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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2003
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      On October 25th, over 14,000 AOL subscribers of this newsletter had
      their status changed from 'active' to 'bouncing' due to an error in the
      AOL mail servers which returned a 'Syntax Error' to Yahoo! Groups,
      resulting in the boot. A reactivation request will be sent by Yahoo!
      automatically starting this week so these subscribers can resume
      receiving the newsletter. We contacted Yahoo! regarding this problem and
      they said it's an issue AOL knows about and working on but an estimate
      on when they will fix it was not given. Nearly half the subscribers of
      this newsletter all use AOL. Woah.

      W-O's own Jason Clevett has a series of audio interviews up with past
      and present Stampede Wrestlers with their thoughts on Stu. Former WWF
      star Bad News Brown along with current stars like New Japan's Dave Swift
      talk about the influence he had on them. The interview with Dan Kroffat,
      a former star who invented the ladder match, is especially poignent and
      touching and reveals a side of Hart that few knew. To listen to them
      visit Ringside Manner at http://ringsidemanner.tripod.com/

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      - The WWE travel department today released information on the Royal
      Rumble travel packages. The PPV, live from the Wachovia Center in
      Philadelphia, PA., will be on Sunday January 25th 2004. Two packages are
      available - Platinum and Silver. The Platinum consists of Rumble
      ringside seat complete with commemorative PPV chair and two nights hotel
      accommodations at a nearby hotel. The Silver one is the same just a
      different ticket in the lower tier section of the arena. A single
      occupancy for the Platinum package costs $655 while Silver costs $403
      per person. Discounts are available if booking more than one person.
      Travel packages will not be accepted after the cutoff date of November
      30, 2003. For more information and to receive a form e-mail

      - Trish Stratus and Maven were supposed to visit the winning school
      which had the most students filling out forms for the federal free and
      reduced lunch program. However, Schools Chancellor Joel Klein decided to
      drop the two WWE Superstars from the 'grand prize'. "The wrestlers are
      not going to a winning school," Education Department spokeswoman Margie
      Feinberg said, adding that school officials decided the prizes were more
      appropriate than the "whole, big, entertainment extravaganza" of the
      wrestlers. The funny thing is that each of the three schools' principals
      will win a weekend at the Millenium Hotels and Resorts in Manhattan, a
      $590 value. The staff member who helps sign up the most students will
      receive a $350 day spa package. Yet, a free appearance by WWE Superstars
      on their days off to help the kids was dropped, apparently because
      several parents complained about it.

      - Smackdown! delivered a 3.7 rating with a 6.0 share, up 0.1 from last
      week. That's quite good considering the competition and it's the highest
      since June 12th. (Ratings compiled by Nielsen Media Research and put
      online by 1wrestling.com)

      - Several WWE Superstars including Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Dudley
      Boyz, Chris Benoit and others had a lot to say regarding Road Warrior
      Hawk, who passed away last week during his sleep. WWE.COM caught all
      their comments and you can read them at

      - Only two shows went on sale earlier today. Smackdown! tapings in San
      Jose, CA., at the HP Pavilion on Tuesday December 2nd and RAW live from
      the Arco Arena in Sacramento, CA., on Monday December 1st. For more
      ticket information call the arena box office.

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the week yesterday at 11.19, a 1.63% increase over the
      previous closing. The day's range was 10.95 - 11.24. It was a positive
      week for WWE stocks but the question now is can it keep up!


      By Lekisha Oliver, [lekisha@...]

      Take one step forward and two steps back would be explaining women’s
      wrestling. Just as it appears as though women’s wrestling has started to
      reach a different level, it takes one step back. World Wrestling
      Entertainment has been contacting female wrestlers throughout the United
      States, including the just signed Alexis Laree and Daffney, to try and
      finally add some female talent onboard. The further the female wrestlers
      can get from the god-awful pudding matches and Thanksgiving Day fight
      the better. Women in the wrestling world have been training years to try
      to get to where people like Trish Stratus and Victoria have gotten to,
      Titan Towers.

      But with WWE finally getting the point, where are the ladies of NWA:
      Total Nonstop Action? Both Laree and Daffney had been featured on their
      pay-per-view, as well as a host of others, including the NWA Women’s
      Champion, Leilani Kai. Just as these ladies were starting to get into
      the spotlight, the plug must have been yanked from the wall. Women have
      almost disappeared from NWA: Total Nonstop Action. Ladies from across
      the country had been readying for a shot at hope with this company. The
      big time, so to speak. A new federation that is looking for a few good
      wrestlers, male or female, that is what all wrestlers are looking for: a
      chance at stardom. Has the chance melted into another missed opportunity
      for the ladies of professional wrestling?

      Viewers of NWA: TNA would have to disagree about women being on
      pay-per-view with Trinity. I will admit it is good to see a female face
      on the show, especially Trinity. She is a combination of strength,
      agility, power and beauty, which makes into an incredible female
      wrestler. Even though her provocative attire makes her marketable to
      male fans, the female fans are watching her at the same time. She has
      shown that her resilience to put her life on the line for entertainment
      has kept her a position in front of the camera appealing to both men and
      women. The question is, how long will it be before "old-school
      wrestling" makes her take a backseat to her mail counterparts? How long
      will it be before the Jarrett’s use the "old-school mentality" of where
      women were to be seen and not heard?

      Why should that mentality continue to this day? Women of wrestling have
      come a long way. Making their way through the dressing rooms to be some
      no named wrestlers’ valet, just to get noticed, to doing anything in
      their power to make a TLC match happen, women have started to be just as
      fierce with the competition as the men. Women have started to move into
      different varieties of wrestling. Starting with Luche Libre and the
      Japanese style, women are learning more everyday to make themselves just
      as marketable as the men are.

      For example, former WWE women’s champion Gail Kim, AKA Felina. Gail
      started over three years ago in the wrestling business and has altered
      her style through the years. She started wrestling under a mask with a
      technical / high-flying style merged together to make an Asian flying
      Felina. The Toronto based wrestler took to the ring after falling onto a
      wrestling website and getting into the ring under the tutelage of the
      Squared Circle Training Gym. A modeling career and a wrestling career in
      a five foot four inch frame took her to the top after the mask came off.
      She turned all the talent and the beauty around to became WWE Women’s
      Champion on her first night in.

      Yes, Gail has made it to the "show", but what about the ladies who are
      nipping at her heels? In the Tennessee area, there is an independent
      wrestler named Christie Ricci. My readers may remember this name from a
      few months ago. Christie, I met at a NWA wrestling show a few years ago
      when she first began wrestling. Christie hadn’t been in the wrestling
      business very long. That night she took on her trainer, the legendary
      Leilani Kai. Leilani has defiantly taken Christie under her wing.
      Christie has learned the art of mat wrestling along with ring
      psychology. This has brought Christie into a new path of wrestling.
      Taking her talents over the Mexican border, Ms. Ricci has wrestled some
      of the best in the ladies’ circuit. She had to learn the Mexican style
      quickly to help with her victories.

      Ladies like Christie and Leilani have been bringing their talent to the
      Tennessee Valley Area, which I live. In the next several weeks,
      Christie, along with the Professional Girls Wrestling Association
      (www.uswowrestling.net) will be putting on an all women wrestling event.
      In conjunction with legendary Tony Falk’s federation, the United States
      Wrestling Organization, they will take to the arena on November 15th, in
      Madison, Tennessee. These ladies will be taking to the ring in singles
      action and in tag team action. NWA: TNA’s Tracy Brooks will also be
      taking to the ring for this event along with Great Britain’s Pippa
      L’Vinn, ODB, Lexie Fyfe and more will be hitting the mats for a
      traditional wrestling event.

      Tracy, another Canadian native, had moved to the area for NWA: TNA, but
      since moving to Tennessee, TNA has been using the women more and more
      sparingly. Tracy has been in the wrestling business for over three
      years. In that time, the Toronto native has made a name for herself in
      the ladies’ wrestling scene. Starting as a calendar girl, she said that
      she always wanted to be a WWE Superstar. She learned her ropes through
      the Lucha style with her trainer El Fuego. Yet another female superstar
      in the making put on the backburner, what will it take to bring them
      back to the forefront?

      Will it take another Chyna to make the women’s wrestling business
      flourish? Or will it be another Trish Stratus? The Chyna’s of the world
      will defiantly hold a place in wrestling, but women like Trish have not
      only moved on with her wrestling career, but have bettered themselves in
      the squared circle. The reigning Babe of the Year has shown that she not
      only has the beauty for the marketing department, but the woman has
      pulled herself up by the boot strings and has made a wrestling career
      out of her valet career. One of the most improved ladies in the
      business, Trish has shown what a person can do if given the right
      opportunity. Trish was led into Titan land with a T&A purpose, but has
      turn the T&A into Tough and Able. Hard work and determination have been
      her oars to paddle her through the river of new wrestling talent.

      With ladies like Christie Ricci, Leilani Kai, Trinity, Tracy Brooks and
      a host of other ladies out on the independent circuit, NWA: TNA will
      have to see what the NWA Board saw, a new horizon into the future. Not
      just men grappling in the ring, but a high-flying, tough and able bunch
      of ladies that is willing to take on the world. These women could come
      from the best wrestling schools in the country to the ladies checking
      the costumes at ringside to the lady walking down the ramp next to your
      company’s newest addition.

      All of these ladies have a shot at stardom, all they need is a chance. A
      chance to show what they can do.

      To the owners of all wrestling federations, if you want to know more
      about female wrestlers in the country, check out one of my favorite
      sites, www.glorywrestling.com At this site, you will find a pletera of
      young female talent. Also, check out www.ladysports.com for more
      information on the event mentioned above. The owners of these sites have
      made it a mission to get these young ladies noticed in the sport of
      wrestling. Talent has to shine to be seen and this is true with the
      ladies mentioned above.

      As for this week’s column, it is finished. The women of wrestling have
      begun to make themselves known. So keep watching for the shine.

      For comments or questions on this column, email them to
      lekisha@... or visit the website at
      www.belleofthebrawl.com or www.wrestlingonthefringe.com

      Thank you again for all the support and have a wonderful day. Until next
      time…stay safe…


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