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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1651

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2003
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Hey hey. Quite an early edition today. We're still looking for a
      Smackdown! reporter, if you're interested, please send us a sample
      report of tonight's show and we'll get back to you.


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      - The three day Australian tour starting today will be headlined by
      three different main events. The first show in Melbourne tonight will
      see Randy Orton and Chris Jericho team up against Shawn Michaels and
      Kevin Nash. Day two in Sydney will be headlined by Ric Flair vs Shawn
      Michaels and on Saturday in Sydney as well it's a six man tag match
      featuring Kevin Nash, Rob Van Dam & Shawn Michaels vs. Kane, Randy Orton
      & Ric Flair. As reported in the newsletter two days ago, Triple H is off
      the show due to an injury and refunds will be offered to those who
      request it.

      - W-O Newsletter reader Jeff Wynne attended the live event from
      Melbourne, Australia today and sent in these results. Scott Steiner
      defeated Test; Spike Dudley defeated Stevie Richards; Victoria defeated
      Trish Stratus; Hurricane defeated Rodney Mack; La Resistance defeated
      Dudley Boyz; Booker T defeated Christian; Goldust defeated Val Venis;
      Rob Van Dam defeated Kane via DQ; Kevin Nash & Shawn Michaels defeated
      Randy Orton & Chris Jericho.

      - Here are the matches lined up for tonight's Smackdown! on UPN. Rey
      Mysterio vs Shelton Benjamin; Tajiri vs Eddie Guerrero; Zach Gowen vs
      Shannon Moore; John Cena vs Orlando Jordan; Kurt Angle & Brock Lesnar vs
      Big Show & A-Train. Plus Jamie Noble gets to spend the night with Torrie

      - The 2003 WWE Summer Diva Search competition is now down to the final
      eight. On August 11th, the final four will be announced and the winner
      will go on and appear at SummerSlam on pay-per-view and also receive a
      four hour photo shoot by WWE photographers with stills appearing on a
      WWE publication. Five blondes and three brunettes made the list and you
      can vote at http://divasearch.wwe.com

      - Jim Ross got a promotion last week at World Wrestling Entertainment.
      He is now Executive Vice President for Talent Relations, where before he
      was just Vice President. Along with the McMahons and TV producer Kevin
      Dunn, JR sits up there as one of the most powerful man in the company.

      > STOCKS
      - As of this writing, stocks were trading at 9.65, a 4.78% increase over
      the previous closing. The day's range so far 9.30 - 9.65.

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      >> RAW TAWK
      By Ginger, [GLRSS@...]

      Hey! Welcome to RAW Tawk! Whether it's your first visit, or if you've
      been with me since my Wrestling-Online debut in April, I'm glad you're
      here and I hope you'll stick around! If you take the time to read what I
      write, I appreciate you! :)

      Geez! In the immortal words of SmackDown's Zach Gowen, "Enough of this
      Moooshy Crap!" Let's chat about the happenings within the RAW Brand of
      WWE during the past week.

      In my one and only Heat comment of the week, I must say, I was appalled
      as The Undertaker arrived at the Vengeance venue riding his motorcycle.
      . .without a HELMET!!! Nice role model, 'Taker!

      So, I'm watching RAW and. . . Wait a second! Vince McMahon is saying
      he's only there to avenge his wife? Does he think we don't watch

      Hey! Stacy Keibler's skirt looks. . .familiar. Wait a minute! Stacy
      Keibler stole my curtains!! Test and Christian: The UnaHAIRicans!!

      HAHAHAHA!! Get it? Un-a-HAIR-icans? Eh. . .nevermind. . .

      Call me crazy, but right before Scott Steiner suplexed Christian over
      the top rope, the two men shared a moment. It was quick, but it was
      definitely a hug! (A *manly* hug, of course!)

      Speaking of Scott Steiner, does anyone know, did he actually hurt his
      wrist on Monday night? When he was bleeped for saying a naughty word,
      rolled around LOOKING like he was in some serious pain, and THEN we
      abruptly went to a commercial, I was sure he was legitimately hurt.
      Then, when we came back from the break, Steiner seemed to be favoring
      one arm. Just curious. I *do* realize that Steiner is an outstanding
      actor. Remember in WCW when, after being rolled to the ring in a
      wheelchair by his big brother, Rick, Scotty tearfully announced his
      retirement. . .only to return later in the show as a pipe-wielding
      member of the nWo? He practically had ME in tears! I might have been
      angry, but I *LOVE* a good swerve!

      Did you guys see the sign in the audience that said "Stephanie is a
      Mc-MAN"? I know, Steph is on SmackDown, but this just irks me. It's
      obvious that the future Mrs. The Game has been working out. Why is it
      that when guys see a woman more buff than THEY are, they have to start
      insinuating that they're men? First Chyna, then Jazz, now Stephanie?
      And they say WOMEN are catty!

      I certainly understand why Chris Jericho would want to play - and REplay
      - his stunning victory by submission over Shawn Michaels during the
      Highlight Reel. But, was it *really* necessary to show the interference
      by members of Evolution beforehand? I think NOT! These were two
      different and completely separate incidents! It's like they were trying
      to make us believe that Y2J couldn't have won the match without help!
      And, we all know, that's just absurd. . .

      It was really classy of Randy Orton to present Y2J with an Evolution tee
      shirt during his guest appearance on the most important segment of RAW.
      I think all of the Highlight Reel guests should follow his example and
      give Chris gifts! I'm already putting together a very special little
      gift basket for when he starts reading my column and invites ME to be on
      his show!

      Oh my GOD! Kenny Rogers came out to save Shawn Michaels from Jericho
      and Orton! Oh, wait. . . That's Kevin Nash. . .

      I wonder if Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade realize that they've
      inherited their ring gear from Billy and Chuck?

      Molly won! Molly WON! And she won clean!!! This is AWESOME!!!

      Oh, how sweet! Shane McMahon got revenge for his Mommy! I guess now he
      doesn't need to buy her a Mother's Day gift! I'd like to say that my
      dear son, Joey, would do the same for me, but Kane is his favorite
      wrestler, so it's a toss up. . .

      Well, it's hot here and I've pretty much run out of things to say. If I
      don't melt into a sticky puddle of goo, I should be back again next week
      with more RAW Tawk. Until then, be sure to check out the most
      interactive column on the Web (Or, at least the most interactive column
      that *I* post on the Web!), "Dear Auntie Ginger." The latest edition is
      available right here:


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