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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1742

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 20, 2003
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      With the holidays coming up, no live events etc news will be a bit slow
      in the next days. Have a great weekend.

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      - For Scott Sneen, he made a step in his Army career by re-enlisting
      into the indefinite program, guaranteeing his service until his 20-year
      retirement. But the special thing about it is that he did it in the
      company of WWE Superstars. On Monday the Superstars visited the MacDill
      AFB in Tampa, FL., and met with the soldiers. While Sneen was talking
      with WWE execs about his re-enlistment, the WWE guys had a great
      idea....re-enlist with the RAW superstars on hand! Sneen, a great WWE
      fan was totally excited about the idea. The folks got Sneen and his
      family backstage at RAW and the re-enlistment ceremony was done in front
      of a bunch of WWE Superstars with Batista and D-Von Dudley standing next
      to him. "It's pretty special," Sneen said. You can read the full story
      from the Chippewa Falls Community newspaper at

      - Smackdown! did a 3.4 rating with a 6.0 share, down 0.2 from last
      week's 3.6. (Ratings compiled by Nielsen Media Research and put online
      by 1wrestling.com)

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the day at 12.90, no change from the previous closing.
      The day's range was 12.70 - 12.95.

      - The following tickets went on sale earlier this morning. Live WWE
      event at the Dane County Coliseum at Alliant Energy Center in Madison,
      WI., on Saturday January 17th; Live event at the Bradley Center on
      Sunday January 18th in Milwaukee, WI.; Live event at the Alerus Center
      in Grand Forks, ND., on Sunday January 18th; RAW live on Monday January
      19th at the Resch Center in Green Bay, WI.; Smackdown! tapings in
      Minneapolis, MN., at the Target Center on Tuesday January 20th; Royal
      Rumble live on pay-per-view in Philadelphia, PA., on Sunday January 25th
      at the Wachovia Center; Smackdown! tapings at the MCI Center on Tuesday
      January 27th in Washington, DC. For more information call the arena box


      By Erik Knudsen, [ericknudsen@...]

      Welome ladies and gentlemen, kids and all. Welcome to another edition of
      Around The Ring, and as always I am your loyal host, Eric. "If I could
      serious for a minute.." I have a thing or two to say. Wow...another
      article so soon, huh?! Well the creative juice have been flowing so I am
      back once again! I would like to thank all of you that answered the
      Brainbuster Question. Here are the first 10 that answered correctly:

      Keith Kizer, McPabs, Eric Walker, Chris Degenais, Scott Carter, Terry
      Mota, Ervin V. Griffin, Jr., Sean Matthews, Greg Simpson, and Luke

      Congratulations to those above and to all of you that got it right! Make
      sure you put your names...I don't print any part of email addresses.

      Also...a new design for my site is coming up for the new year. And don't
      forget to come check out the site anyways at:

      Now on to the meat and potatoes...

      Lets start with the PPV. I didn't do too bad with the predictions I did
      for the six I covered. 4 out of 6 aint too bad! Even though the tag team
      match I couldnt have ever guessed the last second addition. But oh well.

      I got several emails saying Triple H wouldn't win. Well I guess that I
      right afterall...but didn't we see that coming?! So now evolution has
      the gold! Very

      As for Raw...Was I the only one left at the end of the show saying,
      the hell is that?!" That was a strange ending as well as a real let
      But I have a feeling Foley will come back as a wrestler. As if he hasn't
      killed himself enough in this business.

      I would love to know what is going on with Flair lately? Just a few
      ago he busted up his nose on the ropes and then this past rope and nails
      his mouth/jaw on the ropes. This doesn't look good for the Nature Boy. I
      hope this is not going to cause him to have to retire for good.

      I am so amazed Lita didn't reinjure her neck on that moonsault.
      messed that up getting too close. I am not a big Lita fan but even I
      winced on that landing. I was glad to see her finish out the match.

      I am glad to hear the right people getting credit for the moves used. It
      used to be that if a particular person wasnt part of the WWE, they
      wouldn't get credit for the move they used. The move that Jericho and
      use...the Flying Forearm...ala the Flying Burrito! They have finally
      started giving Tito Santana the credit. Or the high knee by Triple
      H...finally J.R. has given credit to Harley Race. But they still think
      does the best elbow off the top. No No No! That goes to Randy "Macho
      Savage! Get it right guys!

      With that, I will do a quick jot on Smackdown this week. I was rather
      disappointed. The last few weeks it has been really good. You can tell
      Heyman has had some input and for a while they let the wrestlers shine.
      McMahons in sight. And then last night...it happened. Here I was geared
      for another good Smackdown and what happens? Vince has to show up. And
      anyone tell me what the hell that segment had to do with anything? I
      they are trying to get the Cat back in the loop, but Vince has to come
      for Sables sake? Since Vince hasn't been around for awhile, they should
      have paired Sable up with someone else or at least just make her
      again. But if they paired her up with someone else, they could have
      brought Vince back and had another Hogan/Savage type feud. I think the
      best part of Smackdown this week was the fatal four way for the tag team
      belts. Definitely funny and a quality match.

      Now onto the real part of what I want to write about. I don't like to
      steal other writers ideas, but in this case I got permission as I
      it was a neat idea. If there was a wrestling Santa Clause, here would be
      what I would ask for.

      Dear Wrestling Santa,

      I'd like to think I have been a good guy for this year and been faithful
      to the wrestling world. So here is a list of what I would like from the
      wrestling world for Christmas for the upcoming year.

      A real lack of McMahons on tv. I understand the own the WWE but I want
      see the wrestlers. They have an overcrowded roster as it is, why push
      guys that deserve tv time so the McMahons can come in? Why are you
      these guys for if you aren't going to give them a chance? The McMahons
      not the greatest.

      I would like a year of healthy and safe living for the wrestling
      community. This past year saw too many tragic deaths in the wrestling
      world. Many cut down before their time. I would like to see the "boys"
      wake up and see that drugs are not the answer and clean themselves up.

      I would like to see a real and better gimmick for Lance Storm. This poor
      guy has the talent and skills to be a top contender and at the very
      the Intercontinental Champ again.

      Stacy Kiebler under my Christmas tree. Woo Hoo. (You had to know that

      A WWE Title reign for Chris Benoit. Yes I know Heyman said no more tries
      for Benoit, but you know somewhere down the road, they'll do something
      get him another shot. He may not have the greatest mic skills, but
      does Brock. And I am a Brock Lesnar fan. But you have to admit that
      does possess the wrestling skill. He would be a very believable

      Ivory And Stacy under my Christmas tree. WOOO! That "WOOO!" was just
      the Nature Boy Ric Flairs!(See I give proper credit!

      I would like to see a lot more wrestling and a lot less of the
      You don't really need them between every match. As the saying goes,
      actions speak louder than words. Back in the great days of wrestling, a
      guy didn't get on the mic for 15-20 minutes to babble on what he wanted
      whatever. The guys would do what they wanted in the ring. I guy might
      in after a match and lay someone out. Or use the spur of his boots to
      someone open. That is more exciting.

      Lastly, I would like to see more of the unused talent. That is what Heat
      and Velocity and Jakked and Metal should be used for. And for those of
      that don't watch those shows you should. There are a lot of guys coming
      and unless you watch those shows...you don't see them. And then suddenly
      they are cast out on Raw or Smackdown and the crowd is like who the hell
      are these guys? And that detracts from the enjoyment of the match. I
      seen it on Raw. The crowd goes dead silent. They poor guys are out there
      trying to put on a good show and the crowd doesn't get behind it because
      no one knows them. Jon Heidenreich is a perfect example. He has been
      coming out and trying but because there wasn't much of a build up or no
      one really knows where this guy came from, the crowd goes quiet.

      Thank you Wrestling Santa!


      And with that, I move onto:

      ***Last Weeks Brainbuster***
      (Be sure to send all answers and/or comments to
      ericknudsen@.... Remember to include your name.)

      Q: December 3, 1991 Hulk Hogan beat The Undertaker for the WWF World
      at Tuesday Night In Texas. However Hulks title reign only last one day.
      Who beat him?

      A: No one. Hogan was stripped of the title by then WWF President Jack
      Tunney who later put the title up for grabs at the Royal Rumble where
      Nature Boy Ric Flair won it.

      ***This Weeks Brainbuster***
      (Be sure to send all answers and/or comments to
      ericknudsen@.... Remember to include your name.)

      Q: Who was the first WWF Womens Champion and who did she beat to win the

      Well thats it for me. Thank you for joining me for this edition of
      The Ring. I am Eric, that's my opinion and I am standing by it!! Have a
      great holiday!!


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