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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #2150

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2006
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      Monday January 2nd 2006 Issue #2150
      Visit our website at http://www.wrestling-online.com

      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      Happy New Year everybody! It's 2006 baby! Holidays are over, everything
      is back to normal and everyone back to work. Oh well, it was nice while
      it lasted.

      If you're going to RAW tonight please drop us some notes from the show.
      Thank you.

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      Web version at -[http://www.wrestling-online.com/news%5d-

      - Only one match has been announced for tonight's show. John Cena and
      Kurt Angle will battle against each other in a non-title First Blood
      match. Rules are simple, the first one to bleed will lose the match.
      This will be the final show before this Sunday's PPV and more matches
      are expected to be announced as only four so far are on the PPV card.

      - Live events are returning to normal schedule starting today, with RAW
      and SD! tapings tomorrow and weekend live events from both rosters,
      including the PPV 'New Year's Revolution' this coming Sunday. Last week
      ten shows were held in a space of five consecutive days with both
      rosters on the go to make up for the week off they had the previous week
      for Christmas.

      - PWInsider.com is reporting that former WWE Tag Team title holder
      Charlie Haas has signed a new contract with the company and is expected
      to return on television shortly. Haas, along with his wife Jackie Gayda
      were fired from the company in the HENNIG of July, less than a month
      after the duo got married in real life. Gayda found a new job with TNA
      Wrestling while Haas kept wrestling on the indy circuit. Along with
      Shelton Benjamin, he held the tag titles twice while he also had a reign
      with Rico as tag team champ.

      - Former WWE Superstars Billy Gunn and Road Dogg who formed the popular
      New Age Outlaws did a shoot on Triple H which has to be viewed to really
      understand how much the two hate their former partner. The current TNA
      wrestlers had nothing but bad things to say about Triple H, using about
      every rude word in their vocabulary to describe 'The Game'. The two also
      discussed how Triple H 'f!@ked' Randy Orton out of his title reign when
      Randy was on a roll with the company. You can check it out at
      http://www.youtube.com/watch.php?v=Jz46dHxK_Do . Warning, it contains
      strong language that might not be suitable for all people.


      By Andrew Bulik -[andrewbulik@...]-

      It's 2006 yadda, yadda, yadda. You'll read a lot of that crap elsewhere
      so let's just get straight into the column shall we?

      So good ol' Santy Claus brought me lots of wrestling related goodies
      this year. DVDs featuring guys like Bret 'Hitman' Hart, Jake 'The Snake'
      Roberts and The Ultimate Warrior. A biography of Shawn Michaels. And a
      WWE Calender for 2006. You've got to laugh at the calendar, it features
      Christy Hemme and Joy Giovanni so it's out of date before the year even
      starts. Ah well, at least they're easy on the eye.

      As for the DVDs, I recommend that if you are a wrestling fan you
      purchase all three. I also recommend it to the current crop of WWE
      wrestlers as there is so much they could learn from these discs,
      particularly Bret and Jake's.

      Pick Your Poison is Jake Roberts' story. And what a story he's had. I
      mean sometimes I wanted to cry watching the film as Jake has had a real
      tough life. He talks candidly about his drug problems, 'holding Vince
      up' for a contract release and his two failed attempts at suicide.
      Through the extras on the DVD you get to see that Jake, as is pointed
      out on the main feature, was a master at ring psychology. That is,
      responding to the fans, giving them what they want. Something that guys
      like Chris Masters and Carlito Colon could learn a lot from. Mr Roberts
      is also up there as one of the greatest talkers of all time. He went out
      there and spoke from his heart every time. He points out on a segment on
      Tuesday Night Titans that if what a man is saying gets straight to the
      point and everyone listens then there is no need to shout. It saves a
      lot of trouble. Now why can't the WWE trust it's athletes a bit more to
      be able to speak their own words. I've said it before, the best talkers
      of the Attitude: Mick Foley, Steve Austin and The Rock never had to be
      told which words to use, but still got over big time.

      How about instead of having these writers telling the guys what to say,
      you have Jake Roberts and Ted DiBiase acting on an advisory capacity?
      That way we might get some more meaningful interviews. And can the
      Triple H interviews altogether. Doesn't he know fewer words speak a
      greater volume?

      The Ultimate Warrior DVD is an excellently produced little number. Sure,
      it is true, there is a lot of Warrior bashing from his peers and the
      next generation of wrestlers. Jake even gets a little side-swipe at
      Warrior on his own feature dvd. Jim Hellwig did conduct himself most
      unprofessionally during his various stints with the WWE and this DVD
      sheds some light on those incidents, so any fan of 'classic' WWE would
      find this most interesting. It is kinda cool watching Christian and
      Chris Jericho talk about the 1991 'Warrior is dead' rumours that I heard
      when I was 10 years old also. It's amazing how rumours get around. I do
      not think this is an outright burial of The Ultimate Warrior as some
      have claimed. Sure, opinions may be a bit stronger than on other WWE
      profile DVDs, but Warrior did some bad things whilst in the WWE and WCW,
      so what is it they say Hellwig? Payback? She's a b!tch.

      Say what you want about Jim 'The Ultimate Warrior' Hellwig, he pulled a
      masterstroke in changing his name and winning copyright from the WWF.
      And also, the pops he got before, during and after his matches is
      something that the likes of John Cena, Batista and even Shawn Michaels
      can only dream of.

      Bret Hart's DVD is nothing short of amazing and I recommend you go out
      and buy it now. Okay, I've always been a Hart fan, but I get these
      profile DVDs all the time no matter who the subject is. It's the same
      with the books. I was never a Chyna fan but I still bought her book.

      The first thing that strikes you about Hart's DVD is that he has
      mellowed a lot. It seems he and Vince have come to terms with the whole
      Montreal thing, in real life at least anyway. I sat in a trance as I
      watched Bret and many of his peers talk about his journey from Stampede
      Wrestling through the Hart Foundation to Intercontinental and World
      Title fame. All the way to his misuse in WCW and the tragic loss of his
      brother Owen. The extras are phenomenal and should be used as a
      reference point for many of todays grass-green 'stars'.

      On to Shawn Michaels book. Now I've never been a fan of Shawn Michaels,
      before or after his 'rebirth' as a Christian. But I have always
      respected his talent in the ring. He has always been amazing in the
      squared circle and The Rockers is my favourite Tag-Team of all time. I
      also recommend his book as it is a thoroughly good read. In fact it's
      probably number 3 or 4 on my favourite wrestling (auto)biographies chart
      (I can't see anyone topping Foley's two or Bobby Heenan's).

      There isn't much humour in the book, which I find surprising given
      Shawn's past. Most of the humour in the book is sourced from Marty
      Jannetty's ribbing of other wrestlers. But I guess humour is not
      essential to the book. Let's face it, the book is going to sell as you
      finally get to read Shawn's version of events in the run up to and
      including The 11th Annual Survivor Series: Gang Rulz. What stunned me
      most was that Hunter Hearst Helmsley played a pivotal part in the
      screw-job and was the one who spoke up on how Bret was 'screwing the

      I find it hilarious that Helmsley bitched about Bret not 'doing the
      right thing' back in 1997. Someone should tell that to Rob Van Dam,
      Kane, Booker T and all the other guys that have been screwed over by his
      backstage politics...

      Something you have to bear in mind whilst reading this book is that
      there is two sides of every story, and given Hickenbottom's history, you
      cannot take everything he said as gospel.

      Shawn makes a big fuss about how Bret saw the 'whole of Canada as his'.
      Like his hometown. Well did the whole of the UK not belong to The
      British Bulldog through the 90's? Yes it did. Was there a host of
      Canadian wrestlers in the WWF back then? No. Did WCW sign Bret Hart
      primarily to capitalise on the Canadian market? Yes they did. So that
      answers Shawn's query. Yes the whole of Canada was Bret Hart's.

      Shawn also goes on to say how Bret was only a 'good' and not a 'great'
      wrestler. That's a bit of a cheap shot and he should tell it to the
      legends on Bret's DVD who place him as easily one of the greatest of all
      time. Bret and Shawn were the greatest of their generation and it's
      cheap shots like this that really take away from the potential of the

      Another cheap shot that Shawn felt he had to get in was that Bret had to
      get his russian legsweep-backbreaker-elbow-sharpshooter routine in, even
      after it was established. My personal feeling is that sequence was
      always well placed and allowed fans to know that Bret was on the
      ascension in the match and got them more excited. You know, like that
      forearm-nip up-inverted atomic drop-clothesline-elbow sequence that
      Shawn always uses now. Pots and kettles methinks.

      After watching Bret's DVD and reading Shawn's book I think it is a
      apparent that it's Shawn who is not 'over' Montreal yet. And that's a
      shame. But like I say, if you are a wrestling fan, buy it.

      My wishes for 2006 :-

      - That WWE drops lame gimmicks such as 500lbs love machines, Dodgeball
      rip offs and male cheerleaders

      - They get guys like Marty Jannetty to break in new talent to see if
      they can match his fire in the ring, as Shawn Michaels suggests in his
      book. This would replace the current system of putting them in the ring
      with Hardcore Holly and having him beat the crap out of them for real to
      get them to 'pay their dues'.

      - The Dicks to be renamed

      - Tag Team and Cruiserweight wrestling to get a fair crack of the whip
      (I can dream)

      - Let Spanky and Paul London strut their stuff and not let them languish
      as Velocity jobbers

      - Bret Hart, Jim Neidhart, Davey-Boy Smith, Brian Pillman and Owen Hart
      to be inducted to the Hall of Fame Class of 2006

      - Profiles of The Rock, The British Bulldog(s) and Ted DiBiase to be
      released on DVD

      - Christian to return and be pushed to the moon

      - Failing that, NWA to rise and challenge the WWE

      - Wrestling-Online columnists to get their fingers out and start writing

      Anyways, hope you all had a blast at New Year and all the best in 2006
      peeps. Any queries, questions or response to
      andrewbulik@... - cheers!!

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