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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1881

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 11, 2004
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      So Superman is gone. What a sad day. RIP Christopher Reeve, you're da

      Pre-Order the limited edition Million Dollar Man Replica Title Belt!
      from http://www.wrestlingmegastore.com


      - For the first time ever RAW takes place in England tonight! Tapings
      ended just a few hours ago at the Manchester Evening News Arena in
      Manchester. Matches on the show are Stacy Keibler vs Trish Status; La
      Resistance vs William Regal & Eugene; Val Venis & Steven Richards vs
      Hurricane & Rosey; Rhyno vs Chris Jericho; Chris Benoit, HBK & Edge vs
      Triple H, Batista & Ric Flair. W-O Newsletter staff member Ian Hamilton
      was live at the show and if you want to know what happened you can read
      the whole results at

      - Former NFL and AFL Football Players, Mike Mizanin of MTV's the Real
      World, UFC Champions, Military Personell, and USA Track & Field Members
      are among the 50 contestants who were invited for the trials of the
      'Tough Enough' that will be held this week during a two day tryout at
      Venice Beach, CA., on October 15th and 16th. 8 competitors will be
      chosen to compete in the $1 million Tough Enough segments on Smackdown!
      throughout the fall. The first day will start at 11:00AM and continue
      until approximately 6:00PM, when the first round of 'cuts' will take
      place. The second day will start at 10:00AM for the remaining
      contestants, and they will be put through another round of training and
      'in-ring' activities to show-off their strength, stamina and charisma.
      Judging will be done by WWE Superstars and Tough Enough Trainers, Al
      Snow and Bill DeMott in conjunction with the WWE Talent Development
      group. The segments will start on Smackdown! on October 21st. Each week,
      a contestant will be eliminated based on fan voting leading up to the
      finale on December 16 when the winner is declared.

      - Another book from Mick Foley will be out next month released by WWE
      Publishing along with Pocket Books. Release date is October 26th for the
      book titled 'Tales From Wrescal Lane', an exciting illustrated book for
      both children and adults. The press release issued by WWE states that
      the book features a story about WWE Superstars as they grow up on the
      imaginary street of Wrescal Lane. Young Rock, Stephanie and Shane
      McMahon, Kurt Angle, Triple H, Dudley Boyz and others are in the book,
      as they learn important lessons, including the importance of sharing and

      - W-O Newsletter reader Steven Black attended the live WWE event in
      Cardiff, Wales and sent in these results. Tajiri & Rhyno defeated
      Hurricane & Rosey; Maven defeated Chuck Palumbo; Trish Stratus & Molly
      Holly defeated Victoria & Nidia; Shelton Benjamin defeated Val Venis; La
      Resistance defeated William Regal & Eugene; Chris Jericho defeated
      Christian and Edge; Kane defeated Gene Snitsky; Chris Benoit, Randy
      Orton & Shawn Michaels defeated Triple H, Ric Flair & Batista.

      - W-O Newsletter reader 'RageandChaosDX' attended the live WWE event in
      London, England and sent in these results. Tajiri & Rhyno defeated
      Hurricane and Rosey; Shelton Benjamin defeated Val Venis; Nidia & Maven
      defeated Molly & Chuck Palumbo; Gene Snitsky defeated Kane; La
      Resistance defeated Eugene & William Regal; Chris Jericho defeated Edge
      and Christian; Trish Stratus defeated Victoria; Randy Orton, Shawn
      Michaels & Chris Benoit defeated Triple H, Ric Flair & Batista. Before
      the show fans got to meet Batista and Flair at the Woolworths store in
      Harrow. According to our reader, both seemed in a very bad mood as they
      didn't shake anyone's hand or opened their mouth. Flair looked pissed
      off throughout the whole signing.

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the day at 12.09, a 0.08% increase over Friday's
      closing. The day's range was 12.00 - 12.12.


      By Chris Bernes, (thelegacyoftruth@...)

      The title of the latest CD by the speed metal masters Megadeth can
      accurately describe my feelings on the recently released PWI 500:
      The System Has Failed.

      Let's be honest: Most of us actually like the 500, and relegate
      themselves, if they read those magazines at all, to buying only the 500
      the year-end award issue. And, more often than not, we are happy or
      pleasantly surprised by the issues.

      I am not happy with the PWI 500 for this year.

      Originally billed as "Ranking the top 500 wrestlers in North America",
      the issue has expanded to include some of the best Japanese and
      European talent as well. For someone not familiar with those wrestlers,
      that makes for a great tool to learn about stars from abroad in the
      event they come here to the US to perform. I am not upset with their
      inclusions of "foreign" talent.

      I am, however, annoyed with their feel-good picks of largely WWE talent
      that casts a large shadow on those who deserve to be ranked
      higher, but get snubbed in favor of the Big Boys.

      So, as I do yearly, I will break down the top 10 ranked wrestlers
      currently plying their trade mainly in North America, with Chris's
      ranking for that particular star, as well as who I feel would have been
      a better choice at that spot.

      (If you have not yet seen the 500, buy or steal one, read it, then come
      back to this column... I will wait...)

      Welcome back. Here is Chris's PWI top 10 (North America only):

      1- Chris Benoit. Who had a better 12 months than the Crippler? Unless
      you are married to the boss's daughter, nobody!! Who could forget the
      sight of Benoit finally claiming the big belt at WrestleMania 20? Who
      can forget the standout matches that Chris has been putting on for
      years, only to be overshadowed by "bigger" names and "better" talent.
      It was once said to me by a former wrestler that "Benoit could have a
      five star match with a Kleenex and get a standing ovation for it!" This
      rank was a long time coming.
      Amended rank: 1
      Who deserves this spot more: Nobody.

      2- Eddie Guerrero. Another star who finally made it to the pinnacle of
      his career. His reign as WWE Smackdown Champion is a testament to his
      hard work in the ring, as well as his hard work battling his demons
      outside of it. But unfortunately, his rank was one notch higher than I
      would have made it. There is only one person who had a close enough
      year as far as in ring performance to Benoit. Eddie was not it.
      Amended rank: 3
      Who deserves this spot more: A.J. Styles. Read on for my take on A.J.

      3- Triple H. Must be nice to be your Father-in-law's favorite
      employee! I'll admit, Trips has always been a hard worker. However, he
      is a
      lot like some WWE champs of the past, and will not move over to let some
      other deserving names hold the big belt, save for Benoit and Randy
      Orton. Trips is always at the top, and will always be at the top, as
      long as his behind-the-scenes influence is strong ... or until Steph
      leaves Trips for the "Truth"!!
      Amended ranking: 15
      Who deserves this spot more: Eddie Guerrero (You read that one already)

      4- Randy Orton (raked 5th in the issue behind Japan's Kenta Kobashi).
      This guy has seemed to be a star waiting for his breakthrough. Being put
      with Son-in-law didn't hurt. But with that exposure, Orton shows night
      after night he belongs in the top tier, and should be there for a very
      long time. Much like the Rock, Randy came out of the box fast, both
      guns blazing, and worked his backside off to maintain his high level of
      stardom. Since this ranking is for the last 365 days, I feel Orton was
      ranked fairly.
      Amended Rank: None
      Who deserves this spot more: Nobody.

      5- John Cena (ranked 7th in the issue behind Toshiaki Kawada). Up 5
      slots from last year, Cena is enjoying a great ride. His upcoming movie
      role will no doubt cement him as a star of Rock-like proportions. His
      push to the upper crust, just below the actual top of the mountain, is
      well deserved. But the ranking isn't. He is about two years away from
      being polished enough to warrant a ranking in the top tier of the 500.
      While entertaining, he just needs a bit more time.
      Amended rank: 14
      Who deserves this spot more: Christopher Daniels. One of the top 5
      independent practitioners of wrestling in the United States. If you
      have not seen Daniels perform, either live or through the magic of
      video, what the hell are you waiting for. He has the best moonsault
      and he ain't afraid to tell you, either!

      6- A.J. Styles (ranked 8th in the issue). Styles is just what his
      nickname says he is: Phenomenal. I had seen him on video, but it wasn't
      until seeing him live that I was truly hooked. No matter how much
      Clevett pushed the man's talents to me, I was unwilling to give A.J. his
      just due. That time is now! A.J. has the ability, charisma, and desire
      to be the very best in the years to come.
      Amended rank: 3
      Who deserves this spot more: Shelton Benjamin. Injuries aside, Benjamin
      is showing he is ready for the real prime time. When that day comes, you
      heard it here first!

      7- Shawn Michaels (ranked 9th in the issue). OK, I have a hard time
      with this one. I am a huge HBK fan. Always have been, always will be.
      He is as good today at perhaps 80% of his former workrate than a lot of
      guys on the scene. But being better than most guys does not mean you
      are the 9th best in the world, or in the North American wrestling
      circuit. This is a lot like watching Ric Flair 5 years ago ... the aura
      outshines the actual performance. It hurts me to say it, but HBK of
      2004 isn't as good as this ranking says he is. He is still a great
      performer, but his glory is a feel-good trip back to 1994-1997, when no
      one was better than the Heartbreak Kid. Sadly, today, there are many
      who are better.
      Amended rank: 26
      Who deserves this spot more: Ron "The Truth" Killings. Never a bad
      match. Never a dull moment. This guy is a big game player who should
      be back with the big company in Connecticut.

      8- Chris Jericho (ranked 10th in the issue). From the top, Jericho is
      an amazing performer. Great in the ring. Great on the mic. He has
      become a steady hand, and can have a good match with anyone. This is
      right where he ought to be this year. Hopefully, he'll get another run
      at the top in the coming year. The IC belt is great, but the World
      strap is better, and perfectly suited for Y2J. Are you listening,
      Amended rank: none
      Who deserves this spot more: Nobody.

      9- Jeff Jarrett (ranked 12 in the issue behind Hiroyoshi Tenzan). The
      only word to describe this ranking is "Ugh." A case of the promotion
      being the catalyst for a ranking. Jarrett is on again off again NWA
      champion, and while he is another favorite of mine, he is not now, in
      year 2004, a top 15 wrestler. Jarrett is a big fish in a small pond,
      and it's easy to look great when you book yourself to be that way.
      Jarrett was once fond of saying "Ain't I Great", and the answer is yes,
      you are ... but so are a lot of other guys ... and they are better!
      Amended rank: 19
      Who deserves this spot more: Samoa Joe. Admittedly, I went into my
      first ROH show thinking Joe was another big island boy who didn't have
      the skills to pay the bills. I was wrong. Joe is one of the better
      young stars on the Indy scene, and is more deserving of the spot Jarrett
      has. He is certainly worth more than the 34th place ranking he garnered
      on the PWI 500. The more I see of Samoa Joe, the more of a fan I

      10- Kane (ranked 13th in the issue). Think about where Kane was just a
      few years ago. Teaming with X-Pac, RVD, and various others over the
      span of five years as he watched the light at the end of the tunnel get
      farther away. Main events were few and far between. Then, in the
      summer of 2003, someone came up with the idea to unmask Kane and revert
      him into the monster heel that we were introduced to in October of
      1997. Kane may be a lumbering lummox, and may have the skills of your
      average big man, but the truth is Kane is back in the top tier. His
      match with Benoit for the title was as good as he's ever looked ... of
      course, one could argue that Benoit carried Kane, but it takes two to
      tango, and Kane held up his end of the dance. A good spot for this
      Amended rank: none
      Who deserves this spot more: Nobody.

      Of course, many of you may disagree with what I have said here. Maybe I
      dissed your faves, or felt I should have put so-and-so in place of
      so-and-so. Well, the name at the top of the page is mine, and this is
      my opinion. Am I wrong or right about these ranks? Who knows. I'm sure
      you'll let me know.

      But just for the sake of having your voice heard, the first three people
      to send me their amended rankings will have their top 10 list printed
      in my next opus.

      Until then, remember: Hot buttered elves are not a toy.


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