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[wrestling-online] Wrestling-Online Newsletter #242

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  • Colin Vassallo
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      W R E S T L I N G - O N L I N E
      N E W S L E T T E R

      Sunday, December 12th, 1998

      I S S U E # 2 4 2

      The Official daily newsletter of Wrestling-Online.com

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      >> In Your House "Rock Bottom" tonight ...
      >> Full coverage of IYH on Wrestling-Online.com ...
      >> Bill Banks updates us on Jim Ross ...
      >> WWF News ...
      >> WCW News ...
      >> Today's Column: Rants & Raves
      >> Vote in the 1998 Wrestling-Online Annual Awards ...


      By: Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      All the people wanted WWF news in one section, and WCW news in another
      section. So I won't put them in the Misc. News section, now they are in
      different sections. I hope it makes it easier to read for all you guys.

      For all you WinAmp users, there's a new WinAmp skin in town! The "WWF
      Attitude" skin. To download it go to:

      Check out the coverage that we're giving for tonight's PPV, all the info
      how to connect with us is written there!


      By: Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      The last pay-per-view of this year presented by the WWF is In Your House
      "Rock Bottom". The full card is the following:

      WWF Championship Match
      The Rock -vs- Mankind

      Buried Alive Match
      The Undertaker -vs- Steve Austin

      Tag Team Championship Match
      New Age Outlaws -vs- Ken Shamrock & Big Boss Man

      Strip Tease Match
      Goldust -vs- Jeff Jarrett

      The Godfather & Val Venis -vs- Mark Henry & D-Lo Brown

      The Brood -vs- J.O.B. Squad

      Owen Hart -vs- Steve Blackman

      The Oddities -vs- the Headbangers & Tiger Ali Singh

      The pay-per-view will start at 8PM EST, with an hour of live HEAT just
      before the event.


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      By: Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      As we do for the rest of the WWF pay-per-views, Wrestling-Online.com
      will have full coverage of the event. We will do live play-by-play on
      Undernet #pay-per-view on IRC. Here's the info on how you can connect:

      Coverage will start at 7:30PM EST, while the actual event will start
      8:00PM EST!

      To see the play by play, you need the mIRC program. You can download the
      program for free from here:

      - Wrestling-Online.com server

      - Wrestle.simplenet.com server

      Follow these instructions to get connected with us:

      1) Install and load the mIRC program (or any other IRC client)

      2) If you're in US, connect to the server which says RANDOM US UNDERNET
      SERVER. If you're in Europe, connect to the server which says RANDOM EU
      UNDERNET SERVER. If you're in any other country, connect to the closest

      3) When done connecting, join #pay-per-view. You need to type
      #pay-per-view in the pop up box that appears after you're done

      4) You're done! Sit down, and enjoy the play-by-play.

      We will also have the PPV contest! This month, 2 lucky winners will get
      the chance to receive the Wrestling-Online.com t-shirt. A secret URL
      will be mentioned during the coverage of the event on IRC, and if you go
      to that page, and answer correctly to the question, you have a chance to
      win the prize. But remember, this URL will be given out ONLY during the
      event on IRC. So if you don't join, you have zero possibilities to win!

      Hope to see ya there!


      By: Bill Banks, [WWF.com]

      As many internet wrestling fans are aware of, Jim Ross suffered a series
      of tragic setbacks last week, beginning with the passing of his mother
      in Oklahoma a few hours prior to the Capital Carnage event in the UK.
      Despite the sad news, the voice of
      the Federation still went through with his obligations that night.

      Due to these recent events, Ross has been granted some time off from his
      duties in the
      Federation. As a result, Michael Cole will step up to the plate for
      color commentary on HEAT (with a returning Shane McMahon) and then on
      RAW alongside Jerry "The King" Lawler. As of this printing, Federation
      officials are still undecided who will back Lawler
      during the Rock Bottom Pay-Per-View.

      According to Raw Magazine editor Dennis Brent, who is a close friend of
      Ross, the announcer attended his mother’s funeral on Wednesday in
      Oklahoma. Sadly, JR is also dealing with several private issues in
      addition to the loss of his mother. We here at the World Wrestling
      Federation send out our thoughts and prayers out to the Ross family and
      wish JR a speedy recovery.


      NewsStation - http://www.wrestling-online.com/newsstation/

      - Edge was interviewed by Big Daddy Donnie of the LAW. Thanks to Big 3
      Newsboard for this report

      Interview started at around 20 minutes in
      Talks about his character and "the tortured soul" part
      Talks about Christian, and where they have been
      Says "for now", they are with Gangrel
      Talks about the comparisons of him to Shawn Micheals and Ric Flair
      Says Andrew Martin will not join the Brood
      Says in 6 months he may be the tag champion, or a run against X pac for
      the Euro title
      Interview lasted around 5 minutes, but there was a lot of info in it
      Big Daddy Donnie talks about how they were the first to talk about Adam
      Copeland, about an hour and a half ago

      Full interview at: http://www.competitor.net/realmedia/thelaw/latest.ram

      - Dory Funk Jr wrote an article on WWF.com on how to become a wrestler
      and enter the World Wrestling Federation. It's a very interesting
      article for those of you who want to become pro wrestlers. Go to wwf.com
      and click on the Latest News section to read it.


      NewsStation - http://www.wrestling-online.com/newsstation/

      - Thunder Ratings: Hour 1: 3.5, Hour 2: 4.3 - Composite: 3.9

      - Terry Bollea, aka "Hollywood" Hogan, may be on the nationally famous
      radio show,
      hosted by Howard Stern, next week. This maybe a mistake, cause Stern may
      take this as an oppurtunity to trash Hogan, and joke about his career,
      and his plan to run for President. Hogan will be on the show mainly to
      talk about his campaign to run for the
      President of the United States, and maybe plug WCW here and there.
      (Wrestling Herald)

      - Five years ago, Gene said Hogan was going to WCW on the WCW Hotline.
      He also predicted the arrival of the Outsiders. He knew this because
      they all have the same agent (Barry Bloom), who who managers himself,
      Hogan, Nash, Hall, Flair, Savage, Goldberg, X-Pac, Helmsley, Shawn
      Michaels, all of Jesse Ventura's movies and a ton more. He said Giant
      may not be going to the WWF afterall, why? Barry Bloom. (WCW Hotline)


      >> RANTS & RAVES
      By: Chris Ciolfitto, [Chris316@...]

      Seeings that this is Rock Bottom Day, I figure it's only fair that I
      present you with my Rock Bottom and Sunday Night Heat previews. I'm
      adding Heat this time around because I'll be attending it live and just
      because I can. Now, here we go with...

      Chris's Official Sunday Night Heat Prediction™

      HHH and X-Pac vs. The LOD
      PREDICTION: HHH and X-Pac
      EXPLANATION: Does anyone care about the LOD anymore?)

      ...and of course...

      Chris's Official Rock Bottom Predictions™

      WWF Championship Match
      The Rock vs. Mankind
      PREDICTION: The Rock
      EXPLANATION: The World Title rarely changes hands at an IYH and I don't
      see that trend changing.

      Buried Alive Match
      Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker
      PREDICTION: Steve Austin
      EXPLANATION: If Austin loses, he's not in the Royal Rumble and that
      means he has no shot at the WWF Title at WrestleMania and can you really
      see Austin NOT being in the main event at WM?

      Striptease Match
      Goldust vs. Jeff Jarrett
      PREDICTION: Goldust
      EXPLANATION: If Colin gets to see Jackie's big tits in person that I
      wanna see Debra's big tits in person, it's only fair :)

      Tag Team Title Match
      New Age Outlaws vs. Ken Shamrock and The Big Boss Man
      PREDICTION: Ken Shamrock and The Big Boss Man
      EXPLANATION: Vince McMahon wouldn't have it any other way.

      Owen Hart vs. Steve Blackman
      PREDICTION: Owen Hart
      EXPLANATION: The match is taking place in Canada, Owen has the Blue
      Blazer watching his back and you just don't piss off Owen Hart (ask
      Steve Austin). How can he lose?

      D-Lo Brown and Mark Henry vs. The Godfather and Val Venis
      PREDICTION: The Godfather and Val Venis
      EXPLANATION: Well I do like Sexual Chocolate and D-Lo, you gotta admit
      this is the perfect time of year for "ho ho ho's" :)

      The JOB Squad vs. The Brood
      PREDICTION: The Brood
      EXPLANATION: Just because The Brood rocks!

      The Oddities vs. The Headbangers and Tiger Ali Singh
      PREDICTION: The Oddities
      EXPLANATION: I thought Tiger hated people like The Headbangers, so why
      would he team up with them. The Oddities will win just because.

      Well, there's my predictions for Rock Bottom. It sounds like a great
      card and I'm glad to be seeing it live. Well, by the time you guys will
      be reading this, I'll be getting The Rock's autograph, yay me :)

      Anyways, that's all for now, see ya next time.

      That's my story and I'm stickin with it



      The 3rd Annual Wrestling-Online Newsletter Annual Awards! This year,
      Chris Ciolfitto will take care of everything. You have till December
      31st to vote. Send all your votes to: Chris316@... .
      Here are the categories:

      WWF Best Wrestler Of 1998 | WCW Best Wrestler Of 1998
      WWF Best Tag Team Of 1998 | WCW Best Tag Team Of 1998
      WWF Best Newcomer Of 1998 | WCW Best Newcomer Of 1998
      WWF Best Manager Of 1998 | WCW Best Manager Of 1998
      WWF Best Match Of 1998 | WCW Best Match Of 1998
      WWF Best Tag Team Match of 1998 | WCW Best Tag Team Match of 1998
      WWF Best Face of 1998 | WCW Best Face of 1998
      WWF Best Heel of 1998 | WCW Best Heel of 1998
      WWF Best PPV of 1998 | WCW Best PPV of 1998
      WWF Best Angle of 1998 | WCW Best Angle of 1998
      WWF Best Commentator of 1998 | WCW Best Commentator of 1998
      WWF Best Entrance of 1998 | WCW Best Entrance of 1998
      WWF Best Finishing Move of 1998 | WCW Best Finishing Move of 1998


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