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  • Colin Vassallo
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Hope you had a nice July 4th to all those who celebrate it. My two weeks
      of 14 hour daily shifts are coming to an end this coming Sunday. Wooo.
      Back to normal life starting Monday. Phew.

      Wanted: wrestling booker. 1,600+ wrestlers at your disposal.
      Think you can handle it? TNM 7 Second Edition


      - The Chairman is back in business. After being sidelined for a week
      with internal injuries, the Boss returned on the road yesterday
      attending the RAW tapings and today the Smackdown! tapings. McMahon was
      given orders by doctors last week to stay home resting after being
      diagnosed with diverticulitis, pain located in the lower left part of
      the abdomen. He missed the Great American Bash PPV last week and the
      following TV tapings.

      - W-O Newsletter reader Rohan Unrau was at the RAW tapings yesterday in
      Winnipeg and sent in these notes. The arena was around 3/4 full, with
      security putting some fans opposite the cameras so it looks full on TV.
      After the show went off the air, Benoit cut a promo in the ring about
      how he will beat Triple H and Edge will beat Orton come Vengeance. He
      then said that 'these two Canadian boys' will have all the gold, for a
      nice pop from the crowd. They took a Canadian flag from a fan and held
      it in the ring to end the show. Not surprisingly Chris Jericho got the
      biggest pop from the hometown crowd.

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the day at 13.15, a 0.38% decrease over yesterday's
      closing. The day's range was 12.70 - 13.20.

      - Dave Scherer of PWInsider.com is reporting that weekend live events
      drew horrible crowds, with Saturday's show in Kenora, Ontario drawing
      less than 1,000 fans - including free tickets distributed. That won't
      make the boys or the people back in the Stamford offices happy. The
      other two events in Sudbury and Regina drew 2,500 and 1,200
      respectively. Although a bit better than the one in Kenora, it's still
      bad since WWE is usually a hot ticket in Canada.

      - WWE Superstar Chris Jericho was honored with the Buffalo award on
      Monday on the south lawn of the Manitoba Legislature in his home town of
      Winnipeg. He got the award for his wrestling achievements and his
      charity work with the children. "Chris has always maintained his roots
      and has been an individual who has given back to his community,
      especially underprivileged children," Premier Gary Doer said. The
      Winnipeg Sun has an article about this which you can read at


      By Jon Beck, [jonathan.beck@...]

      In today's edition, I am going to comment on two separate issues, the
      first being the newly-national NWA and the second being a folow-up of
      my colleage's article on the lack of quality we now see (or don't see,
      for that matter) with current WWE programming.

      First, to comment on NWA:

      I was sharing with Jason Clevett the other day about what, since TNA's
      "Total Impact Wrestling" came to Fox Sports Net a few weeks ago, I
      thought of this new franchise. What, exactly, are my thoughts, then?

      The TNA brand kicks some major posterior.

      With the use of incredible tallent that you likely won't find on WWE
      television for at least the next two years, an original six-sided ring
      for increased areal assault, and action that could only be seen in the
      days of ECW, the NWA is quickly turning into a force to be reckoned

      Not to mention the weekly (yes, you heard me right - weekly)
      Pay-Per-View events every Wednesday night for only $10.

      Now, I admit it. I would much rather see a show on Monday Night to
      bring the smackdown to RAW's doorstep (what?), but until that happens, I
      am content with shelling out 1,000 pennies on occasion to get my NWA
      fix. I'll also admit that the ten dollars is money well spent, since a
      videocassette often accompanies me to the living room for some easy
      recording and later reflection on the amazingness that is the NWA.

      If you don't get Fox Sports Net in your area, then I would suggest
      spending the ten bucks to see what you think, if you haven't already.
      If you do, like most of the world, get FSN, then you have no excuse -
      get off your lazy rear end and tune in on Fridays at 3 o'clock. At
      least, that's what it is for me - the timeslot may very in other areas.
      But regardless, make sure you see this, because there is, once again,
      competition in the world of Professional Wrestling, and it comes in the
      form of NWA: TNA.

      Now, as Eric would say, "on to the meet and potatoes..."

      When Jason Clevett's article was submitted to the Wrestling-Online
      viewership, he returned to his computer to find one word sitting in his
      IM box:


      I couldn't agree more with Clevett's analysis of the WWE programming,
      for it has been nothing short of incredulous and darn near unwatchable
      the last few weeks (exception - last night's RAW headlined by Chris
      Benoit and Edge vs. Ric Flair, Triple H and Eugene). SmackDown needs to
      do something fast to turn their product into a credible show again,
      because the show downright sucks. I've never been so miserable watching
      a wrestling broadcast, but I do it anyway, since I just might write a
      column laying the libel down on the WWE's candy @$$.

      What needs to be done? There is no telling. But you can start with
      more curiserweight action, get the real "wrestlers" off of the
      jobber/MIA list, and get folks like Kenso Sazuki out of there. Maybe
      it's time for Tazz, who is currently the WWE's top color man, to dawn
      the tights and boots once again. Maybe it's time for Michael Cole to
      take a speech and vocabulary class in order to stop confusing words like
      "gallant" and "valliant". That's right, Cole - take your pick, but it's
      not "galiant". And, clearly, Michael Cole needs to stop excessivley
      watching RAW tapes, because he is qucikly picking up JR's "running lie a
      scalded dog" curse, which JR has sense replaced with "whipped like a
      government mule".

      Not to mention the lack of variety of tallent on WWE smackdown. Or
      maybe it's the fact that Layfield is the champion, a man who has held
      neither the Intercontinental nor World straps on any occasions. Why did
      he deserve this push? Someone clue me in... I'm missing something. The
      man can't wrestle worth a darn - he makes Billy Gunn look like a Chris
      Benoit or a Kurt Angle - and to top it all off, his mic skills are

      Maybe it's time for the craphole that is the brand extension to come to
      an end. Something that was originally designed in order to be compared
      to WCW now is nothing of the sort - there is no sense of competition in
      the two shows. They've even began plugging each other with the weekly
      "Rebound" segments. The only sense of competition that I get is that
      one program sucks and another program really sucks.

      Take a hint, WWE - clean up your act before you start losing more fans.
      As a viewer of almost 17 years, I'd hate to be your latest casualty.
      Oh... I forgot - you don't really care anyway.

      Peace out.


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