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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1940

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2005
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Nothing to say today....back later.


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      - The post Royal Rumble RAW did a good rating, getting a 4.0 up from
      last week's 3.8. It had hours of 4.1 and 4.0. In weekend ratings,
      Velocity did a 0.4 with a 0.8 share, Experience a 0.6 with a 1.3 share
      and Heat a 0.8 with a 1.2 share. (Ratings compiled by Nielsen Media
      Research and put online by PWInsider.com)

      - After screwing up his entrance - and his knee - at the Royal Rumble,
      WWE Chairman Vince McMahon underwent surgery to repair the torn quad
      tendons. It was performed by Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, AL., and
      WWE.COM reports that the surgery was a complete success. Due to surgery,
      McMahon had to miss the trip to Japan where RAW and Smackdown! tapings
      are being held this week for the first time ever. His daughter Stephanie
      is in charge of the tour.

      - Harry Grivas, composer of many of the ECW music, announced on his
      website that WWE purchased the ECW music library from him. Grivas, known
      to fans as Harry Slash, announced on his website that the company bought
      the for 'future use in connection with WWE's library of ECW video
      footage.' With an ECW name trademarked, music library purchased -
      including the original ECW theme song - it looks like plans for the ECW
      PPV in June are going well.

      - Today WWE announced on press release that the company signed a five
      year agreement with Ten Sports TV of India. The agreement covers more
      than 2,500 hours of first run programming, including Raw and SmackDown!
      across the five years of the deal from January 1, 2005, through December
      31, 2009. Ten Sports is available in more than 30 million households via
      cable and satellite networks in India, almost half of the total TV

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the day at 12.83, a 0.54% decrease over yesterday's
      closing. The day's range was 12.71 - 12.95.


      By Andrew Bulik, [andrewbulik@...]

      Hey peeps. Who am I? Come on, it hasn't been that long! Well maybe it
      has. Yeah I was last seen Flair-bashing in this newsletter and I haven't
      written since. Why haven't I written? Well there's been nothing to write
      about to be honest. The WWE which is my wrestling mainstay has been
      boring as hell. But with the Royal Rumble, business just picked up!

      Before I get on to anything, I want to apologise to any of my fellow
      columnists who may have been offended by my previous column,
      Chris Bernes. It was unfair for me to namedrop anyone other than
      wrestling personalities in my tirade, so for that I am truly sorry. On a
      brighter note I received a lot of support for my column, in fact it was
      quite overwhelming! I didn't realise so many people felt the same way
      about Flair as I did.

      Anyway - down to business.

      A reason I stopped writing is that most of my columns were becoming
      dedicated to how much of an ass Triple H is. So I decided to stop giving
      him column inches (though from what I hear he could do with a couple
      more inches). But I can't let his latest outburst go unchecked.

      I read online that Triple H said the reason that RVD and Booker T didn't
      quite make it at the main event level is that they were missing that
      'final piece of the puzzle'. Yes, I agree with that statement. But the
      particular piece of the puzzle they were missing was that big win over
      an established main eventer. This was especially the case in the Triple
      H/Booker feud at WrestleMania XIX - Triple H was always getting the
      upper hand in the lead up to the Seattle show which says to the fans
      that the face is likely to go over at the main event. But no - Booker
      was defeated with one pedigree. One pedigree - on a night where all the
      other big matches finished with the loser being defeated by 3 finishers
      (3 rock bottoms, 3 legdrops etc). If Booker was given that win then
      maybe he'd be seen as a bona fide main eventer right now.

      The second point Trippers made that I cannot let slide, is that he
      agreed with Ric Flair's comments that Mick Foley was a 'glorified
      stuntman'!! What? Come Again? Excuse Me? Is this the same Mick Foley
      that put Triple H over during his retirement from full time wrestling?
      Is this the same Mick Foley that helped establish Steve Austin and The
      Rock as two of wrestlings legends? Is this the same Mick Foley that
      dragged The Undertaker's career out of the doldrums and made him a
      bona-fide star again.

      Is this the same Mick Foley, who despite only being a part-time
      wrestler, managed to be one half of Power Slam Magazine's feud of the
      year in 2004? The very same Mick Foley who is easily one of the greatest
      wrestling minds we've seen in the last decade. Whether it be wrestling
      (so long as he's fit), talking or bumping - Foley could beat Trippers
      hands down every time. Maybe Trippers can't handle that Foley wasn't
      able to certify Triple H as a legend the way he did Austin, Rock and
      Taker. Well Leveque - you have to do some of it yourself you know? Paul
      Leveque will never be a wrestling legend, no matter how many title
      reigns he has.

      And finally, HHH said that he didn't attend booking meetings as a
      booker, only a wrestler who took an interest? This contradicts a
      previous statement Triple H made saying that he did indeed have creative
      control. So whatever way it is he's told porkies at some point.

      Anyway, on to the Royal Rumble, which was an amazing event. Finally the
      writers got it right!

      First up was Shawn vs Edge. This was a solid opener but obviously pretty
      short. Like others on the net I could see a future for these dudes
      feuding but I don't think it will last much longer. Hopefully Edge can
      go onto a bigger feud like Shawn so obviously is. I would like to see
      Edge vs Orton at WrestleMania. When they briefly feuded on Raw a few
      weeks ago I felt it was a naturally heated feud. I think Edge and Orton
      could do good business together and I know the WrestleMania 21 Raw vs
      Smackdown rivalry is inevitable but we have to have a few Raw/Raw
      matches - don't we?

      The casket match wasn't the abysmal match I expected it to be but that
      was due to the nice use of outside interference. I like how the WWE did
      plant the seeds for this back at the Survivor Series - it was a rare
      case of decent story writing and patience shown by the WWE. The
      Heidenreich/Snitsky backstage scenes are terribly homoerotic though,
      don't you think? In saying all that I don't know if I particularly want
      to see a tag match featuring these 4 lummoxes at WrestleMania. Mind you,
      one tag match is less painful than 2 singles matches.

      The triple threat title match was also nicely executed. Some nice spots
      with the table and the barricade and the outside interference led to
      some nice storyline linkage to No Way Out's main event. However the
      outcome of this match made me wonder who the hell will be challenging
      for the belt at WrestleMania? Bradshaw's belt is the true championship -
      the one with the lineage. I don't want to see Big Show/JBL at Mania but
      who would be challenging for the belt? I can't think of anyone on the
      current Smackdown roster who would exactly be suitable. Unless Mr Lesnar
      comes back.

      The World Title match wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. It lacked
      the fizz that you want in your title match. And it was also blatantly
      obvious that Triple H was going to take the victory and also blatantly
      obvious when the fall was actually going to take place. (A major fault
      of Triple H matches is that its so easy to pick out when a match is
      going to end).

      The Rumble match was not of the standard of last year and again it was
      pretty obvious who was going to win. However it did contain some nice
      moments. It set up some nice potential feuds for WrestleMania:
      Christian/Cena? Flair/Guerrero?(well maybe not) Also Shawn Michaels vs
      Angle. Yes Yes Yes! I'm not a Shawn Michaels the person fan, but I do
      like his work. This is a dream match which would see one of the best
      workers of the nineties against one of the best workers of the
      noughties. I feel this should headline WrestleMania - not Triple
      H/Batista. The crowd reaction to the 8 man Raw vs Smackdown face-off in
      the ring shows what a goldmine the show vs. show feud would be. The
      WrestleMania I foresee is:

      - Triple H vs. Batista
      - Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho
      - Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio (this could potentially be a 4-way
      match with the Raw Chris's)
      - Edge vs. Orton
      - Flair vs. Hogan (if Hogan comes on board)
      - The Undertaker/Kane vs Heidenreich/Snitsky
      - Christian vs. John Cena for the US strap
      - Shelton Benjamin vs. Chavo Guerrero for the IC Belt (I'd like to see
      Chavo get a prominent spot and JR's declaration of Shelton's contract
      status makes it obvious he's going to wander, though it will more than
      likely be Shelton vs Carlito)
      - The Hurricane vs Tajiri vs Paul London vs Kidman for the Cruiserweight
      Title (where was Kidman at the Rumble? Is he injured? If not he didn't
      even get a qualification match!)
      - La Resistance vs The Bashams to unify the Tag Titles - I think the Tag
      Titles should be a touring title on both Raw and Smackdown due to lack
      of competition on either show
      - Bradshaw vs Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship
      - Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle

      I'm confident some of my predictions will come to fruition. Though I
      realise I'm missing some big names such as Booker T and Matt Hardy, I'm
      sure a spot will be found for them. I hope the WWE somehow get The Rock
      and Mick Foley involved in the show as well, it would be a great shame
      if these two true legends were missing from The Showcase of the

      The comedy writers have finally hit the mark with the great backstage
      segments at the Rumble and the hilarious Eugene/Forrest Gump spoof.
      William Regal is priceless at the end of this vignette. I wish the WWE
      would utilise his comedic talents more often.

      Finally, what is the WWE doing with the Cruiserweight Championship? Yeah
      I'm a little bit of a Funaki mark but even I realise his title reign
      should not have lasted as long as it has. I know they've given the belt
      to him as a reward for lengthy service (nearly 7 years!!) to the WWE in
      the same way the Godfather was given an IC reign in 1999 but the strap
      should be on someone more deserving by now. The crowd are sooo into Paul
      London yet the WWE seem so reluctant to give him that push. Also - has
      Billy Kidman had a truly bad match since he joined the WWE 4 years ago?
      Yet he is still given the "filthy former WCW wrestler" treatment and is
      not truly given a chance. Yes I know he got a mini-push in the autumn
      last year but he was never given the blow-off to his injuring-everyone
      angle, which is a shame. Billy is like Chavo and Rey and can easily hang
      with the "heavyweights" - give him a chance, he's a great performer!

      Also, the huge insult to the division was when Carlito came out to get
      his petition signed during an Akio/Funaki match. Talk about disrespect
      to your employees. Akio works his ass off and recently had amazing
      matches with Paul London, yet he gets spat on like this? It wasn't just
      Akio and Funaki who were disrespected - it was every cruiser in that
      locker room: Scotty, London, Kidman, Chavo, Shannon and Nunzio. They
      were all more or less told: "even if you make it onto Smackdown, you'll
      never be the prime focus of the fan's attention. I'm sure many more fans
      would rather watch Akio vs Funaki than Undertaker vs Heidenreich, but
      the WWE management would never admit this.

      Anyway, I'm out of here, I've waffled on enough apart from one
      non-wrestling point. I read that some muslims were up in arms feeling
      they've been victimised by series 4 of 24. Now I have friends that are
      muslim and I respect them and their religion very much, but my feelings
      are that these protests against 24 are rather unfair. Maybe in the
      current political climate it's a bit insensitive but 24 is very
      economical on where their bad guys are from. In Season 1 the bad guys
      were American and Serbian. In Season 2, the threat seemed to be
      initially muslim but it turned out to actually be a white American
      behind it all. In Season 3 the baddies were Mexican and English! So I
      think it's a bit unfair to have a go at 24 for that. I don't want to
      upset anyone, it's just my thoughts on the matter. The WWE on the other
      hand....? Well I'll save my comments on THAT for another column. If you
      have any thoughts/comments, don't hesitate to contact me on
      andrewbulik@... .

      'Til next time I'll leave you with this thought: hens love roosters and
      geese love ganders, but everyone else loves Ned Flanders.


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