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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1838

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2004
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Nothing to say today, back tomorrow.

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      - Yahoo! News is carrying a story by Variety which reveals how Eric
      Bischoff is throwing his hat in the reality series craze. The former WCW
      President and current RAW General Manager is teaming up with his long
      time friend Jason Hervey, Scott Sternberg Productions and Hilton hotel
      heir Rick Hilton for a new reality TV series called '777'. The show will
      follow seven high rollers who each agree to put $1 million in the pot
      and over the course of seven days the contestants will live together in
      a Vegas suite and compete in gaming sessions. The prize? $7 million, or
      technically $6 since $1 million would be theirs already. Sternberg,
      Bischoff, Hervey and Hilton will be producers of the show and the
      William Morris Agency will shop around networks this week. Bischoff will
      be off television next week, and this story probably explains his

      - Former WWE women's champion Jacqueline has been released from her
      contract with World Wrestling Entertainment according to several
      reports. She hasn't been used much on TV over the past year and was
      recently brought back to our screens to participate in the Cruiserweight
      Title angle with Chavo Guerrero and his father. She was the longest
      running diva along with Terri Runnels, who also left the company on her
      decision while back.

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the day at 12.75, a 1.92% increase over yesterday's
      closing. The day's range was 12.37 - 12.79.

      > RATINGS
      - Last week's 4.2 rating was somewhat of a success however this week
      numbers went back to the 3's, with RAW getting a 3.7 with a 5.9 share
      off hours 3.4 and 3.9. In weekend ratings, Velocity did a 0.5 with a 1.1
      share, Experience did a 0.6 with a 1.9 share and Heat did a 0.7 with a
      1.3 share. (Ratings compiled by Nielsen Media Research and put online by

      - W-O Newsletter reader Barry D attended the live Smackdown! show on
      Monday in Winston-Salem, NC., and sent in these results. Rey Mysterio,
      Spike Dudley & Funaki defeated Chavo Guerrero, Shannon Moore & Jamie
      Noble; Mordecai defeated Hardcore Holly; Kenzo Suzuki defeated Billy
      Gunn; Rob Van Dam defeated Rene Dupree; John Cena defeated Booker T;
      Nunzio & Johnny Stamboli defeated Kidman & Paul London, Akio & Sakoda
      and Basham Brothers; Luther Reigns defeated Charlie Haas; Mark Jindrak
      defeated Scotty 2 Hotty; Torrie Wilson defeated Dawn Marie and Miss
      Jackie; Eddie Guerrero & The Undertaker defeated John 'Bradshaw'
      Layfield & The Dudley Boyz.


      By Jason Clevett, [j_clevett@...]

      It’s been awhile since I’ve written. Simply put it’s a combination of
      being insanely busy coupled with rapidly losing interest in a lot of
      what the WWE has to offer. I don’t watch Smackdown anymore, I still
      catch RAW but honestly, you read plenty on those shows and the WWE in
      this newsletter and elsewhere on a daily basis. I don’t want to just add
      the same opinions and thoughts that are already out there. I enjoy
      writing because it is fun, but like anything else when the fun is gone
      you really find yourself sitting at the keyboard staring at a screen and
      then surfing instead.

      Honestly, as good as RAW has been at times, I find myself leaning more
      towards settling back and watching an RoH DVD or
      another indy tape then anything that the WWE is offering.

      It’s a sad state of affairs, as now even longtime fans are getting
      discouraged. On Sunday, the final nail was driven into the coffin. For
      the first time in a year and a half, I skipped a PPV. I either catch
      them at Bottoms Up Sports Pub in Calgary, which is a legal WWE venue, or
      order it with friends. I just didn’t care about the show, at all. You
      can imagine my reaction when I get this message on my MSN.

      “JBL = New WWE Champion.”

      My response wasn’t appropriate to print. A quick search of some sites
      confirmed it. Wow, that is a hell of a reprimand. That’s it, I quit. Are
      you listening WWE? Your fan base is turning you off, more and more of us
      are not caring, why should we when it’s obvious you don’t give a damn
      about your “secondary” show. Your champion is a bully, a homophobic
      redneck asshole who your audience hates, not in a “Boo you are a heel”
      kind of way but in a “Boo get off my screen.” You do pointless angles
      where you imply that someone gets murdered. You push the utterly
      worthless Kenzo Suzuki, who makes Nathan Jones seem like a seasoned
      veteran, and talentless hacks. You insist on wasting PPV time with women
      who can’t even wrestle, or have their shoulders on the mat when they get

      The guys who have so much potential, like the super talented Charlie
      Haas are being virtually squashed to generic big tattooed guys that no
      one can remember which is which. Paul London, who is an absolutely
      INCREDIBLE wrestler, is languishing in Velocity Hell. You made the
      cruiserweight title a joke, now your World title is a joke.

      Why should we care? It’s not like we matter. I mean its not like people
      who read or write for this newsletter flew thousands of miles to be at
      Wrestlemania. Some of them have done it more than once. Friends and I
      are planning on trekking down to LA next year to see Mania. We probably
      still will because it is Wrestlemania. But that costs a great deal of
      money, a good chunk of which goes into the WWE’s pocket.

      It’s those hardcore fans like us that buy every DVD, watch every show,
      and buy the tickets that are not watching anymore. Because of crap like
      this. You had me so excited early on in the year. You shocked me, in a
      good way, when Guerrero beat Lesnar for the belt. You gave the right guy
      the win in the main event of Wrestlemania. You pushed guys like Randy
      Orton and Shelton Benjamin who should be big players in the future. It’s
      obvious that you guys have some type of idea of what works. Now why
      don’t you use it?

      As much as TNA’s weekly screwjobs piss me off, at least they give me
      something to watch with the X-Division and a bunch of talent that WWE
      would probably never even look at. WWE dropped the ball with guys like
      D-Lo Brown and Raven. But hey lets shove fricken BOB HOLLY down our

      Well guess what, the fans that care about wrestling are looking at other
      outlets. A lot of them dump on TNA, but there’s still RoH. There are
      still a number of really good independent wrestling companies in North
      America. Some are looking towards Japan and Mexico to get their fix.
      You aren’t the only ones out there, despite your mentality. Given the
      choice these days of 4 weeks of TNA, or two RoH DVD’s, and a WWE PPV?
      You can guess whose getting my money as of late.

      My friend Wes hates wrestling. A lifelong fan, and his interest has

      You’re rapidly pushing me in that direction WWE. Every time you laugh at
      me “Oh he’s just a smart mark, thinks he can run the company” and give
      me more crap, you make me die a little more. Your saying “Screw you, you
      just pay our bills you aren’t important.” Yeah well fine, here’s my
      response. Screw you too, because I’m not watching.


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