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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , May 28, 2004
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Well dammit my favorite TV show, '24' is over. Watched the final episode
      yesterday. If you never caught the show, get the first two seasons on
      DVD, and they will hook you up, guaranteed. Too bad we have to wait till
      January 2005 for the fourth season!! Grr.

      Back later.

      Order the WWE Hall Of Fame DVD special - 6 hours of footage
      from http://www.wrestlingmegastore.com - Now Shipping


      > RATINGS
      - WWE received a bad call this week as numbers for RAW don't look
      promising. The show did a 3.5 rating with a 5.4 share off hours 3.3 and
      3.7. That is down from last week's 4.0. The overrun did a 4.4. In
      weekend ratings, Velocity did a 0.4 with a 0.8 share. Experience did a
      0.5 with a 1.4 share and Heat did a 0.8 with a 1.5 share. Summing
      everything up, looks like it was a crappy week as far as numbers go!
      (Ratings compiled by Nielsen Media Research and put online by

      - The UPN special on Eddie Guerrero titled 'Cheating Death, Stealing
      Life: The Eddie Guerrero Story' did a disappointing 1.1 rating with a
      2.0 share. (Ratings compiled by Nielsen Media Research and put online by

      - The RAW brand crew is currently in the United Kingdom for four live
      events. Two of them were done in Dublin and Belfast, today in Manchester
      and tomorrow in Birmingham. All four events are said to be sold out,
      which is quite a change lately compared to the US live events. All
      Superstars will catch a plane on Sunday to Montreal, where they will be
      doing RAW on Monday. WWE returns to Europe in June and then in October.

      - Stephanie McMahon appeared during the RAW brand live events in Dublin
      and Belfast, Ireland for the first time in front of a WWE crowd since
      she disappeared from TV. McMahon opened the show by explaining how her
      family's heritage is Irish. There are no plans for Mrs Triple H to
      return to our TV sets at the moment.

      - In an angle played out during yesterday's live event in Belfast,
      Ireland, WWE agent Fit Finley got to see his hometown crowd and trade
      some blows during the show. After his match, Johnny Nitro brought the
      Irish tough man out and praised him. Finley then turned around to go
      back and Nitro attacks from behind. Finley recovers quickly and fights
      back, ending Nitro with his trademark piledriver.

      - The following videos are on Billboard's Top 10 Recreational Sports
      chart for the week ending June 5th. 'Wrestlemania XX' stays in the first
      place, the Divas 'South of the Border' DVD is in fourth, 'The Monday
      Night War' in sixth and Undertaker's 'He Buries Them Alive' in tenth.
      All mentioned videos can be purchased on DVD from

      - After last week announcing that 'The Great American Bash' PPV will be
      free to USO affiliates, today WWE issued a press release saying that the
      PPV will also be free to all military personnel and veterans, as a thank
      you for their service to the country. Military personnel who order 'The
      Great American Bash' PPV will be reimbursed the retail price of $34.95
      upon receipt of a copy of their cable or satellite television bill and
      proof of their military service.

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the day at 12.16, a 1.46% decrease over the previous
      closing. The day's range was 11.90 - 12.25


      By Chris Bernes, [thelegacyoftruth@...]

      One of the hotter topics I would usually cover in my once a month Random
      Thoughts rants is actually going to be the focus of an entire
      column. This particular topic has been quite the discussion point in
      chat rooms, other sites and newsletters, and amongst my "wrestling"

      The topic is Nick Dinsmore, known now world wide as the lovable loon

      One of my friends actually commented to me that he "couldn't believe
      they are treating Nick Dinsmore this way". What way? By giving him a
      spot on the main roster? By pushing him straight to television? By
      associating him with the likes of William Regal, The Rock, and Chris
      Benoit? From where I sit, that looks to be a pretty lofty perch Nick

      But how, many wonder, can he be happy playing something along the lines
      of what has been referred to as "retarded"? A "Rain Man" type without
      counting the toothpicks that hit the floor? Let's be realistic: The
      fact that Dinsmore is portraying a character that, say, Triple H or
      Christian could not pull off says something about his acting ability.
      Couple that with the fact that Eugene is getting OVER (and that is
      O-V-E-R in capital letters) everywhere he goes playing the slow thinking
      loon is again a testament to his dedication to his craft.

      Why would I stick up for the Eugene storyline? Well, despite the fact
      that my best friend Jason has put Eugene at #2 on my list of favorites
      right behind HBK (in his eyes only), I am not a huge Eugene fan. But I
      am a fan of what the character and the storyline represent: The
      underdog who beats the odds, and fun.

      Yes, fun. I have a sort of soft spot for the fun characters. I loved
      the Boogie Woogie Man, Jimmy Valiant, while growing up. In the 80's, I
      am ashamed to admit out loud (thus losing any cutdowns on the
      aforementioned Jason for liking this man) that I too shook my arse when
      Junkyard Dog came to the ring. Of course, I can't forget to mention
      that I was always a big fan of the longest reigning Intercontinental
      Champion of all time, The Honky Tonk Man. In the 90's, it was PN News,
      Johnny B. Badd, and the original incarnation of Double J... that's
      J-E-double F, J-A-double R-E-double T, Jeff Jarrett. And earlier this
      decade, it was all about the Cat, Ernest Miller.

      And Eugene is fun. Yes, the character borders on offensive to some, but
      Eugene can flat get it done. Plus, he is showing how good he is while
      playing the slow, dim-witted dude. Not as easy as it looks.

      Eugene is also the underdog in his storyline. Who would ever think
      Eugene- the character Eugene- could beat a top flight wrestler? Who
      would ever think a top flight wrestler like Benoit or Rock would ever
      befriend Eugene? Credit the Creative team for making the unbelievable
      believable. Because as I look out at the crowd during the wide pan
      shots on Raw, there are more Eugene signs than there are Jericho signs
      lately (sorry, Ginger). Is that insulting to Jericho? No, it just
      means that for now, his popularity takes a back seat to Eugene...

      ...and that is Eugene, the next big thing. Eat that, Brock!

      Nat, John, Sal, and Steven P. were the first to correctly identify
      KISS's "Psycho Circus" and ELP's "Karn Evil No. 9" as the two songs
      quoted in my second to last column.

      Suggestion of the Week: What do you get when you cross a sober
      guitarist with the sounds of Lynyrd Skynyrd combined with the power of
      Black Sabbath? You get the latest from Black Label Society, titled
      "Hangover Music Vol. 6". A bit slower than most BLS CDs, but still a
      great piece of music. Zakk Wylde finds new ways to vent his creativity
      and his passion for not only metal, but his rockabilly roots as well.
      Try it... you just may thank me for it!

      Until next time, remember: The difference between Fenway Franks and
      Yankee Franks is that Yankee franks are available during the World


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