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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1660

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 15, 2003
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Well my Summer shutdown is over and on Monday I'm back to work after a
      week long holiday. Booo. Why can't we have this every month?

      Kind of an early issue today, I'm out in jut an hour so here it goes.

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      - A story written by Victor Niederhoffer and Laurel Kenner was picked up
      by several finance outlets regarding company CEOs that graduated from
      Harvard. Interesting enough, the first two paragraphs was all about
      Tough Enough 1 runner up Christopher Nowinski, who is the WWE's only
      Harvard graduate Superstar. You can check out the version of the story
      on MSN Money at http://moneycentral.msn.com/content/P57151.asp

      - Despite the power outage in parts of the US and Canada, WWE live
      events will go on as scheduled according to a notice on the WWE.COM
      website. The events in question are the ones in Hamilton, Ontario,
      Sarnia, Ontario, RAW in Grand Rapids, MI., and Smackdown! in Detroit,
      MI. For the next WWE event at MSG, WWE.COM is urging fans to purchase
      tickets through the Ticketmaster.com website this Saturday instead of
      going to the box office. The main event for that September 20th event
      has a four way match between Angle, Lesnar, Big Show and Taker with
      McMahon as the special ref.

      - W-O Newsletter reader Yolanda Bennett sent in word that on a show
      called Evening Magazine in Tacoma, WA., there was a segment which rated
      the 25 Most Beautiful People in the Pacific Northwest. WWE's Torrie
      Wilson came in the third place, trailing speedskater Apolo Ohno in first
      and former Miss America Katie Harman.

      - The following videos are on Billboard's Top 10 Recreational Sports
      chart for the week ending August 16th. 'From The Vault - Shawn Michaels'
      is in the first place, followed by 'Judgment Day 2003' in second.
      'Wrestlemania XIX' is in sixth, 'Backlash 2003' in eighth and 'Rey
      Mysterio - 619' wraps up the list in the tenth position. All mentioned
      videos can be purchased from WrestlingMegastore.com

      - Close to return to the ring, Batista did a phone interview with
      WWE.COM, explaining the injury process, his training to get back in
      shape, Evolution and much more. You can read it at

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      By Eric Knudsen, [ericknudsen@...]

      Welcome ladies and gentlemen, kids and all. Welcome to another edition
      of Around The Ring, and as always I am your loyal host, Eric. "If I
      could be serious for a minute..." I have a few things to say. I want to
      for not writing for awhile. I have been having some issues with my
      arthritis and it is looking now like I will need a hip replacement
      within the next few months. My hip has been really giving out on me and
      giving me
      a real problem. Plus we have been getting a lot of rain as of late which
      hasn't helped much. There are other reasons too, but we all have our
      problems so I won't burden you with mine.

      Ladies...You voted for the WWE's Best Looking Wrestler and the winner

      It's A Tie!!! Rock - 50% Shawn Michaels - 50%...guess you all couldn't

      And now to the last Brainbuster Poll. There was a series of eight
      "Fantasy Matches". And the winner by a clear margin is: Bret Hart vs
      Kurt Angle with 44.7% of the votes. Thanks to everyone who voted.

      Onto the meat and potatoes...

      I missed the Raw of August 3rd...our cable was off. But I was back in
      business for that weeks Smackdown. Not overly horrible...some decent
      matches. Benoit vs Guerrero was truely incredible. When did Sgt
      become commissioner of Smackdown? And he books a tag match with
      Benoit/Tajiri vs Guerrero/Rhyno? This is probably the first smart thing
      old Sgt Slaughter has done. It was a great tag match and would have been
      great as a mid to upper mid level card in a PPV. What I saw from these
      four athletes was nothing short of incredible. I would like to see this
      tag match go again for longer. I really have to give it up to Zach
      Gowen. This kid is doing somethings that people with two legs can't do.
      And being disabled myself, it is an inspiration to me. Guess maybe I am
      a bit biased in that respect. He is an awesome high flyer with no fear.
      I hope his one leg can stay healthy to give him a long career. Kurt
      Angles interview after the tag match was a total riot. I do believe he
      will go down as one of the best pro wrestlers of all time. And before
      you email me
      saying..."Kurt Angle is the best?!" No...I said ONE OF THE BEST.

      Undertaker and Cena put on a good show. That Superplex by Taker on Cena
      was pretty sick. I would have never expected to see that out of
      Undertaker. When he went to the top rope, I was just saying ...where
      he think he is going?! The only thing I have to say about the Rey
      Mysterio vs Charlie Haas match is that the Haas Of Pain Haas put on
      Mysterio was really nasty looking! Yikes. And the main event...Brock
      Lesnar vs Vince
      McMahon with Kurt Angle as the special guest referee. I admit...I was
      surprised...but I was pleasantly surprised. I don't like Vince, but I am
      glad for the Brock heel turn. It's about time he went back to being a
      heel. And tossing Angle around that cage like a rag doll was great. And
      the final blow... Brock gorilla pressing Angle like it was nothing and
      tossing him into the cage. It was great! And I have to say I am a fan of
      that Brock Lesnar SummerSlam commerical. I think it is a total riot. I
      was laughing hysterically the first time I saw that.

      And what can I say, Raw was Raw. We had the return of Oklahomas own Jim
      Ross, and a new Intercontinental Champion...who won it at a house
      show...Christian. Before I go on, I would like to wish Booker T a speedy
      recovery and hope the 8 weeks will heal him up so he can return. Was
      that JR or Dusty Rhodes??! Looks like JR has packed on a few pounds. Oh
      well. We now have back our resident announcer so we can hear again
      like..."whipped like a government mule", "beaten like a scalded dog"
      and..."It's gonna be a real slobber knocker!" Well isn't that special.
      The quality of the first match may have not been the greatest, but who
      cares?! Stacy was looking H-O-T!!! But that's not unusual! I still don't
      know what the deal is with Rico. He is like Wolverine meets The Ultimate
      Warrior meets Robin Williams. What the hell is he? Is he the future of
      Goldust? Oh and speaking of Goldust...I feel so bad for Lance Storm. He
      is really getting the screw job. Being stuck now with Goldust. What was
      that all about?

      All I can do is shake my head. I do like the build up of the heat
      between La Resistance and The Dudley Boys. The WWE really need to
      rejuvenate the tag team ranks. Some people seem to think the tag team
      matches are boring. Honestly I tend to think they are more exciting. I
      have seen some of the best tag matches growing up. The Road Warriors vs
      The Freebirds, The Road Warriors vs The Midnight Express, The Orient
      Express, Afa And Seka vs Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas, The British
      Bulldogs vs Valentine and Beefcake. Now you have three regular tag teams
      on Raw and 3 on Smackdown until Chavo comes back and then maybe it will
      be four. You should have at least have 6 to 8 team per show to keep an
      active feud going and a strong run for the tag team titles. Anyways, I
      am getting a bit off track for now. Well...so Christian is the IC champ
      once again. This is a good thing. he deserves it. He gets the heat!
      People boo him like crazy... he is doing his job right! But we need to
      see a stronger group for the IC title too.

      The womens match was kind of lacking this week. Yes the women are hot.
      They are not out there for us to watch
      wrestle but I do watch for their wrestling skill. With the women it is
      either hit or miss. There is no middle ground. But I do like the way
      Molly won the match. I got a good chuckle out of that.

      And it would seem Goldberg screwed himself out of his one on one match
      at SummerSlam. All he had to do was say yes to go to Australia to fill
      in. I guess the line "Dont Cross The Boss" works as well outside the
      ring. "Ya feel me pla..." hey wait...Theodore Long wasnt around this
      week. No wonder Rodney lost this week. They should team Rodney Mack up
      with Maven. Ok ok...I am tired. HAHA. Can I just say Nash versus Jericho
      is a joke. I mean come on!! And last but not least you have Goldberg vs
      Flair in a no dq with Randy Orton as the special guest referee. Sheesh.
      Are there enough special refs lately?? I have to give it to all three
      men in this match. Flair was Flair...one of the greatest of all time.
      Bill Goldberg did a hell of a job playing on the leg injury after the
      figure four. And honestly I think the real reason Orton was out there
      was to watch Ric Flair. Flair has taken Orton under his wing and it is
      really paying off. I am not so sure that Orton is ready for a main event
      in the PPV, but I am hoping I will be proven wrong.

      I have read a lot of articles with people talking about how they could
      change the dropping ratings of WWE or what can be done. So I figured I
      would throw my two cents into the pot. How many people said that
      would not be the "Saviour" of WWE?! And now WWE is beginning to
      realize...the fans were right. Same thing with Steiner. And where is
      Steiner now? Barely mid card. He's closer to an opener on Raw. And
      Goldberg...I hate to see what happens to him after Summerslam. You have
      Linda being "disappointed" with Goldberg. Goldberg unhappy with WWE.
      Anyways, what would I do to change the WWE? I often wonder if things can
      be turned around. And is it a worthy cause? First of all I dump a lot of
      the dead weight around WWE. These are the people that just are not doing
      anything. Then I would get rid of Nash, HBK, and The Big Show. Nash is
      beyond old and is really looking it these days... not to mention I hear
      more and more groans when he comes out. HBK needs to make up his mind
      and retire...and stay retired. And Big Show...they cant do anything with
      this slow big man. It has gotten beyond ridiculous. Then I would have
      more displays of the cruiserweights, and tag teams.

      I would definitely strip Triple Leach of the title that he didn't earn,
      and put it up in a tournament. I would like to see more wrestling
      entertainment. And less of the little stupid vignettes. Or if I had
      vignettes, they would be else where and not inside the building. And
      some better feuds. No setting people on fire. No humping of "dead"
      bodies. No driving away with someones dead dads casket with the son
      hanging on. None of the stupid stuff they come up with. Like I have said
      before...the last decent storyline they had was Undertaker and Jake The
      Snake Roberts. You have to have a proper balance of weight class
      matches. And have more non title matches to see if the person moves on
      to get a title shot. Save specialty matches for the pay per view. Bring
      up the real athletes...the ones that deserve to be on top or in the
      "public eye" so to speak. I feel bad for Ultimo Dragon. He is being so
      under used! And from what I have read, WWE brought back a past character
      from WCW because they didnt know what to do with the guy. Sometimes you
      have to get back to basics in order to get bigger and better. And as we
      all know...wrestling is cycle driven. Goes in waves. Mid to late 80's
      was driven by Hogan. Later 90's to 2000 - 2001 it's The Rock and Stone
      Cold. Who will be the next guy to carry the wrestling world to the next
      plateau? We will have to see.

      Well I will stop for now and move onto:

      ***This Weeks Brainbuster***
      (Be sure to send all answers and/or comments to
      ericknudsen@.... Remember to include your name.)

      Q: Who was the WWF president from 1978 - 1984?

      Well thats it for me. Thank you for joining me for this edition. Join me
      again soon for another edition of Around The Ring where I will discuss
      Smackdown and Raw and have my predictions for Summerslam. I am Eric,
      that's my opinion and I am standing by it!!


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