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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2005
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Hey hey. Watching yesterday's RAW, I think WWE should definitely go
      ahead with the Batista - HHH program for WrestleMania 21. The guy is
      starting to get over big time and the hot crowd yesterday helped. And
      that sit down powerbomb was sick! Watching RAW on less than a 24 hour
      delay (did not stay up late to watch it) was cool. Finally watching the
      show without reading spoilers. The only time I do that is when I'm live
      at a RAW taping! LOL.

      On a completely different - and more important - subject, we have added
      links on the front page of Wrestling-Online.com to where you can donate
      money to help raising funds for the tsunami victims in South Asia. I
      just read a report where it said that UNICEF received more online
      donations in one day than it had received in all of 2003. Just a tiny
      donation will certainly help if you didn't already.

      That's all for now, back tomorrow.


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      - Paul Heyman is backstage at the Smackdown! tapings today and is
      expected to be part of the show. Heyman was recently removed from the
      creative team and later even taken off the road, putting his status with
      the company in jeopardy. It is still not clear what Heyman will do from
      now on but the fact that he's on the road again is a good sign.

      - Telephonyworld.com issued a press release today announcing a new voice
      service that will help military members and families stay connected,
      named TroopTalk. This will enable individuals to send faxes and voice
      messages by phone which are then delivered via e-mail to members of the
      US military worldwide. World Wrestling Entertainment is one of the
      partners for this project, as several Superstars volunteered to record a
      greeting message each time friends and family members send a message to
      their loved ones abroad. The Armed Services YMCA believes that the
      uniqueness of each WWE greeting will help encourage people to use the
      service more frequently, and to recommend it to others. "We're proud to
      see organizations like WWE stepping up to the plate to support our
      troops and their loved ones at home," said Frank Gallo, national
      executive director of the Armed Services YMCA.

      - W-O Newsletter reader Chris sent in word that Mick Foley was on the
      Dee Snider Radio show in Philadelphia last week as a guest and the host
      asked him about the fight backstage with Flair before the live RAW
      tapings a while back. Foley said that he promised that the first time he
      saw Flair again he would have Flair's bio book and ask Ric to sign it
      for him. Foley walked up to Flair backstage and asked Ric to sign it,
      and Flair extended his hand to shake it as it's normal for everyone
      backstage when greeting each other. Foley said he should have just shook
      it and let it all end but his ego got in the way and refused to shake
      it, asking Ric again to sign his book. Flair threw a punch and hit Foley
      right in the face and other wrestlers backstage broke up the fight.
      Foley said that Flair as a wrestler is an icon and as a kid he idolized
      him so it was weird to fight him for real there. Foley added that Flair
      hit him solid and from a sitting position too.

      - RAW aired in the United Kingdom live for the first time yesterday on
      Sky Sports and the broadcast didn't have any problems at all except for
      no sound in the first few minutes. For a show with a lot of commercials,
      Sky did a pretty good job keeping up with their own commercials instead,
      certainly a way better job than Channel 4 did with the Royal Rumble a
      couple of years back when they totally butchered the live pay-per-view.
      It will be interesting to see in the future what will happen to the
      segments that are usually cut from the show due to TV regulations in the
      UK, like product placement, violence on women and others.

      - Former WWE Intercontinental and Women's champion Chyna has been
      arrested according to Sean 'X-Pac' Waltman. In a post on his website at
      SeanWaltman.com, he said that Laurer was arrested on New Year's day for
      domestic battery, after assaulting him and punching him in the face and
      head. According to Waltman, there were witnesses when this happened
      including his two children. Laurer has been released from jail today.
      Just recently the duo released a Paris Hilton-like sex tape which was
      filmed in China, titled '1 Night In China'.

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the day at 11.90, a 0.83% decrease over yesterday's
      closing. The day's range was 11.85 - 12.04.


      >> KNIVES OUT
      By Ian Hamilton, [ian.hamilton@...]

      And we're back. In part one of the 2004 review, we looked at Chris
      Benoit's road to WrestleMania and his title win. We also touched upon
      ROH's toughest struggle to date. Now, it's time for the WWE's own
      struggle - with themselves - as they went through a harsh summer.


      WWE confirmed that Toronto would host the SummerSlam PPV. Velocity was
      moved to a prime-time time slot, with John Cena, Rey Mysterio and JBL.
      WWE taped an angle at a house show, where Eddie Guerrero's mom had a
      "heart attack" after being grabbed by JBL, to set up the Eddie vs JBL
      title match at Judgment Day. Tommy Dreamer announced on WWE.com's "Byte
      This" that he was retiring from wrestling. Brian Christopher got fired
      for showing up late. Christian was sidelined with a back injury after
      his bump card ran out in a cage match with Chris Jericho. WWE announced
      the launch of the $250,000 Diva Search, which would run on Raw during
      the summer. in Japan, Bob Sapp vacated the IWGP heavyweight title after
      being humiliated in a MMA fight. Sapp didn' t lose the title in the
      "time honoured tradition" - he simply sent the belt back in the mail.

      The PPV - Judgment Day: A dire show only memorable for two things. Eddie
      Guerrero's bloodbath en route to retaining the WWE title over JBL. and
      the debut of Mordecai. And that was about it. Sadly, this was only a
      sign of things to come for the WWE in 2004.


      John "Bradshaw" Layfield opened up the month with a certain lack of
      style, as he performed a Nazi salute, and then goose stepped on the ring
      apron, during a match at a house show. In Germany. Mortified by JBL's
      actions in Munich, CNBC quickly terminated the (newly signed) deal they
      had with Layfield to appear on the network as a stock analyst. Chavo
      Classic was handed his marching orders after no-showing a few house
      shows. He did make one final appearance for WWE, dumping the
      cruiserweight title to Rey Mysterio in his WWE swansong (how wrong does
      that sound?). Rico was put on the shelf for two months as he injured his
      hamstring as the makeshift team of himself and Charlie Haas dropped the
      tag titles to the Dudley Boyz. WWE confirmed that Raw and SmackDown
      would be taped in the United Kingdom in October - the first time the
      shows had been produced outside of NorthAmerica. Vince McMahon missed
      the Great American Bash with severe abdominal pains. I know a lot of
      people who also felt sick after seeing the show. Jacqueline (who had a
      stint with the cruiserweight title in a feud with the Chavos) was
      released by WWE

      The PPVs. We got two this month.

      Bad Blood: Triple H pinned Shawn Michaels to win a Hell in a Cell match
      which left fans split as to whether they loved or hated it. Chris Benoit
      defended the World title over Kane, after starting the show by retaining
      the tag titles with Edge over La Resistance. Eugene also made his PPV
      debut, beating The Coach.

      Great American Bash: WWE exhumed the old WCW PPV for a show in Norfolk,
      VA, which was notable for WWE killing off the Paul Bearer character.
      Bearer was "buried" in a crypt full of concrete by the Undertaker, after
      the dead man (Taker) beat the Dudley Boyz in a dull handicap main event.
      Also on the card, a Dusty finish saw JBL beat Eddie Guerrero in a Texas
      Bullrope match for the title. and the plug was pulled on Mordecai's life
      support machine, after Bob Holly stunk the joint up in his seven-minute
      PPV match with Gangrel 2004.


      WWE got some nasty shocks when house show crowd in Canada started to dip
      around the 1,000 mark. Test was ruled out for a year after undergoing
      neck surgery. He had made a return from a similar injury, but the pain
      recurred on a house show at Madison Square Garden. WWE broadcast a Diva
      Search special, where the ten finalists who would "grace" our TV screens
      would be chosen. Rikishi was let go by WWE, supposedly for milking an
      injury. WWEfiled a lawsuit against Marvel Comics over the rights to use
      the name "Hulk Hogan". John Cena was chosen to be the front man for the
      WWE's first film, "The Marine". Brock Lesnar signed with the Minnesota
      Vikings - but only for their pre-season practises.

      The PPV - Vengeance: In a card which wasn't seen by W-O's own Chris
      Bernes (who was wrongly ejected from the arena in Hartford, CT, by an
      elderly security guard, for supposedly dropping a few F-bombs - what is
      it with W-O guys getting thrown out of arenas this year?): Chris Benoit
      retained the World title over HHH in the main event; Edge beat Randy
      Orton to win the Intercontinental title in a long, boring match; Matt
      Hardy beat Kane in a no-DQ match


      Tickets for the first ever UK TV tapings got off to a worryingly slow
      start. (Ryan) Sakoda was released by WWE, after being lost in the
      shuffle. Sable was shown the door. the Round Table returned to the W-O
      Newsletter for SummerSlam. Tess Broussard, the former girlfriend of
      Steve Austin, was in the news for trying to stab "Stone Cold" in a
      restaurant. WWE announced the return of Tough Enough. Brock Lesnar was
      cut by the Minnesota Vikings. Lita and Kane "married" on Raw. also, in
      the most memorable segment from the Diva Search, four of the contestants
      cut unscripted promos on each other, which brought up everyone's new
      favourite put-down "you're a c** guzzling gutter mouth sl*t". TNA held
      their final weekly PPV in Nashville, and moved to Orlando, where
      episodes of Impact, as well as their monthly PPVs, would be held.

      The PPV - SummerSlam: Randy Orton became the youngest ever (WWE)
      champion, when he beat Chris Benoit in the main event of a strange show
      in Toronto. The crowd crapped over almost everything on the card, which
      saw Kane beat Matt Hardy to "earn the right to marry Lita". Kurt Angle
      returned to PPV for the first time since WrestleMania by beating Eddie
      Guerrero. and a shoot Dodgeball match was won by the Diva Search
      contestants against the existing Raw divas.

      We'll be back soon for part three, covering the last few months -
      featuring matches you really, REALLY want to forget!


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