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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2004
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      - Oh Canada! The second biggest event in WWE's calendar is coming to
      Toronto, Canada this Summer as RAW and Smackdown! will present
      SummerSlam live from the Air Canada Centre on Sunday August 15th! This
      was confirmed yesterday by WWE's travel department who issued the new
      SummerSlam travel packages.

      - And speaking of travel packages, two different packs are available for
      SummerSlam - Platinum and Silver. Platinum packages cost $780 per person
      and include ringside tickets, commemorative SummerSlam chair plus
      two-night hotel accommodations at a Toronto area hotel. Silver has the
      same but tickets in the first elevated level and no chair. In both
      packages, each person shares a standard hotel room with two-night
      accommodations. If you're interested in purchasing packages e-mail
      Travel.Packages@... . Cut off date is May 24th.

      - Starting today, Velocity will no longer be airing at 10PM EST and will
      move to an earlier timeslot of 7PM EST on SpikeTV. WWE lined up John
      Cena, Rey Mysterio, John 'Bradshaw' Layfield and others for today's show
      hoping to attract a bigger audience at a better timeslot.

      - The new WWE show 'Experience' will start tomorrow morning on SpikeTV
      at 10AM, returning to an old timeslot which has been a staple in WWE's
      programming for years every Sunday. The show will be hosted by Todd
      Grisham and WWE Diva Ivory, this week from Times Square in New York
      City! 'Experience' will have highlights from both RAW and Smackdown! as
      well as behind the scenes footage ala the recently slashed Confidential.
      This week's special feature will be Trish's and Christian's cover shoot
      for the May edition of Raw Magazine.

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the week at 13.76, a 1.78% decrease over the previous
      closing. The day's range was 13.72 - 14.20.

      - Smackdown! did another 3.1 rating for Thursday's show, the same as
      last week. (Ratings compiled by Nielsen Media Research and put online by

      - The following tickets went on sale earlier today. Live WWE event at
      the Palm Springs Convention Center in Palm Springs, CA., on Monday May
      17th; Smackdown! tapings on Tuesday June 1st at the Air Canada Centre in
      Toronto, Canada; RAW live on Monday June 14th at the Nutter Center in
      Dayton, OH. For more information call the arena box office.


      By Chris Bernes, [thelegacyoftruth@...]

      Among the throngs of pro-ROH mail I recieved in the past few weeks was
      one that I simply could not ignore. It came from what I
      consider an anonymus source (I won't reveal the email adress from which
      the tip came from), and it read simply this:

      "Check out this website: www.saverob.net"

      Needless to say, I checked out the website, and was surprised at what I
      saw. A website that was not out to bash former ROH founder
      and RF Video owner Rob Feinstein, but a site dedicated to searching for
      the truth behind the perverted-justice.com sting against Feinstein.

      Well, being the curious sumb*tch that I am, I contacted the webmaster,
      and requested a forum to find out why he has taken up the
      fight for the deposed sports-entertainment innovator.

      The owner, Sean Edmunds, was more than gracious with his time amongst
      the chaos that he had going on in his college life, and sat
      down with me, via the fabulous internet, to share with me the how's,
      why's, in's and out's of www.saverob.net. Here below is the unedited
      transcript of that chat.

      Chris Bernes: Sean, to begin, explain what affiliation, if any, you
      have with Rob Feinstein?

      Sean Edmunds: I have no affiliation with Rob Feinstein. I didn't know
      who he was before I read the pervertedjustice transcript. I haven't
      watched wrestling in a few years (since 99' to be exact) and have only
      seen a couple shows because my cousin had an extra ticket.

      CB: Well, having been to your site, www.saverob.net, there is a strong
      feeling of devotion there, like the old ECW fan had to anything attached
      to the company. What prompted you to start saverob.net?

      SE: A friend of mine had left a link to his profile on the site, and I
      left it there for about a day before clicking on it. While reading the
      transcript, I immediately began to question some of the actions by the
      pervertedjustice operative. Accusing someone of being a "wannabe
      pedophile" is very serious, and after finishing reading the log, I felt
      as if the site was doing a grave disservice .. so I immediately bought a
      domain name and began to piece together my concerns. It was really
      because, right off the bat, I saw problems with the way that this
      supposed bust went down.

      CB: I, too, have read the transcript, and being the son of a retired
      cop, I believe in innocent until proven guilty. But it seems many
      sites, as well as fans, have already decided Rob is guilty. Your FAQ
      section does point out that Rob has had no charges filed against him,
      but is only guilty of (if anything) arriving at the predetermined
      meeting point. Do you think the general public is concerned with that
      overwhelming point, of Innocent till proven guilty?

      SE: I do not think that the general public has been / or would be /
      concerned with the point of innocent until proven guilty. I think that
      due to the severity of these allegations that people's gut reactions
      tend to overpower their logic. Rob has had no charges pressed against
      him, and I seriously doubt that there will be charges pressed against
      him in the future.. I also believe that pervertedjustice doesn't allow
      its audience to come to the "innocent until proven guilty" decision. By
      bolding certain aspects of the conversation, and by offering little side
      comments, they are holding the hand of the log's viewer and saying "Look
      at this! Look how awful this is! He's a wannabe pedophile!", without
      giving the viewer a chance to come to an objective decision.

      CB: I'll admit, I do not know Rob either, but have had the chance to
      meet him once at an independent show a year or so back, so I am in no
      way carrying a flag for him. This will be a two part question: 1-Why
      carry the flag for Rob with seemingly nothing to gain, and 2-Even if the
      chat log was tampered, isn't it a bit disturbing that a man in his late
      20's would even entertain the thought of "chilling" with a 14 year old
      boy? I mean, I am 31, and my youngest friend that I chill with is 22.

      SE:1) I chose to support Rob because he was the first person I had seen
      on pervertedjustice. Reading through the log I was surprised, and
      angered, that someone had the audacity to put this up and accuse someone
      of being a wannabe pedophile. Little did I know that there have been
      worse cases. After I made the site and looked at other people's
      reactions, I noticed that there were a lot of people who were jumping on
      the 'Bash Rob' bandwagon. It is pretty awful when people kick someone
      when their down, especially when you realize that these allegations are
      subpar, at best.

      CB: Fair enough.

      SE: 2) I'm not quite sure Rob actually thought that the operative was
      14. Afterall, the operative says in the log that he looks old enough to
      buy cigarettes without being ID'ed.. I don't know about you, but I am
      almost 21 and I still get carded. Also, throughout the conversation he
      has doubts about the real age of the operative, and even questions him
      after the supposed phone conversation. Do I have some questions about a
      man in his late 20's trying to chill with a 14 year old? Yes. Do I
      have those same questions when the man in his late 20's possibly
      believes that the person he is talking to is much older than what they
      say? No.

      CB: Being that Rob Feinstein is a semi-public figure in the
      pro-wrestling game, do you think that this is why some of these
      have been blown out of proportion, as opposed to it having been a 28
      year old chef, or a 29 year old insurance salesman?

      SE: I believe that due to his status as former part-owner of Ring of
      Honor that this is partly the reason that this has been blown
      open, but I also believe its because Rob had some enemies in the
      wrestling business who definitely took advantage of these
      accusations. I think another reason is that those people have also
      ridden this thing so hard to try to drag his name even
      deeper through the mud ... and by those people I mean Bob Barnett.

      CB: Please explain, for the clarity and understanding of our readers,
      where Bob Barnett fits in to this ordeal.

      SE: Barnett, from what I've heard read by him, had previous problems
      with Rob Feinstein .. As soon as this supposed bust took place, he was
      right out there on the frontlines attacking him. He even posted some
      messages that Rob left on his answering machine and ridiculed him. The
      way he is basking in these allegations is ridiculous.

      CB: Since Feinstein did nothing to warrant criminal charges, and all the
      pubic has against him is NBC 10 (Philadelphia) footage of him arriving
      at the site, was it wise for him to step down as president/owner of RF
      Video and Ring Of Honor?

      SE: It was wise for both Feinstein and for Ring of Honor and RFVideo.
      As I've stated before, accusations like these are nothing to fool around
      with. People immediately get a sour taste in their mouths. For Rob to
      step down as part-owner of Ring of Honor was done so that those two
      businesses could survive financially. If you've been to the
      pervertedjustice forums, you'd see that they contact every venue that
      Ring of Honor is going to perform at and inform them of the supposed
      bust. By playing on the fears of the uninformed, pervertedjustice is
      inhibiting the management of Ring of Honor and RFVideo. I think it was
      wise for him because he his staying on would possibly have caused the
      destruction of the two companies he worked hard to promote.

      CB: I was at the ROH 2nd anniversary show on March 13, mere days after
      the allegations came to light, and the crowd was enormous for such a
      small venue. The people I spoke to could have cared less about what Rob
      did or did not do, they were there for the product being put in front of
      them. Do you think Rob could have stayed on, in a diminished role,
      rather than bowing out completely?

      SE: I doubt it. I think that by using the "pedophile" card against
      Feinstein, pervertedjustice, their operatives, and the people who visit
      their forums, would cause enough raucous to cause financial distress to
      the company. Its fine when you have tons of fans packed into a venue,
      but you need the venue first. If Feinstein had stayed on in any
      capacity, I do not think that Ring of Honor would have survived. What
      happens if and when Rob is proven to be innocent, is beyond me. It is
      hard for me to believe that Rob Feinstein will come back to Ring of
      Honor because of the ability of pervertedjustice to use him against the

      CB: Has there been any thought of contacting Feinstein, in association
      with your website, to get his side of the story out to the public?

      SE: I regularly e-mail Rob Feinstein with feedback e-mailed to me by
      people who visit the site, as well as different piece of legal
      information that I scrounge up. He knows about the site. I do not
      believe that Rob will come out with anything publically yet by request
      of his lawyers, but that is my own speculation.

      CB: I guess that is his own decision, but even other suspected
      pedophiles speak out in their own defense, guilty or innocent. Why not

      SE: As I just said, I believe its because his lawyers have requested
      that he not make any public decisions. It may be his own private
      decision, it may be his lawyers' request, or it may be a combination of
      both. Different people work in different ways. However, I can say that
      you will not be seeing a 'Right of Reply' coming from him anytime soon.

      CB: Can Rob bounce back from these allegations and go back to doing what
      he loves, being involved in pro wrestling?

      SE: I don't know him enough to make that kind of assumption. I would
      hope that he could bounce back and go back into wrestling .. but being
      accused of being a wannabe pedophile is a pretty serious thing.. It all
      comes down to whether or not Rob has the determination to come back into
      wrestling. I don't know him enough to answer the question any other

      CB: In the event Rob steps up and fights against these allegations, as
      well as his accusors, and perhapsd is proven "innocent", do you see the
      public that has bashed him backing off in any way?

      SE: I believe some will. I'm sure that there are people out there who
      will be convinced that Rob did not plan on doing anything illegal with
      the supposed '14 year old' once it is shown that he is innocent of these
      accusations. But I don't think that those who have personal issues with
      him will back off, and I'm guessing they would continue to use these
      allegations in a hurtful manner.

      CB: Sean, I thank you for your time, and wish you continued success with
      your website, and the fight to clear Rob's name.

      SE: Thanks for giving me this opportunity. The people at (website URL
      removed) had asked for an interview, and I accepted, but then they
      ignored any attempts that I made to get in contact with them to set up a
      time. I'm glad to see that some sites do, indeed, stick true to
      their word. :)

      For those of you interested in seeing the site, the name is
      www.saverob.net, and Sean and company have done a fie job.

      Song trivia winners will be announced in the next column.... only 6
      people were exactly correct!!!

      As for now, the suggestion of the week definetly goes to all wrestling
      fans worldwide: "Spin The Bottle: An All Star Tribute To KISS" is a
      must have for any KISS or wrestling fan. Why? Because not only is this
      CD packed with great interpretations of KISS tunes, but WWE mainstay
      Chris Jericho (yes, Ginger, I said Chris Jericho) performs the KISS
      "Klassic", "King Of The Nighttime World". And, if you act now, the CD
      comes with a bonus DVD packed with interviews with the stars that helped
      make "Spin The Bottle" one mammoth deal!!! From Lemmy to Mark Slaughter
      to C.C. DeVille to the aforementioned Y2J, this disc is worth the $17.00
      (That's about 395.00 in Clevett money, and 47,000 pounds in Ian
      Hamilton's currency!!!!)

      Until next time....Uncle Chris is watching.... so if you can't be good,
      be BAAAAAAD, baby!!!!


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