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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1777

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2004
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      And so we begin March! If you're going to RAW tonight please drop us
      some notes from the show.

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      - Only one match has been announced for tonight's RAW and that's between
      Chris Benoit & Shawn Michaels vs Randy Orton & Batista. Also tonight is
      the much anticipated return of The Rock, who will be coming in to help
      Mick Foley against Evolution. It's all tonight, live on RAW from
      Atlanta, GA.

      - W-O Newsletter reader Rob Warren sent in word that the Charleston Post
      & Courier website posted the seven people who will be inducted into the
      WWE Hall of Fame on the 13th of March. The article, written by Mike
      Mooneyham lists Jesse Ventura, Bobby Heenan, Bob Backlund, Sgt.
      Slaughter, Greg Valentine, Tito Santana and Billy Graham as the
      inductees. All seven are also expected to make an appearance during the
      WrestleMania XX at Madison Square Garden. The HOF ceremony will take
      place at the New York Hilton Hotel.

      - The Rock's upcoming movie 'Walking Tall' has moved a week in its
      release schedule, now set to hit theaters nationwide on Friday April 2nd
      instead of April 9th. The Rock stars as Chris Vaughn, a retired soldier
      who returns to his hometown to start a new life, only to find out that
      his former high school rival turned the town to crime, drugs and
      violence. Supporting actors and actresses are Johnny Knoxville, Neil
      McDonough, Kristen Wilson, Ashley Scott and Khleo Thomas.

      - The Smackdown! crew are back in the US after completing a successful
      tour in South Africa which took the performers to four difference cities
      for four sold out shows. WWE.COM has a few news stories from the tour,
      one which how WWE helped fight the hunger for the local people
      (http://www.wwe.com/news/headlines/1253921), one on the South African
      deputy president attending two shows
      (http://www.wwe.com/news/headlines/1253508), a story about the APA in
      the region (http://www.wwe.com/news/headlines/1252545), WWE stars
      visiting a sick child before boarding on the plane back home
      (http://www.wwe.com/news/headlines/1256309) and one on WWE champ. Eddie
      Guerrero (http://www.wwe.com/news/headlines/1256314).

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the day at 13.69. The day's range was 13.40 - 13.70.


      By Dave Scherer, PWInsider.com

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      My contract with Bob Ryder and Joey Styles, the owners of my former
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      it became obvious very quickly that we were on different pages and that
      I would be leaving the site. No matter how great the people are that
      you work for, when you are employed by someone else, you have to abide
      by their rules and when my five year contract came to an end, where I
      wanted to take the site and where the owners wanted it to go were two
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      I had an inkling for the past year or so that it would come to that, so
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