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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1590

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , May 11, 2003
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Hey folks. Well I've been up for 22 hours so I think it would be a nice
      idea to keep this short and head to bed so maybe I wake up on time for
      work tomorrow! :)

      Back tomorrow.

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      - The Classie Freddie Blassie biography titled 'Listen You Pencil Neck
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      - In his latest Calgary Sun article, Bret 'Hit Man' Hart discussed the
      recent Chris Jericho/Goldberg confrontation in the RAW locker room. A
      couple of weeks ago Jericho and Goldberg got into a fight backstage
      after Goldberg made some comments towards Jericho and the Canadian
      responded by taking on the former WCW champion. This week, Bret Hart
      takes a look at that incident and even gives Goldberg a tip to go to his
      dad's dungeon in Calgary and actually learn how to wrestle! You can read
      it at http://slam.canoe.ca/SlamWrestling/hitman_home.html .

      - Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer is reporting that Booker T was
      hospitalized today due to dehydration and other flu symptoms. Booker T
      was taken off the live RAW brand show yesterday and will also miss RAW
      to recover according to Meltzer.

      - W-O Newsletter readers Steve Thorpe and Stephen Sorby attended the
      London, England live event on Friday and sent in these results. Matt
      Hardy defeated Jamie Noble and Rey Mysterio; Rhyno defeated A-Train;
      Sean O'Haire defeated Brian Kendrick; Torrie Wilson defeated Nidia;
      Brock Lesnar defeated Big Show; Team Angle defeated Los Guerreros; John
      Cena defeated Chris Benoit; Rikishi & Tajiri defeated Chuck Palumbo &
      Johnny Stamboli in the main event. After the main event, Team Angle,
      Matt Hardy, Shannon Moore, Sean O'Haire, Jamie Noble and Nidia helped
      the FBI beat on Rikishi and Tajiri but Rey Mysterio, Benoit, Los
      Guerreros and Torrie Wilson joined the faces to even the fight. Then the
      faces danced to Rikishi's music, as Nidia tried to join in the fun but
      got the green mist in the face courtesy of Tajiri. The London Arena was
      sold out for this event.

      - W-O Newsletter reader Damien McColgan went to the Belfast, Northern
      Ireland live event yesterday and sent in these results. Matt Hardy
      defeated Jamie Noble and Rey Mysterio; Chris Benoit defeated John Cena;
      Sean O'Haire defeated Brian Kendrick; Torrie Wilson defeated Nidia;
      Brock Lesnar defeated Big Show; Team Angle defeated Los Guerreros;
      A-Train defeated Rhyno; Chuck Palumbo & Johnny Stamboli vs Rikishi &
      Tajiri ended in an apparent no contest after all the heels came down to
      attack on Rikishi & Tajiri and like the previous day the faces evened
      the fight.

      - W-O Newsletter reader Brian Hughes went to the Wilkes Barre, PA., RAW
      brand live event on Friday and filed in these results. Hurricane & Maven
      defeated Chief Morley & Lance Storm; Chris Nowinski defeated Tommy
      Dreamer; Kane defeated Christian; La Resistance defeated Test & Scott
      Steiner; The Dudley Boys with Spike defeated 3 Minute Warning with Rico;
      Jazz defeated Victoria & Trish Stratus; Booker T defeated Rodney Mack;
      Triple H defeated Kevin Nash. After the main event Triple H got into a
      shoving match with referee Earl Hebner and Howard Finkle and was later
      pushed down by the veteran WWE employees. The champ then taunted a woman
      in the crowd, doing his Val Venis imitation and then telling her to kiss
      his @ss.


      By Andrew Bulik, [andrew.bulik@...]

      Hey Yo Citizens. Your Mayor is back with his (kinda) weekly view on the
      goings on in wrestling. I was thinking, maybe I should upgrade myself to
      Tzar of Wrestling, but maybe not. I’ve got a few things to say this week
      so here goes…

      Firstly, I was saddened to learn of the death of the wonderful Miss
      Elizabeth last week. As has been well documented by this newsletter she
      was the true First Lady of the World Wrestling Federation and her
      passing is a sad one. My first memories of Elizabeth were ironically her
      last appearances in the Fed – her affair ‘pictures’ with Ric Flair. A
      great storyline which was capped by Miss Elizabeth having a kiss forced
      upon her by the Nature Boy. Since then I caught up with all the various
      Elizabeth videotapes through the wonder of video. It’s upsetting that it
      seems part and parcel for older wrestling fans these days that we seem
      to be losing so many of the stars we grew up with in such short periods
      of time. In recent years Rick Rude, Brian Pillman, Mr. Perfect, Owen
      Hart and many more have left us – such a shame.

      Okay, onto lighter stuff now…

      The Intercontinental Title is BACK! Hurrah! For months I, and many other
      online ranters, have been crying out for the return of the midcard
      title. It is a vital belt required for the growth in status for
      wrestlers such as Christian, Hurricane or Randy Orton. Having a battle
      royale for the belt at Judgment Day was also a great move as many on the
      current Raw card have held the belt (although I have a feeling the likes
      of Goldust might be forgotten about, don’t know why, just a feeling). My
      only concern (yeah, you knew it was coming) is that the belt will be won
      by a man who does not really need it. I see it going around the waist of
      the already established Chris Jericho, Kane or even Shawn Michaels.
      These guys have mixed it for years in the main event and I don’t feel
      they should be awarded the belt simply because a certain man isn’t
      willing to give up his own title! Already, however, I am looking forward
      to Judgment Day, which is more than can be said for the ultra-bland

      Speaking of backlashes, there seems to have been one in the internet
      community against the Anti-Triple-H movement lately. Well as far as I’m
      concerned, my readers agree with me, and so do the fans in the arena in
      seems. The whole Nash-HHH segment on Raw was booed to death by the fans
      last Monday as they do not wish to see this crap as the main event feud.

      Why? Why have the fans turned on Kevin Nash? Well I have a theory. WWE
      audiences have dropped to around a 3.6 rating recently. Audiences are
      down to the ‘core’ fans, many of which watched during the Kliq days.
      Gone are
      many happy-go-lucky fans who watched when wrestling was ‘cool’ circa
      1998-2000 (although some have stayed and that’s fab). These ‘core’ fans
      know all about the Kliq’s shenanigans in the mid-90’s holding guys like
      Hart, Undertaker and Dean Douglas down and are seeing history repeat.
      They have no interest in watching a bumbling Kevin Nash chase his buddy
      Triple H around the ring.

      Apparently it has been acknowledged backstage that the segment was an
      absolute bomb, which is unlike the Raw staff who would normally heap
      praise on anything the boss’s future son-in-law does. I wonder what
      Vince thinks?

      On a brighter note, the backstage feuds between Bischoff and Austin look
      like they could be pretty entertaining a la Regal/Foley back in 2001. I
      think there is so much opportunity for storylines and humour pitting
      these two guys, who probably do have a legitimate dislike for each
      other, across the Raw boardroom.

      I read Chris Bernes step by step guide to the revamping of the WWE and
      agreed with a lot of it. The WWE will soon be in urgent need of life
      support unless something is done soon. Like I’ve already said, it’s down
      to the core fans just now, but these core fans will dessert if they have
      to put up with a lot of the rubbish they get just now. It happened to
      WCW, who’s to say history can’t repeat. Maybe I’m exaggerating a little,
      but I want the WWE to be as successful as all of you as it is a company
      I love, even though I criticise. I can’t believe Chris Bernes left me
      off the writing team though! That gave me the right hump I can tell you,
      but I know it is just an oversight. I know that he would want Ian
      Hamilton and I (the Brits of the Newsletter) to be PR agents in the UK
      and to book the British shows, InsurreXtion and Rebellion.

      Man I am pumped, I am so excited. Today I am going to be in Sheffield to
      go mental as a fan of the company I love. How’s Sheffield for clubbing
      folks? Look out for the idiot in the Hardy Boyz t-shirt – that’ll be me
      (until I get a Mattitude tee). I’ll hopefully write a full review of my
      Sheffield experience for the newsletter next week.

      I’ve been having a think, yeah I know, that’s the funny noise you heard
      coming across the Atlantic. The WWE has access to the WWF, WCW, ECW and
      perhaps the AWA video libraries (I know they were bidding for AWA). They
      also have access to most wrestling stars who are still alive. Why have
      there not been more compilation videos released? I’m talking about
      videos like the fantastic Best of WrestleMania (I-XIV). This video was
      made whilst major WrestleMania players such as Hogan, Flair, Bret Hart,
      Piper and Savage were in WCW. Surely we could have a new version with
      these guys giving their insights into the fantastic events they took
      part in. Yeah I know Hart and Savage may not be accessible but I’m sure
      it would be possible. I just think that the WWE has access to so much
      footage and access to so many stars, but are not making the most of it.
      I also hope that the WWE could come to an arrangement with the WFN
      (Worldwide Fund for Nature) in order to re-release the vast amounts of
      PPV material that had to be deleted due to a British Judge’s ludicrous
      ruling that all pre-WWE material had to be withdrawn from sale. I notice
      however it’s the scratch logo which is removed from all old
      WWF footage, the original logo is kept the same. Does that mean all
      pre-attitude footage is legal? The law sucks sometimes.

      A few random thoughts:

      - Big Show getting pushed as a challenger to Lesnar is ludicrous.
      - Ultimo Dragon is rumoured to be debuting at Judgment Day, I look
      forward to this.
      - Did I mention I’m going to a WWE show on Sunday! Well it doesn’t
      happen to me often so I’m excited. Also, I’m not chuffed the WWE are now
      visiting Aberdeen. Why was this announced AFTER I’d bought tickets to
      Sheffield. Tut.

      That’s all I gotta say this week. Hopefully the next time I write this
      I’ll be wearing a Mattitude t-shirt and Rey Rey beenie and dog tags. Any
      comments email to andrew.bulik@...

      This is your Mayor signing out – Ciao.


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