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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1565

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 8, 2003
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      OK two mistakes from yesterday's issue. The link to the RAW pictures is
      http://www.wrestling-online.com/infocentral/special/raw310303 and the
      Backlash poster is now up with the correct link at the InfoCentral page.
      It was linking to the 2002 poster yesterday. Sorry about that.

      If you're going to Smackdown! tonight please drop us a line with the off
      camera notes from the show. Thanks.

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      > RATINGS
      - RAW had a 3.5 rating with a 5.0 share off hours 3.3 and 3.7. That is
      down 0.2 from the previous week. In other weekend ratings, Velocity did
      a 0.6 with a 1.0 share; Confidential did a 0.5 with a 1.1 share and Heat
      did a 1.0 with a 1.7 share. (Ratings compiled by Nielsen Media Research
      and put online by 1wrestling.com)

      - WWE.COM conducted an interview with Kevin Nash regarding his return to
      the company. It's been 10 months since Nash suffered a torn quad and has
      been sidelined ever since. In the interview, Nash talks about the Diesel
      gimmick, being back after so many months and much more. Check it out at

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the day at 8.05, a 0.62% decrease over the previous
      closing. The day's range was 7.96 - 8.09.

      - That's the question that several WWE superstars were asked for a
      feature on WWE.COM yesterday. "We've had our differences in the past,
      but I'm looking forward to having him here, working with him, and
      beating him," said Jericho. "We don't have a 300-guy-deep talent roster
      to feed him 200 wins. He's going to have to get over in a different
      way," added Triple H. Eric Bischoff, Matt Hardy, Hulk Hogan, Trish and
      others also threw in their comments regarding the former WCW champ. You
      can read at http://www.wwe.com/news/headlines/1210128


      By Andrew Bulik, [andrew.bulik@...]

      Time for a song – “I’m back! And more bitchy than ever!” Yes sportsfans,
      your mayor has returned as the saviour of this newsletter. I did write a
      WrestleMania preview but I didn’t get it to Colin in time (or he thought
      it was pants) so I’m going to review WrestleMania for you. Now I know
      you’ll read dozens of these but I just want to give my opinion on the
      biggest show of the year.

      But first I want to get some random thoughts off my chest: -

      The WWE have decided to scrub the King of the Ring from the PPV
      calendar, or at the very least make it a Raw only production. I feel
      this is a huge mistake as the KOR PPV provides a natural opportunity to
      have both rosters clash providing a unique identity for this PPV.

      I know the system I advocated about a month ago is similar (3 solo PPVs
      for each roster, the big five a shared PPV and the December PPV for the
      winners of Survivor Series) but I am beginning to have doubts about
      whether either Raw or Smackdown could carry solo PPV’s.

      I realise the lower level guys will get bigger pay-offs as they are more
      likely to be able to get a slot on PPV but do you really think the WWE
      is going to give more television time to Tommy Dreamer to build a PPV
      feud if it means taking away precious TV minutes from Triple H? I don’t
      think so. I really hope I’m proven wrong but I can see these PPVs
      consisting of 3 built matches with decent storylines and 5 matches of
      TV-style thrown together bouts with no apparent reason for their being.
      Time will indeed tell.

      One point I’d like to bring up is the dire need for midcard titles in
      the WWE. This is especially so if they are to prepare for solo PPVs. The
      likes of Christian (who didn’t even have a WrestleMania match!), Chris
      Benoit, Kane, John Cena and Rey Misterio need something to fight for as
      I cannot foresee any of these men becoming WWE/World Champions (again in
      the Crippler’s case).

      So what went down on March 30th?

      Like Ian Hamilton, I am also in the UK and the 2am-6am shift that was
      WrestleMania really was a struggle. I fell asleep during the Women’s and
      Tag title matches but was wide awake for the rest of the event. I
      watched the matches I missed on tape the next morning.

      Heat was more entertaining than the usual pre-show event. Nunzio and
      John Cena being star turns. But I ask myself, could the Dudleys, RVD,
      Kane, Morley and Lance be disrespected more by the WWE? Not only were
      they bumped down to the free show but within seconds of their match
      commencing we were send to commercialville! This division is the pits at
      the moment and is clearly a dumping ground for wrestlers which the WWE
      does not know what to do with. RVD is World Champion material but he’ll
      quickly become the next X-Pac if something is not done. His repertoire
      has been seen hundreds of times by fans now and if he is stuck in the
      midcard, a stagnant midcard at that, he will not be able to grow and

      Rey Misterio and Matt Hardy went at it in the first match. The match was
      promising as everyone knew it would be. This undercard battle had the
      potential to be a bit of a showstealer. Then BANG! Matt Hardy got the
      win. What just happened there? Two of the WWE’s hottest performers and
      they get barely 5 minutes at the hottest show on the card. The show is 4
      hours with only 9 matches for crying out loud! It was a good match while
      it lasted.

      I’ll tell you exactly why this happened? There are certain wrestlers and
      officials higher up in the WWE who are so damn scared that these guys
      will steal the show. And steal their thunder. Why can they not realise
      that the cruiserweights have their place on the card and given time on
      television and PPVs can help draw money and make everyone richer. Matt
      and Rey and the entire cruiser division must be furious about this.

      There is a history of this sort of occurance in the WWE. At Backlash
      2000 Scotty 2 Hotty and Dean Malenko stole the show with an amazing
      performance. At Backlash 2002 Tajiri and Kidman had a superb match.
      After these matches the Cruiserweight stocks took a stunning nosedive
      which was inexplicable given the stunning bouts which had just been

      The answer? It’s simple. The higher-ups, Vince, Trippers and co were
      faced with the fact that it was not only the big men and gimmick matches
      that can steal the show. I can tell you I’m getting pretty sick of
      talented wrestlers being stepped on by the men with power in the WWE.

      It does not bode well for Nathan Jones’ career that he was knocked off
      the card at the last minute. However I will give the WWE credit, it was
      the right decision. I’ve seen Jones live twice with the WWA over the
      last 18
      months and neither time did his in-ring ability look good. Sure the guy
      has ‘the look’, kind of like a bald Test, but no matter what Vince tells
      you, it’s a guys competent ring ability that will get him over more than
      looking like an ex-con.

      The match itself was not the total black spot on the card that I thought
      it would be. It’s probably the best Albert match I’ve seen, but then
      again, that’s not saying much. Nathan’s martial arts kick on Big Show
      was a belter!

      The Women’s title match was a good match, but then again I am a fan of
      the women’s division. That’s for their wrestling ability though. I wish
      Molly had been a part of this match given that in my opinion, she is the
      all-round performer in the woman’s division. Trish became the Women’s
      Champ for the umpteenth time. This convinces me that these lovely ladies
      need new blood if their division is going to grow, given theat there are
      only about 5 of them vying for the belt. My suggestions are Nina Myers
      and Sherry from US TV series 24, they are super power bitches and they

      The Smackdown Tag-Titles match was not at the level that the division
      reached last Autumn but it was still a decent match. Team Angle held
      onto the belts but I don’t know, I found myself not really caring. Eddie
      Guerrero and Chris Benoit need better than this. The tag divisions are
      on life support in my opinion.

      I’ll take this paragraph in order to talk about the extra entertainment
      which was on the show. I’m not a fan of Lumpy Biscuits and don’t think
      they should have had stage time for two songs. And as for the pillow
      fight girls or whoever the hell they are – ridiculous. They had
      something like 3 segments, including an on-stage cat-fight!

      I can’t believe that the Raw Tag match was bumped and the Cruiser match
      compressed in order to make way for this tripe! I agree that the
      celebrity element is what makes WrestleMania special but come on – why
      was so much time dedicated to these no-talent tramps? And those women
      shouldn’t have got so much time either.

      Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho was the match of the night in my
      ever-so-humble opinion. Both men told a great story in the ring and it
      was impossible to tell who was going to get the victory. I’m liking
      current role of limited use and believe he should remain in a limited
      role. It seems he’s going to head to a rematch at Backlash. I just hope
      Shawn stays healthy as with every performance he gets more used to using
      a back that is not fit for ring activity. One bad move and it could all
      be over.

      Triple H vs. Booker T was the weakest match on the card given the
      standard of wrestlers in the ring. I disagree with Ian Hamilton as he
      said that Trippers sold Booker’s moves. I disagree with that. Booker was
      hardly allowed to string some offence together. Triple H has been guilty
      of this before, look no further than his match with Kurt Angle at (I
      think it was) Royal Rumble 2001. Kurt barely got 2 moves in. The match
      ended with a simple pedigree, which surprised no-one. The crowd was
      soooo not enthused by the match at all and didn’t believe for a second
      Booker would get the win. Sigh – another missed opportunity.

      The WWE had done a good job of building Booker T and showing how much he
      wanted this title and to be involved at WrestleMania. Now he joins Rob
      Van Dam, Chris Jericho and Kane on the World Title scrapheap. These are
      who’s careers have been severely damaged by the egotist of Triple H. But
      Triple H has to be looking over his shoulder nervously now. He is on the
      same card as Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, (possibly) Kevin ‘Diesel’
      Nash, The Rock (for a while anyway) and now Goldberg. All men are going
      to be wanting that title belt and unlike RVD, Y2J and Kane, all 5 men
      have political clout and will not stand for Big Nose’s shenanigans. It’s
      not a good time to be Paul Levesque.

      Vince and Hogan did exactly what I thought they would do. They gave us a
      match that on paper was a stinker but the bout actually was watchable.
      It was more than watchable, it was damned entertaining. I can’t believe
      much weight Roddy Piper has put on and you gotta love the evil French
      referee. But it took three Hogan Legdrops of Doom to bury Vince – er –
      yeah right. Interesting ending with Shane, looking very coiffured going
      down to the ring to check on his father.

      The Rock and Steve Austin also did exactly what I thought they would. A
      great match, not of the standards of their previous WrestleMania outings
      but still a very entertaining bout littered with false finishes and good
      exchanges. I was disappointed the WWE could not find something new for
      either men to do at the big show but it was nice to see Steve return
      that favour he owed Rocky.

      Brock and Angle was a good match, but as I’ve said I don’t think it was
      the best on the card. This may have been because the crowd just weren’t
      into it at all. They were more into the Women’s match. I do believe this
      was because word had spread that Kurt just wasn’t going to win the
      match, eliminating a lot of excitement from the bout. I really feel it
      was a shame that Brock botched the Shooting Star Press because if he had
      hit it, the crowd would have been into the end and would have popped big
      time for Lesnar – rather than the stunned silence he received. Surely
      Kurt saw that Brock was far too far away to hit the move? He very nearly
      did make it but because he was trying to travel so far he botched his
      landing. My respect for Brock went up tenfold after he had the strength
      to get up and hit a third devastating F-5 on poor Kurt. You could tell
      after the macth he was shattered.

      So that was WrestleMania. It was a good show but too much of it reeked
      of politics in my opinion. Did it build any new stars? Well Brock yes,
      but apart from that, no, not really. The show did nothing for Rob Van
      Booker T, Rey or Matt Hardy, wrestlers who are super-over with the
      crowd. This is a shame and a missed opportunity I feel.

      Another missed opportunity was the debut of Goldberg. I don’t know HOW
      he would have entered, maybe he could have helped Hogan beat Vince or
      something but I feel he should have ran-in. An appearance on
      WrestleMania and
      speculation about an appearance on Raw the next night would have boosted
      Raw’s ratings somewhat. People would have told all their friends “Oh my
      god, Goldberg was on WrestleMania last night, he’s gonna be on Raw
      tonight!” which would have boosted Raw’s ratings AND increase buys for
      the repeat of WrestleMania.

      All in all though – a good show, but it does not knock WMX-7 off my top
      spot of best WM ever.

      A few random thoughts before I sign off.

      The Rock puts The Hurricane over so Triple H has to beat him – well
      Hurricane should be grateful, he was allowed to get some moves in.

      These Rock/Triple H/heel Appreciation Nights on Raw seem to happen more
      often than surprise parties in the Vic in Eastenders! (only UK readers
      will get that one).

      And in disagreement with Ian Hamilton (again) I think the stills of
      troops in Iraq during the opening song by Ashanti was a classy touch by
      the WWE. We have to show support for our troops and this was a nice was
      of doing so. However Jim Ross’s rant about whooping Iraqi ass was not so
      classy and bordering on poor taste.

      That is all I have to say right now. If you have any comments email me
      at andrew.bulik@...



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