early. I got dressed, and headed over to the Broadway
      Mall in nearby Hicksville, NY. Being that I got there at 11, I was 2
      hours early for the autograph signings of Bret Hart and Al Isaacs. At
      first when I heard about it I was like "What the hell? I want Bret's
      autograph and I'd like to meet him... but Al? Ok...".

      I was the second person on line. Slowly more people started to file in
      line and eventually I'd say about 30 people were there (yeah... big turn
      out). Why the short line? I'll get to that in a bit.

      So finally at 1:15, after over 2 hours of just standing there waiting,
      out come Bret Hart and Al Isaacs. Being that Scoops was promoting the
      whole event, you know that a second wouldn't go by without Al being

      Once its my turn to go up and meet Bret (and Al...) I got my WWF
      Magazines ready and put them on the table for Bret to sign. Just as he's
      about to, one of the SCOOPS staff members rips the magazines out of
      Bret's hands and says that he can't sign my magazine if I don't buy a
      $20 SCOOPS shirt or the $30 Bret Hart video.

      I only had $10 (which was for lunch anyways) so I was stuck. I was
      escorted away.

      Was it advertised anywhere that the only way you could get something
      signed is if you bought a SCOOPS shirt or the Bret Hart documentary? NO.
      Since there was NO advertising (aside from Al mentioning it on SCOOPS),
      half of the people who showed up were surprised to learn they had to pay
      at least $20 for an autograph.

      So a bunch of guys who were in the same situation as me stayed behind
      after, and waited for all 15 of the people on line to get their

      We kept asking if we could get something signed, but Al made it very
      clear "MERCHANDISE first, SIGNATURE second". So we're standing there all
      pissed off thinking of a plan to get our Bret signatures, when what
      happens?? 2 attractive ladies come along and WITHOUT paying, all tells
      the guy who collects the money to let 'em through.

      This continued with several people. So once nobody was left except us,
      we waited. 20 minutes or so went by, and not a single person even
      attempted to get a signature. So we asked them if we could pay just $10
      or so for a signature. Al said no.

      Sooooo, to make a long story short, we didn't get our autographs. I know
      Al is a terrible reporter, but I had some respect for the guy before
      today. Now? None. What just blew my mind is that he just sat there
      signing autographs with Bret Hart. BRET HART! A 5 time WWF Champion. The
      man is a legend. He's one of the best technical wrestlers to ever live.
      And Al "I can't keep a steady job and my wife looks like a crack fiend"
      Isaacs is sitting next to a this ICON as if he's anything special? That
      just made my skin crawl... that a piece of shit like him was acting like
      Mr. Celebrity.

      In conclusion, I'd just like to stress that Bret was not at fault at
      all. I did go and speak to him after and he was very sorry about the
      whole thing, and said it was behind his control.

      If you publish this in some way or form, I'd appreciate it. I'd just
      like everyone to know that SCOOPS isn't all its cracked up to be. Al
      Isaacs is an egotistical, manipulative maniac.

      Scoops is @ http://www.scoopscentral.com


      My name is Tara and I've recently started an Undertaker club called the
      I invite you to check it out and/or join! So, please go to

      By: The Replacement and The Seeker

      - St. Louis Wrestling Promoter, Sam Muchnick, 93, died on Monday.

      - WCW is coming to Toronto in March to the Air Canada Centre. This is
      WCW's first trip to Canada since signing Bret Hart.

      - Eric Bischoff is not done wrestling, as he will fight Randy Savage
      sometime in the future.

      - Kamala, the Ugandan Giant, is in talks with both the WWF and WCW.

      - Rey Mysterio, Jr. has agreed to a contract extension with WCW.

      - The Giant is a virtual lock on leaving WCW and the WWF already has
      plans for him for Wrestlemania.

      - The Jackyl has been released from his WWF Contract. Despite his high
      charisma and interview skills, the WWF has never found a use for him
      that fits. It'd be a good idea for WCW to take a look at him. He's a
      great performer who hasn't been overexposed and he's also a close friend
      of Chris Jericho, which could lead for him to stay with WCW.

      - Steve Austin doesn't have broken ribs but a muscle tear, which takes a
      long time to heal. Look for him to work the Royal Rumble.

      - Raw won the Ratings for the 9th straight week, 4.9 to 4.6. Head to
      Head, Raw won 4.9 to Nitro's 4.5.

      - WCW, this Monday, will have a rematch between Kevin Nash and Bill
      Goldberg, and a likely reunion between Hollywood Hogan, Scott Hall, and
      Kevin Nash.

      - WWF will have Mankind winning the WWF Title off of the Rock. The WWF
      has leaked this information on their website. So....

      - Spoils what's left of spoiling Raw. I know too many of them Raw Marks
      don't like to know what will happen on Raw, so I'll keep the rest a
      secret. But this is big stuff.

      - Congrates Mick Foley on winning the WWF Title.

      - The WWF will be cancelling the Too Much marriage. They'll only be
      marrying as a tag team, never to be teaming with anyone else again. He
      smells divorce.

      - Sable doesn't want to take any bumps for the WWF. How much longer do
      you think she'll be carrying around that belt?


      By: Diamond Dallas Page

      Yo Cutters... what’s up?

      OK, I know you guys, if you read the UDC area of the site, have to be
      wondering what I got Kim for her birthday. Spooki may be the top cat in
      the house, but there is a new
      cat in the driveway. I’ve never been able to get something way over the
      top for Kim, but for her birthday this year I wanted to do something way
      special. So tonight, when we
      head out for New Years Eve to celebrate her birthday, when I back out of
      our garage in my Expedition, as we come out of the garage door and roll
      slowly back on the right, Kim will see her birthday gift sitting
      there... a brand new Jaguar convertible. Can’t wait to see the
      expression on her face.

      She’s never had a new car before and if you are going to have one, this
      is the one to have. The car is so beautiful the only way it can become
      any more beautiful is to put Kim in it. Smokey is going to go today to
      the dealership, which we just left and pick it up and put it in the
      driveway, so when we back out it is sitting there for Kim. I guess we’ll
      take the Jag out tonight.

      As far as the match I had with the Giant, a lot of the insiders know
      that there is a good chance that he may be leaving us. And even though a
      lot of my feuds get real real, real fast, my matches with the Giant were
      more of a brutal lovefest. He’s like my baby
      huge brother, and I am going to miss that big sucker if he does go. But
      I won’t be missing some of the bumps he gives me, that’s for damn sure.
      I might get another year out of my career.

      Everybody be safe and have a great New Years. I’ll keep you posted next
      week on how Kim reacted.

      As usual, it’s been your pleasure...
      The Master Of The Diamond Cutter


      NewsStation - http://www.wrestling-online.com/newsstation/

      - Sable will be on the cover of Playboy magazine in which she did a
      shoot for 2 weeks ago. She has done a few different covers for the
      magazine and she has total control over which one will be hitting
      newsstands this spring. One cover she did has her wearing nothing but a
      WWF Womens Title. Whatever photo does make the cover the magazine will
      be most definately a high seller. (Agha)

      - For the past couple of months now, internet insiders and reporters
      have speculated on what path The Giant would take when his contract with
      WCW runs out on February 9, 1999. It now appears that the speculation is
      over and that The Giant has indeed agreed to a World Wrestling
      Federation contract. It is now being reported that The Giant doesn't
      have a 90 day clause of any kind, and if he were to sign with the WWF he
      would begin his duties ASAP. It also appears that The Giant's last
      appearance in WCW will be on this week's edition of Nitro, live from
      Atlanta, Georgia. (Tim Hooks/Micasa)

      - WWF Byte This Report - December 30, 1998 | Hosted by Kevin Kelly,
      Terri Filipetti, and Lucas Swineford Special Guest - Jeff Jarrett |
      Report sent in by Kogi

      - They talked about the wrestler who won the Heavyweight Title at the
      Raw Tapings on 12/29 in Worcester, Massachusetts. They talked about the
      new champ’s early career and how much of a great person he is. Lucas
      said that everybody backstage was very happy
      for him when he won the belt.

      - Terri said The Rock and Kane were in Titan Tower earlier today to film
      their part in the WWF Super Bowl commercial. Terri said that she was
      asked to be in the commercial. She said that she is in the part with The
      Undertaker. Terri said that she is in her bra, in the commercial. She
      said that the commercial is very cutting-edge, and it has a lot of WWF
      superstars in it.

      - Terri talked with Sable about the shoot for Playboy Magazine. Sable
      said that she had a great time doing the shoot. Terri said that she was
      completely naked. Terri heard that it she will be featured in the March
      1999 issue of Playboy Magazine, and she will be on the cover.

      - They joked about all the women in the WWF wrestling each other.

      - Caller asked why WWF.COM doesn’t have webcasts of the RAW. Kevin said
      that they are not allowed to. He also mentioned that Vince McMahon said
      that one day, the whole company is going to be open on the internet.

      - Lucas said that he will be going to Shawn Michaels’ house personally,
      and he will get his comments on what Vince McMahon said on Code-Red.
      Lucas said it might be shown on Sunday Night Heat. They all talked about
      the big situation in 1997 between Shawn Michaels, Vince McMahon, and
      Bret Hart. He said that Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon's relationship
      has always not been good - especially with Shawn and Bret’s fight in
      June 1997. Lucas mentioned that the big backstage fight was his first
      ever event he went to, while working for the WWF.

      - Caller asked about Jim Ross and his condition. Kevin Kelly said that
      Jim Ross has returned and is back working in his office. However, he is
      not ready to come back to
      WWF TV yet.

      - Terri said that Stone Cold Steve Austin has torn muscles, no broken
      ribs, which has been speculated. He is not scheduled to be at any WWF
      live events next week.

      - Jeff Jarrett called into Byte This. He was complaining that they call
      his house way too much asking him to be on Byte This. He wished
      everybody a Happy New Year. He said
      that being around the whole family during the holiday season really
      pisses him off. Jeff said that Debra is doing marvelous. They talked
      about Jeff Jarrett’s big victory last
      night at the RAW tapings. Jeff said it was memorial moment in his
      career. He said it was a big "eye opener" to Vince McMahon and the
      Corporation. Jeff said that their is a little Blue Blazer in everybody.
      He mentioned that Owen Hart has had more titles than anyone else on the
      current WWF roster at the moment. Kevin and Lucas joked about what
      The Hardy Boyz do at the end of their promos. They mentioned to Jeff
      Jarrett, about Terri wearing a bra in the Super Bowl commercial. They
      joked about that for a little
      bit. Jeff asked about the Monday night ratings. Kevin Kelly said that
      "they" (WCW) keep on trying and trying, but they still can’t beat the
      WWF. Jeff Jarrett said that it’s all about one word - momentum. Jeff
      Jarrett said for his New Years revolution … he will try and be on Byte
      This at least once a month. Terri asked him, boxers or briefs … Jeff
      boxers. He closed the interview by saying, "Don’t Piss Me Off!"

      - Terri interviewed The Rock. The Rock said that he is still the
      People’s Champ, even though that he is not the WWF Champion anymore. The
      Rock in rear form in the Super
      Bowl commercial. Then he told Terri to know her role, and stop asking so
      many questions.

      - Terri announced that tomorrow Triple H, Chyna, and Mankind will be in
      Titan Tower tomorrow to film their part of the WWF Super Bowl

      - Last caller gave props to the new WWF champion. It was really the

      - Kevin’s New Year resolution is to lose some weight and to get in
      shape. Terri’s is to have more fun, and not stay home as much. Matrat’s
      is to date Debra McMichael. Lucas’ is that he would like to continue the
      things he has been doing.

      - They went over the upcoming WWF live events. That was the end of the


      NewsStation - http://www.wrestling-online.com/newsstation/

      - According to Dave Scherer, WCW's presentation of "The Best of Nitro"
      (or best of Hogan, whichever you prefer), did a 3.5 ratinh with a 5.5
      share. This rating is alot higher than most people expected, for a show
      that wasn't hyped much. (RWIN)

      - There was a proposed angle that would put Elizabeth together with
      Kidman in the future. Elizabeth's role in wrestling had decreased
      greatly before she was completely out of the WCW picture. From what I
      heard, she was asked whether or not she would be interested in returning
      in an angle that would put her with Kidman. An older woman, younger man
      type angle. She turned it down. She didn't like that older woman thing
      or the fact that Kidman only has achieved mid-card status (Example-
      opening match at Starrcade). (Tomxxcrow)


      Wrestling-Online Newsletter is copyright of Colin
      Vassallo/Wrestling-Online. Do not print any of the information contained
      in the newsletter before first contacting the editor.

      The editor can be reached at Editor@...

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