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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1863

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2004
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Hello all. So here we go with another week....can't wait for the next
      one, my iPod is coming!!! Woooooo! God bless Apple and MP3s! :)

      Order the Ric Flair book 'To Be The Man' for just $17.99
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      - The dream didn't last long for the former WWE champion Brock Lesnar.
      Yesterday the Minnesota Vikings announced that it cut the 'Next Big
      Thing' from practice squad which means Lesnar is now free. Coach Mike
      Tice said that Lesnar gave him a hug after the announcement and he was
      thankful for the chance they gave him. Lesnar is now looking to join an
      NFL Europe squad to polish his work, hoping to get another shot next

      - THQ/Jakks Pacific today shipped the new WWE game 'Day Of Reckoning'
      for Nintendo Gamecube. "We're confident that WWE Day of Reckoning
      captures all the action, excitement and attitude of the world-recognized
      World Wrestling Entertainment brand," stated Phillip Holt, Vice
      President of Product Development, THQ. "WWE Day of Reckoning delivers
      the GameCube's most comprehensive WWE experience to date with its
      compelling story mode, graphical upgrades and inclusion of new features
      including legends and licensed music." Developed by Yuke's Co., Ltd. of
      Japan, WWE Day of Reckoning features more than 40 WWE Superstars. New
      features include an all-new story mode, entitled, "School of Hard
      Knocks," where players start in the "minor leagues" of sports
      entertainment and take their created Superstar up the ranks of the WWE.
      Throughout the story mode, players will encounter several deceptive
      twists in their elusive quest for a WWE contract and Superstar status.

      - W-O Newsletter reader Trevor Hunnicutt attended RAW this past Monday
      and sent in these notes. The upper bowl on the TV side, as well as the
      nosebleeds on all four corners of the arena were closed off. Some dude
      who had been loitering since the beginning of the show, got into an
      altercation with security over tickets. This distracted many people
      during the La Resistance match. Eventually, four cops took him out of
      the arena, and everyone resumed booing Coach. Before the Highlight Reel,
      the Big Show's music was accidentally and briefly played. Nothing
      newsworthy happened after the show ended. Evolution took Triple H back
      and Eugene and Orton celebrated for awhile.

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the day at 12.01, a 0.91% decrease over the previous
      closing. The day's range was 11.94 - 12.18.

      - The 2004 annual meeting of stockholders of WWE will be held at 10AM on
      September 23rd at the Westin Hotel in Stamford, CT. This will be a
      business meeting and no WWE Superstars will be at the venue. The meeting
      will be done to discuss the WWE business and elect the board of
      directors and confirm WWE's auditors.

      - W-O Newsletter readers Ellen Gush and Craig Stahl attended the live
      WWE event in Brisbane, Australia on the 28th and sent in these results.
      Kidman, Paul London & Rey Mysterio defeated Spike, Bubba Ray & D-Von;
      John Heidenreich defeated Billy Gunn; Charlie Haas defeated Kenzo
      Suzuki; Luther Reigns defeated Funaki; Torrie Wilson defeated Dawn Marie
      & Miss Jackie; John 'Bradshaw' Layfield defeated Eddie Guerrero; John
      Cena & Rob Van Dam defeated Booker T & Rene Dupree; The Undertaker
      defeated Kurt Angle. If you want a full detailed report from the show,
      Ellen Gush wrote a pretty nice one which you can read at


      >> W-O TOP 20
      By Ian Hamilton, [ian.hamilton@...]
      with collaboration from
      Jason Clevett, [j_clevett@...]
      Ginger, [glrss@...]
      Jon Beck, [jon.beck@...]
      Lekisha Oliver, [belleofthebrawl@...]
      Andrew Bulik, [andrewbulik@...]

      For those of you who didn't read the first part (shame on you), this is
      how it went down. yours truly, Jason Clevett, Ginger, Jon Beck and
      Lekisha Oliver compiled a list of their top 20 wrestlers, based on their
      performances from August 1, 2003 to July 31, 2004.

      (The following is part two of three, from #20 to #11, the last part will
      be in a later issue)

      As with any survey of this kind, we were always going to get a load of
      wrestlers named. In fact, 51 different wrestlers were nominated during
      the voting procedure. Issue 1861 of the Wrestling Online Newsletter saw
      the results from 21st place to 48th (there were a few ties). and today,
      we reveal the 2004 Wrestling Online Top 20 Wrestlers. (I really have to
      come up with a snappier name for this).

      ** 20th: The current, reigning and masochistic (did you see At Our
      Best?) ROH World Champion, Samoa Joe. Polling 19 points, coming from
      yours truly and Jason Clevett, this is what we had to say.

      Hamilton - "he is another wrestler who's impressed me in my recent dive
      into indy wrestling. Sure, his matches tend to be generic (with the same
      spots repeated), but tell me how many wrestlers don't go through matches
      without a set arsenal of moves? His handing of quite easily the sickest
      wrestling match of 2004 (not counting the bullshit "death matches") on
      March 13 was admirable, and you can't be ROH champ for a year without
      having SOME ability."

      Clevett - "he has been the cornerstone for ROH's continued survival and
      has done more for the ROH title than anyone thought was possible. Went
      60 minutes with CM Punk, nuff said."

      ** 18th: We had another tie here, with Victoria polling 20 points, along
      with a guy who must hate Billy Kidman right now. Well, he will do when
      he remembers.

      Unsurprisingly, the two votes for Victoria came from the two ladies who
      voted in this.

      Lekisha - "A brutal match with Molly Holly allowed this former
      cheerleader the opportunity to regain the WWE Women's Championship.
      Although many do no appreciate the look and the performance that the
      former Godfather's Ho has done, but Victoria has had class the entire
      way to the top of the Women's Division."

      And for Chavito, Andrew Bulik and Jason Clevett provided the points for
      the former master of Pepe. Again, this is what we had to say about

      Clevett - "Quietly continued to be a great performer once Uncle Eddie
      won the belt, their feud never got to be what it should have been."

      ** 17th: Something of a surprise choice here, as perennial NWA:TNA champ
      Jeff Jarrett cracked the top 20, thanks to Lekisha and Jason, who had a
      word of advice for TNA as they prepare for a new era.

      Lekisha - "Every Wednesday and Thursday, TNA Wrestling fans have flocked
      to the Asylum in Nashville and to Universal Studios in Florida to see
      the brainchild of NWA Champion Jeff Jarrett. While being at the top of
      his company, the next member of the list is nipping at his heels for the

      Clevett - "When he wrestles, can still be entertaining, he just isn't
      the guy to be building the company around."

      ** 16th: Given the acrimonious departure of this next entrant, you would
      be surprised that he featured on anyone's list, let alone three. sorely
      lacking a good opponent for most of the 12 months we featured, Brock
      Lesnar lost a lot of momentum along with his WWE title in February, but
      he provided one of the more memorable moments of a fairly dour 2004 so
      far. here's what we said about the wannabe footballer.

      Bulik - "Seems almost pointless putting him in this list after he took
      his ball home. Will he ever be welcome back in the WWE? The wrestling
      fans are so much more net-savvy that WWE officials and magazine
      journalists will have you believe. Will be very hard for him to shake
      off the cry-baby tags when/if he returns. Had great matches in the last
      year but to be fair, he has had great opponents in Guerrero and Angle.
      Failed to make Bob Holly seem like a serious threat."

      Hamilton - "I'm only putting the guy in here for the comedy value he
      gave us all in New York at WrestleMania. He floundered badly in the
      second half of 2003, and after dropping the belt to Eddie Guerrero, you
      could tell that he was just running on autopilot before his eventful
      exit. Maybe he could have done with some better advice - like not
      announcing it to the locker room days before a major show?"

      ** 15th: Despite failing to win any fans over after his return from neck
      surgery, our 15th placed wrestler actually cracked someone's top three.
      So, let's see what Ginger has to say about herself for putting Edge in,
      while myself and Jon Beck also admit our collective sins:

      Beck - "For the last time, Edge doesn't suck. Maybe all he needed was
      an Intercontinental run to rekindle his spirit. Now that he's got that,
      look for Edge to continue improving, both inside and outside the ring
      (that is, on the microphone). If he buckles down, improves his ring
      skills and works on the mic a little more, he may live up to my now
      long-deceased description of him as 'the next HBK." I see tremendous
      potential in him (as I did when he first arrived on the scene with the
      Ministry). I hope others see it, too - his potential may come out more
      than you know. Definitely a world title contender within the next year
      or two, I think."

      ** 14th: One of the more entertaining stars on SmackDown polls in at
      number 14, with the former WWE Cruiserweight champ Rey Mysterio landing
      with 28 points. Beck, Bulik, Clevett and myself handed the points to Rey
      Rey, and this is why:

      Beck - "Still the best cruiserweight in the industry, Rey, though he has
      won the title on numerous occasions, continues to be underutilized like
      most of his SmackDown! colleagues. Kudos for him for dropping the strap
      for Spike Dudley - though Spike didn't make the list, he deserves
      mentioning here - this could be just what he needs to get going in his
      WWE career. Mysterio, though, continues to be loyal to WWE and
      SmackDown despite his lack of use on screen."

      ** 13th: For all of the backlash we saw when he won the belt in June,
      you'd never have guessed that the former APA member would have gotten so
      high in this list. Yet he has - and you can blame myself and Lekisha for

      Lekisha - "This Texan has done what some wrestlers could never say; I am
      a best-selling financial author. While he proved that he had a mind for
      finance, a mind for wrestling has also taken all the knowledge and
      worked his way to the top of his game."

      ** 12th: With his return from a back injury imminent, we might as well
      remind you all about the other half of E&C. Christian makes it to number
      12, with a healthy spread of votes, from Bulik, Clevett, myself and

      Ginger - "Trish Stratus isn't the only one who misses Mister Christian!
      Not only is he one of the most talented (and underrated) wrestlers on
      the WWE payroll, but he's provided a wealth of comic relief over the
      years. Remember the tantrums? "Speaking European?" Some people may
      have believed Christian would fall by the wayside when his partnership
      with Edge ended, but that hasn't happened. He hasn't really been given
      a push, to speak of, but he's been put in some pretty interesting and
      entertaining storylines. It doesn't seem that he's been given much
      singles wrestling time, though. Instead, he's been teamed with partner
      after partner. I'm hoping that, ultimately, he and Edge will end up
      together again to make us laugh with another round of their goofy

      ** 11th: For a wrestler who's been on the active roster for all of four
      months, being this high on the list is surprising. If I told you this
      guy had been in OVW for years, and had to watch as many-a green muscle
      head was called up ahead of him, you'd guess who it was. so step forward
      - Eugene??

      Bulik - "A true enigma in the current climate of the WWE. Nick Dinsmore
      has done the impossible in making this character 'work'. And he also
      seems to be able to carry off the in ring work too. However the
      character can only have a limited shelf-life and match with Trippers at
      SummerSlam should go a long way to determining Eugene's longevity. Where
      does he go from there? I don't have the answer to that."


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