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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #2034

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 19, 2005
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      Tuesday July 19th 2005 Issue #2034
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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      Not much goin on today. Back later.

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      - After seventeen long years with the company, WWE has fired head
      referee Earl Hebner from the company after finding out that he was
      selling merchandise without authorization. Hebner debuted in 1988 after
      a storyline involving his twin brother Dave and the match between Hulk
      Hogan and Andre The Giant. His brother Dave who serves as a road agent
      with the company was punished as it is believed he was part of the whole
      deal too but as of today he remains with the company. His son Brian who
      is a referee on Smackdown! is still with the company as well. Hebner -
      who refereed some of the most profile matches in wrestling history - is
      probably mostly famous for the Montreal screwjob when he turned on his
      friend Bret Hart and putting the company first.

      - W-O Newsletter readers Charles Mugler, Kevin and Phillip Barnard
      attended yesterday's RAW TV show and sent in the following notes. After
      the show went off the air, an interpromotional match between Hogan,
      Batista and Cena vs JBL, Triple H and Shawn Michaels took place. The
      match lasted a good 20 minutes and ended with Hogan pinning JBL after a
      leg drop while the remaining Superstars battled out of the ring. After
      the match the faces posed in the ring and Hogan's son Nick was invited
      and joined for the posing.

      - The Armed Forces Network issued a press release earlier today
      announcing that WWE offered the Smackdown! brand pay-per-view The Great
      American Bash for free to air on the AFN as WWE's way of thanking the
      troops and their families for their service to America. AFN will carry
      The Great American Bash on AFN Spectrum on July 25th at 9PM local time
      in Japan/Korea and Central Europe. Kevin Dunn, Executive Vice President,
      Television Production was quoted saying that the Armed Forces have shown
      WWE great support during the base visits and hospital visits so they
      look at this broadcast as one way we can honor all of them for their
      bravery and courage. Larry Marotta, AFN Television Chief thanked WWE for
      their continued generosity and support.

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the day at 11.96, a 3.64% increase over the previous
      closing. The day's range was 11.54 - 12.00.

      - W-O Newsletter reader Ed K. sent in word that John Cena will be
      appearing on the Jimmy Kimmel Live this Friday on ABC. Musical guest
      Slim Thug is also scheduled to be on the show on the same night.


      //->> BELLE OF THE BRAWL
      By Lekisha Oliver -[lekisha_oliver@...]-

      What’s the best kind of match?

      This question was posed to me in an email a few weeks back. I really had
      to think about what answer I would give. I love all types of
      matches. There are hardcore matches, table matches, technical matches
      and high-flying matches, but what brings out the best match?
      The answer to that question is the emotion behind the wrestlers in that

      When looking through footage of older matches from the area and in the
      national arenas, most of the hardest hitting battles ensued over
      the hate or the dislike behind the wrestlers getting into the ring.
      Matches like the series between Kevin Sullivan and Chris Benoit had a
      lot of fire behind the feud. The real life struggle between Sullivan,
      Benoit, and Sullivan’s then wife, Nancy, fueled up a feud that
      smoked through arenas across the continent.

      Booking committees have always seen that these feelings would help to
      raise ratings and raise earnings when a person could actually
      see the fire in the eyes of each opponent. This case does not go unseen
      with WWE’s shows. They have had a rough quarter and even
      release wrestlers of wrestlers did not help the money coming from house
      shows and events. So why not give the fans what they want,
      they want to see a real fight. Something with some passion behind it
      and that is exactly what they are getting. First were John
      “Bradshaw” Layfield and the Blue Meanie. Speculation has been treme!
      ndous about what exactly happened about the whole
      situation. Is this for real? For the fans, the answer is simple, it
      is. They saw the fight and they have seen the “after” pictures of
      Meanie. There is power behind this fight and the WWE did what they do
      best, give the fans what they want and make money in the

      The same type of issue is happening over on RAW. The entire soap opera
      fan’s dream come true when a love triangle happens and
      there is someone to blame. It’s always the girl’s fault for giving into
      her desires or the other man’s fault for pulling the girl into the trap,
      but where exactly does the blame truly go? With Edge and Lita, the
      whole soap opera romance with Kane made the fans really see
      that no matter whom they put in the way, the real person wanted in that
      ring with “Mr. Money In The Bank” was Matt Hardy. Rumors
      of Matt having the offer on the table from WWE and a verbal agreement
      from TNA went through the roof on Monday night with his
      reappearance on RAW. This will make the fans love Matt and put him
      where he should be, right on top. The passion that lies behind
      this triangle makes the triangle between Elizabeth, Randy Savage and
      Hulk Hogan fade in comparison.

      Whether or not these types of things make money, it will definitely make
      for good ratings. Keep watching to see if these types of things
      will continue. Because as long as there are seven deadly sins, there
      will be a market for it.

      For any comments or suggestions, email me at lekisha_oliver@... or
      check out my site at www.belleofthebrawl.com because I
      am working on a DVD review and several interviews at the same time.
      Since summer is almost over, it’s time to heat up the winter
      and the keyboard

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