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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1792

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2004
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Long time readers will remember Rick Rockwell, who wrote 'The Abnormal
      Stretch' on this newsletter. Well, he's returning later this week with a
      brand new column. So look for it in the weekend.

      Speaking of articles, Jason Clevett has a hilarious one in today's issue
      regarding our WrestleMania trip.

      Back later.

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      - A story on the Arizona Republic newspaper revealed that two flight
      attendants from Phoenix-based SportsJet are suing World Wrestling
      Entertainment, Scott Hall, Dustin Runnels and Ric Flair for the
      incidents that occurred on the infamous 'plane ride from hell' on May
      5th 2002 from Europe to Phoenix. The company chartered a luxury plane
      for the European tour back at that time and all hell broke lose. The
      lawsuit says that Ric Flair, wearing only his robe, flashed everyone and
      forced an attendant to touch his crotch. Hall asked an attendant to
      perform oral sex while Dustin Runnels grabbed an attendant and told her
      to have sex. You can read the full story at

      - TheSmokingGun.com has a copy of some parts of the lawsuit brought
      forward by SportsJet flight attendants Taralyn Cappellano and Heidi Doyl
      against Hall, Flair, Runnels and WWE. The suit has been filed in the
      superior court of the state of Arizona and the complaint is negligence,
      assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and
      falls imprisonment. You can check it out at

      - Although 0.2 down from last week, RAW delivered a strong 4.3 rating
      with a 7.0 share, off hours 4.1 and 4.5. That's quite better than the
      mid-high 3's they were pulling just weeks ago. Overrun was 4.8 which was
      the highest rated segment of the show. In weekend ratings, Velocity did
      a 0.8 with a 1.0 share, Confidential a 0.8 with a 2.0 share and Heat a
      1.0 and 2.0 share. The encore presentation of RAW which followed Heat on
      Sunday did a 1.7 with a 2.0 share. (Ratings compiled by Nielsen Media
      Research and put online by PWInsider.com)

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the day at 14.35, a 0.35% decrease over the previous
      closing. The day's range was 14.04 - 14.41.


      By Jason Clevett, [j_clevett@...]

      Before we kick off part 1 of 17 of the NYC/Mania experience I want to do
      a quick plug. Ringside Manner, which I have been a part of for about two
      years, on and off, has a bunch of post-mania stuff on the site right now
      for your audio pleasure. First, the interview with myself, Colin, Henry,
      Ian, and Stefan outside the Continental Airlines Arena. I know many of
      you have long wondered what Colin, Ian and I sound like, now you know.
      Good luck deciphering Ian and not crying from Colin’s nasal voice. J The
      other one of interest is the post show with “Kid Clevetts” (Long story)
      from NYC. I called in f! rom Broadway, right after Mania. If you really
      want to get a feel for the emotion I felt being there, check it out
      because it comes through loud and clear. Both interviews are available
      at http://ringsidemanner.tripod.com/

      Now onto NYC.

      Well, actually, first on to Toronto, home of Wrestlemania X-8 and most
      of the staffers for my other home besides W-O, SLAM!Wrestling. My editor
      and mentor Greg Oliver and his lovely wife Meredith put me up for the
      night, we watched some TNA, ate some garlic bread, and Greg actually got
      up at toodamnearly am to say goodbye to me as I departed for NYC.

      The plane flew around the island before landing at LaGuardia, giving me
      my first view of the city. I just sat on the shuttle speechless,
      watching the city unfold as we moved into the heart of Manhattan. After
      dropping off my bags at the lovely Big Apple Hostel
      (http://www.bigapplehostel.com/index.html) I went out in search of my
      fellow staffers, who weren’t in their hotel. So I wandered around Times
      Square, in awe of the fact that I was actually there. NYC has a mystique
      to it, when I reflect back on the gritty crime dramas, episodes of the
      Rosie O’Donnell show, and quirky shows about groups of friends, or the
      films about kids being pursued by clumsy bank robbers, or giant Lizards
      and Apes attacking the city… all the books I have read, the classic
      matches I! have seen, I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t emotional
      being there.

      I spent a few hours wandering, getting funny looks due to wearing only a
      T-shirt. One clerk said simply “You are not cold?” “Nope, I’m Canadian.”

      That seems to explain so much, so often.

      I walked by the Planet Hollywood press conference, but this year I
      didn’t really care about wrestlers or promo or stuff, I already had
      three of my evenings centering around wrestling, so I wanted to make the
      most of my time. I contemplated going to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum,
      but decided I would wait for my friends, I mean what is the point of
      going alone, without a friend to take a picture of you groping Michael

      Finally, in early afternoon, Colin and I reunited after a year. After
      quietly holding each other for a few moments, I met Henry, and waited
      for Ian, who I promptly scared the living daylights out of by hiding
      behind the door when he knocked. During this time, Colin was showing me
      pictures he had already taken, including one of him and Henry groping
      Michael Jackson at the wax museum…. Bastards.

      We went out to the Empire State Building, where we spent two hours in
      queue (Dammit now you guys have me saying it!) I am going to unleash a
      shocker right here in DBC… Ian Hamilton, sarcastic smartass that he is
      online, was actually very quiet at first. I made it my goal to drag him
      out of his shell, by making fun of him for five days. Basically it went
      like this.

      Jason: Something witty.

      Ian: Grumbles something unintelligible.

      Colin and Henry: Laugh.

      It seriously took me about two days to decipher young Hamilton. At one
      point when he tried (and failed) to diss me in his thick accent I said
      “For gods sake man, speak English!” Ian’s bewildered reply? “But I am

      That evening, we split up because Colin and Henry wanted to go see
      strippers, Ian wanted to watch Smackdown… and I wanted to see a Broadway
      play. I got the best deal. No seriously I did. I saw The Lion King and

      Damn good show though. Second best show I saw in NYC.

      Friday Morning, I was picked up by the goofballs. Colin, fresh from his
      $200/night suite at the Westin took in the bunk beds and pile of luggage
      and said “This is your room? You share it with three people? That
      sucks.” I replied “Colin, this cost me less for the entire week then
      your hotel did for one night.” Point.. Jason. I mean all I needed was a
      place to sleep, I was never there otherwise.

      Friday we took in Ground Zero, incredibly emotional place to be, went
      shopping, scanned the subway system for giant Harlem Sewer Rats, and
      took a cruise around Manhattan. The funny thing about Colin is that he
      grumbles at times, (ok a lot of the time) about things like the fact
      that the cruise was two hours… and then promptly takes more pictures
      than any of us.

      In all seriousness, I mock Ian and Colin a lot, (deservedly so) but I
      couldn’t have asked for better company then my 3 (soon to be 4)
      companions for the week. Wrestlemania: bringing countries and cultures
      together. Sniff.

      After dropping them back off at the Westin (Just seconds away from all
      your porno needs) I headed “home” where I met my new roomie, wearing a
      Stone Cold shirt. Well that was a bit of a clue why he was there, so
      after introducing myself, we bonded, and soon Stefan Torngren and I were
      headed off to Coyote Ugly’s with H&C.

      What to say about CU’s… it was hot, small, crowded, and had attractive
      bartenders. We met up with a few readers, including, um… Tim? It was two
      weeks ago and I was drinking, so sorry buddy if your reading this and I
      got your name wrong. Anyway, “Tim” was obviously quite drunk himself,
      since he called me a “very talented writer.”

      After staggering back from the second of five late nights, I fell asleep
      with a blonde Swedish boy on top of me, excited about the next
      three days and what they would bring.

      Wow, that sounded bad.

      He was in the bunk above me… you sick freaks…

      Saturday was the day I had been looking forward to, Ring of Honor.
      Despite everything that had happened in the prior week and a half, I
      knew that the company would pull off something amazing, and they went
      above and beyond that.

      We got to the Westin (Why is it we always have to meet you, anyway, eh
      Colin?), no doofi. We went back a bit later, they were there and we
      prepared to embark, when Colin said the words that made me want to kill

      “I’m hungry. Let’s go to Planet Hollywood and have lunch.”

      Now keep in mind these two things. 1. The convention card was an hour
      from start time at this point, and we still had to get to Elizabeth, New
      Jersey, where Chris Bernes was waiting for us and 2. Planet Hollywood,
      as we would find out the next day, is notorious for its slow service
      (and overpriced food, for that matter.) Had we gone there for lunch, we
      would have been lucky to make it to the evening show. So after having a
      heated argument in the lobby, in which it was a good thing that I
      actually like Colin or he would have been spun around in the revolving
      door 20 times and spit into oncoming traffic, did we compromise at
      grabbing a bite on the way. Now, in my mind, a bite was McDonalds, in
      Colin’s it was apparently “Deli where they take ten minutes to make your
      food.” Still we got food and walked to the path trains, Ian and I eating
      our food while we walked, Colin and Henry apparently not familiar with
      this concept. Damn Maltese.

      So thus, their food was cold and when we finally got to the train
      station in, um, Newark? Colin and Henry grumpily threw their food
      away and bought new food, while poor Stefan, who had paid $40 for his
      ticket, started to cry.

      Finally, after all of that, and Ian, Stefan and I seriously considering
      abandoning the Islanders, we got in cabs, and made it to the

      A bit of a snafu met us, as my original arrangements had been made with
      the former owner of the promotion. Thus, our tickets were not at the
      door. A big thank you to Syd for letting us in and being so great. It
      was appreciated. Ian and I got our picture taken with Dusty Rhodes, and
      then got ready for the show.

      Rather then waste space, I will just link you to my review of the show
      here - http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Wrestling/2004/03/19/388294.html

      Only thing that wasn’t mentioned in the article is the shout out I got
      from my friend Jack Evans, a Parkland, WA based, Calgary trained
      wrestler. Standing in the corner before the 6-man match, he pointed to
      me and tossed his shirt to me. I wore that thing around my neck, turning
      down Jack fans who offered money and begged me for the shirt. After the
      show, what do I get? A hug and “give me back my shirt Clevetts.”

      After the incredible evening, we hung around for a bit. Colin, Henry and
      Ian left as they were tired, and Stefan and I were supposed to go out to
      eat with a friend of mine but that fell apart so we left shortly
      thereafter. In the meantime, however, Stefan and I met up with Samoa
      Joe, John Walters, Colt “Fricken Hysterical” Cabana, Tracy Brooks, and
      Jerry Lynn, who remembered me from Saskatoon last summer. During this
      time my friend Kim, from Philly, was off doing something. I started
      laughing because Jay and Mark Briscoe are two of her favorite wrestlers,
      and she had said that she had never met them because they always took
      off right after the show, as they are only 19 and 20. Low and behold,
      down come Jay “Bled like a stuck pig, like my bandage?” and Mark, and
      Stefan and I got a picture with them. Fortunately Kim made it back into
      the building, met Jay, and got a pic taken before they left, otherwise
      she may have killed me.

      Looking at these pictures, I can see why Stefan got nicknamed “Sleepy
      Swedish Guy” because he does look half-awake during the pictures. I
      think he was just so in awe of the entire experience that it showed, and
      I can’t say I blame him. “SSG” also was short for “Silent Swedish Guy”
      which is REALLY ironic coming from Ian “What, me talk?” Hamilton.

      Unlike the other three, Stefan and I had no problems finding our way
      back, and it was off to dreamland, eagerly anticipating two more days of
      wrestling action… and New York stuff.

      And you too, can go off to dreamland now (if this hasn’t put you there
      already) and prepare for part two of the annual DBC Wrestlemania Weekend

      Till then.


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