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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1562

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2003
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      This is the last newsletter till Sunday. I will be leaving Las Vegas
      tomorrow morning for a connecting flight in Los Angeles then a painful
      12 hour flight to London, a horrible 8 hour waiting time at Heathrow
      airport and then another 3 hour flight to Malta. I will arrive home at
      Sunday morning 1AM CET. I have no clue what the hell I am gonna do in
      those eight hours waiting. Hopefully I will find a power outlet and I
      can hook up my laptop at least watch a DVD or something. So the next
      newsletter comes your way on Sunday.

      Went to that Celine Dion concert yesterday here in Las Vegas. WOW.
      That's all I can say about it. The lady next to me kept crying the whole
      freakin show. It was worth the whole $169 it cost for the ticket. The
      Coliseum building is just an awesome sight to see.

      Alright that's all. I'll be back to Malta when I write again, and won't
      be back in USA until next year's WrestleMania! Damn, that's a long way
      to go.

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      - Stone Cold Steve Austin is expected to get some time off due to his
      neck injuries. The angle on Monday when Bischoff fired Austin was a way
      to justify his absence from future shows. It is believed that Austin's
      neck is not in good shape at all and it's most possibly a career-ending

      - Bill Goldberg did an interview with WWE.COM prior to his appearance on
      RAW on Monday night. In the interview, the former WCW champ talks about
      his arrival in WWE, the incident with Triple H, the relationship with
      The Rock and much more. Check it out at

      - The following matches were taped for tonight's Smackdown! Jamie Noble
      vs Brian Kendrick; Team Angle vs Tajiri & Funaki; #1 contender
      tournament for the WWE title: Undertaker vs Rey Mysterio; John Cena vs
      Eddie Guerrero; A-Train vs Chris Benoit; Rhyno vs Big Show.

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the day at 8.00, a 4.71% increase over the previous
      closing. The day's range was 7.61 - 8.05.

      - The following videos are on Billboard's Top 10 Recreational Sports
      chart for the week ending April 12th. 'Royal Rumble 2003' takes the
      first spot followed by 'Raw Tenth Anniversary' in the third and 'Divas
      Undressed' in the sixth. 'Survivor Series 2002' is in seventh place,
      'SummerSlam 2002' in ninth and new video 'King Of The Ring: Long Live
      The King' in tenth place. All mentioned videos except the last one can
      be purchased from WrestlingMegastore.com on VHS or DVD.

      > PIPER ON TV
      - Rowdy Roddy Piper will be on ABC's 'The Wayne Brady Show' on Friday
      April 4th to discuss his WrestleMania XIX appearance and being back in
      as part of the World Wrestling Entertainment family.


      By Rick Rockwell, [rickrockwell@...]

      For all you newsletter readers who are bald, this column is for you.

      When you think of bald wrestlers, there are 4 that should come to mind.
      So from 4 to 1, here are the most popular bald wrestlers of all time
      (according to Double R).

      4) Nikita Koloff - This Russian Nightmare caused much pain and damage
      throughout the 80's in the NWA. With legendary feuds against Dusty
      Rhodes, Magnum TA, and the 4 Horsemen, Nikita was firmly planted as one
      of the top names in the business during his time. Unlike most wrestlers,
      Nikita left the business while still in demand and near the top. For the
      last decade or so, many fans have been asking Nikita to come back.
      Currently Nikita is heavily involved in the Christian lifestyle. He
      participates in Christian wrestling shows throughout the country with
      such wrestlers as Ted Dibiasi, Sting, and the Road Warriors.

      3) Goldberg - Sparklers, Muscles, Intensity, and a limited arsenal got
      this man to the top of WCW faster than any wrestler ever. At one time,
      his record was an incredible 5,000 wins and 0 losses (exaggeration).
      Goldberg became a huge draw and a fan favorite, which led him straight
      to a title win over Hulk Hogan. Currently, Goldberg made his long
      awaited debut in the WWE. So it appears that an immediate feud with the
      Rock will propel Goldberg to the top of the wrestling industry again.

      2) Stone Cold - At the 1996 King of the Ring, Steve Austin debuted his
      new personality. His famous John 3:16 interview will go down as one of
      the best interviews in modern WWF(E). Austin's badass character led him
      to become the most popular wrestler in the world. Austin's defying
      authority, flipping people off, don't trust anybody attitude, beer
      drinking, stomping mud holes, and many other qualities led the WWE to
      it's most popular era since Hulkamania. In fact, Austin was now
      mentioned in the same breath as Hulk Hogan as being the most popular
      wrestler ever in the WWF(E). Currently Austin is still running crazy in
      the WWE. But for how long? Due to many physical injuries, Austin's
      health is becoming a concern. In fact, the WWE has fired Austin in the
      story lines, to give him some time to nurse his wounds. Now I am sure
      most of you readers thought Austin was the most popular bald wrestler of
      all time, and maybe the rest of you went with Goldberg. But I have
      ripped apart the entire history of pro-wrestling and I have found the
      most popular bald wrestler of all time. DRUM ROLL PLEASE…

      1) Double R - Yes that's right. After several years in this business, I
      have become the most popular bald wrestler of all time. I have eclipsed
      Austin, Goldberg, and Nikita's careers combined. But my skills are not
      just limited to in ring work. I am also the top ref; my commentating
      skills make Jim Ross look like Mr. Rogers, and my mind for this business
      makes Vince McMahon look like a mental midget. Now before you readers
      start rioting and emailing Colin to unsubscribe, I just wanted to let
      you all know, I AM JOKING. You know, a little post April Fools humor.

      With all kidding aside, On March 29th I got to meet one of my favorite
      wrestlers when I was growing up, Nikita Koloff. He still looked in great
      shape and displayed that intensity that scared me when I was a kid. But
      my experience with Nikita didn't end there. The main event match of the
      evening was Tonga Kid vs. Greg "The Hammer" Valentine. In TK's corner
      was Nikita Koloff and in Greg's corner was "The Million Dollar Man" Ted
      Dibiasi. The special ref for this legends match was yours truly. That's
      right, I was given the honor of refereeing this match.

      During the match, I forgot where I was for a second. I stood in the
      middle of the ring and looked at these 4 men and had flashbacks to when
      I was a kid watching these guys on television. After the brief stroll
      down memory lane, I was awoken to the screams of Nikita Koloff. He was
      yelling that Greg is cheating and watch out for Ted. So I went over to
      Nikita and promptly told him to keep his mouth shut or I will shut it
      (just kidding). Actually I looked at him and was like oh crap, The
      Russian Nightmare is going to kick my butt. The finish of the match saw
      Tonga Kid giving Valentine a stink face. I almost covered my eyes so I
      wouldn't have to see Valentine's head disappear into a giant Samoan
      butt. I happened to look over at Ted during the stink face, and he was
      laughing himself into tears. After the match, Greg, Ted, and Nikita all
      came up to me shook my hand and said good job out there, which made me
      incredibly proud.

      Quote of the night: Greg Valentine on the Tonga Kidd's stink face. "His
      butt was like a plunger, it just sucked my whole face in."

      I am sad to tell you that I was unable to get to RAW early enough to
      meet everyone. I could not find a babysitter for my daughter. But I am
      waiting by the phone, as I type this column, for a call from my Trish
      Stratus. I have my friend Rosie from 3minute Warning, assisting me in my
      quest to hook up with Trish. (Did you think I was joking?)

      One final note, whether you support the war or not, Support the Men and
      Women of the Armed Services. To all you readers out there, that have
      friends and/or family in the War, my prayers go out to you. Please send
      all questions, comments, and opinions to


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