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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1670

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 2003
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      We are waaaaaaaaay back in adding new subscribers. If you subscribed a
      friend or someone, we're 10 days behind as new subs from the 19th of
      August are still being added.

      Not much going on today. Back tomorrow.

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      - Smackdown! did a 2.6 rating with a 5.0 share, one of the lowest
      numbers ever in the history of the show. The reason for the low number
      is because the program was pre-empted in almost a dozen of markets due
      to other programming with New York and Philadelphia - two of the biggest
      - also pre-empted. (Ratings compiled by Nielsen Media Research and put
      online by 1wrestling.com)

      - It was something different this time around for the two scheduled WWE
      shows in the UK in October. Usually tickets are snatched in the first
      couple of hours but four hours removed from the on sale opening hour,
      ringside seats are still available for both of the shows - one in
      Manchester and one in Birmingham. The Birmingham show ticket prices
      range from 25.00 to 60.50 pounds while the Manchester ones range from
      18.00 - 45.00.

      - The Manchester Online website has an article about the upcoming WWE
      show in Manchester in October. A tentative card has been released with
      the main event of Undertaker & Kurt Angle vs Big Show & Brock Lesnar.
      You can check out the article at

      - The WWE Babe Of The Year 2003 is up and running with Trish Stratus
      defending her title for the second year in a row. Sixteen WWE Divas are
      competing in this Internet-only elimination style tournament. The
      matches and contestants are: Sable vs Molly; Miss Jackie vs Jacqueline;
      Jazz vs Stacy Keibler; Gail Kim vs Ivory; Shaniqua vs Trish Stratus;
      Lita vs Dawn Marie; Nidia vs Victoria; Torrie Wilson vs Terri. Today you
      can vote for Sable vs Molly. Head on to babe.wwe.com for more


      By Jason Clevett, [jason.clevett@...]

      I’ve been fortunate in my life to have many incredible experiences in
      this wacky world of pro wrestling. For the week of August 5 – 11 I hung
      out backstage at the Pro Outlaw Wrestling events at the Exhibition. On
      the final night of the exhibition they had a demoltion derby that a
      bunch of us watches from the sidelines.

      Standing two feet from me was Sabu.

      On a couple of nights I drank good CANADIAN beer with Jerry Lynn and Don
      Callis of NWA-TNA.

      It was all in part thanks to Juggernaut, (whose website is
      www.juggernaut-wrestling.com) a local wrestler who has competed all over
      the world and faced guys like Steve Corino and Tommy Dreamer. He knew I
      wanted to come to the shows and offered me the chance to ride with him
      and fellow wrestlers Apocalypse and Johnny Handsome from Calgary. I
      jumped at the opportunity and I am so glad I did.

      It was a week filled with amazing moments for me. I got to shake Sabu’s
      hand and talk to him. I didn’t until Sunday because the guy is
      intimidating as hell, but when I finally worked up the nerve to have a
      brief conversation with him. It was better than the attempt at
      conversation this idiot made when he poked his head through the dividers
      to where Sabu was sitting and asked “Hey, is this stuff all fixed or
      what?” Sabu just stared at him, while wrapping up his newly reattached
      bicep. I was waiting for some kind of smartassed reply but one of the
      other guys shooed him off before Sabu could go off.

      It was a blazing hot week in the city, and the wrestlers often wrestled
      two or three times, outdoors in the sun. Another guy to look out for in
      the future that made the trip was “The First Nation Sensation” Wavell
      Starr. The week was his “boot camp” in preparation for his trip to Ohio
      Valley Wrestling, the WWE Training Grounds in September. During the
      week he wrestled Lynn, and their match the final night of the show was a

      Sabu was also amazing to see, namely because of the fact that a week
      before the show, he had his bicep reattached and wrestled in a cast,
      literally with one arm. Although he has been criticized for various
      reasons, the guy was amazing all week and is a blast to see live.

      Don Callis and POW Owner Crash Crimson were wonderful in permitting me
      so much access to the show, letting me hang out backstage for the entire
      week talking with the wrestlers. It also meant a lot to me that many of
      them asked my opinion on their matches. To be treated so well, despite
      being a “smart mark” really demonstrated their good faith towards me.
      It was greatly appreciated.

      It is times like this trip that I am so thankful that I have been given
      the opportunities that have been granted to me. Through the Hart Family
      I have been backstage at WWE shows, including live PPV’s and TV shows.
      Now I am taking that a step farther, and using my blossoming skills as a
      writer to meet and talk to some of the best talent that I am allowed
      to. Hopefully, that will once again include talent in the WWE,
      currently banned from talking to anyone associated with a website.

      I have been lucky to have such good friends in the business, many of
      whom have very bright futures. Like Ted Hart, for example, who will be
      a part of the Super X tournament next week on NWA-TNA. Make sure you
      check out that show and see the talented nephew of Bret and Owen Hart.
      (There is my cheap plug for the week.)

      So if you missed it, SLAM!Wrestling features my reports from every day
      of the Exhibition with interviews with Callis and Lynn, among others.
      You can start at Day 1 at

      And for all of you who have been wondering for years what I sound like..
      Mr. Hamilton… I have a hysterically funny interview with Alberta guys
      Apocalypse, as well as PWI 500 wrestlers Juggernaut and Johnny Handsome
      that has to be heard to be appreciated. Check that out, and coming soon
      to Ringside Manner, Jerry Lynn and Don Callis. Bookmark
      http://ringsidemanner.tripod.com/ and come visit weekly for shows.

      Till next time.


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