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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1989

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  • Colin Vassallo
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      Monday May 2nd, 2005 Issue #1989
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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      Nothing to say today. Back later.

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      - Batista 2, Triple H 0. 'The Animal' has now two clean wins over the
      former 10 time heavyweight champ as yesterday Triple H fell victim once
      again to the Batista Bomb. Despite interference by Nature Boy Ric Flair
      and two referee bumps, The Game couldn't stop Batista from retaining his
      World Heavyweight Title. A p!ssed off Triple H shoved Flair to the
      ground after the match and Pedigreed the referee as Batista celebrated
      on top of the ramp.

      In other matches, Shelton Benjamin kept his Intercontinental title
      against Chris Jericho in a fun match. Benjamin once again displayed some
      great athletic abilities but was often booed as Jericho was the apparent
      favorite; New tag team champs were crowned as Hurricane and Rosey
      defeated La Resistance. Regal and Tajiri first eliminated the Heart
      Trobs, and then Simon Dean and Maven but were later sent packing by La
      Resistance after Rob Conway pinned William Regal holding the tights;
      Edge and Chris Benoit had a terrific Last Man Standing match which saw
      Edge winning the bout after hitting Benoit with a brick to the back of
      the head. Lots of 'holy sh!t' spots including a suicide dive by Benoit
      to the outside only to be met with a trash can lid to the face and hard
      landing; Kane defeated Viscera after a chokeslam. Trish went nuts on
      Viscera afterwards and told him that even if he won she wouldn't have
      done a thing with him. Oops! The former King Mabel slapped a bear hug on
      the champ and then after the crowd started chanting he delivered a big
      splash on Stratus. Fans actually cheered for Viscera who showed a tiny
      bit of charisma; Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels defeated Mohammed Hassan
      and Daivari in the match everyone was looking forward to. Fans went
      apesh!t when Hogan's music kicked in and were all the way behind the
      Hulkster. Hogan teased doing the legdrop but eventually HBK hit the
      superkick on Daivari and Hogan covered for the pin. A long celebration
      with poses followed the match and the crowd ate it all.

      Random notes: The first commercial for the ECW PPV aired with voice over
      by Paul Heyman. Cool stuff. ECW fans surely marked their calendar for
      'One Night Stand'; Christian is the man! Captain Charisma had some
      cheers after delivering a funny rap on Batista, Triple H, Flair, JBL and
      John Cena. Looks like he's heading to Smackdown! after the draft for a
      program with Cena; Did you see that Hogan tattoo on the back of that
      guy? Wow! That must've hurt big time. Although he had absolutely no
      business strutting in the ring without a shirt that fan certainly has
      something that will be in his memory forever. How many people can say
      that they posed with Hogan and HBK in the same ring on a PPV? Right, no
      one. Just this guy. Well at least that tattoo did have a pay off!

      - W-O Newsletter reader Neil MacIver attended Backlash yesterday and
      sent in these off air notes. After cameras stopped rolling, Triple H
      started to argue with crowd. He told a guy who was ringside to suck his
      you know what and then made more gestures to the crowd while walking up
      the ramp. After reaching the top of the ramp he went back to the ring
      got the microphone and said, "Living in New Hampshire is Great, except
      the people are @ssholes!"

      - If you're wondering why WWE is traveling to Europe more frequent now,
      well, you have the answer right here. 14 events all sold out. Over
      104,500 tickets were sold, and the price is higher than the average live
      event show in the United States. Apart from the events, WWE Superstars
      participated in meet and greet sessions which were organized by WWE
      licensees and had a total of 16 events in the week with more than
      100,000 people attending. In a press release issued today, WWE announced
      that the Smackdown! brand is returning to the United Kingdom for the
      'WWE SmackDown! Summer Bash Tour'.

      - Today WWE announced that it had signed two deals with UK retailer ASDA
      and tabloid newspaper The Daily Star. Starting this month, ASDA stores
      throughout the country will feature the WWE brand and WWE Superstars on
      2.5 million packages of
      seven private label cereal brands. As part of the cereal initiative,
      ASDA will provide in-store point-of-sale and WWE will offer ASDA cereal
      buyers the chance to win a family holiday to the Royal Rumble
      Pay-Per-View in Miami, FL. As for The Daily Star, WWE will produce an
      exclusive DVD which will be available to The Daily Star readers through
      a national promotional campaign. The tabloid newspaper was present
      during both RAW and Smackdown! tapings in Birmingham.

      - Coyote Ugly in Boston tonight will be hosting a wrestling party before
      RAW takes over at the Fleet Center. Fans over 21 years of age are
      welcome to attend and there will be specials on selected drinks. The
      event will be sponsored by Bud. Coyote Ugly Boston is located just
      across the Fleet Center between Causeway Street and Anthony Rip Valenti

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      closing. The day's range was 10.19 - 10.61.

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