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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5, 2003
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      There's an interview with me on the Australian-based MediaMan.com.au
      website which was done earlier this week. You can read it at

      Back tomorrow.

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      By Jason Clevett, [jason.clevett@...]
      Ian Hamilton, [ian.hamilton@...]
      Jon Beck, [jon.beck@...]

      ** NOTE: This was written two weeks ago so any references are for that
      period of time. **

      Topic: Hell in a Cell: Past, Present… and what the heck are they

      Your panel:

      Jason Clevett – Moderator
      Ian Hamilton
      Jon Beck
      Plus a special appearance from a special guest.

      Beck: well then, where do we start?

      Clevett: Ok we should be running...*taps mic*

      Beck: testing...one...two...

      Clevett: Ok so today’s Random Roundtable comes about from the recent
      announcement of Kevin Nash vs. Triple-H at Bad Blood inside the cell.

      Clevett: We will get to that in a moment, but first let us reflect back

      Hamilton: Yep, I nearly killed myself when I heard that was the main

      Clevett: Starting with your favorite Hell match. Becky?

      Beck: I feel like I'm at a freaking' eulogy.

      Hamilton: LOL

      Beck: We are gathered here to remember Hell in a Cell. Ok then. I will
      never forget the HIAC match with UT and Mankind in 1998. A chokeslam and
      tombstone on thumbtacks, and that sickening bump off the top of the cage
      into the announcer's table have got to be among the best cell moments

      Clevett: Interesting choice. Ok let’s talk about that match. It was the
      second match of it's kind and is famous for Mick Foley's dive off of the
      cage... I was in a bar watching the show and the crowd just went
      apesh!t. Did you two see that match live on PPV?

      Beck: Yes.

      Clevett: Ian what about you, your thoughts on Taker vs. Mankind?

      Hamilton: It was a hell of a spectacle; I'll give you that. It's
      definitely up there as one of the best HIAC affairs in my mind, but as a
      wrestling match, it was up there with Jackie Gayda's recent efforts.

      Clevett: It is probably one of the most famous one despite being a
      disjointed affair.

      Beck: Wrestling and HIAC is a weird pair, though. :)

      Hamilton: True

      Clevett: So as a match, despite the spectacular bumps, you felt it was
      weak. I concur. Still, footage of that match will be etched in fans
      memories for eons.

      Hamilton: For my favorite, it'd have to be No Way Out 2000 - Foley vs.

      Clevett: Ahh yes, Mick Foley's retirement match... right before he came
      back to Mania. By far one of the best.

      Hamilton: That had some semblance of a wrestling match, and it also had
      its "holy sh!t" moment with the flaming 2x4 barb wire...and don’t forget
      the "retirement" stip hanging over it too.

      Clevett: Beck, your thoughts on Foley and Hunter at No Way Out 2000

      Beck: I didn't see the match - only footage - but any time you put Mick
      Foley in a cage, expect all hell to break loose.

      Beck: He'll carry any opponent.

      Clevett: Well Jon I seriously suggest you go out and get a tape.

      Hamilton: The same can't be said for Mick's best friend, Al Snow...

      Clevett: Because it is a incredible match.

      Beck: Noted.

      Clevett: We'll get to that in a second. Good segway though. For me, the
      first is the best. The build up to seeing Shawn Michaels and Undertaker
      go at it was incredible with HBK costing Taker the belt, and the no
      contest at the previous show.

      Hamilton: I think Michaels/HBK was a good match.

      Beck: That is my choice for second best.

      Hamilton: The only problem was that the whole card was kind of
      overshadowed by Pillman's death

      Beck: Another person that is notorious for good matches is Shawn
      Michaels - and he can still get it done, too.

      Clevett: I think the closest you are going to get to HBK vs. Michaels
      was against Jericho at Mania Ian.

      Hamilton: LOL, sorry - I'm half asleep - I meant Taker/HBK.

      Clevett: The image of Shawn bleeding, trying to climb the cage...him
      attacking the camera guy to escape and the long built debut of Kane.

      Hamilton: Yep, "ripping off" the cage door.

      Beck: LOL

      Clevett: Makes the first one stand out, despite, as you said, the death
      of Brian Pillman hanging over the event.

      Beck: Supernaturalism.

      Hamilton: Going on about cage doors...

      Clevett: Go ahead Ian..

      Hamilton: Wasn't it the "retirement" HIAC where the cage door was
      padlocked shut? In order to "stop Foley from getting out"? Except that
      Foley decided to use his shoulder to rip the cage open anyways...

      Clevett: He used the steps.

      Beck: I do believe so, yes.

      Clevett: He tossed them at Hunter, who moved, and they tore through the

      Clevett: So we all have a different opinion on the best... but I think
      it is likely we will be in agreement as to the worst.

      Hamilton: Only disappointing thing for me recently is that the HIAC stip
      has been tossed out for no reason

      Clevett: For me, it was Undertaker vs. Big Boss Man at Wrestlemania 15.
      Followed closely by Hell in a Kennel

      Hamilton: The last HIAC was kind of "meh" as the program had ended a
      month early. Then this one - WHY? :)

      Beck: Is there any doubt?

      Clevett: HIK was at least entertaining in a "Dear god that was awful"
      sort of way.

      Hamilton: Worst HIAC... definitely the WM15 one - and the post-match
      stuff was awful.

      Clevett: Whereas Taker vs. Bossman was the first really bad Cell match.
      At the biggest show of the year, that was inexcusable.

      Hamilton: Kennel from Hell wasn't much better, but at least the dogs
      showed us what they thought of the match

      Beck: Boss Man was beyond washed up. No excuse.

      Beck: Honestly, I can't remember ever being entertained by the man.

      Hamilton: Kevin Kelly and Mick Foley's commentary on Kennel from Hell
      was the best part of the match (I'm talking about the DVD
      version)....Who? Boss Man?

      Beck: Yes. And that's dating back to 1989.

      Hamilton: Sure he was entertaining once. When he was being choked out by

      Beck: LOL

      Clevett: Hey the cage match against Hogan was good in May of 1989.

      Hamilton: Yes, but that was 1989.

      Beck: That's because Hogan carried his ass too.

      Hamilton: And we look at anything in the past with rose tinted specs.

      Beck: Anyone would pay money to see Hogan in 1989.

      Hamilton: Not very often we hear that "Hogan carried someone to a good

      Beck: Sside note - give Hulkster his credit - he can't carry any
      more...he's old. But he still works his ass off for his age.

      Hamilton: Yep - even though he should have tapped out years ago

      Clevett: So we have covered the top of the mountain and scraped the
      bottom of the barrel. So the middle ground features Kane vs. Mankind on
      Raw, Hunter vs. Chris Jericho last Judgment day, and Taker trying to
      steal Brock Lesnar's title in a bloodbath this past October at No Mercy

      Clevett: Did I miss one?

      Hamilton: Don't think so

      Beck: I don't think so... but I'd like to say you did.

      Beck: Hard to believe we've only had 3.

      Clevett: If I wanted your opinion Beck I would invite you to a
      roundtable. Oh... wait…

      Hamilton: ::smack::

      Clevett: So let's start with the oldest first.

      Hamilton: Hogan?

      Beck: LOL

      Clevett: Kane vs. Mankind is a forgotten gem from Raw in 1998.

      Clevett: It featured Foley taking a bump off of the side of the cage
      through a table, thanks to Undertaker, but far less violence.

      Hamilton: You've said it. like so much Raw from that era - I've
      forgotten it. NEXT!

      Clevett: It was a really good match that I remember. LOL. Beck did you
      see it?

      Beck: As opposed to the really good matches that you don't remember.
      Likely, but as with Ian, it has slipped my mind

      Clevett: Ok so lets go back to last year

      Hamilton: Do we have to?

      Clevett: When "The Game" completed the burial of Chris Jericho by
      inexplicably pinning him ON TOP OF THE CAGE.... after a pedigree when in
      the past the pinfall had to take places in the ring.

      Hamilton: That Hunter kid kind of screwed up the HIAC format

      Clevett: It was probably one of Hunter's better matches as he continued
      his deterioration.

      Hamilton: I think HHH wanted to pedigree Jericho thru the cage.

      Clevett: He would have killed him. Maybe that was the plan?

      Hamilton: Either that, or Jericho should have shot on HHH and
      backdropped him thru an unprepared ring.

      Beck: In fact, that is the last time I have seen Jericho work a decent

      Clevett: Still it was a really good match. Don’t tell Ginger that, she
      is a raging Jerichoholic! What about his best match ever against RVD at
      KotR that caused him to give up on us net types.

      Hamilton: You mean his hissy fit?

      Beck: Agreed. But Jericho needs to light a fire under his @ss.

      Hamilton: Why? He's already entertaining enough without lighting his own
      farts on TV.

      Clevett: Ok so we are going to bounce around a bit, since you two idiots
      forgot about Armageddon. See, I was just testing your knowledge… and you

      Hamilton: What was the Armageddon match?

      Clevett: This was of course... 6 men.. one ring... Hell in a Cell

      Beck: Ok, Mr. 1992.

      Clevett: Rikishi... Taker... Austin... Rock... and HHH all went after
      Kurt Angle's belt. Which no one seemed to think Angle had a hope of hell
      in winning.

      Hamilton: Of course - the match which I have to play every year on
      SmackDown on my PS2. Where Rikishi fell into some hay on the truck from
      WCW's old “King of the Road” match

      Beck: Indeed. A very comfortable landing, no doubt.

      Clevett: The build up for this basically stemmed from the Survivor
      Series, where Rikishi and Rock, Taker and Angle and Austin and HHH had
      all failed to settle their differences.

      Beck: Yet he was able to feign unconsciousness.

      Clevett: Some people hated it, some loved it... guys?

      Beck: Rikishi had no business being in there. The other four made it

      Hamilton: It was alright - just there were far too many ppl in for a
      HIAC. Everybody paired off, and it was too hard to follow – six people
      in an enclosed space.

      Clevett: I was entertained. It was a definite clusterfrick. They broke
      out and brawled all over the place.

      Beck: Yes. A revisit of memory lane would have helped, ala WCW's War

      Clevett: But it did get its purpose across... Taker promised to make
      Rikishi famous and he... no... wait.. Kishi lapsed back to his original
      stale gimmick.

      Beck: I liked him better as a Headshrinker.

      Hamilton: I preferred his Public Service Announcement gimmick myself...

      Clevett: It's time what, we’ve had enough... now it's time to blah blah
      blah... sigh I loved that theme. So that takes us to Taker's last battle
      in the confines of the unforgiving mesh of the cell. Taker, who has
      been in the most HITC matches, resolved things with Brock Lesnar in a

      Clevett: Some called it great, some called it boring...

      Hamilton: After Unforgiven, it was hard not to make it suck.

      Beck: Agreed, but more could be said for Lesnar's work ethic.

      Hamilton: Oops - "it was hard to be worse than Unforgiven's

      Clevett: I liked the match. Other than Taker's bad psychology... having
      his hand beaten on the entire match and then using it to PUNCH AND
      CHOKESLAM took a lot away from it.

      Hamilton: That was up there with Big Show no selling being choked out
      with TV cable...Talking about the PPV itself though.

      Clevett: Ok so now I would like to invite our editor Colin Vassallo to
      join us.

      Vassallo: Shut the $*@* up

      Clevett: To talk about Badd Blood.

      Vassallo: LOL

      Hamilton: "Stone Cold presents Bad Blood"

      Beck: Big Show's an oaf and needs to go back to OVW.

      Hamilton: Like they're Fing scared that "Raw presents..." is going to
      make it suck.

      Clevett: In 1998, Badd Blood gave birth to the cell. Now, it looks like
      Bad Blood is going to kill it.

      Hamilton: Musta been a painful delivery.

      Clevett: With Hunter and Nash colliding.

      Vassallo: So you dipsh!ts are doing a **beeeeeeeeeeep** roundtable when
      only one match has been announced?

      Hamilton: LOL!

      Hamilton: Well it's more than Insurrextion has :)

      Clevett: Um no.

      Beck: No, they're the dipsh!ts.

      Hamilton: And we're a fortnight away from the supercard.

      Clevett: We are doing a convo on Hell in a Cell.

      Beck: And, you're wrong, too. :)

      Clevett: Past, Present, and What the hell are they thinking.

      Vassallo: Ok my vote for best HIAC goes to Taker vs. Boss Man baby!

      Clevett: So, lets start with our editor, who is buying hookers for every
      staff member in New York at WM... Jon will take the one with the penis.

      Beck: Maybe I should keep my opinion to myself on this one.

      Hamilton: ROFL

      Vassallo: I'm doing the newsletter, I can't do a roundtable right now.

      Clevett: Your opinion doesn't matter for the past.. oh yeah because
      doing the newsletter is such hard work. Pffft.

      Hamilton: I thought you'd have wanted dibs on him Jay?

      Beck: And you will take the one with the saggy hooters, right?

      Clevett: Just tell us what you think about Nash vs. HHHH

      Vassallo: So you're coming too Beck?

      Clevett: Hey I have to take a nap... let's get back on track here.

      Beck: Hell yeah, if I can afford it.

      Vassallo: Fine, then if u come, I won't come! :)

      Beck: So, boss, your thoughts.

      Clevett: Colin, your thoughts on the main event, aside from "Kill me

      Vassallo: My thoughts are that I have to finish this **beeeeeeeeeep**
      issue so i can go to sleep, comprende, esse? :) Wrong time for a
      roundtable, seriously.

      Hamilton: He lies, cheats and steals :)

      Clevett: Fine... let's ignore the @sshole...

      Clevett: Ian, lets wrap things up. HHH vs. Nash.

      Hamilton: I need something to put my mind at ease... aah - this should
      do it...

      Clevett: In 1 minute, go.

      Hamilton: (puts on Austrian Eurovision song)

      Beck: LOL!

      Hamilton: Hey Jon, this is cock pop at it's best.

      Clevett: AHEM! Do I have to separate you kids?

      Beck: Of course, cock pop, as the name implies.

      Hamilton: LOL

      Beck: Anyway.


      Beck: LOL!

      Hamilton: Seriously - the singer spends half the song grabbing his

      Clevett: And you spend half the song staring at him grabbing his crotch?

      Beck: ROFL!

      Hamilton: The HIAC match?

      Clevett: Yes at Blood.

      Beck: Yes. Dear Lord.

      Hamilton: It'll be top of the card, so for me sitting here in the UK in
      the early morning, that translates into an early bedtime :)

      Clevett: That pretty much sums it up. Beck

      Beck: I guess I'm the only one with a different opinion here.

      Clevett: Well spit it out then.

      Beck: I think that Nash and HHH bring out the best in each other. With
      the brawling skills we've seen in the past from these two, I think the
      match has potential. If Nash expands his style a bit, we could see a
      good match

      Vassallo: We should send a tape of HHH vs. Nash to those prisons with
      solitary confinement for more punishment to those inmates. Wrap the
      **beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep** around in a chair, pop in the tape and let them
      watch on a 60" TV!

      Beck: With HHH doing most of the work, of course.

      Clevett: Beck... pass me some of that weed you are smoking, sounds like
      some great sh!t.

      Hamilton: Heh!

      Vassallo: Jon...you're fired.

      Clevett: Judgment day was a dull brawl... this will be more of the same.

      Clevett: FINALLY!!! I have been after you to do that forever!

      Hamilton: In all honesty, it's going to take a miracle of Jesus walking
      on water proportions to save this

      Vassallo: LOL

      Clevett: Now just can everyone but Ian and I and we will be the BEST

      Vassallo: You shut up you Canadian **beeeeeeeeeep** face

      Hamilton: LOL!

      Beck: Aha. Freedom of the press.

      Beck: Freaking' A!!!

      Clevett: Colin's gonna be doing some major editing on this...Since he
      won't want his loyal readers to be scandalized by him calling his best
      columnist "**beeeeeeeep** face"

      Hamilton: What, everything with "Clevett" before it gets deleted? :)

      Clevett: LOL!

      Beck: I hope someone keeps the original, that remark was priceless.

      Hamilton: /me points Jay AGAIN in the direction of last year's Best
      Columnist results.

      Clevett: Ok well we will go more in depth on HITC at Bad Blood if/when
      we have a random roundtable on it before the PPV.

      Clevett: Yeah well the poll was fixed

      Beck: Sounds good to me.

      Beck: Of course, if I still have my job that is.

      Clevett: People clicked on Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit and got you

      Hamilton: LOL

      Vassallo: With that Nash comment Jon, next time I see you in person I'm
      gonna beat the living sh!t out of you man!

      Hamilton: We still doing this roundtable? How about one on Insurrextion?

      Vassallo: We don't care about sucky UK PPVs.

      Clevett: So on that note, I am going to go curl up with my autographed
      picture of Colin and dream of our trip to New York.

      Beck: LOL

      Hamilton: But you'll crush the picture!

      Vassallo: Just cuz the crowd is excited even if Rodney Mack shows up
      doesn't mean it's important.

      Clevett: Gentlemen. Thanks for your time...Colin...you’re an @sshole.

      Beck: Corporate @ss kissing - gotta love it!

      Clevett: That’s it this time… I am cutting this off before Colin makes a
      sad attempt at a comeback and makes an even bigger fool of himself.


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