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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1839

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2004
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      If you're attending any of the weekend live events please drop us some
      notes and results from the shows. Thanks.

      Order the WWE Hall Of Fame DVD special - 6 hours of footage
      from http://www.wrestlingmegastore.com - Now Shipping


      - Bad Blood got a pretty bad buyrate this year according to WWE,
      receiving only 260,000 buys. Last year's event, which was headlined by
      Triple H vs Kevin Nash in a Hell In A Cell match did approximately
      320,000, which shows a nice drop despite a Triple H vs Shawn Michaels
      HIAC main event.

      - The following videos are on Billboard's Top 10 Recreational Sports
      chart for the week ending July 10th. 'WrestleMania XX' is in first
      place, 'Judgment Day 2004' is in second and the 'Hall Of Fame' in fifth
      place. All three videos can be purchased from WrestlingMegastore.com on

      - WWE.COM is hyping up a big announcement for fans in the United
      Kingdom. Although nothing was revealed on the site, the statement reads,
      "For all you fans in the UK, we have something really special in store
      for you! We are going to be doing something in the UK for the first time
      ever! Check back soon for more information and keep watching us on Sky
      TV for more on this big announcement!" This big announcement is expected
      to be the RAW and Smackdown! tapings this October at the Manchester
      Evening News Arena in Manchester.

      - Former WCW champion Diamond Dallas Page has announced on his mailing
      list that he has separated from his wife Kimberly. Page kept the news
      short, saying it was on good terms and no 'bad blood at all'. "We love
      each other very much and talk on a daily basis. We both just need a
      little time to ourselves right now and I hope that you will respect our
      privacy," DDP added. Page recently returned to the ring after an absence
      of around two years when he was diagnosed with a back problem and was
      ordered to stop wrestling.

      > RATINGS
      - Smackdown! scored a 3.2 rating with a 6.0 share, up 0.1 from last
      week's show. (Ratings compiled by Nielsen Media Research and put online
      by PWInsider.com)

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the week at 13.20, a 3.53% increase over Thursday's
      closing. The day's range was 12.71 - 13.20.

      - The website Fool.com which covers stocks and trading has a commentary
      up done by one of its staff members Seth Jayson regarding World
      Wrestling Entertainment and it's current status in the stock market.
      It's a pretty interesting read, and you can check it out at


      By Chris Bernes, [thelegacyoftruth@...]

      And now, from the friendly confines of Jewett City, Connecticut, it's
      time for the main event of the evening.

      So, for the thousands in attendance, and for the millions watching at
      home.......Ladies and Gentlemen......LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLET'S GET READY TO

      - I thought for sure my 1985 DeLorean had transported me back to 1995 a
      la Michael J. Fox. Shawn Michaels is a top contender to the World
      Championship, and Ken Shamrock whipped the snot out of Kimo inside the
      Octagon. Just to be sure, I turned on my radio... and wouldn't you know
      they were hyping the reunion of Judas Priest. Suddenly I feel 10 years

      - I knew I was back in good old 2004 when I rented an NWA-TNA weekly PPV
      and saw a hexagonal ring (That means six-sided, Clevett!!). Then I had
      the misfortune of watching just about every TNA performer doing the
      herky-jerky around that same ring trying to figure out if they were
      getting shot into the ropes or whipped into one of the extra 6
      turnbuckle pads. What drunken idiot came up with this idea?? Nothing
      like confusing the men and women you pay to perform. Instead of
      flawless execution and breathtaking highspots, you get something short
      of bad backyard wrestling, albeit with a ring.

      - You know the way most of you hate Trips for winning all the time, and
      positioning himself near the top of the card? Well, that's how much I
      hate NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon, and for the same reasons. The problem
      is (and I am willing to admit it) both men are that talented and deserve
      their success. It doesn't mean you have to like them... it just means
      they are, to swipe a phrase from HHH, that damn good.

      - A surreal moment in the life of Chris Bernes: I was a groomsman in my
      friend Ken's wedding, and when the wedding party was introduced at the
      reception, we were ushered out to the Kurt Angle theme music. To top
      that off, all the groomsmen were presented with tickets to WWE
      Vengeance, live from the Hartford Civic Center here in Connecticut. I
      sure do hope Eugene is there, and he wins the World Championship.
      Did I just say that? I have to remember not to get loaded up on beer
      before writing my columns....

      - The Chris Benoit DVD is due out soon, and I for one am looking forward
      to seeing it. The last few WWE DVD's that have utilized old NWA/WCW
      footage have been remarkable. Let's hope the same care is paid to the
      Benoit DVD. Also look forward to November, when WWE Home Video has
      tentatively announced the "Rise And Fall of ECW" DVD. Now, where's the
      Eugene DVD???

      - Note to Kane: I'm glad I could help, really. It was truly my
      pleasure. But stop telling people you are Lita's "Baby Daddy", when you
      damn well you sent me in to pinch hit for you!

      - Note to Matt Hardy: You ain't the "Baby Daddy", but I'm sure you'll
      raise it like your own.

      - Note to WWE: Did those last two sentences sound sort of "Days Of Our
      Lives"-ish to you, almost bizarre?? Well, that's what that stupid
      story-line is!! Next thing you're going to sell us is that Victoria and
      Lita are in some sort of HLA partnership!!!

      - Note to Victoria: If that comes true, send me those pictures!!!!!

      - Do you think it's about time for another "Truth Mega Quiz", or Truth
      Poll 2004?? I know we had fun doing those last time out!

      - How 'bout them Yankees!!! Best record in the majors!!! Eat that,
      Nomar, Schilling, Pedro, and Manny!!!

      - The time has come. The planets are all in line. The universe is now
      ready. It is time for the return to US rings of the Rapmaster, P.N.
      News, and when he comes to Smackdown, he can be lumped in with the other
      rejects like Mordecai, Kenzo Whateverhisnameis, and Mr. JobberBoy
      himself, Nunzio.

      - Where the hell has the beautiful, vivacious, curvaceously delicious
      Dawn Marie been lately??

      - How long does Rosey have to be a Super Hero In Training before he gets
      to be a real Super Hero?? Geez, Batman only trained Robin for 6

      And, a shameless suggestion of the week: For pure rock and roll fun
      that should not be taken too seriously, pick up a copy of the Gene
      Simmons solo CD, his first since his 1978 solo album, titled A**hole.
      Quite an interesting package. If you'd rather read a book, grab a copy
      of "Why You Crying", the autobiography of ABC's TGIF Friday lead
      comedian, George Lopez. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and it will be worth
      the money, unlike a SmackDown PPV!!!!

      That's it for me. Time to run the neighborhood children off my lawn
      with my hunting rifle!!

      I'll be back soon.


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