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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1807

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 28, 2004
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Greg Oliver from SLAM! Wrestling sent in word that they will be doing a
      live chat on Thursday with old-school women wrestlers: Penny Banner, Ida
      Mae Martinez and Ella Waldek at 10:30AM at SLAM! Wrestling. If you want
      to submit your questions e-mail them to gregmep@... and they
      will be asked during the chat. The ladies are coming to Toronto to
      promote a new movie about '50s women's wresting called Lipstick &
      Dynamite, Piss & Vinegar: The First Ladies of Wrestling. Greg's story
      about it can be read at

      Back later.

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      > RATINGS
      - RAW saw an increase of 0.2 in this week's ratings as Monday's show got
      a 4.0 with a 6.0 share from last week. The show had hours of 4.0 and 4.1
      with the overrun getting a 4.6. In weekend ratings, Velocity did a 0.7
      with a 1.0 share, the last Confidential did a 0.6 with a 1.0 share and
      Heat did a 0.9 with a 2.0 share. (Ratings compiled by Nielsen Media
      Research and put online by PWInsider.com)

      - The Democrat and Chronicle newspaper is reporting that the beer
      project between WWE, Steve Austin and High Falls Brewery has been put on
      the shelves with the recent break up between Austin and the company.
      "It’s unfortunate for us, it’s disappointing, but when you are dealing
      in the entertainment world, things can change pretty quickly," said High
      Falls Chief Executive Tom Hubbard. Although both sides still have a
      relationship since all talks have been with WWE and not directly with
      Austin, Hubbard thinks it's very unlikely that the project will take off
      in the future.

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the day at 14.49, a 3.08% decrease over the previous
      closing. The day's range was 14.30 - 14.65.

      - The WrestleMania XX DVD and VHS is now available in stores nationwide
      after it was released yesterday. Also released with WrestleMania is the
      new Divas video titled 'South of the Border' which features all the hot
      WWE Divas in sexy clothes, or lack there of, strutting their booty in
      Mexico. Both can be purchased on DVD from WrestlingMegastore.net

      - The Rock's 'Walking Tall' movie may have enjoyed his last week on the
      Top 10 chart as last week it dropped to the tenth place with a total of
      $2,660,332 in revenue for the week from 2,201 theaters across the United
      States. Total revenue in its four week release has been $40,530,881,
      still around $16 million short from breaking even with production
      costs....not counting the huge multi-million dollar campaign.

      > ROCK ON PUNK'D
      - W-O Newsletter reader Patrick Hernandez sent in word that The Rock
      will be appearing on MTV's Punk'D on an upcoming episode on May 2nd. It
      looks like celebrity pain-in-the-@ss Ashton Kutcher got the People's
      Champ as well in one of his stunts!


      >> KNIVES OUT
      By Ian Hamilton, [ian.hamilton@...]

      March 14, 2004 saw the crowning of a new World Heavyweight Champion.
      Yes, it was WrestleMania XX, and six weeks on, the whole event can now
      be yours to own on DVD and video.

      Thanks to www.wrestlingmegastore.net ($hill job over), a copy of the DVD
      winged its way over the Atlantic Ocean, over to the UK on the same day
      it was released in the States (how's that for service?). So now, sit
      back and relax as I try and shill the damn DVD in what's left of this

      For the fifth WrestleMania in a row (2000, 17, 18, 19 and now 20), the
      show is split over two disks, which can be a pain in the ass. Not much
      has been done in the way of editing, with Ultimo Dragon's stumble on his
      entrance being left on the cutting room floor, while Victoria's music
      has been replaced by a generic remix that vaguely sounds like tATu. The
      same with Stacy Keibler, the Dudley Boyz - as the WWE once again
      wouldn't splurge for their proper music.

      Thankfully, the WWE resisted the temptation to alter the crowd sounds
      from Goldberg vs Lesnar. All of the chants are still there (albeit a
      little bit quieter than on the live broadcast, but you can make them out
      loud and clear). At least they didn't totally reconstruct the audio - as
      had been rumoured.

      You've already seen a thousand columnists here give their take on the
      pay-per-view, so I'm going to concentrate on the extras here. There's
      nothing on disk one, so moving along to disk two, where all the
      backstage interviews are held. You've got pre-match stuff from Billy
      Kidman, Rey Mysterio, Gene Okerlund and Molly Holly.

      Josh Mathews, Rue and Todd Grisham do the honours as the superstars go
      through their last minute preparations for laying down. Kidman's is
      short (thankfully) as he does some bouncing before he walks out. Rey Rey
      talks more about his match, but again, it comes across as something
      filmed under tight time limits, as Mysterio walks off.

      Not that I'm showing any preference here (cough), but Molly's pre-match
      promo doesn't talk about the match as much. Instead she focuses on the
      stipulation, and the fact that she's held the women title for the
      longest so far this century.

      Gene Okerlund does a good job of going through his memories of
      WrestleMania and travelling with the WWE - then tries to score with Rue.
      There's a mental image I didn't need.

      Another extra on the DVD is the match from the
      Heat-the-week-before-WrestleMania, with the Dudley Boyz taking on Lance
      Storm (thanks for the memories) and Val Venis, with the winners
      qualifying for the Raw four-way for the tag team titles. Dubbed Dudleyz
      music aside (and the lack of an entrance for Storm and Val), this is a
      good extra, especially given the importance of it for the PPV.

      The next logical step is post-match comments from a list of superstars.
      In short - it's John Cena talking about his US title win; Booker T and
      RVD on their defence; Mick Foley on wrestling at WrestleMania XX in the
      Garden; Big Show sweating in a suit and tie talking about Jesse Ventura
      and WrestleMania; Christian on (you guessed it) WrestleMania XX; the
      Chavos on Junior's title defence (and threatening Josh).

      Superstar Billy Graham also pops up, cutting a promo about his
      WrestleMania appearance. Molly's post-match interview is short and sweet
      - with the newly-bald diva looking like she'd just had her hair cut by a
      really shitty barber. Finally, four fans give their views on
      WrestleMania, including a guy who drove from Chile to NYC for
      WrestleMania. Wow. that's dedication.

      Clips from Byte This also appear on the DVD, with Eddie Guerrero
      answering some questions from Tom Prichard (sent by the fans) from the
      pre-WrestleMania Byte This! A series of the TV adverts round up the
      extras on disk two - including the spots to promote the triple threat
      match, Lesnar/Goldberg, Kane/Undertakr, Eddie/Angle and Rock n Sock vs

      Disk three is given over to the TV specials that dominated Spike TV and
      UPN in the run up to WrestleMania. As someone who missed "The Mania of
      WrestleMania" in the queue for my tickets (those of you who were at the
      Westin will know what I'm talking about), it's good to see the whole
      thing on DVD, along with three deleted scenes from the movie. The scenes
      that were cut from UPN's 45 minute showing talked about the HHH/Booker T
      match, and the confrontation between Hulk Hogan and Mr McMahon. We're
      also treated to a featurette, with footage of Ventura's voice-over work
      for the film.

      Also on the disk is the WrestleMania's Ten Greatest Matches Ever show
      from Spike TV. Hosted by Ric Flair, you'll probably know what the ten
      matches were - but in the list were Angle/Benoit from Mania 17;
      Rock/Hogan from 18; TLC from Mania 2000, and Hart/Michaels from Mania

      The remainder of the disk looks on the surface to be a load of fluff.
      However, the WrestleMania Gallery is a good feast of photos, facts and
      stats from the first 19 WrestleMania - and a nostalgia nut could easily
      get lost in this section.

      Finally, we come to the Trivia section. Yeah, it'll get limited and
      repetitive after a few goes, but until then, it's a good distraction.
      Heck, it's worth playing just to hear the cornball promos that are cut
      on you for getting an answer wrong! Shame they didn't run a spellcheck
      on the thing - apparently, the Red Rooster beat Booby Heenan at
      WrestleMania 5.

      All in all, the WrestleMania XX DVD is a must for any WWE fan. Whether
      you were among the lucky SOBs who were in the Garden, or you were just
      watching it at home, this is an excellent keepsake. The WWE have once
      again pulled out all of the stops, and have produced a showpiece DVD for
      a showpiece event.

      Unlike the Flair DVD, all of the stickers on the cardboard case have
      been put on the plastic wrapping, so you won't lose half of the cover
      art by taking them off. And that's always going to be a bonus!

      In short: a superbly produced DVD for a superb WWE event. And it's just
      $24.99 at www.wrestlingmegastore.net (those of you in the UK with
      multi-region DVD players, the current exchange rate works out at under
      £18 - so customs can't slap on any extra fees!)


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