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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #2109

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2005
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      Wednesday November 2nd 2005 Issue #2109
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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      It was quite refreshing to hear Joey Styles do commentary for Taboo
      Tuesday. Yeah, he's no Jim Ross, but hey he's the next best thing. At
      least he knows his stuff and can be pretty hilarious. Did you hear him
      during the Coach match? Hah, that was funny.

      Taboo Tuesday Promotion winners will be notified tomorrow.

      The Self Destruction Of The Ultimate Warrior
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      - John Cena came out of Taboo Tuesday still holding the WWE title
      despite the San Diego crowd booing him most of the time. The three way
      match between him, Angle and Shawn Michaels ended after HBK delivered
      the Sweet Chin Music to Angle, who turned around and got an FU from
      Cena. It was payback from Cena to Michaels after Monday's RAW.

      In the opening match, Matt Hardy and Rey Mysterio defeated Chris Masters
      and Snitsky who subbed for the injured Edge. Not a bad match with
      hometown hero Rey Mysterio super over with the crowd; Eugene got teamed
      up with 'Superfly' Jimmy Snuka and defeated Tyson Tomko and Robert
      Conway. 'Superfly' did his trademark spaslh - again taking a lot of time
      to balance - and got the pin on Conway. Tomko decided to beat up on him
      afterwards which brought out Kamala and Jim Duggan to the rescue; Fans
      chose Mankind as Mick Foley's gimmick to go against Carlito. Dull match
      which Mankind won with the Mandible Claw - actually Socko with an afro
      just like Carlito; New tag champs were crowned as Kane and Big Show
      defeated Cade and Murdoch. Cade got the double-chokeslam-from-hell and
      Show pinned for the win; Batista quickly disposed of Coach, Vader and
      Goldust in a Street Fight. Vader botched a spinebuster from Batista,
      which Batista replied with a big, loud 'F*ck', did the same move on
      Goldust and told Vader to give it another shot which was successful the
      second time round. Vader is famous for botching spots, just ask HBK at
      SummerSlam 1996; Trish Stratus won the Lingerie Battle Royal after
      Mickie James 'sacrificed' herself by eliminating herself with Victoria
      after a tackle; The cage match between Triple H and Ric Flair ended with
      Flair keeping the IC title in a very bloody match. Flair exited the cage
      after three sick chairshots to Triple H's big head. Fans gave both a
      standing ovation on their way back to the locker room.

      - Christian ended his eight year reign with WWE yesterday after Taboo
      Tuesday wrapped up filming. His decision to quit came late last week
      after he was handed a new contract, which he decided not to sign. And
      just like that, Captain Charisma closed off a rather long chapter in his
      life. His final match will air on Friday on Smackdown!, which was taped
      this past Sunday. Before leaving the arena, Christian gave WWE.COM some
      comments, stating that a lot of personal reasons amounted to the
      decision to call it quits. "Looking for a shoot interview? Looking for
      the inside scoop? You want to know all about how I walked into Vince�s
      office...how we got into a huge argument, slammed the door - stormed out
      of the company, and maybe one day they�ll have a self destruction of
      Christian DVD - that�s what you�re looking for? Well, that�s not what
      happened," he said. Christian held every title WWE had to offer except
      the WWE heavyweight title.

      - Torrie Wilson says she'll be back on television soon after rumors
      started spreading that she has been fired by WWE on Monday. Wilson,
      citing personal reasons with a family member, skipped RAW and the PPV
      and left from the Australian tour to go home and deal with the issues.
      "I�m really sorry I couldn�t make it to the Taboo Tuesday pay-per-view,
      but I promise I�ll make it up to the fans somehow. It was weird not
      being a part of RAW Monday night. I�ll be back as soon as possible," she
      told WWE.COM. Many believe that these 'issues' are with husband Billy
      Kidman who was released a few months ago from WWE however Torrie refused
      to mention any names.

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      closing. The day's range was 12.83 - 13.19.

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