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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2003
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Hey hey. No newsletter yesterday for those wondering.

      The wrestling documentary titled 'The Backyard' which made its debut in
      New York this week had some god press in the NY Post on Tuesday. It's a
      great documentary which is making rounds across the nation at the
      moment. Got to see it before it started in theaters and it's truly a
      nice piece of work showcasing a neutral look at backyard wrestling. I
      actually met director Paul Hough in 2001 and went to Smackdown! together
      in Anaheim, CA. Cool guy. (And no he didn't pay me to say that. LOL).
      You can read the NY Post article at

      Also, W-O Newsletter columnist Jason Clevett is doing occasional
      articles for popular Canadian-based website SLAM! Wrestling. His first
      article is at http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Wrestling/2003/04/29/75644.html

      Back tomorrow with more news and an article from Andrew Bulik. Later.

      Get the new WWE Divas DVD & VHS video 'Desert Heat'
      Pre-order now WrestleMania XIX on VHS or DVD and witness one of the
      greatest events in wrestling history! Hogan vs McMahon; Angle vs
      Lesnar; Rock vs Austin; Jericho vs Shawn Michaels and much more! The
      DVD version contains over 5 hours of footage with tons of extra
      features! Get it now from HTTP://WWW.WRESTLINGMEGASTORE.COM


      - The live WWE events in Milan, Italy and Vienna, Austria have been
      canceled by WWE after the company said there are schedule conflicts and
      timing problems. The live event in Italy sold around 3,600 tickets for
      the show at the FilaForum while we have no info on the ticket numbers
      from Vienna. A couple of weeks ago the WWE canceled the live event in
      Brussels, Belgium as well and moved it to Aberdeen, Scotland. The
      Smackdown! Tour De Force in June will now only happen in the United

      - Former WWE and WCW superstar Lex Luger will surely be in some
      controversy in the coming weeks as a woman who was at his house was
      taken to a hospital and died later. WSB Radio in Atlanta is reporting
      that Cobb County Police received a call this morning from Luger's
      residence and were on site at 5:30AM where they found the sick woman.
      The still unidentified female, who was listed as a professional
      wrestler, was taken to Kennestone Hospital but died later. Police
      spokesman said that on Easter Sunday cops responded to a domestic
      disturbance call at the same residence. No cause of death has been
      released yet and no charges filed.

      - The following matches are scheduled to take place on Smackdown!
      tonight on UPN. Funaki vs Big Show; Chris Benoit vs Johnny Stamboli;
      Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore vs Los Guerreros; Team Angle vs Aaron Steves
      & John Walters; Torrie & Sable vs Dawn Marie & Nidia. Also Mr America
      debuts during the Piper's Pit segment.

      - Billboard released the Top 10 Recreational Sports chart and these WWE
      videos are on the list for the week ending May 10th. 'No Way Out 2003'
      debuts in the first place, followed by another debut 'Divas Desert Heat'
      in second place. 'Royal Rumble 2003' is in third, 'Raw Tenth
      Anniversary' in fourth, 'Divas Undressed' in fifth place and 'Survivor
      Series 2002' in sixth. 'Summerslam 2002' is in the ninth place. All
      mentioned videos can be purchased from WrestlingMegastore.com on VHS and

      - In weekend ratings, Velocity did a low 0.5 with a 0.8 share,
      Confidential a 0.7 with a 1.5 share and Heat a 0.9 with a 1.7 share.
      (Ratings compiled by Nielsen Media Research and put online by


      >> RAW TAWK
      By Ginger, [GLRSS@...]

      Wow. Little did I know when I got home from work last Thursday what was
      waiting in my inbox. Before I'd even noticed there was a brand new issue
      of the Wrestling-Online newsletter for my reading pleasure, I saw that,
      for once, most of my mail was not little girls telling me that their
      skirts had fallen off or someone trying to convince me they could
      enlarge my penis. (I guess that's what happens when you've been on-line
      as long as I have with an ambiguous screen name! Maybe I should change
      it to "I_AM_FEMALE@...". . .but I'm sure they'd continue to spam the
      Hell out of me either way, so nevermind. . .)

      Anyway, as I mentioned in my intro. last week, I've been writing about
      wrestling for going on four years now and, as a result, I feel I've had
      my fair share of Reader mail. But the response I got from you W-O
      Readers. . . It blew me away! Not only that, but the hits on my website
      and subscriptions to my mailing list went up by an astronomical amount,
      as well. So, I guess what I'm long-windedly trying to say is simply
      this: THANK YOU! I hope in the weeks to come that you don't find
      yourselves regretting the warm welcome! :)

      I'll respond to some Reader mail at the bottom of the column. For now,
      let's get to what you're here for: RAW Tawk!

      Actually, the name of the column *could* be construed as misleading. I
      won't *just* be touching on RAW, but on Heat, as well. I guess I could
      have called the column "RAW Brand Tawk," but that just doesn't sound
      right. So, forgive me for my lack of imagination while I make a couple
      of "Heated" comments. . .

      (That was *really* bad. Go ahead and boo me. I can take it. . .)

      Well, this observation doesn't necessarily pertain to Heat, but while I
      was *watching* Heat, prior to Backlash, I heard it mentioned at least
      twice that Rock vs. Goldberg is the match "everybody wanted to see, but
      never thought they would." Am I mistaken, or is that kind of not true?
      I always thought it was Goldberg vs. *Austin* that people wanted to see.
      Am I wrong?

      I think it's about time that Rico got his own entrance music. He's not
      REALLY part of 3 Minute Warning, is he? Anyway, he's always either
      entered the ring to Billy and Chuck's theme or now Rosey and Jamal's.
      How 'bout a little "Sharp Dressed Man" by ZZ Top?

      Well, what a star-studded crowd we saw at RAW. . . The Brady Bunch,
      Jackie Chan and SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS were all in attendance! That's
      worth the price of admission in itself, don'tcha think?

      Pardon me while I drool for a minute. . .Chris Jericho is *such* a fox!
      I hope "Jericho's Hi-Lite Reel" actually *is* a weekly feature on RAW.
      Y2J's mic talent needs to be showcased, in my opinion. Anyway, knowing
      how Goldberg and Jericho "allegedly" feel about each other in real life,
      I couldn't wipe the grin off my face as Jericho interviewed his first
      guest E-E-Eeeeeeever! Too bad they had to ruin it by bringing out the
      Job Squad 2K3. Now I understand what I thought was a "stupid" sign in
      the crowd *last* week - "Where's the Flock?" I mistook the meaning. . .
      The person who made the sign was probably alluding to Goldberg needing a
      larger pool of jobbers for a successful second undefeated streak. I
      predict a backstage altercation in the near future between Goldberg and
      Rodney Mack over who gets to beat up the unknown "White Boys." Do ya
      feel me, Playah? ((Shudder))

      The Hurricane: Love child of Gene Simmons. . .and some groupie with
      green hair. . .

      I don't think that kid who faced Rodney Mack in the White Boy Challenge
      last Monday was really qualified for the match. . . That boy wasn't
      *white* - he was CLEAR!

      (For those of you who saw "Space Jam," you probably realize that's a
      Larry Byrd joke and, therefore, fits right in with what Theodore Long
      was talking about prior to the match. And, for THAT, you get extra
      points. But, much like "Whose Line Is It, Anyway?", the points don't
      matter. What? Oh. Shutting up, now. . .)

      Judging by the color of RVD's tongue, it looks like he ate a big, red
      lollipop before his match. Damn munchies!

      I think Kevin Nash has a bright future as the villain in slasher
      movies. You know, the guy who just lumbers along after his prey and -
      no matter how fast *they* run - he always manages to catch up to them.

      With every week that goes by, I find Christopher Nowinski more and more
      attractive. He's one of the few guys around who can wear white wrestling
      boots with my blessing. (The first to achieve this honor was Curt Hennig
      - God rest his soul.) And now, he has a shiny new pair of red boots.
      Even though I am usually not fond of those either, on Nowinski, they
      work. But Chris, we need to talk about that protective face shield. I
      mean sure, it's funny and all, but that black strap across the top of
      your head makes it look like you have a MAJOR problem with black roots.

      Sylvan Grenier is *really* cute. . .but would a clean shirt be to much
      to ask?

      What the Hell is up with Charles Robinson's hair? That gives a whole
      new meaning to "Gellin' Like a Felon!"

      Jerry Lawler asked why Linda McMahon showed up at the arena. I have a
      much more important question: Why was she wearing red shoes with a black

      After the Confidential promo, announcing an interview with (the former
      love of my life) Jesse Ventura, I was halfway convinced that HE would be
      Eric Bischoff's new co-GM. Stone Cold was my second guess and I'm not
      disappointed in the LEAST!

      Okay, that about takes care of the wrestling portion of the column.
      Now, as I promised earlier, I'll address some Reader mail in what I
      think I'll call. . .

      BACK TAWK!

      Before we get to the first e-mail, there's something I have to tell
      you. Between work, taking care of my house, spending quality time with
      my son, having SOMEWHAT of a life, writing two columns and hosting
      "Monday Night SUCKS" and, of course, *watching* wrestling, I'm slightly
      (hahaha!) behind on my e-mail. I read everything I get but I don't like
      to answer my mail until I have time to give the person who wrote it the
      response they deserve. Therefore, a lot of my mail goes unanswered.
      Trust me, it's not that I don't appreciate it. . .I really do! Anyway, a
      way I've found to address the problem with my other column is to include
      and answer Reader mail in the column itself. That's what I'll attempt to
      do with "BACK TAWK!" too. Let's see how it goes!

      - Salina:

      "I saw your wrestling article. Sting is man! I think he is so sexy!
      Love his buns!"

      Salina, you have EXCELLENT taste! :)

      - Charles:

      "I too was a fan of big time wrestling i didnt know anyone else
      watched...I watched it on channel 50 in detroit ( now fox lol)...I
      remember BOBO BRAZIL and my favorite The Black eagle HANK the money man
      james do you remember?"

      Sadly, the only name you mentioned that rings a bell with me is Bobo
      Brazil. . .but I don't think he was on Big Time Wrestling when I
      watched. Was this Big Time from Portland, Oregon? That's the one I
      used to watch. There were guys like Bull Ramos, Dutch Savage, The
      Kangaroos, "Playboy" Buddy Rose. . .as well as the ones I mentioned last
      week. Let me know if any of those names are familiar to you.

      - GB:

      "Good luck with Raw Tawk- fellow mat fan on the other coast- I was
      watching the then WWWF when Vince senior ran the show- look forward to
      your insight-- "

      Thanks! I feel like I missed out on SO MUCH, with all the years between
      when I was first a wrestling fan and when I got back into it. I'm just
      glad that I rediscovered "Sports Entertainment" - with the help of my
      little Joey, that is! :)

      - Rob:

      "Tell me do you remember seeing the likes of Don Leo Jonathan, Tex
      Mackenzie, Ripper Collins, Han Lee, the Von Stieger tag team, Killer
      Buddy Austin,and Bobby Shane?"

      Holy CRAP! Yes, I do!!! Talk about a blast from the past. My very first
      wrestling crush was Chris Colt! He tagged for a while with Count
      Drummer, whose gimmick was an old school vampire! Gosh, who else. . .
      Eddie "Handsome Sully" Sullivan? Lumberjack Luke? Ron Dupree (R.I.P.),
      Paddy Ryan. Where do you LIVE?!? This is exciting. . .this was the first
      wrestling I ever saw. They used to tape shows at the local CBS station
      in my town - just like the kind that I've heard Bobby Heenan talk about
      - and I used to attend live shows at the local National Guard Armory!

      Geez, I'm really old. . .

      - Tim:

      "It's really quite *annoying* when you put those little *stars* around
      every other *word*. If you could *leave* those out of your *columns*,
      that would be *great*. Thank you."

      LOL! Oh Tim, I'm really glad you brought that up. For your benefit -
      and that of anyone else who may not be familiar with the practice, the
      "stars" you speak of - or asterisks - are used for emphasis on certain
      words. So that, when you read, it's more like you're actually hearing
      me *speak* (See how that works?) I'm sorry it bothers you but, since I
      can't use HTML to make the words I want to place emphasis on bold or
      italic (and I could never really get into doing _this_ for some reason),
      the stars are here to stay.

      - Rob M.:

      "Hi Ginger, I would like to welcome you as a columnist for W-O Im sure
      you have heard that enough times by now, but anywho I see that you are
      from the Northwest.....FINALLY someone besides myself that lives here
      (northwest) I'm living in Portland (get back to that in a second.) and
      actually LOVES wrestling like myself. They pretty much did away with
      Sandy Barr wrestling around here and if its still going no one has told
      me where its being held. Anyway back to Portland THE WWE IS COMING TO
      PORTLAND...Yahooo after 10 years they are finally back and I WILL BE
      THERE!!!! thats for sure I think it's gonna be a house show but thats
      better than nuttin' I just wanted to say Welcome, and I look forward to
      more of your RAW TAWK."

      No way. . .you can *never* be welcomed too much! :)

      Yeah, I heard about WWE coming back to Portland. . .it's about time!
      Hopefully now that they're coming that far, they'll stop by Washington
      more than once a year!

      Sandy Barr Wrestling, huh? That's another name from my past. Back when
      I used to attend Big Time Wrestling matches every Monday night, Sandy
      was a referee. Or, actually he was *the* referee! I don't think they
      had more than one full-time ref back then. I actually saw Sandy wrestle
      once or twice and I have one pretty good picture of him in wrestling
      trunks. Well, it's a *clear* picture, anyway. There's not really
      anything *good* about Sandy Barr half-naked! :D One of these days, I
      plan on scanning a lot of the pictures I took back when I was thirteen
      or so and posting them at my website.

      - RanmaSolo:

      "Hey! Cool! Glad I subscribe to WON... I'd hate to miss out on your
      thoughts on Raw! Hmm... This is great! More columns from you. Hehe.
      Congrats on getting the 'job.'"

      As you may be able to tell, Ranma/Mike (hehe!) has been reading my other
      column for quite some time! It's nice to see a familiar face around
      here! :) And thanks for your kind words, too!

      - DCrane:

      "welcome to the W.O. looking forward to what you have to say"

      Thanks! I'm looking forward to *saying* what I have to. . .um. . .say.
      . . :)

      - John:

      "I am looking forward to your column."

      Thanks! And, judging by your e-mail address, I think I should also be
      thanking you for helping to keep our Country safe as a member of the
      Armed Forces!

      - James:

      "i did see the post with a link to your site so i saw them both i am
      reading your material as we speak and i do love the things that you
      bring up in them im a long time fan of the buisness of wrestling and im
      begining to read the stuff you have wrote and think that you are quite a
      writer and i feel that any thing you write may be the best that i have
      ever seen as far as reviews go and im thinking you may have a great
      future in this buisness and the fact that you seem to tell it like it
      really is has impressed me"

      Wow! Thanks, James! You are MUCH too kind! If you're plowing through
      my archives, you may be there awhile! I hope you packed a lunch. . .or
      dinner. . .or whatever. . .

      - Duane:

      "Let me preface by saying I have a soon to be 12 year old son. I prolly
      got you age-wise by a lot, so I'll leave it at that.

      "My reason for writing is to say what a pleasure it is reading you. Even
      though it's my first time, your style is carefree, yet structured. And,
      might I add, I sense a mature person in your writing. It's not choppy or
      helter-skelter as a teener would write or talk.

      "I'm under the impression you mainly watch wrestling on TV, which is
      fine by me since the only show I went to was many, many years ago in
      downtown Cleveland. I remember Ernie 'the Cat' Ladd was there along with
      Dick 'The Bruiser' and if I'm not mistaken, 'Killer' Kowalski. My point
      is this. I enjoy rasslin' immensely, as does my son, with only the TV
      shows as our option.

      "Anyhow, I look forward to your columns."

      When you say you sense a "mature" person, you DEFINITELY have that
      right. Well, mature in age, not necessarily in any other way! :D My
      son is ten. . .and I have a feeling you and I are probably much closer
      in age than you may think. But what's age, right? Just a number!

      Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed my intro. and I hope my columns "as usual"
      don't disappoint. I may groan here and there with the rest of the 'Net
      fans, but I truly *do* love wrestling and I hope that comes through in
      what I write.

      In addition to my new friends (and Ranma!), I also received letters of
      "congrats" on my new W-O gig from some old friends and colleagues like
      Tony D.(from TheRingPost), Annie and Tina (from AWV), Trevor (from
      Wrestling at Trevor H.) and, of course, the World Famous Barbwire Mike!
      And, I was THRILLED to be welcomed aboard by fellow W-O columnists
      Lekisha Oliver (Belle of the Brawl), Rick Rockwell (The Abnormal
      Stretch) and Eric Knudsen (Around The Ring). I've been reading all of
      *you* for a couple of years now. . .it's about TIME you returned the
      favor! (Except you, Lekisha! You're the one who introduced me to W-O
      in the first place!)

      And, last but not least, to Johnny in Indiana. . .HEY!

      Thanks to ALL of you, for the welcomes, the congratulations - for
      visiting my website, for subscribing to my mailing list and, most of all
      - FOR READING!

      That about does it for this week. I hope you'll join me again next

      Until then, check out Ginger's (Sort of) Weekly Column, here:


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