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[wrestling-online] Wrestling-Online Newsletter #238

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 1998
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      |Wednesday, December 2nd, 1998 | W R E S T L I N G O N L I N E
      | | N E W S L E T T E R # 2 3 8
      | *Issue #238* |
      | | Wrestling-Online.com's Official Newsletter
      | Editor@... | Editor: Colin Vassallo
      | |
      | Total Subscribers: 7,884 | www.wrestling-online.com



      1 i - Opening Words From The Editor

      2- World Wrestling Federation
      i - News & Rumors

      3- World Championship Wrestling
      i - News & Rumors

      4- 1998 Annual Awards
      i - Send in your votes now!

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      By Colin Vassallo
      E-mail: Editor@...

      If you haven't voted in the Annual Awards, please do so. All information
      is right in the bottom, section 4.


      By Colin Vassallo
      E-mail: Editor@...

      RAW's first hour got a 4.8 and the second hour got a high 5.2. Composite
      for the show was 5.0.

      Nitro's first hour got a 5.0, moved down to 3.8 in the second hour and
      got a 4.0 in the third hour. Composite for the three hour show was 4.2.

      RAW won the head to head ratings 5.0 to 3.9


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      2 \ \ \ / \ / ____/
      \ \ \/ /\ \/ /___ WORLD WRESTLING FEDERATION
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      \ \/ /\ \/ /
      \__/ \__/

      Wrestling-Online NewsStation

      - Sunday Night Heat got the highest rating ever since it started last
      weekend. It got a 4.5 for the 1 hour show.

      - If you want RAW, Heat and Shotgun taping results, go to:

      - The WWF commercial that will air during the Super Bowl will not just
      promote WrestleMania XV, but will have a major announcement regarding
      the March PPV that originates from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Meltzer
      says that the commercial hasn't been designed yet. Keep in mind that
      this commercial will be 30 seconds and WWF paid $1.6 million for it. (De

      - With WWF already having their merchandise sold at stores, they have
      now reached an agreement to have their merchandise sold at amusement
      parks, carnivals, fairs, etc. that are all over the world. (Joe De Leon)

      - Vice McMahon and Steve Austin arrived in the UK today for Capital
      Carnage. Vince is speaking at The Oxford Union @ 6:30pm on Thursday Dec.
      3. McMahon will be in this Saturdays Daily Telegrapth for an exclusive
      interview. Austin will be on KISS FM Radio Breakfast show this Friday.
      He and Vinnie Jones will be interviewed for Britain's top selling
      newspaper - The News Of The World - this Sunday. Be suee to check it
      out. Don't miss the DAILY STAR on Thursday the 3rd [TOMORROW!] Sable
      will be in it. She also appeared in Time Out, TV & Satellite Week and
      the TV Times. Expect to see her in the Guardian this Friday and BBC
      Radio 5 on Saturday. (Peter Gregory, RDA and Feltham)

      - Many UK fans expected Stone Cold Steve Austin to appear on this
      Fridays 'TFI Friday' on Channel 4 in the UK, but according to the TFI
      website, he won't be appearing on the popular chat show. (John Feltham)


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      \ \/ // /| | \ \/ // / WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING
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      \/ \/ \___/ \/ \/

      Wrestling-Online NewsStation

      - WCW Hotline Report, by Mark Madden | Credit: Scotsman & The Seeker

      - Greg Valentine says Hogan may start his own federation. I say Bull!

      - WWF says that someone will be stripped naked on their PPV later this
      month. I say Bull!

      - WWF announcer Jim Ross says Goldberg is a Steve Austin wannabe. I say

      - This is Mark Madden prowrestling's only real journalist. And trust me,
      somewhere within all that bull lies the truth.

      - Greg Valentine recently told a Canadian Reporter (THE LAW
      WWW.LIVEAUDIOWRESTLING.COM) that Hogan plans to start his own
      federation. Valentine also said the he will help Hogan run it. First
      off, Hogan is doing nothing but WCW for the next 2 years. Valentine
      can't help out a Major wrestling company. Valentine would suck. Yah, he
      would get over!

      - He really thinks Hogan will be face when he returns in 7 months...
      Maddens opinion. If Hogan does this, he will find out that you cant
      build a federation around Hulkamania anymore.

      - These rumors are all starting due to the fact that Fox Sports
      supposedly wants to do wrestling. Fox isn't gonna use Hogan, when and if
      they do wrestling. They will get the young hungry crazy guys to be on
      their program. They may talk with ECW.

      - Except for the announcers talking about Hogan, TNTs last 2 shows have
      been the best in aa long time (Without Hogan) WCW does not need Hogan.
      The best thing that would happen to WCW would be if he went to WWF.

      - Bischoff and Bret Hart are set to tape an episode of dateline to
      promote Brets Movie. (AWESOME MOVIE!!)

      - Talks about the Bret Screwing. Talks how Vince is an asshole

      - The Giant may be having second thoughts about leaving the WCW. Benoit
      and Jericho have been offered huge contracts. WCW is the place to get
      paid. If you get hurt, you still get paid. (WHAT KIND OF SHOT IS THAT

      - Austin gets about 2 Million dollars a year. The WWF showed the TV
      guides and said if they are sold out you may have to buy one featuring a
      retired wrestler, Hogan or a wannabe Austin (Goldberg). WWF graphics
      edited the TV guides to take out WCW info.

      - Talks about the difference between Austin and Goldberg. Says Goldberg
      is a straighshooter and Austin is cheap.

      - Family style stipulation. If Jarret wins Goldust gets stripped naked.
      If Goldust wins, Debra gets stripped. How much do you wanna bet that
      stipulation wont happen? How much do you bet I will be cheering for
      Jarrett? Damn! Oh my god! I said that all wrong! I meant I will be
      cheering for Goldust to see Debra! Yuck, Goldust naked? Arrgh

      - Former WWF Champ Superstar Billy Graham is going under the knife. Best
      wishes to him.

      - Donnie B, inferno Kid, and Twiggy Ramirez the guys that were at the
      bar with Chyna. Congrats guys. You made it to the bigtime. You got beat
      up by a girl and a fat guy.


      4 1998 ANNUAL AWARDS

      The 3rd Annual Wrestling-Online Newsletter Annual Awards! This year,
      Chris Ciolfitto will take care of everything. You have till December
      31st to vote. Send all your votes to: Chris316@... .
      Here are the categories:

      WWF Best Wrestler Of 1998 | WCW Best Wrestler Of 1998
      WWF Best Tag Team Of 1998 | WCW Best Tag Team Of 1998
      WWF Best Newcomer Of 1998 | WCW Best Newcomer Of 1998
      WWF Best Manager Of 1998 | WCW Best Manager Of 1998
      WWF Best Match Of 1998 | WCW Best Match Of 1998
      WWF Best Tag Team Match of 1998 | WCW Best Tag Team Match of 1998
      WWF Best Face of 1998 | WCW Best Face of 1998
      WWF Best Heel of 1998 | WCW Best Heel of 1998
      WWF Best PPV of 1998 | WCW Best PPV of 1998
      WWF Best Angle of 1998 | WCW Best Angle of 1998
      WWF Best Commentator of 1998 | WCW Best Commentator of 1998
      WWF Best Entrance of 1998 | WCW Best Entrance of 1998
      WWF Best Finishing Move of 1998 | WCW Best Finishing Move of 1998


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      Vassallo/Wrestling-Online. Do not print any of the information contained
      in the newsletter before first contacting the editor.

      The editor can be reached at Editor@...

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