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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1908

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2004
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      We're looking for off air notes from yesterday's Smackdown! tapings. If
      you were present please drop us some notes. Thanks.

      Execution...ended two wrestling careers! Did you know one was a
      woman? Did you know 5 different wrestlers have gone by the same
      stage name? Who was know as a Professional Dwarf Tosser? Think
      ypu have it all on pro wrestling? How about back to 1880? If you
      NEED more or want a great gift, check out http://www.bigbelt.net


      - A new TV deal overseas has been signed between WWE and Viasat
      Broadcasting which will launch WWE throughout Scandinavia for the first
      time in more than 10 years. Viasat acquired both RAW and Smackdown! and
      will air in Sweden, Denmark and Norway and will reach more than four
      million households. The shows will air on ZTV in Norway and Sweden and
      TV3+ in Denmark.

      - Nine months after the show, WWE today announced that it has brought an
      estimated $13.5 million of new economic activity for New York City and
      created the equivalent of 96 full year jobs. More than 50% of those jobs
      were in the hospitality sector. Spending related to WrestleMania also
      generated $2 million in city, state and federal taxes. The research was
      done by Enigma Research Corporation and categorized the event as a
      'destination event'. 86% percent of the 18,000-plus attendees resided
      outside of New York's five boroughs, with attendees coming from 16
      countries and 48 states. Spending on goods and services by these
      non-local WWE fans translated into $7.9 million of impact, with each
      non-local WrestleMania fan spending an average of $555 on goods and
      services while visiting New York. The remaining $5.6 million of economic
      activity resulted from WWE's operational spending on hotels, catering,
      security, and production for the event.

      - A new executive has joined the team of WWE Enterprises to handle
      affiliate sales. Lisa Richards has been hired as Affiliate Sales
      Director and will be responsible for the distribution and sell-through
      of WWE products to cable and satellite partners including WWE 24/7, the
      subscription video-on-demand service. Before joining WWE, Richards spent
      more than four years with the Starz Encore Group where she managed
      sales, marketing and point-of-sale activities for the Starz Super Pak,
      Starz on Demand, and STARZ! HD Premium Movie Services.

      - Today a special red carpet screening of Blade: Trinity will be airing
      at the Paramount Theater in Toronto, Canada. Triple H - who had a part
      in the movie - will be joined by Trish Stratus, Batista, Vince, Linda,
      Shane and his wife Stephanie McMahon. 'The Game' plays the character of
      Grimwood. The movie, also starring Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristofferson and
      Jessica Biel as the leading characters, opens nationwide on December

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the day at 12.10, a 0.83% increase over the previous
      closing. The day's range was 11.92 - 12.20.


      >> RAW TAWK
      By Ginger, [GLRSS@...]

      Now that we've all slept off our post-Thanksgiving triptophan induced
      lethargy, I think it's about time for some RAW TAWK!

      I'd like to open this week by thanking those of you who wrote and filled
      me in regarding Adam "Edge" Copeland's divorce and remarriage -
      including Wrestling-Online's own Ian Hamilton. I feel kind of bad about
      that "if I'd known he was taking applications for a new spouse" line
      from last week's column. From the tiny bit of information I was able to
      glean on my own, Edge was being portrayed as the "heel" in his breakup
      with Alanah Morley but, from the information so kindly provided to me by
      various Readers, it seems like that may not necessarily have been the
      case. Regardless, I wish Adam and his new wife (Lisa, I believe?) all
      the best. And now, I need to neatly package up all that info. I got in
      response to last week's column and forward it on to Linda, who was
      actually the one who made me aware that Edge's first marriage had broken

      While I'm eating crow (sort of. . .), it seems that I misspoke last week
      when I said something about Portland Oregon being six hours away from
      Mount St. Helens. I guess I screwed up, Joseph! Honestly, I was more
      or less just playfully ribbin' Roddy Piper for being overly dramatic and
      claiming that he lives "next door" to a volcano! If he's actually just
      seventy-six miles from St. Helens, I guess we live about an equal
      distance from it. What can I say? Geometry was never my best subject!

      (Before anyone writes to tell me the difference between geometry and
      geography. . .I WAS KIDDING!!!)

      And, I have one more confession to make. . . Yes, Karen, I really *am*
      that gullible! I believed Hunter and Batista were really at odds a
      couple of weeks ago and Evolution totally swerved me! However, mark my
      words, the joke will be on Triple H in the next couple of weeks (or by
      the next PPV, whichever comes first!) because, if my WSG (Wrestling
      Super Genius) sense isn't failing me, I smell a MAJOR blowup between Mr.
      McMahon's favorite son-in-law and the "Monster of Evolution" in the
      *very* near future!

      Now, about last Monday's RAW. . .

      I like Viscera and all, but how does he rate? Why was he brought back
      to WWE - whether permanently or temporarily - while Superstars like
      Rikishi, Chuck Palumbo, Johnny Stamboli, Nidia and Rico were given the
      boot? I could do an entire column on who I think should have been axed
      in their stead, but I believe that's already been done. Still,
      sometimes the choices made by Mr. McMahon just make me say

      Speaking of which, I'd like to give well deserved props to Chris Bernes
      for his column featured in Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1907. Pretty
      much everything he addressed regarding the "Mohammed Hassan," character,
      Americans of Middle Eastern descent in general, the victims of 9/11 and
      their families crossed my mind as I watched yet another worthless
      vignette. (Sorry, but can you say "Mordecai?" I think Mohammed Hassan
      has about the same fate awaiting him once he actually hits the ring.)
      Congratulations on your eloquent "open letter" to Mr. McMahon, CB! Just
      because the tragedies occurred over three years ago doesn't make them
      any less serious today. Just doesn't seem right to use 9/11 in an
      attempt to get heat for a new wrestler.

      And, while I'm questioning Vince McMahon's actions, what's up with him
      vetoing Randy Orton's Battle Royal for the World Heavyweight Title?
      Orton was the acting General Manager. . . McMahon even stated as much
      later in the evening when he said it wasn't up to him to make decisions,
      as Randy was in charge. What the Hell? Methinks someone should be
      proofreading the scripts to check for contradictions before the show
      goes on the air. (I'd like to remind the WWE powers that be that my
      services as the expert in charge of continuity and character development
      are available!) And why did V-Man use Steven Richards as an example of
      who should NOT be World Champion? I don't have a problem with Stevie
      wearing a big gold belt! (. . .and nothing else. . .)


      I was really hoping that either Edge or Batista would win the Battle
      Royal. I truly believe that Edge deserves a title shot (hopefully by
      next PPV!), but I'm also expecting to see Triple H and Batista on
      opposite sides of the law - if you will - in the VERY near future.
      keep in mind, however, that this prediction is coming from the same
      chick who - a couple of years ago - swore week after week that she could
      see a coming romance between the Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley and Stone
      Cold Steve Austin characters!)

      Anyway, back to the show and the Battle Royal to see who'll get to lose
      to Triple H *this* week. . .

      WHAT?!? Another rassin' frassin' fargin' TRIPLE THREAT MATCH?!? I'm
      SICK of triple threat matches! Sick and TIRED, I say! I may not be
      right about everything (or, you know, pretty much ANYTHING. . .), but I
      could see that coming before Benoit and Edge's feet hit the floor. As
      much as I hate this crap, I really kind of like it when the referees
      fight over who won the match. Actually, I think it would be pretty
      entertaining in situations like this if the referees had to WRESTLE each
      other to determine the winner!

      Oh no! Maven's saying mean things about Eugene! That can only mean one
      thing. . .heel turn!

      If I may be serious for a moment, I would like to take issue with the
      actions of a member of the WWE camera crew. It's sad enough that
      Victoria obviously isn't paid as well as the men on the roster and is
      forced to wrestle with a big hole in her trunks, but did that
      insensitive jerk REALLY need to embarrass her further by honing in on
      it? Tsk, tsk, tsk. . .

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KING! It sucks that they made you tap to Ric Flair on
      your b-day, though. . . To make up for it, I'll share a little anecdote
      about my son, Joey. My baby boy is twelve, in the sixth grade. . .and a
      *boyfriend.* He's actually had the same girlfriend for almost a year.
      She's a very sweet, cute girl but, being so young, I'm frankly becoming
      a little worried because I think twelve is a bit young to be in a
      "serious" relationship. My brother, God love him, is my son's "role
      model" but, when it comes to women and matters of the heart, I'm not so
      sure Joey should looking to him for guidance. I was having lunch with
      the two of them a couple of weeks ago and the topic turned to. . .'ow
      you say. . .the pectoral endowments of certain members of the fairer
      sex. I was horrified! My baby. . .talking about boobs?!? I chastised
      him, saying that a boy his age shouldn't be looking at boobs. . .he
      should still be interested in "Puppies and Butterflies."

      "But Mom," my sweet son replied, "I *am* interested in 'Puppies!'"

      Thanks a lot, Jerry Lawler!


      Speaking of "Puppies," who are all of these new chicks on RAW? Why did
      they even bother having a RAW Diva Search when they've chosen to employ
      nearly every one of the runners up? And where did Melina and Candace
      come from? And what about that surprise lingerie fashion show? Now I'm
      *really* relieved that I didn't enter the Diva Search myself. Heaven
      knows, none of the other girls would have had a chance. That said, with
      no advance warning to wear "special" undies, I have to wonder how my
      white cotton bra with the broken underwire and granny panties would have
      gone over with the Baltimore crowd? (Just kidding! I'd *never* wear a
      bra with a broken underwire. . .that pinches!)

      Rico may be gone, but it looks like the proud tradition of the Company
      "Crazy Sideburn Guy" lives on. . .with Robaire Conway!

      HA! I knew it. . .Maven is E-VIL!

      Oh, CRAP! Here we go again. . .RAW ends with a new Champion. . .but who
      is it? Is this wrestling or "One Life to Live?" Tune in next week for
      the decision. . .to be determined by the winner of Earl Hebner vs. Mike

      Plus, it'll be Chris Jericho's turn to be G.M.! This just keeps getting
      better and better. . .

      That's it for another week. I'd invite you to read "Ginger's (Sort of)
      Weekly Column" at TheRingPost.com but, since I completely missed
      SmackDown last week, here's a link to my personal website, "Just
      Ginger": http://www.geocities.com/gingerscolumn/just_ginger.html


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