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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2004
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      And so we're in Colin's fifth straight day of 24/7 headache. Here's a
      tip, avoid hitting your head to anything that is hard-@ss steel. Your
      head will not appreciate it.

      Not much news today, back later.

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      - Kurt Angle will be undergoing yet another neck surgery next month, the
      third one in just a little over a year. Angle is currently in Canada
      where today he taped an edition of 'Off The Record' with Michael
      Landsberg. Angle's neck has been bothering him for months and was taken
      off any in-ring action after WrestleMania and put into a General Manager
      role. Angle hopes to return to the ring for SummerSlam. Angle said that
      he's experiencing trouble in a different vertebrae that was operated on
      back last year and currently has no feeling in his pinky finger. Dr Jho
      will once again do the honors. Angle also issued another challenge to
      Bret Hart, telling the former champion that for him to be considered one
      of the best ever is to face the Hit Man one on one. "I don't want to put
      any pressure on you Bret, but if you've got one more in you, I'd be
      honored if it was with me," Angle said. Kurt is joined by Dawn Marie in
      Canada and you can read their interviews on TSN at

      - The following videos are on Billboard's Top 10 Recreational Sports
      chart for the week ending May 8th. 'The Monday Night War' keeps the
      first place, John Cena's 'Word Life' is in fifth, Undertaker's 'He
      Buries Them Alive' in sixth and Mick Foley's 'Greatest Hits And Misses'
      in eighth. All mentioned videos can be purchased from
      WrestlingMegastore.net on DVD.

      - These are the matches lined up for tonight's Smackdown! on UPN. Chavo
      Guerrero vs Nunzio; Rico & Haas vs Basham Brothers; Rene Dupree vs
      Torrie Wilson; Booker T vs Billy Gunn; Bubba Ray Dudley vs Eddie
      Guerrero. The Undertaker will also appear on the show.

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the day at 14.01, a 3.31% decrease over yesterday's
      closing. The day's range was 13.81 - 14.40.


      >> RAW TAWK
      By Ginger, [GLRSS@...]

      Holy CRAP! Before I get going in earnest with my column this week, I
      have to offer my most sincere thanks to all the kindhearted Readers who
      wrote with their thoughts about last week's RAW Tawk. To think. . .I
      almost didn't submit it! After I wrote it and got all that stuff out of
      my system, I almost decided just send in the part of the column that was
      actually *about* RAW. . .and keep the rest of it to myself. You know,
      sometimes you don't actually have to share your feelings to get
      something off your chest. . .just writing it down can be quite
      cathartic. Trust me. . .I should know. Writing in my Diary is probably
      the only thing that kept me sane throughout my teenaged years and young
      adulthood. It also got me through the end of my first marriage and
      that, in itself, is a miracle!

      Anyway, like I said, since I don't care for conflict, bickering and
      things of that nature, I almost didn't send the column in its entirety.
      But now, I'm glad I did. You guys came out in force to assure me that
      while I may not be the Triple H of the Wrestling-Online Newsletter, I'm
      at least kind of like The Hurricane. . .comic relief with a cult
      following! :D

      (Auntie Ginger masks will be available at the concession stand during
      intermission. Warning: They may frighten young children!)

      As I write this, I *still* haven't put the finishing touches on the
      edition of "Dear Auntie Ginger" that resulted from your outpouring of
      support. I'm hoping to have it posted in plenty of time so it's ready
      for any interested parties to access once this issue of RAW Tawk
      hits your inbox. "Dear Auntie Ginger" itself is sure to provide a full
      evening. . .or at least a half hour. . .of reading material but, in
      case you choose not to check it out - or even if you do - there are just
      a couple of things I want to assure you of:

      1) Even though I've been upset over the recent W-O "happenings," I
      honestly haven't let it get me down. Life sucks from time to time
      but, all things considered, I'm pretty happy. I have a lot more going
      on than writing this column and I'm old enough and have been
      around the block enough to know that stuff like that isn't *really*
      important. It's just a bump in the road.

      2) Unless something REALLY unexpected happens, I won't be bringing this
      W-O "war" subject up again. I said my peace in my last RAW Tawk, I've
      answered all the feedback that I've received as a result and now - I'M
      DONE! Every conversation, argument, whatever, has to have an ending.
      Personally, I don't care if I get the last word in this instance or
      not. I plan to steer clear of any columns that might provoke that
      defensive side of me again. Rest assured, I'm *not* asking you to do
      the same. This is a great newsletter and I encourage everyone reading
      this to continue to support any and all of the columnists you enjoy,
      here at W-O and beyond. I just personally do not want to be sucked into
      wasting any more of my VERY valuable time on junk like that. I'd *way*
      rather be watching that WrestleMania XX DVD that was delivered to my
      office on Monday! :)

      Anyway, again, thank you. I appreciate all the positive mail I
      received. I was amazed that I did not receive one single piece of "hate
      mail." Maybe the "Haters" finally gave up, huh? Anyway, I thank them,
      too - for NOT writing! :) Big thanks to the people who don't even LIKE
      my column who wrote to express their agreement with what I said. And
      thanks to all of the people who didn't write me, too. I appreciate the
      fact that you spend a little bit of your lives reading what I have to

      So - enough about all that. . . It's time for RAW Tawk!

      I mentioned last week that a RAW house show was headed my way. Tickets
      went on sale last Saturday morning and I was SO ready. Or, at least I
      *thought* I was. Let me ask you. . . Has this ever happened to YOU???

      You think you're SOOOOOOOOOOOO smart because you've discovered you can
      buy your tickets on-line with a debit card. . . You don't have to stand
      in line for concert, comedy or wrestling tickets anymore. . . You can
      just get up a *little* earlier than usual on "Sale Day" and buy your
      tickets on-line. You don't have to get dressed, comb your hair or even
      brush your teeth. Hell, if you want to, you can even go back to bed
      when your transaction is complete.

      So, Friday night I made sure I had a link to the TicketsWest page where
      the WWE show was going on sale on Saturday morning. I got up a half hour
      before on sale time, made sure I had the webpage up and ready to
      refresh, my debit card at my side. . .and I did a little mail readin'
      and web surfin' in the interim. Five minutes to sale time, I headed back
      to the appropriate TicketsWest page and. . .IT WAS FROZEN SOLID!

      So, I rebooted my computer, thinking it was MY problem. It's almost five
      after the hour by the time I'm ready to access the page again. . .and
      it's not available. So, for one hour and fifteen minutes, I was logging
      on, refresh, refresh, refreshing the page, logging off and trying to get
      through on the phone (bomp, bomp bomp) <-----that's a busy signal. . .

      Logging on, logging off, bomp, bomp, bomp. . .

      Seventy-five minutes after the tickets went on sale, I was finally. .
      .FINALLY, able to get through to the website and purchase my

      Since it took so long for me to access the site, of course, I didn't get
      those front row seats I craved.


      I only got. . .







      FOURTH ROW, BAY-BEE!!!!! :D

      Not only are these the second best wrestling seats we've ever had (we
      had third row SmackDown tickets in Seattle a couple of years ago), but
      we're gonna be on the side of the ring where the wrestlers make their
      entrances! This is gonna be the BEST TIME EVER!!! And, THIS time, I'm
      taking disposable cameras.

      Oh. . .wouldn't it be dreamy if Edge and Jericho were partners in a tag
      match? Imagine this. . .they're making their ring entrance and a weird
      looking old woman (that would be ME) dives over the safety rail, does a
      double clothesline on them, falls on top of them and begins kissing them
      unmercifully in front of the entire SunDome crowd! Hey, Joey made the
      front page of the newspaper the last time WWE was in town. Mama's gotta
      get her moment in the sun too, don'tcha know?

      ((Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day. . . Margaret Thatcher naked on
      a cold day. . . Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day. . .))

      There. My heart rate is just about normal again. Guess I should write
      something about last Monday's RAW before my time's up, huh?

      Disclaimer: These are my thoughts about RAW. They are not intended to
      inform, educate or in any way make you feel any smarter. However, if
      you laugh a time or two, I've done my job. And, if food or drink shoots
      through your nasal passages at any time during your stay here, THAT's a

      Victoria's new kid kissing gimmick is pretty cute, but I kind of liked
      her better when she was crazy. . .

      Yes, her bangs are too short. . .but I'm glad to see Lita back in her
      baggy ring pants. Why mess with a good look when it works for
      you? Not to mention the fact that I was kind of getting tired of
      looking at her butt cheeks. . .

      Oh my GOD! Kane is a hideous MONSTER!!! Did you *see* what he did. .
      .to Matt Hardy's HAIR??!!??

      I love Coach, but he's a frickin' idiot. He was ordering Chinese food
      from a Japanese wrestler!

      Geez! Who was that guy refereeing the Rhyno/Rob Conway match? I've
      never seen anyone get that kind of air when they're
      executing a three-count. Even Joey cracked up when I pointed out how
      high off the mat the guy was getting. To my great
      embarrassment, my eleven-year-old said, "Dude, you're not supposed to
      HUMP the mat!"

      Does anyone know what Edge's tee shirt said? When he was backstage
      being interviewed, I completely missed what he said, because I
      was trying to read his damned SHIRT! Then, stupid HBK came out and
      interrupted him, and he turned even further away from the
      camera. I *hate* when that happens!

      Oh, look! It's the Problem Solver, the Hair Puller and the Slut!

      Geez, J.R.! Sure, Trish is a slut, maybe even a Jezebel. But a
      HARLOT? Whoa. That's harsh. . .

      When Grand Master Sexay took the top turnbuckle to the nads, Jerry
      Lawler saw his bloodline pass before his eyes. . .

      I *love* seeing Triple H playing a more comedic role on TV. He's SUCH a
      funny guy, it's great to see him taking himself a little less

      Though Lita protested - and later furiously wiped at her lips - it
      appears that Kane is a rather tender kisser. I predict that we'll be
      seeing a bit of a "Beauty and the Beast" storyline playing out starring
      Kane and Lita in the VERY near future! But, if they get married,
      what will their last name be?

      Edge in the main event is nice but, give me a bit of a break! I'm an
      old lady. I'm too tired to drool by 11:00 p.m.!

      According to J.R., Ric Flair had his Figure Four "notarized." THAT must
      have hurt. . .

      Thank you, Jim Ross, for clarifying that the fans were shouting "Let's
      Go, Benoit" in support of one half of the tag team champions.
      I'm sure Topeka, Kansas is a lovely town, but it's residents have some
      serious rhythmic chanting issues. . .

      Though still unconfirmed, I've heard my (imaginary) backstage sources
      whispering that the reason Triple H consented to endure a
      green face for the entire evening is that he's doing some early
      promotion for his new movie, due out this Holiday Season. He'll be
      starring with Jim Carrey in "The Grinch II: Son of a Grinch!"

      ACK! I can see the angry mob now, ready to paint a green "L" on my
      forehead (for LIAR!) and run me out of town on a rail. I'd
      better get out of here. . . Hope to see you next week! Until then, be
      sure to visit TheRingPost.com and check out the latest edition of
      "Dear Auntie Ginger" right here:


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