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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #2049

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  • Colin Vassallo
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      Sunday August 7th 2005 Issue #2049
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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      Not much news goin on today. Back tomorrow.

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      - Officials from the Ford Field in Detroit, MI., want WrestleMania. And
      plans are being made to submit a proposal to WWE to hold WrestleMania 23
      in 2007 at the home of the Detroit Lions. Opened in August of 2002, the
      $500 million Ford Field has been selected to hold next year's Super Bowl
      XL. The stadium holds 65,000 seats in a football setting and can hold
      even more if set up for a wrestling event. Tom Lewand, Ford Field's
      chief operating officer said that there have been discussions about
      playing host to a major wrestling event. Detroit currently holds the
      record for the biggest attendance at a WrestleMania. The 3rd Mania at
      the Pontiac Silverdome drew 93,173 - even though critics say it's a
      fictional figure - which was the largest indoor attendance for any event
      in North America until it was surpassed later that year when around 500
      more fans turned out for a visit by Pope John Paul II.

      - Tomorrow night on RAW, WWE will debut John Cena's new music video
      titled 'Right Now'. This is the second music video from Cena's 'You
      Can't See Me' album. His first one was 'Bad, Bad Man' and was based
      around the popular 80's television show The A-Team. Cena's profile page
      on WWE.COM has a sample of the new video which you can see at

      - Smackdown! did a 2.9 rating with a 5.3 share for Thursday's show, down
      from last week's 3.1. (Ratings compiled by Nielsen Media Research and
      put online by PWInsider.com)

      - You will soon be able to own the cool looking WWE heavyweight spinning
      championship belt that John Cena currently holds. A replica of the most
      expensive WWE title ever made will be available for the public to buy
      later this year and will come in four different sizes - deluxe, adult,
      kids and mini. There will be over 3000 rubies on the belt and the center
      plate will spin just like the original. Practically every WWE - replica
      - belt is available for purchase in different sizes and prices. You can
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      //->> KNIVES OUT
      By Ian Hamilton, -[ian.hamilton@...]-

      Let me open up my first column (in God knows how long) by saying
      something that is my opinion, but is probably a fact. Vince McMahon WAS
      a great promoter. However, inside just five days at the start of August,
      he has shown us several reasons that would back up my statement.

      Vince McMahon has been a wrestling promoter for around 22 years - that's
      pretty much "all my life". Now, while Vince has done a lot of good for
      the wrestling business, from the original "Rock n Wrestling" boom in the
      mid-to-late 80s, and the whole Attitude era which sparked the Monday
      Night Wars a decade later, but in recent years, it seems that his
      promotional ability has been dying.

      Before you all start e-mailing me, saying how much money the WWE has
      been making, let me point one thing out. Promoting is the art of selling
      a product - or in laymans terms: MAKING MONEY. Now, without picking
      apart the plethora of gimmicks that have either sucked, or have drawn
      the wrong kind of heat to the WWE in recent times (such as Muhammad
      Hassan, and to a lesser extent, the Mexicools - or if we want to go down
      the "bad gimmicks" route, I give you Jillian and her fake mole, the
      Heart Throbs (compared to their OVW gimmicks), Simon Dean, Kerwin White
      - you get the picture), I would like to call your attention to two major
      incidents that happened within days of each other.

      Go back to Raw on August 1. Vince McMahon's "big announcement" about all
      of his great business decisions. Which included hiring Eric Bischoff and
      hugging him as his first act, thus blowing what could have been a major
      money-making angle playing off of the Monday Night Wars. Well, Vince
      kinda repeated that by bringing back Matt Hardy (in the storylines) as
      an active WWE wrestler. Yep, that was one hell of a smart decision
      Vinnie… although I agree that the whole "Matt Hardy runs in on TV every
      week as if he were an outsider" angle was running its course, perhaps
      you could have laid off the weekly run ins, and had Edge play-off the
      real-life storyline without explicitly mentioning it, and have Matt
      "return" at SummerSlam as an outside guest/"flown-in talent", before
      agreeing to sign him after doing that angle.

      After all, Matt had done all of the hard work. He had been acting as if
      he was never returning to the WWE (which he probably wasn't, until the
      last minute), but after Vince brought back Matt on Raw, you couldn't
      help but feel that "this could have been so much better". Probably
      everyone who watched Raw last week would have had their own way of doing
      the angle, and to be honest, most of those probably would have drawn
      more money than the "WWE's way" did.

      Personally, I wouldn't have had the "Matt does random attacks" thing go
      on as long as it did. I'd have stopped doing that after a few weeks,
      then play off an angle where "security were banning Matt from entering
      the building" - or something along the lines of "he buys a ticket every
      week, but is only shown in brief crowd shots". Then you could have
      played off of Edge demanding a match (after two or three run-ins)
      against "the guy he can't name" - thus keeping the shoot element of the
      angle alive.

      That way, the casual, non-Internet fans would have been able to believe
      that Matt Hardy is coming in as an outsider - a la Scott Hall in WCW -
      creating more of a buzz when the match takes place. I'm not saying that
      the angle has been totally ruined by the whole handshake on Raw, but it
      could have been a lot better.

      Now, while the Matt Hardy storyline has been building up for around six
      months, another potential money-making angle was also blown off this
      week. Except this had been building up for almost eight years. Yes, I'm
      talking about Bret Hart - and while I accept that there's no way in hell
      that he could have wrestled, there could have been a few entertaining
      segments on TV that could have culminated in a PPV finale: again, in a
      non-wrestling role.

      The Montreal incident is something that everyone knows about. Granted,
      the years since the 1997 Survivor Series haven't been kind to Hart, as
      he's been divorced (and since remarried), while he's also had more than
      his fair share of traumas, as he's had a stroke, and has also his two
      parents, brother and brother in law pass away as well. There had been
      talk of him returning at WrestleMania 20, but it was never more than
      idle speculation, as Bret freely acknowledged that his wrestling career
      effectively ended at the hands of Goldberg in December 1999.

      They say time heals all wounds, and Bret has spoken with Vince in the
      past, although these have been tense occasions, with McMahon reportedly
      having had security hidden in locations around a park, just in case
      things turned nasty.

      I'm sure you could have dreamt up your own scenarios - having Bret come
      in as an invited guest on Raw, have Vince come down and order Bret out
      of the building or whatever - but they could have drawn some major money
      out of a series of segments here… or at the very least, some good TV
      ratings. But instead, it's all been wasted on a handshake photo posted
      on WWE.com

      While these are only two examples of Vince blowing big-money angles for
      short term gains, it's quickly evident that poor promotional decisions
      like these - coupled with the numerous poor gimmicks being dreamt up by
      writers and OK'd by Vinnie - we are seeing the actions of a promoter who
      is past his best, and is quite literally living off of a reputation.

      Alright - let your anger flow freely!

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