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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1653

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2003
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Yo. If anyone is going to RAW tonight, please drop us some notes from
      the show. Danke.

      Back tomorrow.

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      - Only one match has been announced for tonight's RAW and that's between
      former 16 time World champion Ric Flair and Bill Goldberg. Plus Shane
      McMahon, Kane, Triple H and Goldberg are all expected to be on the show
      as well. With the show being from Vancouver, the site where Rock is
      filming his current movie 'Walking Tall', there are rumors that he'll be
      on RAW but nothing has been confirmed.

      - The annual WWE stockholders meeting will be held on September 19th
      this year at the Westin Hotel in Stamford, CT., at 10AM. Usually the
      meeting used to be held at the WWE New York complex but since it's
      closed now activities like this needed to be moved to different
      locations. The purpose of the meeting is to elect the seven Directors of
      the board, approve the company's management bonus plan and to ratify the
      selection of Deloitte & Touche as independent auditors for the coming
      year. Only stockholders are allowed to be present during this meeting
      which will also have a Q&A session with WWE officials.

      - WireImage.com has pictures of The Rock who was present at the Teen
      Choice Awards this past Saturday in Universal City, CA. The Rock, along
      with sexy Britney Spears presented one of the awards. You can check out
      the pics at

      - W-O Newsletter reader Ian Albert attended the Smackdown! brand live
      event in Calgary, Alberta Canada on Saturday and sent in these results
      from the show. Ultimo Dragon defeated Spanky; Eddie
      Guerrero defeated Lance Storm; Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin defeated
      the APA, Basham Brothers and Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore; Sable defeated
      Nidia and Dawn Marie in a bikini contest; Rey Mysterio defeated Jamie
      Noble; Chris Benoit defeated Rhyno; Kurt Angle defeated Brock Lesnar.
      There was also a segment with Brother Love, Vince McMahon and Zach Gowen
      which ended with Gowen kicking the crap out of McMahon and Brother Love.
      Before Gowen came out, McMahon thanked the Hart family for all the help
      over the years.

      - In this week's rankings on the Lycos Top 50 chart, the 'WWE' keyword
      advanced to the 14th place, up from the 17th place of last week. This is
      the 206th week that the keyword has been on the list. On the Yahoo! Buzz
      Index, 'WWE' also advanced to the 11th place from last week's 15th. It's
      the 123rd week on the Yahoo! list.

      - A WWE live event will be taking place at the NEC Arena in Birmingham,
      England on Saturday October 11th this year, presumably the Rebellion
      UK-only PPV. SilverVision are currently selling hospitality tickets for
      the event which includes best seat in the house for the event, exclusive
      signing session with two WWE superstars, official tour programme,
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      > STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the day at 9.74, a 0.21% increase over the previous
      closing. The day's range was 9.56 - 9.77.

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      By Jason Clevett, [jason.clevett@...]

      I haven’t written lately due to moving, job hunting, my SLAM!
      Commitments and preparing details on my trip next week. More on that at
      the bottom of the column. However, since the WWE was in Calgary last
      night, I know all of you are sitting at home on the edge of your seat
      awaiting this report. So without further ado.

      The Third ever DBC House Show Report!

      The night started off with mass confusion as I was supposed to go with
      some of the boys from Stampede Wrestling but couldn’t get a hold of
      them. So I headed down to the Pengrowth Saddledome and begrudgingly
      paid out $45 for a seat in the lower level stands. I had the chance to
      buy 13th row on the floor but didn’t feel like spending the extra
      fifteen bucks.

      I found my seat, found it was wobbly, and immediately moved ten rows
      closer. The Saddledome was virtually empty. Despite reports of 9’000
      people there, my estimate would be high at half of that. After arguing
      with the usher about my digital camera I was finally left in peace as
      the show kicked off with Ultimo Dragon and Spanky making their Calgary
      debuts. A fast paced match with some creative spots caused me to
      fantasize about two men going for twenty minutes on pay-per-view…wait,
      that sounded bad. I meant in a match sickos. I doubt that will ever
      happen, instead I am just reminded of what a huge waste of talent both
      these guys are. Dragon won with ! the inverted snappy thing after
      blocking the sliced bread.

      We then moved on the US Title Match with a twist of Storm. Yes,
      hometown boy Lance Storm, of RAW, Challenged Eddie Guerrero for
      Smackdown’s US Title. Both men were obviously having a blast in the
      ring as the crowd alternated rooting for each man. I realize at this
      point that I am sad and alone, and making a jackass of yourself isn’t as
      fun without friends to laugh with you. Or at you. Storm was on the
      outside, Eddie threw a chair into the ring, the referee grabbed it and
      Eddie blasted Storm when the officials back was to him with a different
      chair. Storm did his springboard clothesline he only uses as a face
      (meaning only uses in Calgary). Guerrero ! hit a brainbuster, felt his
      Froggy, and Storm was a loser in his hometown. Vince McMahon tried to
      run down and get the bell rung during a submission hold, but was held
      back. Kidding.

      The second title match of the evening feature TWGTT defending against
      the Bashams, APA, and Hardy & Moore all at the same time! A conspiracy I
      tell you!!! A hysterically funny moment (to me) as an entire section of
      the crowd parodies The Bloodhound Gang and chants “Faarooq, Faarooq,
      Faarooq is on fire.” To the amusement and confusion of the APA. It was
      during this match that I heard “Clevett….. CLEVETT” and look over, low
      and behold there are my Stampede Wrestling buddies. They come over to
      my section and we all sit down and watch the crowd go nuts for Matt
      Hardy and cheer for the APA. Of course, the worlds greatest tag team
      took the match by pinning some random Basham.

      Then came the Bikini Contest featuring Nidia, Dawn Marie & Sable. The
      ring announcer was a guy who won a radio contest, and Funaki. I think
      he was overly excited, and his intro sounded something like
      “NADIDIAAAAA!!!” I took advantage of the deserted men’s room at this
      point, but I hear Sable won.

      So after the show came to a grinding halt with that, it sped back up
      again with Jamie Noble vs. Rey Mysterio, a rematch from the last house
      show in Calgary in October. TJ kept yelling “You did that last time.”
      A decent little 10 minute match, with all the Rey spots thrown in and an
      obvious winner. Title matches are like, so predictable!

      After the intermission (Buy your overpriced crap now!) Edge came out and
      seemed moved by the ovation he received. After a brief speech, for the
      benefit of those with Flash Photography, he did a pose.. for 5 seconds

      Cena rapped about wiping his ass with the maple leaf. Any mention of
      the word ass immediately perks up Billy Gunn’s ears and out he came. We
      chanted “we want Bart” and discussed Mike Barton, the former “brother”
      of Billy and one of TJ’s fellow foreigners in New Japan. Poor Cena had
      to do a autograph session in BC, hop on a plane and make a dash to
      Calgary all to wrestle Billy Gunn. His pain was felt everywhere. Thank
      god he went over here, if he didn’t I think I would have gone into kill
      mode. Then Gunn mooned the crowd and I felt that urge anyway. The urge
      increased during the annoying Brother Love show with Mr. McMahon. Dumb,
      stupid, predictable, boring, and insulting, McMahon and Love played keep
      away with Zach’s leg. Finally Gowan took both men out with a corkscrew
      moonsault and cleared the ring. On his way out of the ring he stopped
      when he saw a ringside fan who obviously had cancer, hugged him and took
      a picture. Seeing that warmed the cockles of Randy Myers’ heart.

      The semi main event finally rolled around after 9:30. Despite the
      ovation for Benoit from his home province crowd, his submission match
      with Rhyno was rather dull. A better match at Summerslam, I hope. By
      this point I was getting restless. I kept saying “It will be worth it
      for the main event, it will be worth it for the main event.” It wasn’t.

      It’s not that Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar was a bad match, it was ok. I
      certainly wasn’t expecting it to be at the level of their Wrestlemania
      classic, but after some great chain wrestling both men seemed to just
      go through the motions. Both men hit their finishers, Angle’s for a two
      count, Lesnar’s F5 taking out the ref before Angle won with a small
      package. With anyone else this would have been a good match, but from
      these two it was a dissapointment and many on the crowd expressed the
      same feelings.

      The highlight then came as we wandered around to leave and Randy Myers
      found a bucket of popcorn on the floor, picked it up and started eating
      it. He gave some to Harry Smith (Son of the late Davey Boy Smith) and
      then told him where he got it. Harry immediately spat it out. Hehehe.

      So that was the start of my wrestling adventure as this week I pile into
      a jeep with 3 large wrestlers for 6 hours to head back to Saskatoon for
      Pro Outlaw Wrestling’s exhibition shows. For 6 days I will be there
      daily, covering matches featuring Sabu, Jerry Lynn, Cyrus and a lot of
      Canadian talent. Look for my daily updates on SLAM!Wrestling at
      http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Wrestling/home.html along with my other
      stories currently dominating the site.

      Till next time.


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