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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1632

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2003
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      Large selection of replica title belts - www.WrestlingSuperstore.com

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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      There is a problem with the website as it's taking ages to load and
      timing out constantly. Techs should be checking it out later today
      hopefully since tomorrow it's a no go for sure.


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      - Several industry insiders are reporting that one of the reasons Hogan
      quit the company was due to the WrestleMania check he received, which
      was a lot less than what he expected. Other Superstars are said to be
      angry as well with their payoff which was below what they were
      bargaining for. Hogan appeared again on the Bubba The Love Sponge radio
      show and said he'll go to Japan and make more money than he did for
      Mania. He also said that he quit on good terms, leaving the door open
      for a return sometime down the road.

      - The Stephanie McMahon/Triple H gift registry for their wedding is
      online and available for anyone who wishes to buy a gift for the
      soon-to-be married couple. With the wedding date set to October 25th of
      this year, it looks like Stephanie still needs some kitchen equipment
      for the house! W-O Newsletter columnist Jason Clevett sent in the link
      to the registry which you can see at

      - The following matches have been taped for tonight's Smackdown! on UPN.
      Billy Gunn vs John Cena; Chris Benoit & Rhyno vs The Basham Brothers;
      Orlando Jordan vs A-Train; Rey Mysterio vs Nunzio; Charlie Haas &
      Shelton Benjamin vs Eddie Guerrero & Tajiri; Zach Gowen & Stephanie
      McMahon vs The Big Show.

      - The voting for the Summer 2003 WWE Diva Search is now open and fans
      can go cast their vote daily. The wanna-be Divas are split in four
      regions depending the state they live in and you can only vote once a
      day. The winner will receive a four hour WWE photo shoot with the pics
      appearing on WWE publications as well as an appearance at SummerSlam
      next month. You can see the contestants and vote at

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the day at 10.35, a 0.86% decrease over the previous
      closing. The day's range was 10.26 - 10.45.

      - Only two videos carrying the WWE logo are on Billboard's Top 10
      Recreational Sports list for the week ending July 12th 2003.
      'WrestleMania XIX' retains its first spot while 'Rey Mysterio 619' is in
      third. That's quite a difference from last week's rankings when 9 WWE
      videos occupied the top 10 chart. Both mentioned videos can be purchased
      from WrestlingMegastore.com on VHS or DVD.

      - Mick Foley was on 'The James Whale Show' on talkSPORT two days ago in
      England for an interview to promote his book and to talk wrestling. W-O
      Newsletter columnist Ian Hamilton sent in a detailed report of the show
      which you can read at

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      at http://www.prowrestlingtapes.com With over 1400 tapes and DVD's
      from around the world, we're sure to have something you're interested
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      >> RAW TAWK
      By Ginger, [GLRSS@...]

      Welcome to RAW (Tawk). . .is. . .JERICHO!!!

      Sorry. . .

      No! I'm *not* sorry! I love Chris Jericho, I love it when he wears his
      hair down and I LOVE the Highlight Reel, complete with the Jeritron
      5000, which I'm *SURE* cost more money that I'll ever see in my
      pathetic, Ass Clownian lifetime. Why, OH WHY did my fun have to be
      ruined last Monday night by Jericho's poor judgment in inviting Stacy
      Keibler to appear on his show? Oh well. Even Stacy couldn't spoil the
      hilarious comedic jabs being thrown by Jericho and Steiner. Jiffy Pop
      outfit? Bahaha! King Arthur? BWAhaha! And yes, I'll admit it - I even
      laughed when Stacy said Jericho is legendary for his teenie weenie! :D

      Oh, I can hear you out there. . . You're saying "Auntie Ginger is just
      jealous of Stacy Keibler!" Damn SKIPPY! I'd give my left. . .um. .
      .pinky fingernail. . .to be in the ring with Test, Scott Steiner and
      Chris Jericho! I don't know what I'd do once I got there. . .

      Cool! A Battle Royal for the Women's title! I knew Gail Kim would end
      up with the belt, but I'll betcha Jazz - or rather, Theodore Long - will
      contest the rookie's victory, since Jazz wasn't *technically*

      I'm a Peep! Ya know, just in case you were curious. . .

      You know, I really love Stone Cold, but Eric Bischoff did an excellent
      job of running the show solo on Monday. He especially proved his wisdom
      in the tough decisions he made to restart the Christian vs. Booker T and
      Jericho/Test vs. Stacy/Steiner matches.

      RICO *ROCKS*!!! But "Miss Jackie" not only needs a more original name
      (I'll bet Jacqueline would agree with me on THAT one!), but she also
      needs a stylist. And I mean a REAL one. . .not just someone who plays
      one on television!

      I'm looking for a new dining table. . . I wonder if Randy Orton's abs
      are available?


      It's nice that Spike Dudley and The Hurricane were able to overcome any
      lingering hard feelings they may have had for each other - due to their
      shared history with Molly Holly - to team up against La Resistance last

      I love RVD's high spots as much as anybody, but it was really cool to
      see him in somewhat of an actual *wrestling* match with Triple H. It's
      not often that you see RVD trapped in a hold in the middle of the ring,
      writhing in pain. Not that I want RVD to be in pain or anything. . .I
      think you get what I'm saying. . .

      Remember what I said a few paragraphs back about Eric Bischoff's
      wisdom? Scratch that! While I was most certainly happy when Bischoff
      took the popular side for once and restarted the HHH/RVD match, when he
      continued shouting stipulations, the "make-it-up-as-you-go-along" aspect
      got a little too goofy. Apparently, Kane thought so too!

      And now, before Kane chokeslams me, too, I'll leave you until next
      week. In the meantime, for a little interactive fun, be sure to check
      out "Dear Auntie Ginger" at


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