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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1730

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2003
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Hey hey hey. Today I received my autographed copy of the Steve Austin
      biography and started to read it. Nothing special so far, but then
      again, I'm only in the 58th page. The first chapter was quite
      interesting though.


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      - The following tickets went on sale earlier today. Live event in El
      Paso, TX., at the El Paso County Coliseum on Saturday December 27th;
      Live event on Sunday December 28th at the Municipal Coliseum in Lubbock,
      TX.; RAW live at the SBC Arena on Monday December 29th in San Antonio,
      TX.; Smackdown! tapings at the Laredo Entertainment Center on Tuesday
      December 30th in Laredo, TX.; And the first live event of the new year
      at the Lake Charles Civic Center on Friday January 2nd 2004 in Lake
      Charles, LA. For more information contact the arena box office.

      - The second WWE PPV for 2004 No Way Out will be at the Cow Palace in
      San Francisco, CA., on Sunday February 14th. No ticket information
      released yet. The only other PPV location announced for 2004 apart from
      MSG is Philadelphia, PA., which will host the Royal Rumble.

      - W-O Newsletter readers David Ikenberry, Dave LaFountain and Jewell
      Wilkins attended the Smackdown! tapings last Tuesday and sent in these
      notes. The ending was re-shot after cameras stopped rolling. Heyman made
      a mistake asking the referees the wrong question which resulted in the
      pro-Benoit ref saying Benoit hit the floor first and the pro-Cena ref
      saying the same which makes no sense at all. Heyman then went to the
      back and came down again and this time they did the correct version.
      Afterwards Cena and Benoit walked to the back and before disappearing
      Cena gave Benoit the 'You Can't See Me' sign while Benoit gave Cena the
      middle finger.

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the week at 11.52, a 0.95% decrease over Thursday's
      closing. The day's range was 11.50 - 11.74.

      - Skeleton racer Michelle Kelly is considering professional wrestling
      after she retires from the icy sport according to the Canadian Press.
      "It's still on my mind," said the 29 year old Canadian. "After 2006
      Olympics in Turin we'll see. I haven't dismissed it all together." Kelly
      stands 5'5" and weighs 143lbs and recently became the first woman to win
      both the skeleton overall World Cup title and the world championship in
      the same season. The Hart family introduced her to the wrestling world
      and even let Vince McMahon know about her interest in pro wrestling.

      - Goldberg and Kane started their feud on the road battling for the
      first time at the RAW brand Las Vegas live event yesterday. The feud
      between the two is expected to last more than the Armageddon PPV, in
      which Triple H will also join the mess in a three way for the World
      Heavyweight Title. HHH will be out for most December filming a movie so
      he's not lined up for the title at the moment. The Goldberg/Kane match
      ended in a DQ win for Goldberg yesterday after Evolution interfered.


      By Andrew Bulik, [andrew.bulik@...]

      About 31 months ago, World Wrestling Federation Entertainment made
      history by buying their competition. It was like Coke buying Pepsi, like
      Manchester United buying Arsenal or like Paul McCartney buying the
      rights to Steps (ahem). It was a time of great excitement for all
      wrestling fans, realising that their dream feud of WWF vs. WCW could now
      be realised. WWF signed many WCW stars to get the brand back on its feet
      again, but it didn’t quite work out the way did it…

      Now, in no particular order, here are your former WCW stars and what
      happened to them:

      Sean O'Haire - Sean was originally used as one of The Undertaker and
      Kane's punchbags when he made his WWF debut. Not allowed to use his
      Seanton Bomb (Jeff Hardy had that market covered) he and Chuck Palumbo
      were relieved of the WCW World Tag-Team titles and whilst Palumbo moved
      onto pastures new, our Sean was banished to developmental territory. He
      showed up once again on WWE television at the start of 2003, playing a
      manipulative individual, telling us to give in to temptation et cetera.
      This angle could have worked had he not been inexplicably paired up with
      Roddy Piper. O'Haire has been buried ever since Piper left under 'mutual
      agreement' with the WWE. Despite being tall, charismatic and
      musclebound, the WWE does not seem to want to find a place for the
      youngster. Curious.

      Lance Storm - Lance Storm, former ECW Tag Champion, WCW US, Tag and
      Hardcore Champion. The man hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada had an
      excellent run in ECW with Justin Credible and in WCW had a series of
      good bouts with Booker T. If anyone was going to make in the WWF/E
      surely it was to be Lance? No. Unfortunately, in the eyes of the booker
      men, Mr. Storm lacked charisma - despite his 'If I can be serious for a
      minute...' promo successes previously. Storm has always been teamed with
      guys in the WWE because the writers just have no idea how to market him.
      He's been with the Hurricane, The Un-Americans, an associate of Jericho,
      William Regal, Chief Morley, Goldust and now he's back with Val 'Chief
      Morley' Venis. What's more he was ridiculed by Steve Austin live every
      Monday on Raw for about a month! I don't know what the writers were
      trying to achieve with this but it is not the situation a great grappler
      should be put in.

      Mike Awesome - Things looked promising for the Gladiatorial One, in the
      beginning. I believe it was future Alliance ally Rhyno he drilled in MSG
      to be the first Alliance competitor to win a WWF title (the Hardcore
      Title being the strap in question). But then it all went horribly wrong.
      Mr. Awesome got stuck with the label everyone in wrestling fears:
      'difficult to work with'. This label was given to him by fellow big man
      The Undertaker, hmm, his name seems to be cropping up a lot. After
      Callaway gave him this reputation, it was banishment to the weekend
      shows for Mike. Released not long after, the last I heard of Awesome he
      was working in the indies and in Japan.

      Kaz Hayashi - Almost immediately sent to developmentalland, Kaz quickly
      became unsettled. And who could blame him? The WWE would rather turn
      guys like Christian and Test, making them Alliance cohorts, than call up
      some of the genuine WCW guys. Hayashi probably also saw that WWE's
      promise to create a world-leading Cruiserweight division would never
      come to fruition. Kaz had the balls to quit and leave the WWE. Currently
      wrestling for All Japen Pro Wrestling.

      Elix Skipper - A similar story to the previous. He too was sent to the
      developmentals and got a little fed up waiting for the call up. Feeling
      patronised by the 'green' label, he upped sticks to go it alone and has
      since achieved relative succes across indies and NWA:TNA.

      'Sugar' Shane Helms/The Hurricane - He took part in the second all-WCW
      match on WWF television, when the WWF were trying to promote a new WCW
      (before Vince said 'oh sod it, lets kill em off'). He was rechristened
      with his actual name, Gregory, as the bookers thought two Shane's on one
      show was more than the stupid viewing public could handle, sigh. He
      dropped his Cruiser Title to Chavo Guerrero Jr. As the Alliance evolved
      he did too - becoming The Hurricane: a tribute to sucky superhero The
      Green Lantern. Has had brief runs with the Cruiserweight, Tag, European
      and Hardcore titles but nothing particularly meaningful. Just look at
      this weeks Raw as evidence that mild-mannered Gregory’s alter-ego is
      never going to climb the ladder despite being immensely talented. Which
      is a shame. Hurricane however is ideal for the Cruiserweight division
      and I’m sure he’d be better off on Smackdown.

      Lash LaRoux and Kid Romeo – See Elix Skipper/Kaz Hayashi. I have no idea
      where either the former WCW Tag Team Champion or the former
      Cruiserweight Tag Team Champion are now.

      Alan Funk – I may be wrong in saying this but I think the former Kwee
      Wee was released quite early into his WWF tenure. Has turned up on
      various indies, toured with WWA, but recently suffered from horrendous
      facial injuries in a match on a card in Finland.

      Hugh Morrus / Bill DeMott – Had the prestige of being the second WCW
      invader (Lance Storm was the first) but that’s about as big as it got
      for the former Hugh G. Rection. Was dismissed by Steve Austin from the
      Alliance and dropped his humorous name. Became a Cruiserweight crusher
      in a pointless exercise but has recently retired through injury.
      Currently resides alongside the woeful Josh Matthews in the Velocity
      commentary box.

      Billy Kidman – Billy’s never really had the chance. I think it’s a case
      of his face doesn’t fit, either that its because he’s vetoed several
      storyline proposals for wife Torrie. He’s been given a couple of runs
      with the Cruiserweight belt, but nothing staggering. When he’s held the
      belt the title tends to have been demoted to weekend show hell. Although
      his matches with Tajiri and Jamie Noble were impressive the WWE doesn’t
      want to push Mr. Torrie Wilson. Most entertaining run he’s been given
      was when he teamed with Rey Mysterio this summer – but that was getting
      him over, so the writers put a stop to that.

      Shawn Stasiak – I was surprised he was actually picked up by the WWF,
      given that he left under such acrimonious circumstances just over a year
      previous. Pushed to the high heavens for reasons only the WCW bookers
      knew why when he jumped, Shawn was brought back to Earth with a bump
      when he re-debuted at WWF. He resumed his role as a jobber-boy and was
      saddled with the ridiculous Planet Stasiak gimmick. Released last year.

      Chavo Guerrero – Things did not look good for Chavo in the beginning
      despite being given a Cruiser reign early on. I believe he was even
      demoted to backstage interviewer at one point. Things started to look up
      for him however last year when he cut a killer promo and subsequently
      had an excellent match with the debuting Rey Mysterio. Curiously this
      all coincided with Uncle Eddie’s return. Was part of the excellent 3-way
      feud with Eddie/Benoit/Angle/Edge/Mysterio late 2002 and is still (at
      time of writing) oart of the top contenders for WWE Tag-Team of the
      Year. However that split will happen soon and I think Velocity will be
      calling Chavo after a feud with Uncle Eddie is through.

      Chuck Palumbo – Another former WCW Tag-Team Champion (man, they threw
      those belts about a bit didn’t they), but Chuck never headed to
      obscurity. He ditched O’Haire and WCW during the promotional feud in
      autumn 2001, and teamed with Billy Gunn. They developed into a
      pseudo-homosexual tag-team and were preening, dancing, self-loving fools
      (like ALL homosexuals are of course). Stylist/publicist Rico staged
      their gay wedding/blessing and it turned out neither were gay and that
      it was all done for the publicity. Sheesh. After that, they jobbed in
      the first round of the Smackdown Tag Title tournament. Billy got injured
      (again!) and Chuck let his dark hair grow back to become a weekend show
      nobody. Subsequently teamed up with Jonny Stamboli and Nunzio to become
      the pointless FBI

      Mark Jindrak – Was almost immediately sent to OVW, being adjudged as too
      green. Recently returned to our screens with Garrison Cade to form a
      not-so charismatic duo. They still don’t really have a gimmick or a
      name. What does the WWE have against giving tag-teams names these days.

      Stacy Keibler – A huge success story. Probably the sexiest diva in the
      WWE has managed the likes of the Dudley Boys, Test and Scott Steiner.
      She’s been Vince’s PA too. Currently stuck in a pretty sucky storyline
      where she is being abused by Test and Scott Steiner. This angle is
      actually pretty damn low for the WWE to sink to. Male violence on women
      should always be caricatured on WWE TV, it should not seem as real or as
      sick. Will Playboy call? I doubt it until she has a boob job – which I
      applaud her for avoiding.

      Torrie Wilson – Another huge success story. She jumped to WWE to become
      Tajiri’s girlfriend in a relationship that didn’t last. Her ‘father’ had
      an affair with Dawn Marie, he croaked, she and Dawn Marie had a few
      bitchfights, she became a Playboy cover girl and feuded with original
      cover girl Sable.

      Jason Jett/E.Z. Money – I’m not sure what happened to him? I believe he
      was in the developmentals, got fed up and left for the indies. Answers
      on a postcard (ok, so I’m not an almighty know-all).

      Booker T – Signed as WWF’s big WCW name. Invaded at King of the Ring
      2001 in a triple threat match and infamously injured number 1 star Steve
      Austin. Bad move. Even more infamously had a woeful match with Buff
      Bagwell in the first all WCW match. As a heel he feuded with The Rock
      and Edge and teamed with Test but he became more noticed after forming
      an oddball tag-team with Goldust last year. Hugely over, these guys
      should have had a long reign with the straps but they had to make do
      with being short-lived champs at the start of this year. Booker ditched
      Dusty to chase the World Heavyweight crown at WrestleMania. I’d say 90%
      of wrestling fans were extremely disappointed when Triple H retained.
      Given the Intercontinental belt as compensation but got injured and
      missed a few months of competition. Stuck in a feud with the awful Mark
      Henry, I’d say the WWE were in danger of losing any momentum they ever
      had with the Booker man.

      Diamond Dallas Page – Was brought in as Sara Callaway’s stalker in what
      was a very interesting angle – at first. However Undertaker (that name
      again) decided he would not sell for DDP, and the angle was doomed.
      Teamed with Chris Kanyon so Kane could whip their asses too. DDP then
      became a self-motivator and had a feud with Christian. Retired through
      injury. DDP was never really given a chance.

      Chris Kanyon – Another guy who was never really given a chance. Was
      originally the Alliance MVP, he was subsequently buried. Out with injury
      for a long time, The Innovator of Offence returned at the start of the
      year singing in a box as a gift from Big Show to Undertaker. Kanyon was
      Taker’s bitch again. Currently jobbing on Velocity or dark matches. When
      he came to WWF in 2001 the bookers were high on Kanyon and he had a lot
      of respect in the locker room for his innovation and imagination.
      However, I read recently that he is considered a ‘buffoon’ backstage and
      is a bit of a geek. This is apparently why he’s not pushed. I despair of
      the WWE sometimes, I really do.

      And there you go, 21 personalities signed by the WWF/E when they picked
      up WCW and I’d say about only 4 have made any real impact (Torrie,
      Stacy, Chavo and Booker). I think it’s a great shame that so much talent
      has been or is being allowed to go to waste. But what can I do about it?
      The WWE subsequently brought in huge names such as Ric Flair, Kevin
      Nash, Scott Hall, Rey Mysterio, Hulk Hogan, Scott Steiner and Goldberg.
      It’s been said many times before but if they’d brought these guys in to
      begin with, who knows, we may have a WWE/WCW brand split, rather than
      the unconvincing Raw/Smackdown split.

      WWE continues to dismay me. I’m approaching that point where I think I
      may switch off. Talent such as Spanky, Paul London, Ultimo Dragon,
      Nunzio and Chris Kanyon are continued to be portrayed as meaningless
      Velocity enhancement talent. Meanwhile ultra-green wastes of space like
      Matt Morgan and Nathan Jones are continued to be booked on the main
      show. I read that the WWE are looking to abandon Chris Benoit’s feud
      with Brock Lesnar after it was so perfectly built up on Survivor Series.

      Vince is looking to John Cena for his next feud apparently. OMG! Why
      can’t Vince just let go! He doesn’t HAVE to feud with Cena to get him
      over. Cena is the hottest property the WWE has seen for a long time and
      his momentum would have continued nicely by FUing The Big Show for the
      US Title. But nooo, Vince has to be the STAR doesn’t he. By the way, do
      you reckon Vince’s blade job at the Survivor Series was just to outjuice
      Shawn Michaels? I really hope Vince donates to a bloodbank once a month
      to compensate for all the blood he wastes every month.

      Anyway, that’s all I’ve got to say right now. To all you Americans I say
      Happy Thanksgiving. And to all you Scots I say Happy St. Andrew’s day on
      the 30th (Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland). If you have any
      comments on my column please email andrewbulik@... and
      I’ll do my best to get back to you. Ciao.


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