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  • Colin Vassallo
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Ok, no I didn't manage to go through the whole PPV without sleeping.
      Tomko/Richards did it for me. It was around 2:30AM and I dozed off big
      time. Thank God I taped it...but still...that PPV was crap apart from
      the ladder match and main event. Oh well, for next time.


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      - It's been seven long months since Triple H wore the World Heavyweight
      title around his waist so it was just about time that the gold went back
      to the often-dubbed '5th McMahon'. Randy Orton's youngest world champ
      title reign didn't last long as yesterday Triple H regained the title
      after interference from Batista, Ric Flair and even the Coach as a
      referee. A bloodied Triple H blasted Orton with a nasty unprotected
      chair shot to the head followed by a Pedigree to secure the pin. Triple
      H is now a nine time world heavyweight champion. Ric Flair better watch
      out, sixteen is not so far away!

      In other matches, from main eventer to 'curtain jerker' Chris Benoit
      teamed up with William Regal to take on Ric Flair and Batista of
      Evolution. Ric Flair took some good chops to the chest while the crowd
      chanted the trademark 'Woooo'. The match ended with Benoit locking the
      crossface on Flair and the 16-time champ submitting; Trish Stratus
      remained the Women's champ by defeating Victoria. Tomko interfered in
      the match and later they 'mysterious lady' stormed to the ring to help
      Victoria. Tomko challenged this person to a an impromptu match which
      killed the crowd completely. This 'lady' was Steven Richards, and he
      ended up losing too; Chris Jericho became the new Intercontinental
      champion after an amazing ladder match against Christian. Some cool
      stunts during the match with one nasty move which saw Jericho landing
      flat on the ladder from the top; Shawn Michaels returned and defeated
      Kane with some tiny help from Lita. HBK hit Kane with his Sweet Chin
      Music for the pin; La Resistance also kept their Tag Team titles by
      defeating Tajiri and Rhyno.

      Random notes: Sucks for Chris Benoit who spent all the PPVs main
      eventing from WrestleMania till last month and now he's back in the
      opening matches. There goes all your hard work buddy! Did you hear the
      crowd chanting boooooring during the Tomko/Richards match? Jeez if you
      didn't you have some pretty bad speakers. Talk about a mass murder, they
      so totally killed the crowd; Christian and Jericho busted their balls
      big time and gave us a pretty good ladder match. Some scary bumps there
      too with Jericho almost having a ladder up his @ss. The refs noticed too
      because both of them jumped in the ring immediately!

      - WWE.COM conducted two interviews with the newly crowned champions
      Triple H and Y2J Chris Jericho. HHH talks about being the champ for nine
      times and getting closer to Hogan's 12 title reigns and Flair's 16. He
      also talks about potential challengers for the World title. You can read
      it at http://www.wwe.com/news/headlines/1276567 . Jericho's interview,
      where he also talks about getting the IC title for the seventh time, can
      be read at http://www.wwe.com/news/headlines/1276585.

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the day at 12.35, a 3.52% increase over the previous
      closing. The day's range was 12.03 - 12.45.

      - It will be the first time that the Divas will get physical on RAW
      tonight as the final two contestants will battle it out in a 'Seattle
      Slugfest' boxing match. Carmella, Joy and Christy will have to survive
      an elimination first before the remaining two will get their hands on
      each other. Joy and Christy will probably pray to have Carmella on the
      other side of the ring as they will have a chance to knock her out after
      all the trash talking of a couple of weeks ago.

      - Live events in Canada this past weekend were said to be horrible with
      not so many people attending the shows in Calgary and Edmonton. The
      Smackdown! brand toured Canada this time around and according to reports
      they didn't even have 3,000 fans combined. Canada, just like overseas,
      is usually pretty popular with WWE fans but it seems like the Canadian
      fans are doing just what the fans in the US are doing - not going to
      house shows! Overseas shows remain the only big profit business for WWE
      when it comes to live events.


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