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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1681

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 16, 2003
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Hi folks. If you're attending Smackdown! tonight....you know the drill!
      :) Thanks.

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      > RATINGS
      - RAW hit a 3.7 composite rating with a 6.0 share, up just 0.1 from last
      week's show. It did hours of 3.6 and 4.0 and an overrun of 4.5. (Ratings
      compiled by Nielsen Media Research and put online by 1wrestling.com)

      - W-O Newsletter reader 'IcedCap' attended yesterday's RAW and sent in
      these notes. After cameras went off the air, Vince McMahon's music
      kicked in and the Chairman came to the ring. He grabbed the mic and told
      everyone that it's Moolah's 80th birthday. He then called out Moolah,
      who was followed by the whole locker room. McMahon made Austin sing
      'Happy Birthday' to her and the Divas then brought down a large cake.
      WWE newcomers Garrison Cade kissed Moolah right on her lips, with Mark
      Jindrak following as well! Then the Divas shoved the cake in Cade's
      face. Austin then got some beers and everyone in the ring toasted.
      Moolah got emotional during this and cried, certainly a quick surprise
      birthday bash for the former Women's champ.

      - The new WWE game for XBOX hit the shelves today. RAW 2, retailing at
      most stores for $49.99, features stunning graphics, multi-player season
      mode with up to four players, enhanced gameplay with a new and improved
      momentum meter, six game modes including Exhibition, Season, King of The
      Ring, Royal Rumble, expanded Title Match and Create-A-Superstar, all-new
      match types including Hell in a Cell and TLC matches, up to eleven
      fully-scaled arenas and a variety of backstage areas, updated roster of
      more than 60 WWE Superstars and much more. It's the second WWE game for
      the XBOX console. The artwork of the game features Goldberg, Triple H
      and Scott Steiner with Goldberg on the front.

      - Right after Smackdown! the crew will be joined by the RAW roster as
      they attend the Triple H bachelor's party! The RAW crew had to stay
      another day on the road to be present and almost everyone is expected to
      join in. I certainly wouldn't want to be The Game tonight as you can
      imagine what will happen with around 40 WWE Superstars on your @ss.
      Triple H will marry Stephanie McMahon on October 25th in New York.

      - Triple H has got himself a role in the upcoming 'Blade: Trinity', the
      third installment in the Blade series featuring Wesley Snipes. The role
      is expected to be one of the main villains, rumored to be Grimwood, a
      huge sinister vampire with metal teeth. The movie will be released in
      August 2004. Triple H also has another role lined up for him, this time
      a production of WWE Films in a movie titled 'Jornada del Muerte', a
      modern-day Western set in the Southwest that involves motorcycle gangs,
      drug trafficking and broken codes of honor.

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the day at 10.50, a 0.28% decrease over the previous
      closing. The day's range was 10.42 - 10.58.


      By Eric Knudsen, [ericknudsen@...]

      Welcome ladies and gentlemen, kids and all. Welcome to another edition
      of Around The Ring, and as always I am your loyal host, Eric. "If I
      could be serious for a minute..." I have a thing or maybe two to say.
      Actually I guess it is really only one thing. Here is how the last
      Around The Ring poll results turned out:

      From the list below, who would you like to see as the RAW World

      Goldberg wins with 28.9% (61 Votes)

      Chris Jericho 23.7% (50 Votes)

      RVD 23.2% (49 Votes)

      Booker T 9.5% (20 Votes)

      HBK 6.6% (14 Votes)

      Randy Orton 4.3% (9 Votes)

      Triple H 3.8% (8 Votes)

      Thank you to everyone who voted on the poll. And with that being said, I
      will move onto the meat and potatoes.

      Well I had wanted to write a column after Sumerslam, but then Smackdown
      got pre-empted and wasn't shown until late Saturday...which I
      figured...why bother since Raw would be on in just a day and a half. So
      here I am with some of my thoughts of what has happened over the last

      Starting with Smackdown this past week, I was disappointed that
      Smackdown of all shows has to give up a half hour of programming so a
      dumb show like the Mullets. And yes I did watch it so I can say it was
      dumb. The only decent part of the show was them going to "Wrestlemania"
      and The Dudleys chasing the Mullets stepdad around the ring.
      Anyways...the point is, why does Smackdown always get pre-empted? I
      mean it is the one show I watch on UPN...and it either gets pre-empted
      or cut short. I forgot to tape Smackdown...which is really no biggie for
      me. I am at a point where I am just fed up with the crap that Vince
      thinks is what the fans want to see. Just because you own the company,
      doesn't mean
      you know what the fans want.

      I am glad to finally see Chavo back. That's a good thing. I'd have to
      say that the Eddie/Cena and the Benoit/Rhyno matches were the best. I
      like the Frog Splash off the top of the minivan. Torrie was looking hot
      as always...as was Steph. That was a pretty mean chairshot by Torrie on

      I am a Brock Lesnar fan. I admit...and I have admitted since the day he
      showed up on Raw after Wrestlemania last year. But I really have to
      question...how can you call him a monster when the only two people that
      he has manhandle so far since Vince has "brought the monster out of
      Brock" is Spanky and Zach Gowen. Wow...that's really proving something
      there! I mean unless it's Bruce Lee, then it's a pretty safe bet that a
      300 pound monster can destroy a person who is only 150 - 200 pounds. Now
      why would you pick on the little guys? We know he can manhandle people
      like Angle, The Undertaker and even the Big Show. Unless you can
      remember someone else superplexing the Big Show, I'd have to say Brock
      is the strongest man in WWE. So why not have Brock beating up someone
      bigger than Spanky and Zach? And then you have Brock chasing after the
      title. Ok... last time I checked, Spanky and Zach weren't a threat to
      the WWE Title. It is just a lot of crap. And I have a lot of friends who
      are wrestling fans who have stopped watching because it is worthless. I
      keep hoping it will get better, but now I am beginning to wonder.

      As for the Raw side of things, the rumor going around is that Triple H
      is going to drop the title to Goldberg. Well great. It's about time he
      puts someone else over. But then I hear he will win it back a month
      later at the next Raw PPV after Unforgiven. Well isn't that nice of
      Trips. I truely believe that without the title, Triple H is nothing.
      They can't really market him. Without the title there is no real use for
      him to even be on tv. I will say that being with Ric Flair has helped
      Triple H. He has learned a few new moves. I just wish Triple H would
      come up with a new character or something. And I wish he would lose the
      title for more than a month at a shot. And you wonder why ratings are
      down? You can literally miss wrestling for 3 months, come back to it and
      Triple H still has the title. Triple H is no Hulk Hogan. He is
      definitely no Bruno Sanmartino. The days of one guy holding the title
      for months on end are over. If you want to keep fan interest, you need
      to switch
      things up...especially with the tag team belts. I will get back to that
      subject in a minute.

      As if WWE doesn't have enough wrestlers, I read today they have signed
      two more to developemental deals. Why don't you try using what you have
      first? The thing is you need to start downsizing. They need to figure
      out what they are going to do with some of the people they have that
      they are not using. Either that or they need to start pairing people up
      to improve their tag team roster.

      I am glad that they have teamed Mark Henry and Rodney Mack. While I
      don't really see them going anywhere, the WWE needs tag teams badly. How
      many more times do we have to watch the Dudleys vs La Resistance? We
      need some more teams. And not just teamed up for a week or two. Make the
      Hurricane and the Super Hero In Training a tag team. I mean really...
      the only place the tag team division can go is up!

      I have been seeing a lot of trailers for the Rocks new movie and I have
      to say that it looks pretty funny. I think I will probably go see this
      in the theaters.

      On a final note...I have to say from what I heard, Summer Slam sucked.
      My predictions were off...as I only got 3 out 7. Oh well. In a perfect
      world my predictions would have come true. But in a perfect world, I'd
      be writing for WWE or another fed.

      Oh before I forget. On a personal note, we just celebrated the 2nd
      anniversary of the September 11th tragedies. It is amazing it has been 2
      years. I would like to say to all of the men and women of the Armed
      Services and the Coalition thank you and stay safe and get those
      S.O.B.'s over there and come home safe! Thank you again.


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