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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1906

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2004
      Backyard Wrestling 2! Available NOW in stores http://www.bywgame.com
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Aloha. It was a bit of a slow weekend for news but here we are once
      again. If you're going to RAW tomorrow night please drop us the usual
      off air notes from the show. Thank you.

      Execution...ended two wrestling careers! Did you know one was a
      woman? Did you know 5 different wrestlers have gone by the same
      stage name? Who was know as a Professional Dwarf Tosser? Think
      ypu have it all on pro wrestling? How about back to 1880? If you
      NEED more or want a great gift, check out http://www.bigbelt.net


      - The WWE release of 'The Rise & Fall of ECW' is still in the first
      place on Amazon's sports top sellers rankings. The company has sold out
      of the first run of stock and Amazon are expecting the next batch of
      stock to arrive after Christmas, which puts the DVD on the pre-order
      list for another four weeks at least. Released on November 16th, the
      double disc DVD has sold tons of copies worldwide and is one of the best
      selling WWE DVDs ever produced. You can purchase it from
      WrestlingMegastore.com for $21.99 and its ready to ship immediately!

      - W-O Newsletter staff member Ian Hamilton compiled the list of WWE TV
      schedule from December 31st onwards that will appear on BSkyB. Fridays
      will have Smackdown! uncut at 9PM and Bottom Line uncut at 11PM.
      Saturdays an edited version of Smackdown! at 10AM and Bottom Line edited
      as well at noon. Another Smackdown! edited at 5PM and Bottom Line and
      7PM. Smackdown! uncut airs again at 11PM and Bottom Line uncut at 1AM.
      Sundays is a long wrestling day with Afterburn edited at 10AM,
      Experience at 11AM, Velocity edited at Noon and Heat edited at 1PM.
      Experience replay at 8PM, Afterburn uncut at 9PM, Velocity uncut and
      10PM and Heat uncut at 11PM. Mondays will see Experience at 7AM, Bottom
      Line at 8AM, Afterburn at 5PM all edited. Uncut versions of Bottom Line,
      Afterburn, Velocity and Heat will air at 10PM, 11PM, Midnight and 1AM
      respectively. Tuesdays will have Velocity edited at 5PM. Wednesdays Heat
      edited will air at 5PM and RAW uncut at 9PM. Another RAW uncut will air
      on Thursdays at 11PM. No mention yet of the live broadcast of RAW that
      will air every early Tuesday morning at 2. Lots and lots of repeats for
      the B shows as you can see.

      - Triple H is replacing Randy Orton as a guest on TSN's 'Off The Record'
      for an episode that will air on December 7th. No reason was given why
      Orton was taken off the show. OTR is 'kind' to WWE and has hosted tons
      of WWE Superstars in the past as the host Michael Landsberg is a huge
      wrestling fan and one of the few personalities who really understand the
      business and knows what he's saying during the one on one interviews. On
      a similar note, the former Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase is scheduled
      to be on the show tomorrow and Bret Hart will be on on December 13th.

      - The latest WWE album titled 'ThemeAddict: WWE The Music V6' debuted on
      Billboard's Top 200 Chart in the 38th place for the week ending December
      4th. The new album features fifteen theme songs of your favorite WWE
      Superstars and a bonus track from John Cena.

      - Smackdown! did a 2.7 rating in the overnights, which is well below
      their usual numbers but expected since the show falls on Thanksgiving.
      Final number is not out yet but there's a big chance it will be the
      lowest number in Smackdown! history ever.


      >> KNIVES OUT
      By Ian Hamilton, [ian.hamilton@...]

      God bless the DVD rental store. Or rather, the companies that do
      postal-DVD renting.

      Yesterday, I got a copy of Judgment Day 2002 posted to me, which I
      scanned through for old times' sake. Yeah, there was very little on the
      card that was memorable (apart from Kurt Angle getting his head shaved.
      or HHH flogging the dead horse that was his feud with Chris Jericho in a
      Hell in a Cell Match). However, there was one thing that struck me on
      the show - "damn, that crowd was loud".

      Okay, so it was about two and a half years ago, but that's only showing
      how quickly the WWE's fallen. It may not be as bad as WCW, but it's
      heading there.

      Join me back in 2002 if you will, at the unfortunately monikered Gaylord
      Entertainment Center in Nashville. We were at the start of the brand
      extension, with joint PPVs still being held (although, confusingly, JR
      and King were doing commentary for every match). On the card that night
      were the likes of William Regal, D'Lo Brown, Eddie Guerrero, RVD, Trish,
      Stacy, Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman, the Hardy Boyz, Stone Cold, Ric Flair,
      Edge, Kurt Angle, HHH, Chris Jericho, Rico, Billy, Chuck, Rikishi (wow,
      all four members in THAT match are gone), Hulk Hogan and Undertaker.

      Now look at today's roster. D'Lo's gone. Ditto Brock, Jeff Hardy, Stone
      Cold, Rico, Billy, Chuck, Rikishi and Hogan. While WWE may have
      benefited from the returns of the likes of Chris Benoit from injury,
      their continuous clear outs of the mid card have left them pretty bare
      in the roster department. Especially when those "midcarders who can't
      get over" have been replaced by midcarders who can't get over. and are

      I'm aware that WWE needs to move with the times and create new
      superstars. Unfortunately, they have all but failed to do that - and
      that is clear to see just by looking at the main event picture. The only
      new faces who've been promoted up to the main event are Chris Benoit
      (who never really got a push as the Bret Hart champion of 2004 - if only
      because of a certain somebody's insistence that he get the belt back);
      JBL (who's bombed massively as a champ); Eddie Guerrero (ditto, but it
      wasn't for the want of trying); and Randy Orton (the less said about
      him, the better).

      Notice how I didn't include Booker T in that mob. Well, Booker's push
      has been varying wildly throughout the past few years - from curtain
      jerking comedy tag teams, to the odd singles push as IC and US champ,
      before being kicked into the main event for Survivor Series.

      Any fool can tell you that WWE has no idea what to do to get out of
      their current slump. While entertaining skits like the NFL spoof may get
      them some coverage (unfortunately, at the same time as they announce a
      bad set of financial results), it is not going to get them out of their
      existing rut on its own. They will help (but obviously, they have their
      own place in the show) - but what will benefit the WWE even more is by
      trying something called LONG TERM PLANNING.

      The November roster cuts did hurt the undercard badly. It also exposed a
      lot of communication problems - like the debut of a new column "written"
      by Rico in the new SmackDown magazine. The only problem is. he was
      released before the magazine hit the newsstands. D'oh!

      That's only one example; I could quote more. How about the major botch
      job that was the Randy Orton face turn, which has put a MAJOR dent in
      his ambitions to be taken seriously as a World title challenger heading
      into WrestleMania 21? Or WWE running adverts to get people to go to a
      live edition of Raw that they're watching on TV (people in Buffalo will
      know exactly what I'm talking about here)? And I've not even started
      talking about the new talent they've brought in.

      Carlito has a good character. the gimmick kinda fits him. So why does he
      need a bodyguard all of a sudden? Surely Aaron "Jesus" Aguilera would be
      better suited in a role other than a generic Caribbean guy wearing his
      pants up to his armpits? Maybe WWE could exhume the Conquistadores
      gimmick for Aaron again.

      What about Tyson Tomko? Well. what about him? He's a so-called "Problem
      Solver". All I see is a green roid boy with a load of tattoos and a
      dodgy beard. Was that REALLY the best WWE could do with him - have him
      as a proverbial ball and chain around the character that is Christian?

      Mordecai - what the hell were they smoking? Ditto Hirohito and the
      alternative gimmick for Heidenreich (a thawed out Nazi, who'd been
      frozen in time since the late 30s). and don't forget Voodoo Booker T!

      There's no question that WWE's current booking plan is akin to throwing
      sausages/mud/sh*t (delete as applicable) onto a ceiling. Eventually,
      something will stick - but how many fans are they going to lose by doing
      this, instead of settling down into something more concrete than title
      challengers who go after a belt for more than a month?

      I know my patience is being tested. WWE, yet again, it's over to you.


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