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[wrestling-online] Wrestling-Online Newsletter #216

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 29, 1998
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      By Colin Vassallo
      E-mail: Editor@...

      WOO! Did you see the Discovery Shuttle launch? Man, it was fun seeing it
      live. I wonder what those guys in the shuttle were feeling during take
      off. I'm sure they were drinkin' some beer! :)

      Anyways, it seems that the poll I sent yesterday raised some confusion
      among a few subscribers. Some thought that the magazine will replace the
      newsletter....WRONG. The newsletter will still be sent daily AND free.
      The magazine will be monthly, and optional for those who want it. Of
      course, it will have extra features, pictures etc. In short, can you
      smell a PWI magazine? Only a few differences, in full color, and not
      markish among others! :)

      For new subscribers, we're thinking of making a monthly magazine, take
      out our poll at http://www.egroups.com/vote?id=909606505934 . Poll will
      end next Sunday.

      BTW - if you're in Europe, and you're a fan of ECW, be sure to catch ECW
      starting next Monday at 10:00PM GMT on Bravo. Bravo is already
      advertising ECW on their official site.


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      Wrestling-Online NewsStation

      - The group ZZ Top will be on RAW, live next Monday.

      - Jeff Jarrett will be on Off The Record on November 6th, on TSN.

      - Sexy blond bombshell Sable appeared on Channel 4's 'Under The Moon'
      last night in the UK, which is a live late night sports show. The show
      lasted 2 and a half hours, and Wrasslin.com's Peter Gregory sums up what

      "Last night in the UK Sable made an appearance on Channel 4's "Under the
      Moon" as part of her promotional work for the already sold out UK
      pay-per-view Capital Carnage. Sable appeared alond side Richard Rufton
      (Charlton FC), Alan McInally, and Diane Modahl (althletics). Danny Kelly
      was the host of the show. Here's what Sable talked about during the

      - When asked by a viewer what she thought of Steve Austin's antics she
      replied with no comment or words to that affect, and said she could not
      say because he worked along side her.
      - Sable said because of the Vince McMahon/Austin story line most of the
      wrestlers are free to run their own causes. She also added to this that
      wrestlers don't interfere with other wrestlers story lines, and just
      keep up with their own.
      - When host Danny Kelly asked why the emphasis of the WWF has changed to
      sex Sable replied with "Sex Sells".
      - Wrasslin.com's very own Daniel Fitch e-mailed in a question asking
      does she enjoy feuding with her husband Marc Mero. Sable replied by
      saing she's not married to Mero [Yeah right, she was good at covering it
      up, though - John] and added that she had beat Jacqueline several times.
      - When asked by a viewer if she was friends with The Oddities she
      answered yes, however she didn't used to be.
      - A viewer asked whether Mick Foley was 'hardcore' backstage which
      recieved some rude comments from Danny Kelly and the guests. Sable
      answered he is like a "Teddy Bear" backstage. [She also said that Val
      Venis was 'hardcore', and in the show she mentioned that she's been
      Venis' tag team partner on several occasions. How rude! - John]
      - Sable said, "No one wants to see a bunch of old fat men grappling on
      the ground", when the topic of British wrestling arrived.
      - Sable tried to emphasise the fact that wrestlers should be given a
      tremendous amount of respect which received some smart ass comments from
      Alan McInally. [Did anyone else catch him looking at her breasts? -
      - Sable said that they never practice their matches before events due to
      their horrific road schedule.
      - Sable took part in the 'Games Corner' along side Dianne Modahl.
      Basically here two stars battle each other in a series of games. Here
      are the results:
      Sable Vs Dianne
      4 4 (Golf putting)
      13 9 (Basketball)
      31 25 (Football)
      48 38 (TOTAL)
      *Sable wins*
      - Sable talked about her Bikini contest match with Jacqueline. [The
      caller referred to it as a 'poseathon', and nobody had a clue what he
      was on about - John]
      - A clip from Sable's workout video was shown.
      - Sable said she admired Shawn Micheals the most in the WWF. (John

      - Don't forget, tonight on MTV, Celebrity Death Match between Vince
      McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin!

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      Wrestling-Online NewsStation

      - WCW Hotline Report | Host: Mark Madden | Report by The Flying Scotsman
      and The Seeker

      - He's the leader of 'oHn,' One Hotline Nation... "Speak to me Smart

      - If you saw Monday's Nitro, WCW plans on keeping Warrior, though no
      word on if he's got a new contract extension. They like his
      professionalism and co-operation and most importantly, like how did the
      'J-O-B on the P-P-V.'

      - The main reason he got a good response on Monday, because Nitro was in
      his hometown of Phoenix.

      - He doesn't know why WCW wants to keep him, he can't work a lick, they
      can't turn him heel, though the fans hate him, that's the difference
      from being hated and just plain not over. Keep watching, same Warrior
      time, same Warrior channel.

      - If its up to him, he'd rather watch his Flair TV.

      - Sings "I want my, I want my Flair TV!" This is probably worth the
      money of calling the hotline, just to hear him sing this.

      - Arn Anderson was on WCW.com's Internet Insiders. He made a couple good
      points about Warrior isn't over, compare his body to Scott Steiners.
      Also, he uses words in interviews the fans can't understand.

      - The angle with Bret Hart nailing DDP with the chair in the knee will
      likely be turned into an injury angle to give Page some time off.

      - It's surprising Rick Steiner chose Kenny Kaos for his tag team
      partner, most thought he'd choose Lex Luger to join the Wolfpack. Robby
      Rage, Kaos' tag team partner is currently injured.

      - The Flair/Bischoff angle is the hottest going in WCW, so why was his
      Interview segment in the first hour, where it doesn't help the ratings
      out too much?

      - Mongo no-showed Nitro for no reason, and management didn't know where
      he was. He confronted Madden backstage to tell him he wasn't happy of
      Mark for reporting this.

      - The New LWO Member is a Dean Malenko trainee.

      - Mark Madden talked to Bill Goldberg, and asked him when he does job,
      what it'll be like. The WCW Champion had no problem with it, and said
      'when it does happen, you'll see alot more out of me.' He's actually
      looking forward to losing. Don't let Hogan hear that, now.

      - The British Bulldog maybe out of World Championship Wrestling, as he
      was replaced by Alex Wright against Dave Finlay at Havoc. No
      explaination was given.

      - Vader has been signed by All Japan, the only thing is how many dates
      he'll be working. AJPW wants 23 weeks per year, Vader wants alot less.
      The thing is is about All Japan is that they want you to work more, so
      people work sick, work hurt, and if you don't... you get fired.

      - Motley Crue was boo'ed at the Madison tapings. They don't even know
      who DX is, they just wanted booked on Raw for ratings. ZZ Top will be on
      Raw next month.

      - New Jack will be Tommy Dreamer's partner for ECW's November to
      Remember PPV to face Credible and Victory. They've already taped Jack
      being laid out, so he maybe out of the match already. Terry Funk may yet
      get in there.

      - Scorpio no-showed the NWA 50th because they forgot to tell him where
      the building was or what it was called.

      - There's only one Darth Vader in the Hotline business, that's him.
      Everyone else is an 'Obi-Wan Jabronie.' Kanyon told him this during the
      Internet Broadcast during the Jericho/Raven match before he made his way


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