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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #2033

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  • Colin Vassallo
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      Monday July 18th 2005 Issue #2033
      Visit our website at http://www.wrestling-online.com

      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      If you're off to RAW tonight please drop us some off air notes. Thanks.

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      - Only one match has been announced for tonight's show and that is Kane
      vs Edge in a steel cage. According to various reports, Matt Hardy is
      expected to be on the show tonight so cage or not expect some fireworks.
      Hulk Hogan will also be on RAW tonight to answer Shawn Michaels'
      challenge for SummerSlam from last week. The official RAW preview on
      WWE.com also hypes the Cena/Bischoff confrontation from last Monday
      where Cena gave Bischoff the FU.

      - This morning WWE Superstars Batista, Rey Mysterio, Booker T, John
      Bradshaw Layfield, Muhammad Hassan with Daivari, Candice Michelle, Chris
      Benoit and General Manager Theodore Long were at the pavilion at the
      HSBC Arena in Buffalo, NY., for a press conference announcing the Great
      American Bash pay-per-view for this Sunday. The Superstars attending
      this event had to go to Baltimore, MD., afterwards for tomorrow's
      Smackdown! taping. Local channel WIVB-TV 4 also mentioned the

      - W-O Newsletter reader Brian Baull attended the live Smackdown! WWE
      event in Ocean City, MD., at the Ocean City Convention Center - where it
      did NOT rain, he said! - and sent in the following results and notes.
      Booker T. defeated Christian; Super Crazy & Psychosis defeated Vito &
      Nunzio; The Boogeyman defeated Doug Basham; Paul London defeated
      Juventud Guerrera; Muhammad Hassan defeated Scotty 2 Hotty; Rey
      Mysterio defeated Eddie Guerrero; Orlando Jordan defeated William Regal;
      MNM defeated defated Heidenreich & Hardcore Holly; Batista defeated JBL.
      Batista received the biggest pop of the night while Eddie Guerrero got
      the most heat for calling the town 'Ocean Sh!tty'. The place was a near
      sellout and Teddy Long came out and thanked everyone for supporting
      SmackDown and worked the crowd, shaking hands with people - including
      our reader's 9-year-old son who said he will not be washing that hand
      anytime soon!

      - W-O Newsletter reader Jeff Docherty sent in word that the Empire
      Theaters has added WWE events to their 'Larger Than Life' program in
      four additional cities throughout Canada. Starting with the Great
      American Bash, fans will be able to enjoy WWE pay-per-views with
      state-of-the-art technology for just $11.95 plus tax in Halifax, NS.,
      Fredericton, NB., Moncton, NB., and Charlottetown, PEI. For more
      information go to

      - W-O Newsletter reader Keith attended the RAW brand live event in
      Wildwood, NJ., and sent in these results. Viscera defeated Tyson Tomko;
      Kerwin White defeated Tajiri; Christy Hemme defeated Victoria; Hurricane
      & Rosey defeated The Heart Throbs; Kane & The Big Show defeated Edge &
      Snitsky; Carlito defeated Shelton Benjamin; Shawn Michaels defeated Ric
      Flair; John Cena defeated Triple H. The Wildwood Convention Center was
      around 75% full despite the arena's small size although there were more
      people than the last time the company toured there.

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the day at 11.56, a 2.28% decrease over the previous
      closing. The day's range was 11.50 - 11.77.


      By Chris Bernes -[thelegacyoftruth@...]-

      You know, ever time I try to find inspiration to write about a business
      that is giving us so little to write about lately, a landslide of events
      happen that grab my attention and force me to address them for you, my
      faithful seekers of truth.

      And we start with "Hogan Knows Best".

      I admit, I am bit north of 22 years old, and I do not have any designs
      on dating a 16-year old young lady, nor do I think any 22 year old
      man should date a 16 year old young lady... but for the love of Hulk,
      someone explain to me how a parent (Hogan) can allow his daughter
      to parade around in skimpy, revealing outfits and NOT expect any
      red-blooded man with half a pulse and a smidgen of passion for the
      sex to have an interest in the lovely and talented Brooke!! If Brooke
      were your average 16-year old girl, and not a) daughter of superstar
      Hulk Hogan or b) amazingly beautiful, I could see Hulk's concern.

      But Brooke is not your average teen. She is a budding star in her own
      right, as an aspiring singer. She is also a strikingly beautiful young
      lady who, if her music career wasn't enough, is now a part of a
      nationally televised reality show where she is allowed (by her overly
      protective 285lb. father with 20" guns) to wear outfits that DEMAND the
      male attention.

      So, getting past the outfits, we have Hogan, who already is leery about
      young, impressionable, virtuous (ha) Brooke going out with 22 year
      old Car Boy, planting a tracking device on his daughter's SUV.

      Priceless! You know, I'll bet every dad in America would love to do
      that when little Suzy gets in her car with a new beau, but in the end,
      Dad and Mom allow their trust to win out, regardless of their daughters
      actions, or lack thereof....

      ...Not ol' Hollywood. Nope, instead, Hulk, with son Nick in tow, go to
      a local dealership and plant the GPS tracking device, in large part
      because he has a lack of trust in the gentleman caller as well as a lack
      of trust in his own daughter.

      Give Hulk credit for one thing: When interviewing the suitor, he plays
      the card of "I'm just some big dumb wrestler, so explain to me how
      this situation is going to work"... brilliant!! I have an inkling that
      the guy went in there thinking Hogan may be a bit slow of mind, but for
      Hulk to come straight out of the box and allow the kid to almost bury
      himself in the process was pure genius.

      Hopefully, week 2, airing Sunday night (before you read this) will not
      disappoint, with Stool-pigeon Nick (love the way he sold out his buddy
      and their escapades AFTER he and Brooke were on their date and far away
      from harm's reach) and his "so hot" girlfriend are questioned
      about thier own escapades!!

      ***MOVING RIGHT ALONG!!!!!!***

      So, Matt Hardy is on the WWE payroll, but no one is supposed to know,
      and it's all supposed to be a "shoot" on television, with Matt the
      interloper trying to make the lives of Edge and Lita hell??

      Give me a break.

      Nothing in this business is a secret anymore. About the only thing that
      the netheads did not know ahead of time in the last 10 years was
      the arrival of Mike Awesome on the ECW ppv a month ago. The business
      does not move as quickly as news on the web does, and while
      his appearance on Raw was a surprise to many, his intention to and his
      subsequent deal with WWE was widely reported by many outlets
      before a second go-round with the angle could happen.

      Now, I think Matt Hardy back in WWE is a great thing. He works hard, he
      is entertaining, and his Version 1 character and "Matt Facts"
      are always fun to watch. Hell, I even love his theme song, which
      strangely enough, I know all the words to!

      What I find fascinating (and would love to be a fly on the wall during
      any conversation between the three) is how Matt, Lita, and Edge will
      get past the events of the last few months between the 3 of them and
      work professionally with each other. If I had to work with an ex and
      her new man, I can't say I'd be too thrilled with any of it, and I
      couldn't say for sure I could put it behind me for the sake of

      But now that I think of it, wouldn't it suck if the whole damn thing was
      a work, and the three of them, and the WWE (not really very)
      creative team are having their merry way with us??

      It would be the absolute best piece of creativity that the company and
      its performers have pulled off in years!!!


      While it was a great way to further the HBK/Hogan feud, and I did not
      mind how the segment ended (insert maniacal laughter here), why,
      WHY, WHY drag Roddy Piper out of whatever bar he is currently wasting
      his money at for a nonsensical deal with the WWE, whether it's
      for one night or a few months???

      Note to Vince: The last 3 Piper experiments (with the exception of his
      Hall Of Fame appearance) have bombed horribly. Maybe we can
      get Goldust back and have another Backlot abomination... that sucked,
      and Piper's run with Sean O'Haire sucked, just as Piper's "Pit"
      this last week sucked until HBK kicked the fillings out of his face...

      Piper was the best at what he did when he did it, no questions. But
      that was many years ago. Don Mattingly isn't out there ruining his
      reputation by trying to pop a few more home runs out, so why should
      Piper go to any wrestling ring and dirty his legacy...

      ...Simply put, because Piper, in the bar or in the ring, does not know
      when to say when.

      I'm out. Let the hate mail begin!!

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