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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2004
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Welcome to 2004! I hope all of you had a wonderful New Year's Eve. Mine?
      Mine was very....different. Stuck in a car in traffic with three
      beautiful girls for two and a half hours trying to park. And yes, we
      missed all the Midnight crap that everyone does. At least we stopped
      briefly and bought a bottle of champagne, so that was the only
      celebration we had in the car. After we got out....well, that's a
      different story for another day! :)

      We'll be back with a normal schedule starting Monday. In the meantime,
      have fun.

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      - Starting tomorrow in California, WWE will launch a nationwide 'Road To
      WrestleMania XX Tour', promoting the 20th anniversary event with stops
      in 46 cities across the United States. A custom-designed and branded
      Chevrolet Suburban complete with a 12-foot trailer, a 42-inch flat
      screen television with surround sound, will take the WrestleMania XX
      team across the country for the next three months. Event venues will
      include more than 20 Wal-Marts and five House of Blues entertainment
      complexes. At each event location, the WrestleMania promo team, which
      includes former Superstar Hillbilly Jim, will meet and greet fans with
      WrestleMania trivia contests, video game competitions, temporary tattoos
      and much more. Through Momentum's innovative E-Photo system, fans can
      receive customized, full-color photos of themselves at the local event
      in their community via e-mail and a link to wrestlemania.com. Once
      there, they can vote online for their favorite WrestleMania moments of
      all time and be entered to win weekly prizes, including customized
      WrestleMania XX Gibson guitars. Current WWE Superstars will join the
      Tour at specific tour stops for special autograph and photo sessions.
      For the whole list of the schedule, you can go to

      - W-O Newsletter reader TJ Swarts sent in the following notes which he
      received from his brother onboard the USS Kitty Hawk, stationed in
      Japan. Former World champion Goldberg made a surprise visit to the
      troops on board the ship while he was visiting Japan this weekend. The
      event was assembled right away for New Year's Day with no pre
      announcement due to security concerns and crowd limitation. The visit
      started at 1620hrs and ran till 1910hrs with hundreds of sailors in
      attendance. The Elevator 2 was packed as he came up the brow, and he got
      a large, warm welcome in the hangar bay. He spoke to the sailors,
      thanking them for their service and signed tons of autographs and took
      photos in the hanger bay. Goldberg then took a tour, proceeding from the
      hangar bay to the flight deck, bridge, foc'sle, forward gym, aft mess
      decks, galley, WR2 lounge and finally the AIMD Complex for a TV

      - W-O Newsletter reader 'Mak021' sent in word that Vince, Linda McMahon,
      Stephanie and Triple H spent their New Year's Eve in an upscale
      restaurant in Boca Raton, FL., called Pete's of Boca. Our reader, who
      happens to be working on that night at the same location, told us that
      Linda and Steph were very cordial while Vince and Triple H were more the
      opposite staying quiet on the side.

      - London based Setanta Sport which specializes in providing all kinds of
      sporting events on pay-per-view in the UK reserved the rights for Royal
      Rumble, Backlash, Vengeance and Armageddon from BSkyB. Armageddon did
      not air last month in the UK, the first PPV not to air since 1997 after
      BSkyB and WWE couldn't come to terms for a new contract for the four
      mentioned PPVs. Setanta Sport can be found on Sky Digital channel 435.

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the week yesterday at 13.19, a 0.69% increase over the
      previous closing. The day's range was 13.11 - 13.58.


      By Chris Bernes, [thelegacyoftruth@...]

      Funny what drugs for bronchitis will do to a man.....

      After suffering the better part of the last 30 days with the affliction
      mentioned above, and watching countless hours of current and classic
      wrestling film during my extended convalescence, I came to a realization
      that will no doubt shock the hell out of you.

      Before I reveal it, I implore those of you who take things to heart too
      easily and refuse to listen to another person's viewpoint to step away
      from this column now.... slowly.... with your hands where I can see

      ...Are they gone yet? Good, here goes:

      The Big Show is light years better than Andre The Giant ever was.

      That's right, I said it. The Big Show, often maligned by me and
      countless other non-Paul Wight fans, is far and away better than the 8th
      Wonder of the World was.

      Think about this logically: The Big Show, for all his plodding, is
      athletic. Remember the dropkicks he threw in his WCW match vs. Chris
      Benoit? Has anyone any recollection of Andre, as legendary as he may
      be, running EVER?? Could Andre have had a convincing stretcher match
      with Rey Mysterio?

      The answer is no.

      Andre The Giant, may he rest in peace, was an attraction that, at his
      time in history, had never been seen before. A true giant among men.
      One of the most beloved performers of the 70's and 80's. A travelling
      freak, not unlike the bearded lady or the guy with two butts at your
      local carnival every summer. Andre drew money not because he was great,
      but because he was simply a freak. I am not dogging the man I have
      heard Andre to be (and I have heard everything from the nicest sweetest
      man ever to the most miserable dude to walk the earth). I am sure his
      friends remember fondly the man Andre was...

      ...What I am talking about is the fact that Big Show is everything Andre
      could have been, should have been, but sadly never was. Big Show is an
      athletic big man with a more defined, 3 dimensional character than Andre
      ever was. A man who on more than one occasion has been privileged
      enough to hold the WWF/WWE title for more than 20 seconds. A man who
      can give you a good match against Chris Benoit, Rey Misterio, Kurt
      Angle, and Brock Lesnar. Truly, other than his good-to-very-good
      matches with Killer Khan and Hulk Hogan, I can not name one EXCELLENT
      Andre the Giant match. I'll bet you can't either.

      Times, of course, are different. Today's fan, be they smart, mark,
      nethead, or some combo of these, demands more from pro wrestling. And
      while Big Show has turned in many a stinker, he truly cares about giving
      the fans a great show. You may never see him pull off a crisp 450
      splash (god help the man on the receiving end), or chain wrestle Lucha
      style with Ultimo Dragon, or match holds with a former collegiate champ
      like Lesnar. But for what he is, The Big Show has eclipsed the
      manufactured "Legend" of Andre The Giant.

      And I for one think that it's about time you see this too.

      On to a separate subject, Royal Rumble fast approaches, and not one
      match has been announced that I know of.

      Remember when we used to be excited in mid-December on towards the new
      year as RR matches were announced, allowing you and your friends ample
      time to discuss what you'd either love to see happen or what you think
      might happen? Sadly, now we get most of our marquee matches announced
      inside 14 days before the event.

      The real sadness is that the name Royal Rumble, like most other PPV
      events the WWE offers, sell out or come close to a sellout without
      mention of a single match simply on the strength of the company name
      alone. I do not know about anyone else, but I am not sure I would dolly
      up $50 to go to a Pay Per View event, exception being WrestleMania or
      King Of The Ring, without knowing who was facing whom on the show.

      Anyway, I hope you all had a terrific holiday, whatever your holiday

      Be sure to check out the new "Legacy Of Truth" fanboard at
      wrestling-online.com. I will reply to anything and everything, and may
      throw you a few curveballs in between! I may have polls posted, or just
      general discussion, but I will try to make it interesting!


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